Just a Casual Mutant Cat Cactus Merchant

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    Name the Wizardmon

      It had not been a particularly simple task to hike back down from a literal mountain, but Smith had managed, although even the recent memory of the journey took on a surreal, dream-like quality. Like she had sleepwalked for most of it, in between the twilight of unconsciousness and waking.

      Either way, she'd made it. And from the base of the mountain, it was a straight shot to the city she'd spied at its peak—the skyscrapers that loomed on the horizon were rather hard to miss.

      She didn't remember much of that walk, either.

      This was fine.

      And on the outskirts of the city, Smith encountered her first individual since the dinosaur she awoke to. Only it was a cat this time. Or something kind of like a cat, given its one glowing eye and... all the rest of it, really.

      And also the cacti.

      Smith approached slowly—not hesitantly, but enough that she had time to process. "Are you a Dorumon, too?" she asked the cat-thing dryly, lips pursed to the side in thought.
    • Giygas Hope

        Rearranging the pots out front didn't seem to help business as it remained slow, though the feline had to wonder if it was a case of decor or just people not interested in his wares. His previous, still very much functioning, business venture seemed more fruitful even though this one sometimes produced actual fruit. He wasn't particularly bothered given the fact that his net income was always negative, but at the same time his expenses were not existent because he was literally selling things he grew out of the front of the dump he called home.

        "Maybe I should open a bar. Something underground, maybe call it the bomb shelter. Yeah, that could work."

        Giygas mused to himself, taping his claws rhythmically against the wooden surface, producing a couple of a annoyed glances. He seemed focused on the beat, his eyes lazily staring at a pot that seemed to slightly shift to the edge every time he tapped, head resting against the other fist in an disinterested manner. It was only when he heard the question that he broke off his trace, slightly startled as his ears perked up.

        He'd take a moment to regroup, sizing the human from head to toe as he'd give a final, somewhat dragged out set of taps. His eyes trailed off the to the side as he pursed his lips, pondering his response.

        "Mmm... I suppose I am in the same sense tornado is just wind if you get really technical." He would conclude, straightening his whiskers. "But objectively speaking I'm not. I'm just a guy that sells cacti. Occasionally; I repair things. Other times I bake, but you probably don't care about all that, right? Well, I can at least see you somewhat care about my wares... probably." Actually it wasn't really a surprise that 'business' was slow. Giygas was barely trying to get people to buy anything.