I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto [Invite]

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  1. Ezra Greenfield Purity

      Ezra stared at the chaos going on around him, too confused to speak. Now a little tiny red ball thing was defending Jason "Is that his partner?" Ezra murmured, grabbing the device he had to stare at it.

      Is there some sort of magic word for me too? What do I say? Will it do anything without my... my partner?

      Ezra's hands shook as he held the D-Scanner in both his hands.

      I need to help... I need to fight. To save them. Partner or no, that's... that's who I AM right now!

      "... Evolution!" the word spilled off his lips almost instinctualy as he swung the D-Scanner down against his own hand. In an instant, he felt like he was torn away from reality, like he was being changed and remolded. It was a terrifyingly alien feeling... but exhilarating at the same time. No time had passed when he regained his sense of reality, but every muscle felt like it was on fire... in an exciting way. He leaned his head back to let out a yell, and a roar came from his maw.

      Now terrified at the sound that had erupted from his own mouth, Ezra looked down at his new paws in a panic, quickly falling back down to his new four-legged gait "What the hell!?" he screamed out in horrified confusion at having transformed into Firamon.
    • Jason Lhant Courage
      Grigori the Guilmon

        Jason... Didn't know where to start. First the dino guy had completely forgotten that he was about to get slaughtered and was hugging his dino instead of helping him (He would remember this) and just before he could be splattered into a human pie, a tiny thing had decided to jump in to save the day. Now, this tiny thing knew his name but Jason was more concerned about the fact that it had come to his aid instead of how it knew who he was. And then to top it all off, the other guy? He turned into a lion. Yup. A four-legged lion.

        Now hold on a second.

        What the flying fuck?

        Seriously! He'd had enough of this! FIRST he couldn't log out, now he was apparently stuck here, then dino pet guy shows up, and then he gets attacked by a giant club wielding... Thing! And then the dino cuddling, and then him being about to be splattered, and the new thing, and the lion, and... Come on! This was just too much! He couldn't take it anymore! What the fuck was this? What the fuck was that? This was too much for him! He was already an anxiety-ridden wreck thanks to college, and this? He wasn't prepared for this!

        Of course, the big guy wasn't as happy about the newcomer as the rest of the group was. It would raise it's club to clobber the tiny Gigimon that was now trying to gnaw at it's leg. As much as it burned, it wasn't going to stop it from attacking, but the attack from the larger Digimon would do it. The attack would catch the Ogremon off-guard and knock it over, still with the Gigimon refusing to let go or unclench it's jaws from it's target. It was a stubborn little thing.
      • Evan Watanabe Light
        Colby the Guilmon

          It seems as if everyone is working very hard in the battle. While Jason is fighting for his life, Ezra was trying to find away to take down this beast and then there is Colby being a cute little dinosaur rushing into the battlefield head on to protect Gigimon! All you could see was a smile on his face as he shouted. "Yoku Ganbattane!" Colby on the other hand would turn his little head over to his partner wondering with another confused look on his face. "Why the hell am I following this guy again? Evan I need a card boost!"

          Evan sighed at this wishing his Digimon could realize how strong he is instead of relying on his cards but whatever floats his boat. With that being said, Evan pulled out the chosen card he picked from earlier. He swiped it down his digivice while shouting. "Digimodify Omega Blade activate!" A sword appeared in Colby's hand however the Digimon was a little confused as to why Evan picked this card out of all cards.

          "Why this card out of all things?"

          "You might hurt the red ball!" Evan pointed out.

          "Oh noted okay here I go!" While Colby was trying to attack the Ogremon with a blade swipe attack, Evan on the other hand decided to check on Ezra to see how he was doing however, the only thing he witnessed was Ezra turning into a lion like Digimon! Evan stood there for a bit trying to take this all in until finally it clicked! He slapped his hands together while pointing at Ezra.

          "Your a druid Erza!"
        • Ezra Greenfield Purity

            "I'm a what!?" Ezra yelled, panic in his voice as he shook on all four legs, now not only frightened for the strange world that he'd fallen into, but the fact that he was now somehow no longer human! This was crazy! It was impossible!

