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    The ship cut through the sea like silk, waters parting on either side in long, frothing tails. The weather was agreeable that day—certainly chill, as the arctic seas always were, with just enough wind to fill the sails but not enough to stir the ocean up. Captain Holden declared for the third time that afternoon, "Beautiful weather! Absolutely perfect!" Though the BanchoLeomon stood alone on the bow, the wind carried his exultation in snippets back to the main deck.

    Captain Holden didn't know much about these humans who had practically infested File Island, but he'd heard enough rumors about their abilities. Glowing crests, spontaneously evolving Digimon... they made the perfect cannon fodder! Or sea monster chum, as it was.

    Whether File Island had always been bordered by dense walls of fog was debatable, but certainly no one had tried to broach them in quite some time. Such attempts had always resulted in death or, for those lucky few who floated back into safer waters, half-remembered trauma. Survivors told of a depthless sea broiling with monsters—and not just the various types of Seadramon that hunted in safer (though not safe) waters.

    But today was different! Today Captain Holden had a crew of rugged veterans, perfect weather, a beast of a ship, and a motley crew of humans and their partners. If their funky crests didn't affect the fog, then their spontaneously evolving partners would at least keep any beasties at bay. (Or so Captain Holder believed.)

    Wisps of fog floated past the ship as it nosed into the very edge of FIle Island's navigable seas.

    let's fite some sea monsters

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    • Potential content warnings for claustrophobia, general violence, drowning, and sea monsters
    • This is a loose, informal thread—play NPCs, throw in plot twists, and guide the thread as you see fit!
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    Tanya the Terriermon

      Tanya hopped out onto the rim of the sea vessel. The little puppy Digimon ran on all fours to the edge of the front of the boat, before straightening up and stomping her left leg out in a confident pose. The Terriermon flicked her tiny thumb against her thumb before sticking it into the air, much like how she's seen the captain so a few times, and felt the wind blow from the right of her thumb. The little Digimon hummed as her black eyes landed upon her thumb, and she wiped it against her chest with a smile. "Aye," she spoke, trying to copy a pirate's accent but was failing horribly. "It has come to me attention that this here wind isn't very strong. At all."

      To be honest, the Terriermon didn't understand why the pirates did these thing, she just thought it looked cool, so she tried imitating the captain. The captain of the ship made comments of the weather, causing the Terriermon to smile. She was right. The wind was indeed weak, but it was strong enough to push the boat in the direction they were heading. "Hieee!" The Terriermon said waving at the captain quite enthusiastically. "Mr. Captain person? Where are we going?"

      The Terriermon allowed the captain to answer before her keen ears heard the familiar sound of her Tamer sighing. The puppy's head turned to see the young teen hunched over the water, making quite unpleasant sounds. The Terriermon skipped over to her Tamer, who was having quite a bit of trouble with sea sickness. "Hey Nika!" Tanya said, hopping onto the edge of the boat the young girl was vomiting over. "Isn't this neat? I've never been on a boat before. Hey, Nika. What are Pie-rates?"

      "Hurk," The girl, Veronika, tried to keep her queasiness under control with very little success as she tried to speak with her partner. She was rather irritable as she did so. "Yes Tanya... hurk... the ocean is a wonderfully- hurk - beautiful place..." The young woman returned to trying to relieve her seasickness by sticking her head over the side of the boat whilst the Terriermon waited for her to be done with it. Veronika gasped and coughed a few times before sliding down onto her bum, her back against the inner side of the of the rim of the boat. "If only that beauty would keep me from feeling queasy... Maybe the fog will help..."

      Obviously, she was being sarcastic, but Tanya's eyes widened as her little mind began to wander. Was fog the answer to any illness and injury that humans and Digimon alike were searching for? Could Digimon even get sick? They were made of data, right?
    • Cassandra Erin Delphollis Courage
      Apolla the Labramon

        Cassandra leaned on the rails of the ship, eyes wide with delight as she watched the digital ocean move by, the combination of the edges of the mist and the ocean spray swirling through the crisp air ad giving it a wonderfully damp, salted scent. She glanced over her shoulder momentarily as the vessel's captain spoke, but the BanchoLeomon's confident figure only held her gaze for a moment before she turned back to the ocean. "It certainly is lovely." Cass replied, her smile growing wider when she head the small Terriermon that had accompanied one of the other humans pipe up as well about the weather and how interesting their surroundings were. The Terriermon's partner on the other hand did not seem to share the sentiment.

        "Not much for boats I take it? I can't help but wonder why you came aboard if you get sick like that." Cassandra's tone was gently teasing, genuinely curious if the younger girl had even known she would react this way to being on a watercraft. She hadn't yet caught the girl's name, but she certainly felt sympathetic towards her. "I get like that in aircraft, though I'm curious if it would be the same on the back of a flying digimon..." She looked down at Apolla. "I don't suppose you might be able to fly at some point so we can test it?"

        "I have no idea. Are you going to be okay though?" The Labramon approached the seasick girl, concern apparent. "I might be able to help, I'm not sure how well my healing can affect humans but... well it may be worth a shot if you're willing."

