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      “Man, you look like shit,” Darius said. His eyes widened in surprise glancing at his roommate’s cuts and bruises along the upper portion of his body. After taking one good look at his roommate, he casually turned around to stretch his arms outward and get out a big yawn. If it were any other person or digimon, he might have been concerned but it seemed to become a common occurrence seeing his roommate banged up. At least he didn’t make a ruckus this time. Darius actually was able to take a soothing hot shower and get some good sleep with a comfortable bed for once.

      He had spent to much time traveling in the wilderness under the starry sky for too long. He had felt like he was rolling around in the muddy ground and beginning to stink or so the Leomon had stated when he picked him up from the brink of death in the freezing cold. That day felt like it was vague and hazy memory. All those time those digimon emphasized he needed to forget his fallen partner played over and over again. After all, he decided he definitely did not want to roll around in memory anymore.

      “So what happened this time?” he questioned as he started putting toothpaste onto his toothbrush. His words came out more like a mumble than anything else but the Impmon who was washing his face next to him seemed to understand anyway.

      “Da guy who comes wit me was out an’ didn’t know dat guy was not gonna be there,” Impmon grumbled as he put on disinfectant on his right arm. He bit his lip hard at the sizzling sting of the alcohol into his skin. “The guy who owed my boss money was a feisty lil’ thing and that’s why my partner was always there when meeting the guy. I’m weak but reliable when it comes to goods and smuggling. I needed him but he didn’t show. Probably gonna be in deep trouble when the boss finds out. So, I got busted up cuz’ the customer didn’t wanna pay,” the digimon ranted and plopped himself onto the bed as he took a deep breath outwards.

      Darius looked at the digimon with perplexed eyes and knew his roommate was quite frustrated at the moment. He knew when the digimon’s ranting was jumbled and sporadic, it was not a good sign. It seemed that the digimon and humans that the Impmon was dealing with were becoming aggressive nowadays. He wasn’t sure what the reason was for this attitude shift. Maybe there was a type of power struggle that was affecting business. As his thoughts began leading to that conclusion, he started to feel like he should be concerned because that meant his roommate might be in danger again. It might just be a matter of time until things would get too dangerous for the child digimon.

      “Shitty deals huh? That sucks man,” Darius replied with less concern than he actually felt inside. He had the midnight munchies and wanted to fill his stomach as soon as possible. He devoured his noodles with vigor and slurped it all up until the whole plate with empty with no sign of the soup left. After all, he was taught at a very young ago that never to waste any food. For some odd reason, he always seemed hungry more than usual even without smoking weed.

      He needed the energy for the late night business of smuggling and selling some goods to customers he trusted to pay him on a regular basis. He became buddies with some others he met and in return, he got some stuff and they referred him to friends who stocked up on goods. He received their contacts and sold his goods to them at different locations to play it safe. Definitely wanting to keep a low profile, he never sold to any well-known figures or any rich kingpins. Anything to keep him out of the spotlight.

      He took a glance at his roommate and noticed a mischievous grin that was plastered onto the Impmon’s face. Darius’s mouth curved downwards especially that he really had a bad feeling about ths. The devious gleam didn’t make the feeling any better. He could feel himself cringing even more. He had a gut feeling that the Impmon was about to him for his help in dealing with the aggressive customers and he didn’t want to play any part in it.

      “No,” Darius growled, giving the Impmon an unrelenting stare and continued, ”And yeah, I know what’s up,” cocking his head to the side.

      “Sooooooo mean,” the digimon whined loudly and pouted his face in frustration

      "If you weren't an asshole, maybe I might be a little nicer," Darius joked with a toothy grin.

      The Impmon paused for a moment with ears twitching and eyes narrowed in thought. “I’m calling in that favor you owe me. Right here, right now,” he said in a serious tone of voice.

      “Oh no you don’t. I like my life plain and simple. Why do you need me for anyway?” Darius questioned the digimon. His eyes narrowed and his face turned sour at the unwanted prospect of a job that might get him mixed up in probably a mafia or anything dealing with complications of higher-ups. He was beginning to enjoy the normalcy of life. The money making was steady and good. He was a bit weary of the dangerous life though he missed when his pulse raced and his adrenaline pumping from the prospect of fighting. He received some brutal training using his Digi-soul blade to defend himself, but saw no need using the weapon. As long as he didn’t risk his life, no one would know anything he was capable of and use him for their own purposes.

      He admittedly did use the digi-soul a few times before he was picked up off the streets. Darius was desperate for money and food. Without his digimon to have his back on quests, he couldn’t rely on brute strength to survive on his own. He would never tell anyone else but his contact. He caught wind of digimon who wanted to out a specific target they hated and he was willing to make some quick bucks. It took some time to observe his targets and come up with ways to make their death look like it was an accident but he managed to complete the jobs. At first, it was a clumsy job where the target almost got away but he managed to corner the target and it was a swift death courtesy of his blade. It made him question his morality. Was he still a good person? He knew the answer and he was forced to come to terms with it. It was simple. He needed to survive so he used whatever skills and strength to do so. Now, he just wanted to forget those jobs and move past that phase. He had a comfortable life and had no intention of moving backwards.

      “I let you stay here out of the kindness of my heart without paying rent for the longest time. And, you did tell me you owe me soooo help out a friend alright? I can’t face the boss without getting the money owed. He’s gonna kill me.” the digimon pleaded in an exaggerated tone of voice and begging on his knees. The thing that Darius didn’t know about the digimon was that the Impmon owed the boss much more money than the money he was supposed to collect from other customers who were in debt. To make up the money needed to pay off the debt, the Impmon and the boss came to an agreement. Thus, he became the disliked debt collector. If the Impmon ever screwed up, evidence of all the money the Impmon embezzled would be released to the authorities and that would be worse than just owing money.

      "Uh huh. That sounds nice," he said to himself, pretending to not hear the Impmon's request for help.

      Although he outwardly was joking around, Darius actually hated it when someone used his words against himself and owing someone for any reason at all. He almost forgot he told him that. That day when the Impmon took him into his apartment and let him stay, he was homeless and out in the cold so he ended up rambling in gratefulness. It was mostly a blur how the rest of the day went but all he knew was safe and sound. He did have a fair amount of money but he used it mostly on food and clothing. He only had one outfit and it looked like it was mangled up so needed a variety of clothing to sustain himself. Because he was in debt to the Impmon and didn’t like the feeling of owing someone, he decided he might as well get it over with as soon as possible.

      “Fine. What do I need to do?” Darius questioned, slightly cautious at what the job entailed for him to do.

      “Glad you asked,” the digimon replied with a crocked smile and continued, “Nothing really, it’s simple. If he threatens me, scare him a lil’ and hurt him if you gotta’ easy-peasy,” with a cringe filled wink.

      “You see, he seems to be scared of you humans so just you being there helps lots,” the Impmon explained.

      “Sure easy-peasy," Darius trailed off. There had to be some catch to a job seemingly easy like just watching the Impmon’s back.

      “Yup. That’s right. If you’re worried ‘bout your identity exposed or whatever, just wear your hoodie” the Impmon reassured him.

      “Okay okay alright. I’m down then,” Darius said with a lackluster smile and a snarky wave off. It seemed like a good deal to him but he still had to be cautious. He was a dealer and a smuggler who wanted to keep a low-profile. Exposing his identity was a definite no-no for him.
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