            He turned to Evan with a shocked expression on his face "How do I turn b-ba...!" his outrage petered out at the end of his sentence as he looked on to the fight happening right in front of him.

            He had the power to help now... he could feel it within him. But it didn't make sense. He couldn't just suddenly now be a creature like this. He was a person.

            And that's when it clicked in his mind: This was like a costume. He didn't know if he would be changing back as easily as he'd just transformed, but he knew that right now, in this very moment... this was his role!

            He stamped one paw down and let out a loud roar "Fine, I'm a lion now! This is ridiculous, but this is what I am I guess!" he declared, bounding forward up toward the Ogremon, moving like this was the body he had been born into.

            In a flash, it seemed like the Ogremon was facing a pretty intimidating group with the Firamon and Guilmon with a sword now. Ezra wondered if they would even need to fight at this point or if the big ugly green guy would just book it at this point.
          • Jason Lhant Courage
            Grigori the Guilmon

              Yes, Jason was fighting for his life and THESE TWO WEREN'T HELPING! Instead, Ezra was fawning over the fact he was a lion now, and the other guy was fawning over the lion.

              "You're a druid Erza!" said Evan.

              "I'm a what!?"
              cried Ezra.

              "Yer a wizard, Harry!" Jason yelled back at them, without missing a heartbeat - at least before he had to roll out of the way when the Ogremon would try to bring it's club down on him again. The Gigimon would stop biting it's ankles and go for the club, but was sent flying by a hard whack. The Ogremon would barely get it's club up in time to block the blade from the Guilmon, but the attack on the much smaller thing brought Jason's eyes wide.

              "Y-you... You just..."

              Jason was horrified at the fact the little thing had just used it's body to try to keep him out of harm's way. Steadily, Jason would crawl toward the prone form of the Gigimon, taking it in his arms, looking absolutely distraught at what he'd done. If he'd just gotten out of the way sooner, or if he'd just stayed out of this, or if he'd run... Maybe this little guy wouldn't...

              The Ogremon would swing at the Guilmon in order to try to knock it away before it would charge toward the Gigimon that had continuously attacked it. Jason would see this, and put it down, before standing to his feet and turning to face it, holding his arms out side to side. He seemed to be shielding the Gigimon.

              "It's my turn to protect you!"

              The Ogremon wasn't stopping regardless of who was in the way, and it would raise it's club as Jason would resign himself...

              "Run! Run now!"
              He barked back at the Gigimon as he would shut his eyes. Gigimon would open it's eyes, and stare wide-eyed at what was going on in front of him...

              "Jason..." Gigimon would manage to mutter out... No... No! Not like this! Not when he'd finally found him! This missing piece, what he felt like he'd been missing all his existence, he couldn't lose this now!

              Jason's crest and digivice would suddenly begin glowing at that moment, and the glow of the digivice would stop the Ogremon in it's tracks as it would cover it's eyes, growling from being blinded by the light.

              It was there that the Gigimon began to change...

              "GIGIMON... DIGIVOLVE TO...


              A second member of the Guilmon species would appear in front of their very eyes and attack as it charged forward...

              "ROCK BREAKER!" The Guilmon cried out as it would hit the Ogremon while it was still blinded. The Ogremon seemed like it was beginning to tire... It wouldn't be much more now.

            • Evan Watanabe Light
              Colby the Guilmon

                Evan couldn't believe how much fun he was having! The fact that Jason joined in on the fun while leaving poor Ezra confused was quite hilarious indeed. Evan can't help the fact he's a little prankster despite is shy and somewhat timid self. At least here he can enjoy himself for a bit instead of worrying about his career and all. With that Evan turned his head to Ezra while having a smile on his face. If you can guess correctly, it looks like Evan has something else up his sleeve. "Are you Simba now?" He giggled.

                "Evan!" Colby's yelp caught Evan's attention instantly as he watched his partner get thrown back by the Ogremon's club! Putting his jokes to the side, Evan rushed over to check on his partner, scanning for any signs of injuries.

                "Are you alright?"

                "Evan what's going on? We're supposed to work together!"

                The male knew what he meant but at the same time that's his worse fear. His personality is way different from his online self and man if only there was away to get that side of him out from hiding. "I'm... not good with this stuff okay? I'm nothing like my online self!"

