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  1. Gila Courage

      A chill like no other crept across his exposed belly.

      Eyes like burning embers wearily popped themselves open, met by a blue-white darkness.
      Jaws creaked like old metal as they flexed, throat glowing as he spat out a small red ball.

      Arching heavily through the air, the loogied object hit the ground not more than a few centimeters from his face.
      The snow hissed from the impact, the ball flickering with a weak light before its tiny flame was dashed by the cold, leaving behind a shiny metal sphere.

      With a dazed groan, the furry reptilian slowly drew himself up on all fours, feeling the aches and the burns darting through his muscles with every move that he made.
      He tried to pull himself to his two feet, only to find that his legs would not work that way.

      His head burned in the icy freeze, and his vision wavered in the dim lighting.
      He tried to shake the dizziness away before looking down at himself.

      His arms were scaleless, yellowish, his wings-- a second of panic pulled through him, and he whirled around, spine twisting as he tried to peer across his back.
      His large scaly wings were gone, replaced by a single stubby, thinly haired bat wing that was riddled with holes.
      Confusion filled him for a few moments, before he finally realized what had happened.

      So, that's just how bad he had been beaten, was it?

      The beast turned himself around, gazing at his strange surroundings.
      A cave of ice and snow, tunnels branching off of it every which way.
      His breath fogged in columns before his face, and he stepped from toe to toe as he felt the cold slipping deeper into his flesh.

      What a place to get thrown into!

      He had no idea where he was, or how exactly he'd gotten there; this was no place he'd ever seen before.
      The landscape had glitched out around him, and the massive monstrosity dwelling within had decided to throw him across the world?
      Or perhaps he'd been out so long that the tunnels under his homeland have frozen solid for the winter.
      But...was that where he was when the air itself had gone bonkers?

      Perhaps he was dreaming; he did feel really sleepy.

      He took a wearied breath, gaze flicking between the tunnels.
      A tired hum danced in his lungs, helping him to pick a path.
      Tail tossing snow out from behind, he began to waddle his way down one of the frozen corridors.
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    • King Bennett Friendship
      Kaida the Fladramon

        King shivered violently, even in her winter parka, as she and Kaida wandered through the frozen tunnels. "How can you stand this," she groused to her Fladramon partner, who was warm and snug in their

        "Hey, you're the one who agreed to find the ice mushrooms," Kaida replied, rolling her eyes. "Where do you think ice mushrooms grow, in the desert?"

        "Loot!" King insisted emphatically as she gestured with both hands. "Quests! Rewards! What do you expect me to do, man?"

        The Fladramon snorted. "To choose quests that aren't in the arctic region." Taking pity on their partner, they flicked one armored fist to conjure a wreath of flames around in. It offered only little warmth, but that was good enough.

        King wasn't paying attention to Kaida's benevolent gesture because the curve of the frozen corridor had revealed another Digimon—a mostly-furred dinosaur-thing on four sprawling legs. "Eyyy!" she greeted with a wide wave of her hand. "You friend or foe? You know where any ice 'shrooms are?"
      • Alexandra DuPont Knowledge

        Alex was usually a pretty good ideas woman. She was calm, rational and easygoing enough to not make off-the-cuff calls that led to unfortunate situations. Or at least, that had been her reputation before she had arrived in the Digital World. Here, off-the-cuff calls were a practical necessity; the moment to moment life in the Digital World was one of constant uncertainty. As such, it was in Alex's best interest to make life as stable as humanly possible for herself and her newfound friend (girlfriend?).

        That's why she had jumped at the opportunity to run an errand for some kindly Jijimon back in File City. The mission seemed simple enough; collect a package from some Frigimon out in the Arctic Region and bring it back to the city, collect bits, don't worry about paying rent for a little while. It all seemed wonderfully, pleasantly straightforward.

        Of course, in Alex's excitement, borne of not being broke, she had overlooked the fact that traveling to the Arctic Region wasn't exactly a walk in the park. As the tree that the woman had been resting against deposited a fresh clump of snow upon her head, prompting her ears to twitch and shudder as a chill ran down her three-foot spine, she realized just how off-the-cuff this decision had been. Ah, well. At least her spirit form had fur. Alex pushed herself up and off of the tree, ambling towards the cave entrance in hopes of tracking down her mysterious snowman creature.

        It didn't take long for her to find something -- though it didn't seem to be what she was looking for. The BlackTailmon's eyes spotted out the silhouettes of several figures out in the distance. She grinned; at best, they'd know the Frigimon that she was searching for. At worst, they were a distraction from the cold. She leapt through the fallen snow towards the boy and his Digimon companions, calling out in greeting in order to identify herself a friendly arrival. "Lovely weather we're having," she chimed quietly. "Anyone seen a Frigimon around here?"
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      • Gila Courage

          The monster lifted his head, ears tilting forwards at the sound of footsteps echoing down through the tunnels.
          Distant voices swung through the darkness, and eventually a flickering light began to cast itself off the icy walls.

