Open Knight by the Water

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    Spade the Spadamon

      The auburn haired youth tried to follow along with the explanation as they cleared the edge of the forest, but he had to admit that he was still bit disoriented by the whole affair. It felt like it had only been a moment ago when he was walking out from home only to wind up in some different environment. The media called something like this a Labyrinth Event didn't they? He wasn't certain, but what he was certain of was that he was being accosted at the time by a little imp that could use fireballs.

      If it wasn't for the bipedal white lion who saved him with a well timed swing of a sword, Cyrille was certain that he would have been roasted alive. More disorientation came when he found himself in the middle of a giant forest with his animal savior in blue armor. It was Native Forest apparently. They apparently weren't on the Earth anymore? Some sort of Digital World. The idea that he was worlds apart from his sisters was a hard pill to swallow, but it was hard to say that it was false. A talking lion, well technically a Digimon if he wanted to believe that this is all real, was guiding him to some sort of File City after all.

      Naturally, he had many questions.

      "...Are we lost?" That probably wasn't what he wanted to ask first, but he couldn't help it.

      After all, they were greeted to the sight of a barren beach with a clear view of the night sky instead of anything that remotely resembled a city. Kicking up some sand at his feet almost instinctively, the young adult dressed in all white looked vaguely disappointed at the discovery. He had hoped that they would have reached this File City his Digimon friend talked about. He wanted to find a way back home to his sisters. He just couldn't stay away from home long. There was also the mystery of the strange rectangular device, which had appeared in his pocket when he found himself in this world, that was apparently called a Digivice, or at least if his digital friend were to be believed.

      "Of course not," The lion, or rather Spadamon, rebuked firmly. "Native Forest also leads out to Coela Point. Although, it's best we stick clear of the water and start backtracking"

      Cyrille couldn't help but to raise an eyebrow at that warning as looked out at the bay. The water looked perfectly fine to him. Granted visibility was low given that it was night, but the bay looked like a normal bay to him. Perhaps his Spadamon friend was merely paranoid? Still, it wasn't ideal for him to up and ignore his guide's warning. Picking up a nearby stone, Cy didn't really notice the Spadamon visibly tense up as he decided to skip a rock across the water's surface from a safe distance. Almost immediately he found himself falling on his backside as a giant creature came up from under the water to knock the stone away.

      "Oh... Giant Sea Monsters... Of course." He muttered to himself as he tried to stand back up and regain his composure. "We should probably leave now..."

      He just hoped that the creature hadn't noticed them as they turned around for the relative safety of Native Forest.
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      Pestmon the Pico Devimon

        The sand under his shoes felt like quicksand as he walked. On occasion, the sand would stick to his lab coat, the tail of which seemed to sit at the back of his lower legs, continuously brushing against his scrubs as if he were walking the hall of a hospital. A sandy, barren hospital, with no patients in earshot or sight. At least, not yet.

        "Can you stop that stupid wind, you brat?" The vile man glared at his partner, a slightly smokey Devimon that fluttered with his bat wings by his side. "Pestmon surely suits you. You just keep making a mess of things."

        "You're so cute when you're bashful," The pitch of the small creature's voice was masculine, yet high enough to be that of a child. He continued to follow his partner, ignoring the anger clear on Langdon's face. The English doctor was far from pleased, and while the digimon likely knew that, he had decided it was all a farce the moment they met.

        As they closed in on the water, which the devimon knew not what hid there, Langdon noticed something strange: a human boy and a...what was that, a lion? With a small hand gesture that could be barely called a greeting, he smirked slightly. Finally, some information could come to light.

        "Hey, kid. Know anything about how we ended up here? Pestmon here's useless with information. Like a dumb dog at best." He noticed the giant creature when the human fell, but ignored it. All this was a dream to him right now, until proven otherwise. "You okay? You look dizzy. I'm a doctor, so let me help." Help and get any info you have while I'm at it.