                "What do you mean by that? Oh we'll talk about that later just please Evan I need you!"

                "I'll try. I don't understand these cards too well. We haven't had the time to go through them." He reminded him while taking out another card wondering if this will work. Right when Evan was about to swipe, the little red ball turned into another Guilmon wait there's two now? Evan blinked, turned his head to Colby than back at the other Guilmon before gasping out loud. "Guilmon used double team! It's super effective!"

                "WHAT THE HELL EVAN?"

                "Don't worry I have an idea! This should confuse the Ogremon!"

                "Good idea! Time to have some fun!" Colby waited patiently for the other Guilmon to make it's move and right when it hit the wild Digimon's blind spot, Colby joined in as well! "Pyro Sphere!" Colby called out while sending a fireball from his mouth!

                "Perfect Digi-modify! Targeting skill activate!" Evan looked at the card to figure out exactly what it does. He tilted his head to the right before speaking out to his partner. "Oh I get it! This card hits without a fail! Go get them Colby also hey Simba what do you have up your sleeve?" He asked while winking at the lion like creature.
              • Ezra Greenfield Purity

                  "I don't even have sleeves anymore! My costume's probably ruined!" Ezra complained back at Evan, finding it hard to focus on the task at hand with the others' ridiculous quips flying around. He shook his head and looked back to Ogremon

                  Okay, okay, focus. What would a giant lion do? I'm in danger so... a lion attacks back, right? Let's try this!

                  Ezra leaned back on his hind legs for a moment, waiting for a gap between the others' attacks, and then once there was an opening, launched forward toward the Ogremon, attempting to tackle him to the ground with another loud roar. While he successfully hit the large digimon, he wasn't quite so sure on how he was supposed to tackle someone properly, and ended up ramming his head into the Ogremon's chest rather than trying to pin it under his claws. While his target was hit hard by the bulk of the lion's weight, Ezra was left dazed and stumbling to the side rather than falling on top of the Ogremon. "Ow! Okay, next time, not with my head, got it." he groaned from the ground, cursing silently about how stupid that move was.
                • Jason Lhant Courage
                  Grigori the Guilmon

                    "Yo! Instead of worrying about your blasted costume, and all these shenanigans, let's focus on taking this thing out before it makes ribbons out of us!"
                    Jason would call out to Ezra and Evan, his sass having mostly disappeared in the wake of his Digimon "partner"'s transgressions. It seemed that he was finally getting serious. Alright, so what did he do here? How did he help? He knew what Pokemon was from the real world, but... This wasn't Pokemon! This was a real thing, sort of, with an actual creature in front of him that clearly wasn't a fictional Pokemon.

                    The resemblance was uncanny though.

                    The Ogremon was hit by both attacks, staggering back. Jason's Guilmon would then launch one last attack. "ROCK BREAKER!" The Guilmon cried out as it would attack again, the Ogremon having no time to counter.

                    The Ogremon seemed to have enough, and would swing it's club at the group to draw them away before fleeing.

                    Taking a deep breath, Jason would sit down and look toward the group. "Everyone alright?"
                  • Evan Watanabe Light
                    Colby the Guilmon

                      Oh it fled does that mean we get exp still? Evan tilted his head waiting for some to happen but it doesn't look like that will be the case. "Ah man I was hoping we would get EXP from that round but I guess not. It's okay though and of course I'm fine. You should be asking Simba over there." Evan joked while pointing his finger at the lion like creature. "He was finally able to get an attack in good for him. For now on I'm calling you Simba and you shall forever be Simba." He giggled.

                      While Evan was having his fun so was Colby! The red dinosaur like Digimon paced around the other Guilmon, sniffing him and staring at it before suddenly. "Yeah it's another Guilmon! Hey we should play a game!" Now this was interesting Evan wasn't expecting Colby to say this to another Guilmon. With that being said Evan narrowed his eyes at this.

                      "What kind of game?"

                      "Guess the Guilmon! Is this Colby or am I Colby?"

