In the shadows of dragons

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    Kaida the Fladramon

      King waited in the long shadow of a boulder, its shade stretching out like taffy as the sun crept toward the horizon, while Kaida paced back and forth several feet away. "This is the worst idea you've had yet," the Fladramon complained.

      "It's a great idea," King replied on reflex; they'd had this conversation dozens of times over the past few months, but the familiar pattern was somewhat comforting.

      "You're going to get eaten," Kaida warned, "and I'm not going to help you."

      King only rolled her eyes. She turned toward the boulder and peered around it, scrutinizing the gaping mouth of a cave eight meters away, though not entirely sure what she expected to see—or rather what she hoped to not see. Still, nothing stirred in the cave's darkness, and she turned away again, reassured that its denizen wasn't about to come slinking out.

      She'd messaged Zoe several days before, inviting the woman to meet her in the mountains for "ADVENTURES" that she had failed to elaborate on. She'd provided directions little more specific than "turn left at the funny-looking tree," but King was confident that they would suffice. Granted, King was confident about a lot of things she shouldn't be.
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      Caia the Biyomon

      “Just admit it- we’re lost,” Caia said as she and Zoe made their way through the mountains.

      “We can’t be lost. I’m pretty sure that tree was the one King meant this time. And even if we were, it’s not like we couldn’t fly out of here.” Zoe really would prefer to have flown to wherever she was supposed to meet King anyways, but it would be impossible to figure out her directions from the air. Still, it wasn’t as if it would be difficult to get back to civilization if the need arose.

      “I just have a bad feeling about this.” Caia felt as though she the right to be nervous; whenever King was around most of Zoe’s caution seemed to fly out the window. This time around, they had no idea what they were getting into. Not to mention that Arya usually provided the voice of reason and she wasn’t around this time to stop things from getting too out of hand.

      “That’s just because you don’t think there’s a story here,” Zoe said, grinning down at her partner. If Caia thought something might be newsworthy, then she’d be leading the charge up the mountain into whatever danger might await. “But you never know. We might end up finding something interesting you can write about.”

      Caia wasn’t exactly convinced, but this wasn’t the first time today they’d had a similar discussion. It probably was best just to go along with things for now and then use it to help get Zoe to help out next time she needed to venture somewhere dangerous in pursuit of her next scoop.

      They rounded a bend and Zoe caught sight of a familiar Digimon pacing back and forth. A few seconds later she located King looking out from behind a boulder at a cave.

      “Told you we weren’t lost,” Zoe said smugly.

      “This time.”

      Ignoring Caia, Zoe hurried towards King, Caia trailing slightly behind her. “Hey!” she called out as they drew closer. “Hope you weren’t waiting long. So, what’s this about adventures?”
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      Kaida the Fladramon

        King turned at Zoe's call and beamed to see the woman. "Perfect timing!" she declared, though she would have said as much no matter when Zoe arrived. Kaida greeted Caia with a small up-nod.

        "Adventures are that a'way!" King began, gesturing grandiosely toward the cave behind her. "Rumor has it that an ancient dragon slumbers in the belly of the mountain, surrounded by its horde of treasure and protected by the natural terrain." She paused dramatically before continuing, "So we're going to sneak in, grab a pocketful of treasure, and then wake it up and interview it." She grinned toothily at Caia in particular, evidently pleased with herself and the flawless plan she'd come up with.

        "Alternatively, you'll wake up a dragon and promptly get eaten by it," Kaida added, but the Fladramon seemed resigned.

        King leveled a finger at Kaida and retorted, "But getting eaten will still be hella awesome."
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        Caia the Biyomon

        “Getting eaten by a dragon really would be a good way to go,” Zoe said with a casual shrug. She doubted it would come to that, especially since even if the dragon did wake up pissed off they could just run away. Chances were that it wouldn’t be able to chase after them too quickly if it had just woken up from a lengthy nap. Besides, she and Caia had become pretty good at escaping sticky situations over the last few months.

        “Robbing the people you’re about to interview is generally frowned upon,” Caia muttered, though Zoe could tell that the idea of interviewing an ancient dragon was piquing her curiosity.

        “Fine, if you don’t want me to take anything, I won’t. I’m more interested in seeing if the dragon will give me a ride.” Treasure was good and all, but getting to fly on a dragon would be so much better.

        “Just as long as you don’t go flying off before I get my interview.” Caia could probably catch up, but trying to interview somemon in midflight was always difficult.

        Figuring that the matter was settled, Zoe turned back to grin at King. “Well, let’s get going then. Dragons don’t just wait for anyone.” Well, this one probably wasn’t planning on going anywhere fast, but that didn’t really matter. Now that there was a plan, Zoe wanted to get moving.

        Walking past the boulder, Zoe stuck her head into the cave’s mouth and stared into the darkness. It didn’t look like anything was moving, though it probably would be impossible to tell if something was lurking just out of sight. Hopefully they could change that soon.

        “Did you bring torches?” Zoe called back over her shoulder. Sure a flashlight would probably be better to actually see by, but this just felt like the sort of expedition that required an old fashioned torch.
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        King clapped her hands together once with a sense of enthusiastic finality. "We've got the Human Torch over here, we're good to go." She paused, wrinkling her nose slightly, and corrected, "Digimon Torch? Either way."

        Kaida heaved a world-weary sigh even as they began moving toward the cave's shadowed entrance, embers guttering around both gauntlets. "Am I good for nothing but providing illumination?" They paused behind Zoe and added dryly to their companions, "If you please. I'll take the rear."

        King hastened after them until she stood abreast with Zoe. The cave was wide enough for three of them to walk astride, with a high ceiling and the faint dripping of moisture somewhere in the distance. "Let's go find some treasure."

        Only about a minute into the cave, it parted in two different directions, a boulder and pool of sulfurous water nestled in their fork.
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        Caia the Biyomon

        “Works for me,” Zoe said with a shrug. A Digimon Torch wasn’t bad she supposed, but it was a bit of a disappointment not to have a classic flaming torch Tomb Raider style. Her disappointment quickly faded as they headed into the cave.

        Stopping where the tunnel split, Zoe glanced down both paths. Kaida's flames didn’t illuminate the cave very far, but the flickering light did create some nicely ominous shadows. The small pool at the junction stunk, but Zoe couldn’t resist prodding at the water with the toe of her shoe. She half was expecting something to leap from the depths, so it was somewhat disappointing when the ripples subsided. Well, she supposed this was supposed to be a dragon's lair and not some kind of sea monster. Still, creepy looking pools of unknown depth really should have something living in them.

        “So, left or right?” Zoe asked. Neither path looked any more likely to lead to their destination than the other. Too bad splitting up and seeing who was lucky enough to run into the dragon first wasn’tan option since they only had one source of light.

        “Either is fine with me,” Caia whispered, as if being quiet now would help avoid discovery. Still, this seemed like the kind of place to whisper in, though Zoe clearly didn’t care. It was strange that they hadn’t come across any signs of a dragon inhabiting the cave so far though. If something so large as a dragon lived here, she thought it would be pretty obvious.