        "Now that is a thought, can you even help with feeling ill? I know you can help mend wounds but queasiness is different."

        "I've never tried!"
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        Ignis the Iguneetmon

          Now wasn't this a familiar situation for him? That was all Kaiden could think of as he found himself huddled into the furthest corner of the boat. It seemed not even going to a place filled with the fantastical was enough to separate him from old habits. He'd say it was because he was anxious but truth be told he just wasn't sure if he was in the mood to be friendly. There was a heavy sigh from his lips and he leaned himself against the railing of the boat. Head tilted upward towards the sky, not that he was able to see anything with how thick the fog was right now. "This has horror movie written all over it Kamen." a muffled statement to the small catlike creature down at his side.

          "Horror movie?"

          "Oh right you wouldn't know about them. They're um..." he struggled for a moment in coming up with a way to best explain the concept of a horror movie to his partner. "Horror movies are basically like a haunted house and a play mixed together. The goal of them is to scare whoever is watching them. And with the way everything is going on right now, it's like the opening of a horror movie." he glanced down to see if the Gatchmon had been able to understand him. The puzzled expression on the Digimon's face led him to believe he hadn't quite got his point across. "Ugh, basically it seems like something bad is going to happen."

          "OH! Then why the hell wouldn't you just say that?" Kamen shook his head back and forth, giving a shrug of his shoulders as well. "You humans are really confusing sometimes." as if to get his point across he pointed a finger towards the girl currently vomiting over the side of the boat. "Like that one. If she couldn't handle being on a boat then why the heck did she even get on?"

          Kaiden shrugged, "I dunno, why don't you and ask her?" the moment he said those he regretted it, as it caused Gatchmon to sprint into action. Kaiden watched as Kamen quickly made his way over to the seasick girl. Not wanting to be separated from his partner in case things really did go sour Kaiden found himself forced to follow along.

          "Hey lady! What the hell is up with you?" Kamen kept his gaze locked on the recently vomiting girl. His piercing stare quickly turning into what could easily be mistaken as a glare, "If you couldn't handle the boat ride you shouldn't have even got on! Whatcha gonna do when things turn into a horror movie? Vomit all over the haunted house?"

          Kaiden let out a loud and very automobile groan, Kamen clearly hadn't grasped his explanation.
        • Veronika Lopes Friendship Tracker
          Tanya the Terriermon

            Veronika let out a bit of a sigh before getting some attention from some people and Digimon who weren't Tanya. Everyone who was being vocal about their opinion, since the human boy seemed not to want to get involved with whatever his partner was doing, seemed interested in what she was doing on that boat if she knew she'd be sick. "Hurk," the young woman had a hard time responding at first, but she managed to get herself together just enough to try to explain herself.

            Emphasis on try.

            "Well, I don't really remember ever being on a boat before now," she began groggily, seeing as there were enough people who were curious. "So, the easy answer would have been that I didn't know, but the truth is that I was already feeling sick before getting on the boat." The young teen glanced up at the Terriermon who was smiling down at the strangers around them with a toothy grin. Waving her tiny paws in a friendly greeting, she was completely unaware of Veronika's displeasure. "You can thank that one for practically running onto the boat even after I tried to tell her no."

            "Aw, but Nikaaaaa," Tanta whined. "I really wanted to go see the ocean! You can't blame a Digimon for wanting to have an adventure on the open seas can you?"

            "Nika" didn't give a reply. Instead, she gave the Terriermon an unimpressed glare, something that never even fazed Tanya in the slightest. The Terriermon was still smiling her cute smile, making Veronika wonder if the Tanya thought that watching her suffer was fun. Veronika wondered why she'd even bothered. The Terriermon never listened to her anyway. Of course, when one of the Digimon offered to try and relieve her of her illness, the young teen practically jumped at the offer. If she actually had jumped, though, she would have been hunched over the railing again and vomited. "Yes. Please. That would be greatly appreciated if you could..."

            If she hadn't been so sick, she may have noticed the kind of attitude that the other Digimon had taken, and may have glared back, but she didn't even do that much. Instead, her focus was on the slim chance that the Digimon could help her stomach stop making flips in her stomach. The only one she noticed less was the boy who was keeping his distance.

            The Terriermon, on the other hand, skipped right up to the human boy, as she did with any other strangers that they came across, and looked up at him with a friendly grin. "Hi!" she greeted. "What kind of Digimon are you?"

            "Tanya! He's not a Digimon, for the last time!"

            "Oh, yeah! What kind of human are you!"

            "Tanya! That's racist!"

            "Oh! What's racist?"

            Veronika slapped her forehead with a groan of her own.
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          • Derrick Taiko Friendship
            Ano the Agumon

              Derrick let out a very loud sigh with his eyes shifting all over the ship and the various humans and Digimon aboard. He had already been stuck in this place for a good week or so but he had lost count after a while. "Hey Derrick, can I go and talk to the other Digimon?" Derrick sighed once more this one from mere annoyance than anything. "No," Ago waved his hands around in circles as he let out a babyish whine. Derrick facepalmed as he knew what was coming next "But why?" Derrick let out a final sigh before shuffling his hand into his pocket and retrieving his Digivice. Derrick looked it over before pushing it into Ago's face. The young Dinosaur was visibly confused at what was happening "Get in the Digivice" Ago pushed it away from himself although Derrick's attempts at forcing it on him.