          Thumping his tail against the ground, he kicked off from the snow, running a bit awkwardly in his weary state as he hurried to meet the light.
          A pair came quick into view, and he threw out his legs to skid to a stop before he could manage to crash into them; snow sprayed high and his body even did a small one-eighty turn, leaving the beast to flop over onto his back so that he could properly face the greeting.
          Certainly felt better with his furred back touching the snow rather than his hairless digits.

          "Friend's fine, I s'pose," the monster answered as he stared at their upside-down forms.
          He was too tired to pick a fight right off the bat, although he was already reconsidering what he'd just said...a fight could warm him up.

          That blue monster had some sna-a-azzy armor or whatever the heck it was!
          He grinned as he eyed the flaming decals, before his gaze moved over to the other...pinkish squishy-lookin' thing.
          What was that...a very tall baby?

          Another sound caught his ears, and the monster rolled over onto his side, turning his head to see a black cat on the prowl.

          "Ain't seen nothin'," he replied again.
          He turned an eye to the blue beast, scooting himself a little closer to the fire that it had drawn around itself, hoping if he just got close enough then he could snatch some of that warmth for himself.
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        • King Bennett Friendship
          Kaida the Fladramon

            Kaida glanced suspiciously at the 'mon sidling cl''oser to them. They flexed their armored hand, and the flame around it flared brighter and hotter in response. With their other hand propped on their hip, the Fladramon extended their burning hand like a torch toward the dinosaur. "You're a little naked for this weather," they muttered, referring to the monster's hairless extremities.

            Meanwhile, King had turned to enthusiastically greet the newcomer. "Eyy! Nah, man, I think you skipped a step—Frigi's back in the village, but if you're helping him out with the mushroom business, you're in the right enough place." Was this cat another player, or could NPCs go on quests as well? Either option was hella, though King was especially interested in what skill would let her turn into a monster!

            She turned slightly to face both strangers before introducing herself, "I'm King, and that's my companion Kaida." The Fladramon in question twitched her burning hand in the briefest wave possible.
          • Alexandra DuPont Knowledge

            Alex stared blankly at the blonde-haired human. "...You're joking," she stated bluntly, a sinking feeling forming in her gut. The villagers that she had spoken with had insisted that the Frigimon she was looking for lived in this cave. Was the damned abominable snowmon really avoiding her? She was just supposed to collect some mushrooms, it wasn't like there was a hit out on his frosty head. "Well, shit," she groused. "That's frustrating. Guess I'll just have to gather the mushrooms here from the source." It was an annoying setback, Alex decided, but not an insurmountable one. Being here in the cave was far more pleasant than freezing to death outside, anyway -- especially with the Flamon flexing its claws. She surreptitiously slid through the snow-covered ground towards the creature, basking in its flame.

            "Name's Alex," she responded simply, inclining her head and bending at the waste in a weird little feline bow. Her tail flicked back and forth, and an ear twitched absentmindedly. Idly, she wondered if she was becoming more comfortable in this form than she had ever anticipated; not that it mattered. She didn't exactly control it anyway.
          • Gila Courage

              The reptilian monster paused, watching as the flame grew brighter, hotter, the warmth spreading towards him as the blue beast held it forward.
              Gaze locked on the fire, his eyes were wide with something akin to admiration or amazement.
              He nodded with an affirmative "Yawp" at the stranger's comment at how naked he was.

              He plopped his butt down to bask in the heat, ignoring the chill that spread through his skin in that brief moment, and turning his head when he heard the black cat coming closer too.
              The blue monster was turning into a veritable campfire, it would seem.

              The lizard's ears twitched as he listened to the trio talk amongst themselves, much of what they spoke simply flying over his head, though the tall pinkish baby's apparent cheer brought a grin to his lips.
              Many questions tumbled through his mind, and he tried to gather them together while introductions were had.
              All three of them seemed to know a lot more than he did at this point.

              "I'm Gila!" he offered last, giving a curious glance towards the cat as it stretched out in a weird way, tail swishing around behind it.
              He began to reach forward with a hand as though to grab the twitching tail.

              All the questions he was holding back came rolling out in one go:
              "Where are we?
              Where's this village yer talkin' 'bout?
              What's that hard fire stuff on you and how do I get some?"--pointing at the blue monster's armor--
              "Why d'ya need mushrooms?
              Who's this other monster yer lookin' fer?
              He a good fighter?
              Got any food on ya?"
              Not leaving much room for an answer between the questions, he didn't take a breath until the last query had fallen out, big and loud with a snorted huff following after it.

              Despite the flurry of words, the lizard sat calmly where he was, thick tail offering an idle thump against the snowy floor as he awaited any answers.
            • King Bennett Friendship
              Kaida the Fladramon

                Kaida rolled their eyes as the BlackGatomon began inching toward them as well. "What am I, a Digimon torch?" they quipped but didn't move away from the two. "Come, gather around my campfire."

                King was laughing by the time the little dinosaur finished spouting off his dozen questions. "Slow down, buddy," she exclaimed. She ticked off each question with a raised finger as she replied, "Uhh, we're somewhere in the Arctic Region. Some kinda cave/tunnel structure. There's a, uh, small village a couple miles out from here—not the friendliest folk, I gotta tell ya."

