It's a riot Fudge yeah!

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    Yertle the Offmon

      After a crazy adventure back in Cola Beach, Edward made returned to the beautiful city known as File City with Yertle by his side! The Offmon was playing his ukulele, constantly talking about what happened on Cola Beach. Edward couldn't help but to shake his head at this scene and every time he mentions his angel like voice, Edward would grab him by the neck but would stop mid-way when Melody showed up. Once they finally reached to File City, Edward lifted up his hands while shouting out. "We're here at last!" Now the reason why he's excited about making it to File City is because he can run away from the crazy group and hunt for his digivice! If only you could see the smirk on his as he moved his hands together while making some sort of creepy giggling sound. And once they're distracted I'll be able to make my move however I need to be sneaky and smart! I need to make sure they don't catch on the act and with 3 people by my side this is going to be quite difficult. Alright mission start let's go into the city and have some fun! Edward thought however, his happy thoughts were interrupted when Yertle rushed in front of him.

      "What the hell is going on why is everyone going so crazy?"

      Now that he mentioned it, File City sure looks different compared to the last time they were here which wasn't that long ago. What's exactly is going on heck why is everyone on a riot? Edward turned his head to Melody and the other, knowing darn well it's unsafe for them to be here however, he has to remind himself that Melody is way stronger than he is and some females can handle things on their own. "Melody and Moka be careful! It looks like a mad house here!"

      "RIOT!" Yertle cried out before running right into the city while playing his ukulele, leaving Edward and the others behind.

      "Yertle what the hell? It's too dangerous get back here!" Edward hissed. "Fucking shit Melody and Moka we have to go after him before he gets himself killed!"
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      Moka the Lopmon

        Melody was looking forward to finally reaching File City. Traveling with Edward and Yertle, despite their bickering, was a pleasant change. Moka was quite a conversationalist, but she always had a feeling that the Lopmon was a little too mature for Melody's observations. What's more, anything she found wildly interesting seemed normal to the native Digimon. Having some more excitable people around, especially since Edward was a human near the same age as the girl, was much more satisfying. Granted, whenever she seemed to turn her back, Edward always seemed to be going after Yertle's throat. She just assumed the pair needed a little bit more time to bond.

        "I must say, as much as traveling in the wild is exciting and fulfilling to my adventurous side, I am quite looking forward to resting and taking it easy here in a much more civilized environment," Moka commented along the way when they almost arrived. Melody nodded her agreement, looking over towards Edward and Yertle.

        "I'll say!" She agreed with a bright smile. For some reason, Edward seemed to be getting more and more excited the closer they got. Perhaps he wasn't the outdoors type? Either way, if getting to the city would make him happier, maybe he could tolerate Yertle a little more. The little Digimon seemed insistent on fraying the boy's last nerve, after all. "It so would be nice to freshen up for a change, and maybe get some new clothes! These ones are getting a little smelly..." She lowered her voice as she said this, as if she was speaking some sort of taboo despite the fact that there really wasn't much she could do about the situation. She was just excited to visit a place that Moka kept insisting was one of the safest places in the Digital World.

        But when they saw the chaos in the streets, the pair couldn't help but freeze up in shock and horror.

        "But... why is... what is going on? What could possibly be possessing all of these Digimon to cause this much damage!?" Moka questioned no one in particular, simply watching a pair of Digimon fighting in the middle of the street while a dozen other actions of violence and vandalism took place. "There was always the occasional skirmish here and there, but they were generally controlled or reserved for the shadier parts, not out near the city's edge like this!" She turned to Melody with an apologetic look, but the girl didn't even seem to notice or hear her partner.

        "I don't think this is a safe place right now... Maybe we should find someplace else and..." She was interrupted when Yertle screamed out and ran off on his own. She nodded in agreement to Edward, taking off running after the child-stage Digimon.