              "I don't think that's what you have to use that for" Oh, but Derrick was persistent in his attempts. It basically turned into a Scooby Doo styled chase seen with Derrick, Digivice still in hand mind you, chasing Ago around the ship trying to suck him back to which the depths of the mysterious device. "Come back here!" Derrick tackled his partner to the ground and began to play fight with him. So in all, we have a teenager wrestling a Dinosaur on a Pirate ship in a Digital world. How strange.
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            • Mordryd Light
              Mordryd the Sangloupmon & Nimueh the Tokomon X

                Mordryd had been one of the first to sign on to this voyage, and while the captain continued to pull in new recruits for this mission, the Sangloupmon had found a nice secluded spot to lay down and relax, before falling asleep. He had remained so, until the Captain's voice bellowed out. Flicking his ears, he pulled back a head-wing as he slowly raised his head and yawned. "Yeah. That's nice." He grumbled quietly. If he was going to be woken up, he had hoped it would be something like, well. A emergency. Not just to comment on the weather. Yeesh.

                It seemed the ship had departed since he had fallen asleep, and the captain had managed to recruit at least a handful of humans and their partners, though by the looks of it it seemed one wasn't taking too well to the boat ride. Another had already approached with her partner and seemed to be helping them, while a Gatchmon rushed off from his own partner who was standing nearby to make a particularly tactless comment. The wolf stifled a bit of a chuckle, though his amusement was directed more at the Gatchmon getting the barbed response than the sick human's attitude.

                Mordryd raised a brow at the Terriermon's response after his partner explained how she got stuck on this job. His gaze followed the terriermon as it approached the Gatchmon's human and proceeded to question what kind of whatever he was. "Hey there bunny-pup, I thought being stuck with a human meant you were supposed to protect them." Mordryd remarked boredly as he lifted himself onto his feet. Two wires hung across his neck, one bearing a blank tag, while the other held his D-terminal, but he himself had no partner. "Yggdrasil knows what we're going to encounter out here. Never been any good news from what few whoever came back out of this haze, and I can't say it's a smart move bringing along anyone who isn't at the top of their game. Heh?"

                Not that he particularly cared too, too much. It was their problem after all. Maybe his problem too, but he could handle covering a weakened ally if necessary. It was his motivation in being here for the most part. There was some curiosity too over whatever was causing this fog and what might lie beyond, but really whatever he could do to better his and his gang's reputation, the better. Lending a paw to a crew on a mission into death-trap territory certainly would count, and his help in it could hardly be refused.
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              • Varius Love Plotter

                Sometimes, he wasn't sure whether he liked, or didn't like, having a job. The freedom had been nice -- short a time as it had lasted -- but Caia was certainly... eager. On occasion, that seemed to be putting it lightly. And with him not knowing how to deal with social interactions, most of the time his answer to any given request was a 'yes'...

                ...which, now, had led him here. Though, rather than being down with all the commotion, the Lekismon had opted for somewhere a decent bit higher. Better yet, he didn't need anything like ropes, or a ladder; he just needed his legs to carry him up with one, single bound, to the point where the rabbit could set himself atop one of the sail posts, offering him a rather fine view of the sea beyond the island, the wall of fog some ways off... and, well, the commotion down below, of course, much of which reached his ears. A lookout, one could easily enough say, albeit perhaps something of an impromptu one.

                But, well, down below he saw a crowd, and he didn't much care for those. He wouldn't be able to avoid it forever, he was well aware... but maybe they'd not bother him while he was up here? Well, as long as he kept enough of a grip on the post to not fall off of it...
              • Cassandra Erin Delphollis Courage
                Apolla the Labramon

                  Cass nodded as she listened to the girl's story. "I see. Well hopefully your previous condition is only be exasperated by sailing rather than it being a root cause, as being on a ship of any size is really quite delightful if you aren't ill." She watched in further amusement as "Nika's" partner proceeded to wander up to a complete stranger and try to start a conversation. "Your partner is... enthusiastic. I imagine you have your hands full watching over that little one. Apolla do you really think you can help her?"

                  The Labramon had, during this exchange, sidled up to the other human's side and was carefully looking the girl up and down, trying to figure out how to best approach the problem. "I think so? If I can figure it out it'll be good in the long run as well if you ever get sick. It can't be too different than trying to fix data... Don't move okay? I need to concentrate." She leaned in and pressed her nose against the sick girl's leg, eyes closing in concentration as a faint, warm light began flowing from her body and into the human, healing power attempting to seek out the problem and fix it.

                  Cassandra watched in avid fascination as her partner worked, delighted as ever that she had been given a chance at a proper life. "Oh!" She turned her attention back to the girl in front of her. "I forgot to introduce us, my name is Cassandra, that's Apolla." She then turned her smile towards the rest of those who had chosen to take part in the voyage as well. "It's lovely to meet you all!"