                "Evolve into a Fladramon, and the armor's yours," Kaida answered dryly. "It's a package deal—one blue lizard body and one set of armor."

                "And we need the mushrooms for a ques—"

                Kaida cut their partner off, "Some Frigimon needs ice mushrooms. We didn't ask why. Maybe Alex can shed some light on that?"

                King removed the rucksack from her back and crouched down to dig through it. After a solid minute of searching, she withdrew a handful of wrapped bars, each label sporting slanted DigiCode.. "We got about a million of these. Some kinda trail bar."
              • Alexandra DuPont Knowledge

                “Indeed. Some would say that they’re downright chilly,” Alex mumbled wryly. Her experience with the denizens of the nearby village felt retroactively less pleasant due to their apparent inability or unwillingness to provide her with the information that she needed .”As for the mushrooms – if I had to guess, the Frigimon sells them to outsiders and outsources his labor to random folks looking for labor here in the region. That seems like the most straightforward answer, anyway.” The cat shrugged its shoulders as it plodded ever closer to Kaida. “Truth is, I don’t really care. I’m just here for the payout; the source is irrelevant.

                That said, if we’re all after the same thing we might as well stick together. I’m sure we can find a way to split the mushrooms, and I have no interest in wandering through this godforsaken ice pit alone. Feel like I’m gonna stub my toe on the half-thawed upper body of Satan or something.” Alex didn’t really expect any of the present company to catch her literary allusion – but she was in a sour mood, and referencing simpler times where her days consisted of ‘interpreting’ literature served as a convenient distraction from the cold.
              • Gila Courage

                  Gila listened intently as explanations were given.
                  The Arctic Region?
                  He wasn't entirely sure he'd heard of it before, but he did know he's probably never been there.
                  At least the village wasn't far.

                  --Aw, man, he had to EVOLVE into the blue thing to get the armor!
                  And impossible, really --the lizard's pointy ears fell in disappointment.
                  He already knew what his adult form was, and it was no flame-armored guy.

                  He nodded and swayed his tail once when the black cat suggested they stick together and look for the 'shrooms.
                  Sounded good to him -- a warm fire AND whatever reward may be waiting for them?
                  Hell, he'd already passed half (or perhaps a quarter--?) the course, and he hadn't even done anything yet!
                  Well, except get beaten...but no one needed to know that.

                  "Sure'm fine with that," he agreed to the feline's suggestion, then adding, "But who's this Satan?
                  We gotta find him too?"

                  His eyes stuck to the pinky monster while it shuffled around in something it was carrying.
                  When it withdrew some sorta flat bars from its bag and told him what they were, the furry reptile immediately lunged forward from where he sat, arms outstretched, jaws open wide, and wincing in midair from the sudden takeoff in his current state.
                • King Bennett Friendship
                  Kaida the Fladramon

                    "I never say no to partying up—" King began to agree but was cut off when Gila suddenly lunged at her, jaw practically fucking unhinged and claws reaching for her. Shit shit shit. Crouched down as she was, she tried to jump to her feet a little too quickly and fell backward instead, catching herself on her gloved hands.

                    Kaida came to the rescue, as usual. The Fladramon curled their flaming fist and then flicked their claws back out in a gesture meant to focus their mind and better conjure flame. A thin wall of fire burst up from the frozen ground between the charging Dorumon and King, and it took all of Kaida's concentration to maintain it, given the unfavorable environment.

                    "Get yourself under control," Kaida snapped, hoping that it was just the desire for food that had elicited such a reaction. If it wasn't—well, they were bigger and stronger than this runt.
                  • Alexandra DuPont Knowledge

                    "Partying up?" Alex pondered idly as she lurked near the Fladramon, as close as she might manage without it being without it being weird. Did this kid really thing that this was all a video game. "I think we might need to have a talk, fr--ahh!"

                    Alex stumbled back from her position near Kaida as the Dorumon lunged for the snacks in King's hands. "Jesus, calm down bud," she gasped in surprise through a faceful of snow. "It's just candy. I get that food is probably hard to find out in this jack-frosty hellscape, but come on. Be civil about it." The last thing that Alex wanted to deal with right now was dissent amidst the ranks of this already tenuous 'party'.
                  • Gila Courage

                      Gila's arms shot out, claws skidding across the ice when his lunge fell pathetically short.
                      He was quick to pick himself up again, adding another leap to his pounce as soon as all four of his feet hit the floor.

                      He ended up slipping and falling onto his side instead, sliding close to a sudden fire wall.

                      "Yowch!" he said with something of a squeak, quickly pulling his tail away as he rolled over to drag himself a foot or so further from the flames.
                      His ears folded back when the cool flame-armored monster admonished his actions.

                      The lizard rubbed at his scaly tail, listening to the comments of the cat.
                      He mumbled something that might have been an apology, gaze drifting to the snowy floor in a forlorn expression.
                      Now he'd NEVER get a "trail bar".

                      It only took a few seconds for that to vanish, and his gaze to return to the strangers.
                      He offered up a meek grin and held out one of his hands.
                      "Let's get this party started?"
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