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    Grigori the Guilmon

      "Sooo... What do you do for fun?"


      "You know! For fun!"

      "I... I game. Sometimes."


      "Yeah. Like, I play video games."

      "What's a video game?"

      "Considering your claws, I guess I shouldn't be surprised."

      "What's that supposed to mean?"

      "Hahaha-You'd break the controller!"

      "What controller?"

      "Uhh... The controller used to play the game."

      "So is it like a game, but digital game?"

      "Yeah. Something like that."

      It was still a bit strange being here, not at the college, and being followed around by a dinosaur. But at least he wasn't alone. The gist of what Jason got from the explanation is that if the two of them got stronger together... It may be possible for him to return home. That was all he'd been told, really. Talk about vague. Well, he'd been a college student before all this... Jason was no stranger to putting his nose to the grindstone regardless of stresses or circumstances, right? He could do this. Could the Guilmon that he'd called "Grigori" do it? He wasn't sure. They'd have to find out.

      Their travels had taken them out to a sparse jungle, as they sought out evil Digimon to fight. Kill two birds with one stone, right? Do something for the community... And train at the same time.
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      Diablo the Impmon

        Ivan and Diablo found themsels quite comfortable in the lush jungle of the digital world. Not many people chose to bother them. Not only that but they had plenty of food to eat thanks to the many fruits hanging from the trees. As the pair lounged stoically on a banana trees Branch they plucked a few of them from the tree and quickly finished them off. Once that was done Diablo's ears began to twitch.<br>

        "Someone's coming. We should prepare ourselves. Show them they shouldn't come into someone's domain unannounced!"<br>

        Ivan listened to his partners suggestion and just grinned. After their meal they needed a bit of exercise and who knew they could actually be quite the fearsome opponents. Ivan however deciding he wanted to play fair and so as he pulled out his D-ark from his left hip he spun it in his left hand as Diablo jumped down to meet their guests. Ivan just whisled to get their attention.<br>

        "Welcome to the devil's jungle. Let's see how well you fair."<br>

        Ivan then just reached into his card pouch and pulled out three cards, his iron weights,his offense plug-in card and his targeting plug in. He then just smirked and spun the iron weights card between his fingers before sliding it down his D-ark's card reader.<br>

        "Digi-modify! Iron Weights activate!'<br>

        As the card was slid down the D-ark and his dark black digivice gave an almost ominous glow, two sets of Iron weights hooked themselves to the Guilimon that was following along the human. Once the card was active Ivan just whistled which sent Diablo running as he launched a small dark fireball at the dinosaur.<br>

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        Grigori the Guilmon

          With how things had been when it came to facing partner-less Digimon, he had learned very quickly to keep his guard up. Jason had taken to this battling thing like a horse to water. His workaholic nature allowed him to attain a flow state quickly with something he was invested in, and he was able to keep a sense of intensity when he was in action. Hopefully this would serve him well.

          A voice would ring out, and stop the two in their tracks. A human's voice... But the remark about how they fared gave him a bad feeling.

          "Grigori" Jason spoke calmly, but in a firm, serious tone as he would hold out an arm. "Be on your guard."

          But neither of them could prepare for the chains that would be wrapped around the legs of the Guilmon. The Guilmon would pull at them, but it wasn't any use without serious effort. Jason's eyes widened at the sight of them, and could hear the fireball coming. "There!" He called as the Guilmon would quickly send out another fireball that would make contact with the black one, causing them both to explode.

          Knowing he couldn't be useless, Jason would point toward where he could see something moving. "You focus on firing! I'll undo the chains!" Jason would command as he would kneel down and get to work on undoing the chains on Grigori, as the Guilmon would fire a second fireball at their adversary.
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          Diablo the Impmon

            As the older looking blonde quickly rushed to the aid of his digimon Ivan couldn't help but smile slightly. As the red Dinosaur fired another fireball after using the first to cancel out their first attempt it showed Ivan and Diablo that the two they were facing in the light demonstration were quite skilled in terms of combat and so they would have to get a bit more creative. Ivan just smirked and snapped his fingers that prompted Diablo to jump out of the way and rush for the guilmon. As Diablo rushed for their foe Ivan just smirked and pulled out one more card.