                      "I knew you were going to suggest that so original."
                      Evan shook his head at this. "So I'm glad we've found your partners but now what should we do? Should we stay here or explore a bit?" Evan asked them.
                    • Ezra Greenfield Purity

                        Ezra breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the Ogremon dash away out of sight, starting to shake on his legs as the situation quickly settled in "So... am I just... like this now?" he murmured, a bit of worry in his voice before he heard Evan calling him 'Simba'.

                        "Hey, come on, I just turned into a monster for crying out loud, this is serious!" he whined, worried about what anyone back home would think of him now, and more importantly, he wouldn't be able to play any role except 'the lion' from now on.

                        And just as he was becoming overwhelmed with anxiety that there may be no returning from his new intimidating form, another flash of light surrounded the boy. He looked down at his hands and tugged at his whimsical costume, letting out a sigh of relief as when the light cleared, Ezra seemed to be back to exactly how he was before the initial transformation. "Oh thank god, it's not permanent." he looked down at the bizarre device that did this to him on his belt again "I hope I never need to do that again... that was so weird."

                        Turning to Jason, he gave a relieved smile "I'm alright now. What in the world is happening in this place? There's good monsters, bad monsters, I apparently turn into a monster, this can't be for real..."
                      • Jason Lhant Courage
                        Grigori the Guilmon

                          "EXP? Bitch, we're fighting for our lives out here, and you're worried about MMO stats? I don't think they actually mean anything anymore" Jason would point out, letting out a sigh and shaking his head. "Honestly. We're lucky to have our lives right now, that's the brass tacks of the situation. If it weren't for these creatures, and Harry Potter over there, we'd be a shit-splatter."

                          The Guilmon that was with him didn't seem to understand the game that the other Guilmon was playing, so he simply kept quiet and kept near his "partner" for now. Jason took a deep breath as he watched Ezra turn back into his former self. The other guy though, would just get onto what to do next "now that they had found their partners" like it was no big deal. Clearly, he'd been here awhile, while the other guy had only just gotten here just as he did. So he then would turn his attention to Evan.

                          "You" Jason would remark bluntly as he looked toward him. "You clearly know what's going on. Explain, now. Why am I stuck here, why are the creatures here, where are we and how do I get home?"
                        • Evan Watanabe Light
                          Colby the Guilmon

                            Wait there's no EXP here that sucks how the heck is he supposed to get stronger? Evan tapped his chin at this as he thought about it out loud. "Not unless the only ones who can receive exp are the Digimon! Colby how much stronger are you? Are you really feeling it?" Yes he had to throw that meme in there and in all honesty Colby had no clue what the hell he was talking about but then again what else is new? The Guilmon tilted his head sniffed himself while lifting up it's paws.

                            "I'm feeling... nothing really maybe a tad bit stronger?"

                            "AHA!" Evan pointed his finger at Colby while giving a slow nod. "SO MY THEORY IS TRUE! I should've known!"

                            "Hey Evan I thought you were the shy type."

                            All you could see was Evan's cheeks turning red at this. "I normally am but I'm in my comfort zone right now. Is there something wrong with me not being shy right now? Should I go back to my timid self uh?" Evan was blushing and Colby was waving it's paws up and down.

                            "No no it's okay I'm just not use to this! I like Evan either way!"

                            A smile appeared on Evan's face after hearing this. He gave a slow nod of an approval to his Digimon but nearly jumped ten feet into the air when Jason asked him to explain what's going on. Evan tilted his head to the left while pointing his finger to himself. "I just got here not too long ago didn't I say this earlier? I'm just very calm about this stuff I guess you can say. After being a admin on a nerds forum and playing MMOs with my friends all the time it's only natural for someone like myself to react this way. Now then back to Simba." The male turned his attention to Erza. "So instead of having a partner I believe you can turn into an actual Digimon! That's probably why your digivice is different compared to ours. With my digivice I can use cards to help my partner out while Jason can't. Meanwhile you can turn into a Digimon so that means you should've received EXP after that fight! So question are you really feeling it?"

                            "What's EXP?" Colby asked causing Evan to sigh underneath his breath.

