Importance of Time

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    Ten the Tentomon

    As if the Drill Tunnel wasn’t scary enough, Chloe and Ten found a large town that looked like it was made out of entirely of machine parts. They stood in front of it in awe, trying to find the town limits. Just the beginning of it from their point of view stretched for what could be several miles. This didn’t look like the canyon region, but maybe someone could give them more clues on BanchoLeomon.

    As they walked into the town, a noise was coming at them. Two digimon ran through the street, side by side. Behind them had been three larger digimon that looked like robots, jetpacks flaring as they zoomed after the others. High above was a voice yelling for them to stop. With Chloe and Ten’s attention caught, the voice was coming from a giant blimp.

    Ten looked at Chloe, puzzled, “How do we get ourselves into these situations?” But all Chloe could do was shrug. Both of them took off into the streets to find out more as to what is going on. The robot suit digimon seemed to be gathered, while nervous clucking was heard off to the side of Chloe and Ten.

    Down a small dead end was a cowering child digimon, assumed by the size, with a larger man stuck in a clock. They nearly screamed when seeing Chloe and Ten, but the human girl called out to them to not yell. “We’re here to figure out what is going on,” she told them, “We saw them chasing after you. What do they want with you?”

    “Mr. Clockmon’s powers,” the smaller digimon said.

    “Clockmon?” When seeing them closer, Chloe saw the man in the clock was actually one digimon itself, and not a costume like she might have guessed moments before. “Makes sense now. What is your power?”

    Clockmon began to perform breathing exercises, an attempt to calm himself down. “You see, I govern time. My programming forces me to stay neutral to any conflict in the Digital World, but someone wants my true power for their own game.”

    Ten was suddenly in front of the Clockmon, tapping on his clock’s face torso. “Power of time just sounds bad. No further explanation needed,” he turned to the child digimon, “And you?”

    Kokuwamon came out from the shadows. He examined Ten, while the ladybug examined him back. The knowledge of Kokuwamon being based on an insect-bot was apparent. It intrigued Ten but brought back memories of the Hive. They had mentioned that some insect digimon lived elsewhere, and there was a rumor of a mechanical bug. “My name is Kokuwamon.”

    Chloe stepped up before Ten could comment on his mecha-bug counterpart. “Where are you going to be safest? Maybe we can help?”

    “Not in Factorial Town. Not anymore.” Clockmon looked down to the Kokuwamon, who didn’t return his look. Clockmon’s sewn mouth frowned. “We’re going to have to leave the town, probably.”

    “Unless,” Ten said, turning to Chloe, “We delete the digimon after them.”

    The other three gasped. It was unlike Ten to suggest such a thing. “That means,” Clockmon put a hand over his mouth, “You’d have to send them to Primary Village. Erase them from Factorial Town. Yo-you can’t do that. Digimon look down on that.”

    “Mr. Clockmon,” Kokuwamon said, stopping his older companion.

    There was silence. Looks exchanged among all of them. Chloe looked like she was thinking of an alternate plan, but wasn’t registering much. Ten was slouched to the ground, knowing what he’d have to do. Clockmon and Kokuwamon began to shake wildly, nerves overwhelming them once more. Their lives on the line.

    “Here they are,” came the voice from before. The crew shot their gazes up into the sky where the giant blimp digimon had narrow eyes on them. It released small bullets down toward them. The crew ran out of the dead end, and just in time as the bullets had exploded and spread a fire all inside of the dead end. “I missed. Mechanorimon, get them!” The sound of jetpacks fired up and soaring through the air behind them.

    Ten was flying, but hung close to Chloe. “You know it is what we have to do. They won’t stop chasing them unless we do something. Even if deleting them is the only answer. We did it to the Commandramon and Sealsdramon, and why?” Ten let it sink in before answering his own question: “Because they threatened our lives.”

    “Fine,” Chloe said, taking out her digivice. She stopped and turned on the machines. “Time to digivolve.” The radiant light from the device burst out and Ten’s form grew larger. Clockmon and Kokuwamon kept running.

    “Tentomon digivolve too,” he finished turning into his adult form, “Kabuterimon!” The large bug launched itself forward, impaling the middle Mechanorimon with its horn. That was when Chloe noticed only three of the four robots were present. His large hands held over the other’s red orb in their torso, trying to hold them back. Their combined effort and jetpacks pushing the giant bug along the floor. With all three in his grasp, Ten used Shocking Touch and electrocuted all of them.

    “Watch out,” Chloe called out. Blimpmon had released more bullets from itself.

    Kabuterimon recalled, pulling the one Mechanorimon off of its horn just in time. The explosion hit the one he just plucked off. The data streamed from it and the entire suit of armor faded from view.

    “Damnit,” Blimpmon said. He pulled away from the robotic suit digimon.

    Kabuterimon flew above Chloe and closed his arms, charging his electrical attack. He called it out, Electro Shocker, and the energy orb blasted forward. It completely blew one of the suits away, the data streaming out. One more down, just one left to go.