            "You know the plan Diablo."

            Hearing his partners words Diablo sped up looking like he might rush the tamer but instead stopped in front of his digimon before holding a thumbs up to Ivan who stayed near the tree. He then spun the card he had chosen in his hand before sliding it down his D-arks card reader causing it to spark.

            "Digi modify! Cage Match Activate!"

            Once the card was swiped a large metal cage formed around Diablo and the chained up Guilmon causing Ivan to grin. This was a strategy he had been working out in his head for about a week. He and his partner were close range combatants and so they needed to practice against a rookie level digimon that was larger then Diablo was. Once the cage fully formed Ivan called out to the other human.

            "The cage lasts for 20 minutes or until it's broken. Do not worry we are not seeking to delete your friend. We just want a little bit of a work out. Diablo use plan frozone."

            Without a complaint or a word waisted Diablo jumped back and aimed his arms toward Guilmon as the air around them grew colder.

            "Night of Blizzards!"

            At Diablo's command sharp shards of ice formed around him and launched themselves toward the fellow rookie level digimon. If he didn't act fast he was in for a world of hurt.
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            Grigori the Guilmon

              As Jason would continue to work on the chains, the Guilmon would watch it's opponent carefully. While the two were still inexperienced as a team, Grigori was picking things up quick, and Jason's resourcefulness and desire to be a helpful member of their "Team" kept him constantly thinking about how he could be a deciding factor if it came to a scrap. It was there that he noticed them heading straight for them, and Jason was about to call out a command when it would stop.

              Jason caught sight of it's Tamer, and watched as a cage would come down. Their words didn't seem to make them feel any better. He didn't believe them one bit. But he knew one thing.

              He was going to backhand that kid at some point.

              20 minutes... Fine. They could last 20 minutes. And make this kid's Digimon sorry for attacking them without provocation too.

              The ice shards would be launched toward the Guilmon, and just in time, Jason would get the chain weights off.


              The Guilmon didn't hesitate then, moving out of the way to avoid the shards. Grigori wouldn't hesitate to counterattack from there.

              "Pyro Sphere!"

              Grigori would fire a series of fireballs the way of the Impmon this time as Jason would step back in order to allow them to work. If they could get close range, there would be more versatility in Grigori's moveset...
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              Diablo the Impmon

                Ivan just grinned as he watched the blonde finally manage to get the weights off of his rookie level digimon just in time for the two to be seperated by the cage and for the red Dinosaur to dodge Diablo's ice attack. As the Guilimon fired a series of Pyro sphere attacks. Thanks to Diablo's small size he was able to use the cage around him to bounce over most of the attacks but ended up getting hit and knocked to the ground by getting hit in the stomach and in the leg. This caused Ivan to silently pull out his targeting card and grin as Diablo stood tall.

                "You two are doing better and are making a good team. That's what I like to see. Let's see how you handle this."

                Ivan then flipped the targeting card in his hand for a moment before quickly sliding it down his D-ark's card slot causing both it and Diablo's eyes to glow with a dark black light.

                "Digi-modify! Targeting activate!"

                Once the card went active Diablo's next attack would be a direct hit. Diablo knowing this rushed the big red dinosaur and jumped into the air and began to kick down fast and hard in rapid fire succession toward the Dinosaur's head and chest.

                "Machine gun kick!"

                Seeing his rookie level digimon work, Ivan couldn't help but let his stoic expression fade into a small smirk of pride. Both he and Diablo were considered small but together with his strategy,their team work and the modify cards they at least at the rookie level were unbeatable and it was a wonderful thing. As the fight went on Ivan just looked down at the blonde.

                "Your digimon is strong. You should be proud of yourselves. To face off with the devil of the jungle who defends this place is quite an achievement. I'll get you guys some food after and let you use one of my healing cards."
                Jason Lhant
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                Grigori the Guilmon

                  Now that the weights were off Grigori, the Guilmon could fight properly. Jason recognized the cards the kid was using from the first Tamer he'd met. Bloody cheap those sodded things were... Couldn't bother to fight man to man, mon to mon. He ignored the kid's remarks, instead focusing entirely on what was in front of him. Jason watched the Digimon's movements to better guide the Guilmon toward where the threats were coming from.