                            "We have a lot of work to do."
                          • Ezra Greenfield Purity

                              "I don't think real life works like that..." Ezra muttered at all of the EXP talk, then sat down in the grass "So I turn into a... a digimon, huh? I barely did anything in that form and I'm exhausted. Turning into that huge lion thing must take a lot out of me... I really hope I don't have to do that again, it felt like turning inside out, and I was worried I'd be stuck like that. I don't even think I could think of a reasonable outfit for that body..."

                              Ezra was silent for a few moments as he considered putting clothes on a lion, wracking his brain trying to figure out if there was any kind of costume that could possibly work before dismissing the idea and mumbling to himself "Nah, it's useless, I don't think anyone could pull that off..."

                              He fell back onto his back and stared up at the sky "Digivices, digimon, actual real life monsters... what is this place?" he asked, dumbfounded at all the absurdities that had just happened to him in the past ten minutes.

                              And then his stomach loudly declared a new topic to dwell on with a growl "Tired and also hungry... I kinda expected to eat at the faire. Don't suppose you guys have anything?"
                            • Jason Lhant Courage
                              Grigori the Guilmon

                                So these things were apparently called Digimon. He probably should have figured that out from the "Mon" part. He would listen to all that was said, and seemed to understand it, but the response ended up getting a sigh out of him. "Great. Just great. So not only are we stuck here, but I apparently got the shit end of the stick with the super powers thing. You can use power up cards for your... Digimon" He would remark as he looked from them, to the Guilmon, then back to them. "... And Harry Potter can turn into an Animagus lion. And I... Can't do anything special. Great. Just great. Yay. Hooray. Joy for me. I have literally the smallest chance of surviving out of all three of us."

                                He clearly seemed thrilled, evidenced by all that sarcasm.

                                Taking a deep breath, and rubbing his tired eyes, he would hear what Ezra had to say. "Me too, pal. Honestly, I was meaning to just play this an hour after spending all night studying for an exam, but then this all happened. I haven't eaten or drank in some time now. Could use some sleep, honestly, too. I do apologize for any potential snappiness."

                                The Guilmon would finally pipe up. "What's snappiness?"

                                Jason blinked as he looked toward the Digimon. "It's when you're really tired so you get kind of grumpy."


                                "So what's your story anyway? You said I was your partner or something? And how did you transform like that? You look like the other kid's dinosaur. How am I supposed to tell you apar-"

                                He noticed then a key difference. While one Guilmon had sort of orange-ish eyes... Grigori had eyes that matched his own. Interesting.

                                "I guess you got green eyes. Fair enough."

                                "Well uh... I'm Guilmon! And you're Jason, my partner! And when you needed me, I digivolved into Guilmon to save you!"

                                "Well... Thanks for that, by the way. Although it's going to be difficult with two Guilmon... You mind if I give you a nickname of sorts?"


                                "Yeah, it's like a second name, sort of... Hmm, I don't know what though... Oh! You're a dinosaur, kind of lizard-like, kind of like a dragon... Red dragon... How about that one from that game... Grigori! I should call you Grigori!"
                              • Evan Watanabe Light
                                Colby the Guilmon

                                  Hearing Jason giving the other Guilmon a nickname made Colby roll his eyes. "That sounds lame my name is cooler."

                                  "I named you after a cheese brand so you know." Evan pointed out causing Colby to stare at him in shame.

                                  "Wait are you serious? Well I do love cheese so that counts! I'm way cooler looking then that Guilmon! Like check out my cool personality!"

                                  "Are you jealous over the other Guilmon?" Evan chuckled causing Colby to roll his eyes.

                                  "No I was here first!"

                                  Evan couldn't help but laugh at his Guilmon's reaction to his other species however the male seemed to have dropped that subject to Ezra after hearing what he said about the transformation process.

                                  "Wow that's amazing!"

                                  Although in all honestly he doesn't know if he should be saying that out loud. It sounded painful but it was quite fascinating at the same time and he wanted to learn more about it. He wanted to hear more about this guy turning into a Digimon but the mention of food caught both of their attention rather quickly. Evan's mind switched to hunger and all you could hear was his belly rumbling like no tomorrow. The male let out a soft chuckle at this before speaking once more. "It looks like you've set off the alarm clock! I'm starving now we should go back to the buffet! I wonder if I can get us a discount or something. Hey Colby what do you think about this?"

