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      It all happened in a flash... No, really, it did. One moment he was checking his cell to check his latest mail before a flash of light engulfed him. And next, he was... actually where was he exactly? Opening his eyes a groan escaped his lips as he slowly sat up finding himself on some sort of sleeping bag. A cheery fire roared a few feet from his formally prone form.

      That's not what surprised him, what truly caught him off guard was the strange creature... that appeared to be an elderly woman. A large backpack sat in a corner comically filled to the brim with all sorts of things. The being didn't seem to notice him at first as she was preoccupied with roasting what appeared to be apples over the open flame, whistling a jaunty little tune while doing so.

      Taking in his surroundings more he realized that he was inside a room made almost completely out of ice! It was beautifully sculpted with artisan level craftsmanship and looked thick and strong enough to survive any storm. He realized despite the room being pure ice, that it wasn't cold in the slightest.

      "Ah! You're awake now, eh dearie?" Her voice sounded scratchy and kind like your stereotypical grandma in media. While he couldn't see her eyes he somehow got the feeling that she was staring intently at him.

      "...Sorry, uhm... Ma'am, but... where exactly am I?" He questioned slowly his tone unsure and almost hesitant to ask. The elderly being simply gave a sharp, barking, laugh before tending to the the apples on skewers. A second later she handed a skewer to him as an offering. "Eat up first, then we can talk, it's good!"

      Not one to turn down an offering, he took the skewer and looked at it oddly. It definitely LOOKED like an apple, but it smelled like.... like... "Steak?" Baffled he took a small bite just to make sure that his senses weren't screwed up. Lo' and behold it tasted exactly like a perfectly grilled steak! His expression must of been amusing since the lady burst out laughing at his reaction.

      "Never had a Meat Apple, huh? You humans are always amusing y'know! Never a dull moment when it comes to ya!" Adrian stared blankly at her letting his mind process their words. "Are... you saying you're not human?"

      The "human" hurummped as though she was insulted by the mere allegation. "You best get your eyes check, dearie, I'm no human! I'm what you call a Digital Monster, or Digimon if you want to be less technical."

      "Digimon...?" He said slowly testing the word. "Yes boy! Are you daft!? You don't have repeat what I just said!" She scolded the actor which caused said young man to flush in embarrassment. "Er... I apologize...." A silence stretched for a tick before he continued his questions. "So, if you're a "Digimon" I gather I'm not in Kansas anymore."

      The Babamon, grunted in reply as she took a large bite out of the 'fruit'. "I dunno anything about a "Kansas" but you're no longer from the Real World." Somehow Adrian was taking the news better than he thought he would. He wasn't sure if he should be concerned or worried that he's been relatively calm during this whole surreal situation.

      Nonetheless he decided to roll with it. Panic attacks came AFTER he figured just what was going on. Putting his hand down next to him he blinked and stared at the odd device that he was SURE wasn't there before. "Huh? Where'd this come from?" The Babamon frowned for what felt like the first time since their encounter.

      "Ah... That makes sense. I was confused when you didn't have a Digimon Partner, but it seems you're not lacking a Spirit." Her words sounded cryptic and Adrian felt like he was missing something.... Something important.

      "You relax there for a bit more while I get someone to check you for any wounds - sit tight, dearie!" Before he could utter a reply the Babamon was already out of the door. Putting his outstretched arm down he sighed and instead grasped the weird device in his hands.

      "Let's see if you're truly worthy... Chosen..."

      His eyes snapping open he didn't realize he'd dozed off. Nothing had changed since he first woke up in this world, so that meant it sadly wasn't just a dream...

      Sighing he quietly laid down, all the while wondering what that strange voice he swore he heard in his head... "Ugh... I can only pray that I'm not losing my mind..." He grumbled before laying his head back on the pillow of his sleeping bag.

      He also, REALLY hoped that Babamon came back soon! He was getting anxious just by sitting around here!
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      Sun the Coronamon

        "Just a little bit longer!" Thomas couldn't help but groan a bit at that. The trope of 'just a little longer' being repeated over hours was one of the things that he never hoped to experience. And yet, here he was, this being the 6th time that Sun had said those words.

        "Just admit that you're lost!" However, the quiet huff besides him informed Thomas that that most definitely wouldn't happen. In truth, he knew that they had passed a certain pillar twice on their little walk through the Ice Sanctuary. It was supposed to be a simple trip to see Babamon but now they had basically turned themselves around.

        Hoping against hope, the boy took out his D-terminal and checked the map. As usual it simply gave off their dot at their current location. He had tried it before but as usual it wouldn't be any help in this maze made of ice. However something else caught his attention. The presence of another dot. Another human! "What? Got a message or something?"

        "There's someone else here!" Thomas replied grinning. They had officially been walking in a circle for 3 hours and when they finally made a different turn they were met by what appeared to be a hall of doors. As Thomas began to look at the doors Coronamon sniffed the air and let out a cry of victory. He could smell Babamon near and allowed that to lead them to a specific door. Lo and behold, this one had "Babamon's Room" etched into the doorframe. Sun decided that they had been walking for too long and decided to just enter unannounced.

        "Long time no see Babamon!" The cub said. However, he stopped when no one answered. He looked around before laying eyes on the person that was also in the room. "Looks like we found that other person!" He called back. Thomas entered the room, pleasantly surprised that this was where the human was.

        "Uhh Hi." He mumbled. "Do you happen to know where Babamon is?"