                  But it was the next card that made things complicated.

                  The barrage of attacks hit head on, and the Guilmon could do nothing as it was hit over and over with a series of kicks. Jason would growl low as he wanted to help, but didn't know how he could. But Grigori had gotten an idea, and would quickly block the last shot with it's claw, before it suddenly called out "ROCK BREAKER!" as the Guilmon would strike at it's opponent with both hands at the same time, closing in for a pincer attack.
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                  Diablo the Impmon

                    The blonde human and his digimon were getting more clever as the fight went on that was for sure. As Diablo's attack's came to an end the guilimon managed to strike Diablo hard with a pincer like attack causing the little digimon to yell out in pain. For being such a small digimon Diablo could sure take a large amount of punishment and Ivan had to silently admit he was a little proud. As their foe held Diablo close Ivan just clenched his hand around his digivice. He didn't have many cards left so he had to make these last four cards count. Ivan just pulled out his offense plug in card and spun it between his fingers.

                    "Help is on it's way buddy. Digi-modify! Offense plugin activate!"

                    As Ivan slid the card down the side of his digivice it once again began to glow. Ivan then pointed it toward Diablo shooting him with a dark beam of energy increasing his strength a bit giving him the power to pull apart the enemies arms so that he could escape. He then used his small legs to push away from the Guilmon and do a quick backflip to land on his feet breathing heavy. The little digimon's hands began to glow with black energy as he summoned the element of darkness and formed it into a dodgeball sized projectile.

                    "infernal funnel!"

                    Diablo then threw the ball of darkness purposely passed his foe to shatter an opening through the cage causing it to vanish. It was clear he had no intention of further harming the fellow rookie digimon but instead just smiled at him after looking up at Ivan who just nodded.

                    "Good fight! You two make great partners! You stood your ground against almost every card he had!"

                    Jumping down from his tree perch Ivan made his way over to Diablo, the Guilmon and his blonde human partner after putting away his cards and hooking his digivice to the right side of his belt.

                    "My friend is right. For someone who doesn't have modify cards you did very well. You know how to adapt and in this strange world that could make all the difference. My name's Ivan and my digimon's name is Diablo the Impmon. Can we offer you guys some food?"
                    Jason Lhant
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                    Grigori the Guilmon

                      They had to keep fighting in order to make an opening, he knew. Jason saw that the Guilmon's pincer attack had hit it's mark and had it not been for the card, he would have had Grigori follow up for another series of strikes to get it back for the flurry earlier. But instead, the card would open up for an attack but instead of firing at them, the thing would fire at the cage instead.

                      Jason would quickly dive out of the way in order to escape the blast and watched a hole in the cage be blown open. The Imp would no longer attack, so Jason would call off the Guilmon as well in order to wait, to see just what was going on. The thing's Tamer though, would step into the cage. Though instead of attacking, they would praise the team, and Jason would tilt his head a moment as he would step forward, but the fact was, he was absolutely furious.

                      Backhand him, backhand him!

                      He wanted to, really bad. His arms shook for a moment as he just glared at him. He'd attacked them out of nowhere, harmed his Digimon without warning, and now expected to just act like nothing had happened? He was going to backhand this bastard if it was the last thing he did!

                      But at the same time, he did at least offer food... But he was a dick who'd ambushed them! But he'd offered food!

                      Oh, forget it!

                      The blonde would take a deep breath as he would allow himself to calm down. There was no point in looking a gift horse in the mouth. The kid had no desire to fight at the moment, and he had no wish to start another one either.

                      "Jason. Aye, we'd appreciate it."
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                      Diablo the Impmon

                        Ivan just let out a small chuckle as he saw Jason's arms shake. He no doubt was angry about the sudden attack but that's how things worked in the digital world. If you weren't prepared then you got ambushed. As a gesture of good will however as the cage vanished completely Ivan grabbed his digivice and his repair bots card out of his card box strapped to the left side of his belt. He then showed the card to Jason so he would know that he wasn't up to anything shady. He then slid the card down his digivice's card slot so it would activate.