                                  "I'm hungry too! I bet you ten for one they will allow us back after showing that display before although I bet the boss might want a rematch."

                                  Evan smirked at this. "That Digimon is no match compared to my father!" The young adult lifted up his hand. "Are you guys ready to chow down on some delicious food?"

                                  "FOOD! Time to go to File City!"
                                • Ezra Greenfield Purity

                                    Ezra watched the pair suddenly become excited about the mention of food and shouted out about 'File City'. He wasn't sure what he had expected if this was really a whole different world, but he'd never heard of any place with that name "So that's what that place over there is?" he asked absent-mindedly as he looked down the hill toward the cityscape.

                                    "Well, nothing to do about it except check it out if there's food there... hopefully it's safer too if a lot of people have gathered around to make a city." he stood back up slowly, dusting off his clothes "I don't know how you guys can be so caviler about all of this though. I'm kind of terrified." he admitted. Though he didn't seem to act as such, that was just it. He was acting.

                                    On the inside, he was very scared, but the character he'd developed for himself was stoic and strong in the face of uncertainty, so he was able to focus enough to not let fear take over. He wondered what he might have done in the face of the Ogremon if he'd been preparing for any other part, or if he was just alone in the workshop without wearing anything special. He counted himself lucky that he had this particular mask to hide behind on this day.

                                    "Never mind... I guess we all have our ways of dealing with a situation like this." he didn't want to admit that he wasn't really as collected as he seemed "But still, you've been here for a little bit, have you found out anything about the 'going home' situation?" he asked as he started walking toward File City "This... wasn't a one-way trip, right?"
                                  • Jason Lhant Courage
                                    Grigori the Guilmon

                                      Grigori meanwhile seemed to like the name. "Grigori! Grigori! I like it! It sounds cool, and fierce!" The Guilmon would respond eagerly, which Jason couldn't help but smile toward. "I think we'll make great friends" Jason would answer. "You mean it?" Grigori would ask, to which the blonde would respond with a thumbs up.

                                      Well, it seemed that the other blonde had made a decision on where they were to go next. Jason had no qualms about that, so he would begin walking behind the two with his arms relaxed behind his head. "Let's hope it's not a one-way trip" Jason would admit as he could admit he was starving, though also worried about not getting home. "Guess I'll have to try and make up for that missed test somehow. If I even get home."

                                      Looking toward Evan then, he decided to inquire. "So real quick, what is File City like?"
                                    • Evan Watanabe Light
                                      Colby the Guilmon

                                        "Tsk tsk tsk" Was the first thing Evan said to Ezra regarding to how he's able to handle this whole situation. With a smirk placed on his face, the male lifted up his finger as he spoke once more. "All you have to do is think about food 24/7 and everything will work out just fine or think about it as a community forum situation. If this was a community forum and I was a admin which I am on one site what would I do? I've gone through a lot of rough situations that's ten times worse than this and it's pretty intense. I know it's hard to believe a community forum is difficult to manage but oh man the ins and outs on being part of the staff team, the drama and all the craziness that happens behind the scenes like you don't know the half of it." Evan would narrow his eyes after saying this. "I've learned how to stay calm during these situations so I'm pretty used to this stuff despite being somewhat shy and timid. Anyways food always makes me calm but at the same time it makes me hungry! If you think I'm bad when it comes to food you haven't met my parents."

                                        Giving him a little history lesson, Evan then turned his head to Jason. "It sort of reminds me of New York City! It's rather big and busy but they have great food! You just have to be careful because some parts of it are dangerous you know?"

                                        "You guys have File City in your world too?"
                                        His partner finally asked him causing Evan to nod his head. "Wow that's so cool! Take me with you next time!"

                                        "Sure thing I'll let you know whenever father has another wrestling contest to take part of but I'm starting to wonder if they have that in NYC." The male was trying his hardest not to mention his father is a Sumo Wrestler. He shook his head before pointing to File City. "I can take you guys to the buffet but be warned I took down the owner at a eating contest so he might not be too pleased to see me but don't worry I can get us a front row seat in no time!"