    “Where did Clockmon and Kokuwamon go?” Ten called down to Chloe. He was looking all over but couldn’t see them. In the distance was a glimpse of Blimpmon, who Ten assumed was back on the hunt immediately. “Chloe, you have to go find them.”

    “Right,” she nodded, and began to run off. She looked down every street, in any corner or dead end she saw on the way. They had disappeared. Her fear was Blimpmon found them, bombed them, and left. But she saw the digimon high into the sky, his eyes going back and forth. He hadn’t found them either, so there was still time.

    Back with Ten, he had dodged some of the punches the last Mechanorimon had thrown at him. His main worry was the red orb in its chest would come back online at any moment. He had never fought a Mechanorimon, but the red orb screamed out powerful laser beam, like his Electro Shocker. With another punch that Mechanorimon tried, Ten caught the clawed, metal hand and used what strength he could muster to swing the mech into the nearest building. It didn’t seem to do much, but slowed it down long enough for two quick energy balls in quick succession. The data burst from the suit.

    Blimpmon circled, not making any progress on finding his two targets. He saw Chloe, though, and moved forward as quickly as he could. She was conveniently at a distance, the Blimpmon shifting his cannons on the top of him toward her. “Zeppelin Explosion!” The large cannons fired at the same time, shooting off these long bombs. The sound itself was thunderous, prompting the girl to look up. Her face light up with horror as the bombs came straight for her. On the street she was on, there was nowhere to really go. Chloe covered her face with her arms, stiff with fear and accepting her end.

    “Chloe!” yelled Ten, who swept her up from behind and kept her safe as the bombs blew up a large chunk of Factorial Town behind them.

    “Thank you, Ten.”

    “Stay here,” Ten said as he let Chloe go. Clockmon called her over, him and Kokuwamon in the shadows of one of the taller buildings. Ten took off and flew quickly past the Blimpmon. He circled and flanked the vehicle digimon, impaling the non-armored side with his horn. The Blimpmon let out a yell, a cry of pain that made Chloe nearly rethink the decision to let Ten do this all together; despite the already three fallen Mechanorimon. The large bug was horn-deep into Blimpmon before electrocuting himself once more. And again. After four zaps, Kabuterimon pulled away from the Blimpmon and the vehicle digimon lost altitude.

    “This is over! Electro Shocker!” The energy ball was charging when Blimpmon tried to turn his vulnerable side away. It wasn’t quick enough to go against Ten, as he launched the energy ball with a loud shout. He put his all into this one. The energy ball turned into almost a stream of energy flowing toward the vehicle digimon. The electricity ripping the side of the Blimpmon apart, and even making the devices in its tail explode.

    Kabuterimon converted into Minomon, again. This time was worse as Ten was still high into the sky when he changed forms. He began to fall, his descent was quick. Chloe ran as fast as she could to try and catch him, but she knew he was coming down like a heavy baseball out of the sky. Gravity taking over, the crash would squash him.

    Tears flung from Chloe’s eyes. Tears were left behind by the falling Minomon.

    A pair of red hands stretched out and caught Minomon. The shock that something had caught her digimon friend escaped her and while not watching where she was going, Chloe tripped and fell on the metal plated streets of Factorial Town. She looked up to see a tiny digimon in a machine attached to the red hands. As it lowered, she began to laugh. The Catch Mamemon gentle dropped Minomon on top of her.

    Her embrace never felt sweeter, Ten thought.

    A few hours later, Chloe and Ten had been fed and rested for what they could. Their beds were slabs of metal. Because of course they would in this town. Mr. Clockmon had retrieved them and brought them to what him and Kokuwamon referred to as Town Hall. Inside was a few other machine digimon, and also Catch Mamemon who saved the day in Chloe’s mind.

    “What is this?” Chloe asked Mr. Clockmon. He just smiled back at her.

    “To honor today’s savior,” said a man with the body of a star, “I give you the hero!” He put his hands out toward Chloe, presenting her to the room. There was an eruption of applause. However, their clapping and praise was only met with an intense confused look on the human and her friendly digimon. “My dear, those digimon had been causing trouble for a few weeks. We’re very happy you and Tentomon could come by and help out.”

    “If you ever need anything, Chloe, let us know. Really.” Mr. Clockmon was smiling and applauding. Kokuwamon was buzzing with electricity in his own way of appraisal. The small mech insect kept an eye on Minomon, who was his new idol. Ten was powerful enough to digivolve and save the day. Exhausting himself, so what, he was a freaking hero.

    After being thrown a small party, Chloe and Ten said farewell. Mr.Clockmon, nor Kokuwamon, had heard any news on BanchoLeomon. Starmon wished the best of luck and packed a few extra rations of meat for them. And it wasn’t going to be a real goodbye with Ten bugging Catch Mamemon for the machine he was in, the thing that made him Catch Mamemon. The answer was a no, but Ten argued it was a good try.