                        "Digi-modify! Repair-bots activate!"

                        As the card went active and his digivice once again glowed with a black energy he aimed it at the guilmon as a black beam shot out at him healing all of his minor wounds from the battle he had just fought. Once that was done Ivan put the card back into it's box and put his digivice back onto his belt and then stuffed his hands into his pockets and headed toward the jungle with Diablo quickly following behind. As they walked Diablo looked back at their new friends.

                        "Ivan likes to call this region of the world home because aside from a few angry bug digimon it's rather secluded and quiet most of the time. He values his privacy and alone time. It's not that he doesn't trust other humans it's just that he doesn't want.."

                        Diablo was quickly cut short by a clear of his tamers throat as if silently saying that he had said to much. Once they were in the jungle the group would find a make shift fire pit with a bunch of trees all around as if they were walls of a house all holding fruits of different types like bananas,apples and mango. With another clear of Ivan's throat Diablo just nodded and made all of his fingers catch fire which he shot at the stems of bananas,mango and apple.


                        As the fruit fell by the fire pit which wasn't lit Ivan just scooped up a couple mango and a banana while Diablo grabbed three apples and the pair just sat down with their backs against a tree.

                        "It's a quiet life but a nice one."

                        Jason Lhant
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                        Grigori the Guilmon

                          Yes, indeed. And if he wasn't careful, he just might ambush him with a backhand after all. Though Jason would be suspicious when he would take out another card. Prepared for a second ambush this time though, he would quirk a brow when he showed him the card. He would watch as he would activate the card, helping Grigori stand up straight as they would each prepare for a potential attack. Instead the beam would heal the Guilmon's wounds and Jason would look them over a moment to ensure they were fine. That black beam hadn't been something he had trusted, after all. Satisfied with seeing he was clearly healed up and nothing else, he would look towards Ivan and begin to walk behind him, with Grigori following suit.

                          The two would listen to the Impmon explain their way of life, and Jason didn't feel it right to interrupt or speak out for the time being. It seemed they enjoyed the tranquility of the jungle. Probably got boring too, considering they flat out ambushed them. Regardless, they would bed led to a makeshift firepit, in a grove of trees. He watched as the fruit would be brought down, though he was taking notes throughout for survival ideas.

                          Looking toward them for permission, the pair would grab some fruit themselves before sitting down.

                          "I assume you came from the real world yourself then?"
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                          Diablo the Impmon

                            As the group sat down to eat Ivan just crossed his legs and bit down into a mango and happily enjoyed it though his facial expression did not show it. As he ate the mango he heard Jason ask if he came from the real world himself. To this Ivan just nodded and silently continued to eat his mango until it was completely gone. He then grabbed his second one and looked at Jason.

                            "You assume correctly Jason. I prefer this world to our own. This jungle is a lot more tranquil and beautiful then the one concrete one I came from. Being able to fight off bad digimon isn't a bad way to spend the day either. Sorry for the ambush by the way. We hadn't seen any action in a little while and I wanted to see how powerful your buddy was. I never planned on deleting him. I only have Diablo do that to digimon that give us no choice."

                            Diablo nodded to this sentiment as he juggled his three apples in his hands before letting two fall to the ground and biting into the third. Once he took and swallowed a few bites he looked over at the guilmon and gave him a little wave. His eyes then went wide as he remembered the little metal tag that Ivan kept around his neck that looked as if something went in it.

                            "Ivan! Ask Jason about that little metal tag thing you have! Maybe he has one too and knows what it is and what goes inside it!"

                            Seeing how excited Diablo was about the subject Ivan just nodded and pulled the little golden tag on a string from around his neck and held it out. He had recieved it and a little metal PDA looking device when he first arrived and yet he knew not what either were for.

                            "This appeared around my neck when i first got here. It appeared right after my digivice did along with a little P.D.A device in my pocket. The metal thing around my neck looks like something is supposed to slide into it. Any Ideas?"
                            Jason Lhant