        "Melody, don't run off on your own as... LOOK OUT!!!" Melody saw a blur coming out of the corner of her eye. She ducked down in an instant purely on reflex as a large hammer came swinging where her head used to be. The hammer was blocked by a large bone club as two large Digimon stood over her, weapons clashed as if in heated battle.

        "Well, well... if it isn't my fated rival, Grottemon!" The Digimon wielding the bone club stated. It looked like some kind of primate-looking thing, like if bigfoot had a child with a yeti. On the other side of her, the other Digimon, presumably Grottemon, gave a grin as he pulled back his hammer. He looked like he would be Snow White's rejected 10th Dwarf, rejected presumably for murdering the 8th and 9th.

        "Quite so!" Grottemon replied in a posh British accent. "Quite an auspicious day to finally take out my sworn adversary, Jungle Mojyamon!" The two Digimon swung at each other again, with Melody having to do a back flip to even avoid the two Digimon.

        "You should watch where you're... eep!" Melody rolled out of the way as a literal kitchen sink flew towards her while a trio of Digimon, each holding a variety of kitchen utensils, watched dumbfounded at the scene.

        One of them, a Gabumon turned towards its companions, a Kamemon and a ModokiBetamon while pointing to the latter. "New rule: No more letting the guy without arms carry the heavy stuff! Now let's scram!" The three ran out into the panic of the city, presumable to loot another kitchen supply store.
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        Yertle the Offmon

          You could hear a growling sound appearing from Edward's mouth but it was hard to determine what he was growling at. Was he angry over the fact that Yertle rushed in without thinking or the Digimon not realizing what the hell they are thinking? When the male walked into the middle of the two angry Digimon, he would close his eyes while taking a deep breath. When the hammer came rushing towards him he quickly stepped aside, grabbed a hold of the hammer. Although this would've worked perfectly if he knew exactly how much it weighed since well let's just say he fell backwards and landed on his back after preforming a cool move like that! Edward got back to his feet, his cheeks hot red due to embarrassment before pointing both of his fingers at the Dwarf like Digimon. "Hey you two watch it! Can't you guys do this in the ring or something?"

          When things couldn't get any worse, someone else threw a sink. Out of all things why the hell would you throw a sink? "Hey you guys watch it too! What the fucking hell?" The male would sigh. "I fucking wish I was stronger here. I can't do anything yet this is killing me." Edward would shake his head before sitting down on a bench completely forgetting about going after Yertle. He feels completely useless here without his guns but even with them he wouldn't stand a chance! The male lifted up his d-terminal wondering exactly what he can do. "I hate this feeling."

          Meanwhile Yertle ran to the center of File City, the perfect place to play his ukulele however, after realizing the crazy event occurring in the area, Yertle decided to do a little change to his music. He grabbed a random guitar, rushed back to the center of the stage and with a microphone in the middle of his hand. "File City are you guys ready to rock?" He yelled, flipping the guitar over to the front of his body. Yertle took a depth breath before jamming his little sleeves into the guitar.

          ♪ I see through your lies, under the whole disguise
          Another hollow mind
          I see through your eyes, the light has made you blind
          Leaving your soul behind

          Wake up before your time is up
          You'll never know if you don't try now
          So go and don't look back
          This is your life, this is your time to shine

          Welcome to the revelation
          Liberate yourself it's now or never
          Don't you let them take you down
          Welcome to your evolution
          Free yourself and make it last forever
          Welcome to the revelation ♪

          If only Yertle realized how amazing he sounds right now. His voice actually fits the guitar instead of his ukulele and he was jamming like no tomorrow! It was hard to believe this was Yertle singing right now and it makes you wonder if he'll acknowledge the fact that he sings very well with the guitar. The first two verses were in screamo but the final part wasn't. It was a nice calm country voice but for some reason it fits the music. What the hell is going on? What has the riot done to Yertle?
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          Moka the Lopmon

            Violently twisting her head back and forth in a desperate to scan for more immediate threats, Melody slowly got up and approached Edward. She scanned the area a little more carefully, this time looking for Yertle and Melody. She spotted Moka harshly lecturing a Tanemon that was playing with matches and saw Edward seated on a bench staring at his D-Terminal. She hurried her way over towards Edward and took a seat beside him. She wasn't sure what he was worried about, so she just gave him a worried look as he let him stay in his own thoughts for a while, but eventually the awkwardness got the better of her and she felt the urge to speak up.

            "Hey, we should try to find Yertle!" She nervously blurted out. The recent trauma of the sink throwing and the two Digimon dueling in the street still had her shaken up, but she couldn't help but worry over the silly Offmon. "I know it's really dangerous, but... Yertle's really annoying, right? What if a really big and scary Digimon thinks the same thing? We need to protect him, especially when it's okay to just attack someone during a time like this!"

            "And how would you propose we do such a thing?" Moka asked, approaching the pair while the Tanemon ran off crying. The Lopmon held a book of matches and placed them in an indistinguishable part of her body. It's not she had any pockets, after all. "Mr. Yertle certainly seemed willing to participate in this... utter chaos. I saw we leave town and let the fool rejoin us when he is finished having his horrific fun. If he happens to get injured, then it is purely his fault. He is willingly participating in a riot, after all," The Lopmon crossed her arms in an annoyed tone. She seemed much more nervous than she was letting on, but the Lopmon had to look strong for the two humans. After all, even if humans went crazy in their world, they were too weak to cause any massive damage, right? A Digimon riot must look like utter hell, then.

            "But I can't just do that if there's a chance of him getting hurt or... more than hurt!" Melody exclaimed. She gave her partner a fiery glare. "Even if he is annoying, we're still friends! So even if he doesn't want to come along..." She thought of an idea just then. "I mean... that's it! It's a riot, after all! Moka, Edward, let's join in on the rioting! Since we can do whatever we want, then we can just kidnap Yertle and flee the city! That way we can protect him and he can't complain because we're rioting just like he is!"

            "He absolutely will not see it that way!" Moka countered, appalled at Melody's reckless thinking. "Besides, he could be anywhere in this large city at this point! How exactly would we be able to find him?"

            "He's Yertle, so he's obviously singing somewhere!" Melody replied. "And we don't have a choice! We have to try, anyways!" She turned to Edward with a pleading look. "Edward! You'll help me kidnap Yertle, won't you?"
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            Yertle the Offmon

              Why do they always feel I want to go after Yertle? Edward would think to himself as he watched the two of them bicker on and on about finding the annoying Offmon creature. The male couldn't help but to shake his head at this situation. They always believe he cares about the little creature but in reality he's more concerned about himself. If the Digimon ran off to do who knows what they leave him be. It's always Yertle this and Yertle this but nothing about him for a damn change like why is the little fucking piece of shit getting all the attention? Edward would hiss underneath his breath before calming himself down. He would turn his gaze over to his two comrades wondering if he should be blunt about what he has to say or deal with a lecture. "You guys look for him I don't care." He decided to stay.

              This male knows what's coming he knows the lecture for not giving a fuck about the partner was going to kick in at any point in time. "I just really don't care I mean perhaps you two should stop worrying about the damn guy so much. He's been able to survive on his own before I landed here in the digital world. If you want to find him go to the center of file city. When there's a big crowd, Yertle is there that's how he is. He wants to be the center of attention." Edward lifted up his thumb while pointing to the exit of File City. "If you want to find me I'll be out of File City doing my own thing instead of wasting time going after this damn creature which isn't even my own partner. I really don't need a lecture for how I feel I've been keeping it in so that way I wouldn't have to hear your damn lecture. I'm just over this and I'm ready to walk out." He said it he finally let it out but he knows it's not going to be enough. Should he scare them a little bit to so he can run free and handle danger on his own or should he just leave it at that? Edward would bite his lip at this wishing he had his weapons on him during his time in the digital world. He would prefer his beautiful gun over an annoying ass Digimon. "All I want is peace and quiet." He mumbled underneath his breath.
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