I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto [Invite]

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    Grigori the Guilmon

      "Nggghh... Wh-Wha...?"

      Green eyes would flutter open as the young man would let out a groan. When had he conked out? He knew he hadn't slept much, he had a test coming up, after all... He'd just wanted to try this new MMO out, something to take his mind off the studying for a short while to reduce stress levels. Had he fallen asleep while still in the MMO? Okay, maybe now it was time to log out and get to bed...

      "Log out."


      "I said log out."

      After the second time, he would sit up, suddenly wide awake as it was hammered home that log out wasn't working.

      "Wait, where am I anyway? This doesn't look like anything from the MMO..."

      All these sensations felt different too... He could feel his body's soreness, something he didn't normally feel in here. He could actually feel fatigue too. Wait, did that mean... He was actually here?

      Well, no, it didn't. His real body had already been discovered comatose and delivered to a nearby medical facility... Though he didn't know this.

      Groaning as he held his head, anxiety flared up as the young man would look out at the forest around him. Though just in the distance, he could see what almost looked like a skyscraper... A city of sorts? It seemed he had woken just outside of a city...
    • Ezra Greenfield Purity

        "Huh? Who-whu?"

        A gloved hand reached up to rub his eyes as the boy sat up. He felt dizzy after the city turned weird on him, and he couldn't remember what happened after that. Had he been drugged or something? He felt alright now, even though he was on his back on the ground. He looked around at the environment and murmured to himself.

        "Did I already make it to the fairgrounds? Where is everyone?"

        He brushed the dirt off of his outfit, a suit of light leather armor, and checked the sword at his hip to make sure it was still fastened on correctly. They were all props, of course, but it was hard to tell at a glance that they were anything but genuine. It was important that the outfit looked right before he showed up to the faire. It was the first time he was going to an event like this and he wanted to make a good impression on the regulars.

        Leaning one hand on the pommel of the sword, he started to take a few steps when he heard a voice nearby.

        "MMO?" he parroted the word he caught and started to walk over toward where he heard it. If it was someone else attending the renaissance faire, they certainly weren't in character. He climbed up over a small knoll and found himself looking down toward a man on the ground in modern clothing and immediately turned to look around again. That didn't look like the city he lived in in the distance. Where was he?
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        Colby the Guilmon

          Leaving the cafe with full stomach has never been better! With Evan walking out of File City, he made his way into the forest with a red dinosaur following behind him. The two of them agreed with working together to make some money in the digital world so the two of them can eat as much as they want! With that the two of them decide to get a look of the area, familiarize their surroundings and get a little stronger so they can make easy money for their belly! The thought of food made Evan lick his chops however, it didn't take him too long to turn his head blushing due to embarrassment. He always found his eating habit embarrassing, which is why he never informed the staffers on Nerds101 about it.

          On the other hand the Guilmon was very fascinated with Evan's eating habit. The dinosaur like creature turned it's head to the right. "Tell me your secret!"

          "What secret?"
          Evan asked shyly as the Guilmon continued.

          "To your eating!"

          Evan blushed once more. "Try picking me up."

          Guilmon stared at him for a bit before nodding his head. "Challenge accepted!" The dinosaur like creature got into position but once he tried to pick him up, all you could see was the struggle look on his face. He stopped for a bit staring at Evan in confusion before trying again. "Your so heavy!"

          "Yeah that's my secret. I stay skinny but I weigh a ton!" Evan sighed. "It's so embarrassing!" The male shook his head at this. "By the way your name is Guilmon right? What's your favorite food?"

          "Oh so that's your secret interesting! Yes I'm Guilmon and my favorite food is cheese!"

          "Can I call you Colby? In our world it's a brand that makes cheese!"

          "Sure I like that! Oh hold on Evan I hear something! I think someone shouted out MMO. What's a MMO?"

          "Massively multiplayer online." Evan responded while looking around. "I bet there new here too! Let's go check it out."

          Guilmon rushed over to the sound with Evan behind him and when he got there, Evan hid behind the bushes when Guilmon slowly begun to approach the new guys. That was when Colby realized Evan wasn't behind him. He turned his head while puffing his cheeks. "Evan what are you doing?

          "I'll be the look out!"

          "No your coming with me! We need to help them!" Colby sighed before turning his head after Evan hid behind his Digimon. "Hi are you guys alright?"
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          Grigori the Guilmon

            The young man had begun to get his bearings and would get to feet as he would dust himself off, but would quickly be on his guard as some sort of dinosaur would accost him without warning. He would reach for where a weapon would have been, but to his surprise, whatever weapon he might have had in the MMO? Gone. It further strained the fact that maybe, just maybe, he wasn't in the MMO anymore...

            But if he wasn't in the MMO... Then what and where was he? This was all just... Confusing. This was the first time he'd tried a virtual reality MMO thing... And now he was stuck here, and unable to log out. What in the world was going on? Well, now he had no weapon and this dinosaur was about to eat him-Wait did it just ask if he was alright?

            "I uh... Yeah. I'm... I'm fine."

            It was there he noticed the person behind the dinosaur, and the person that was on a raised surface nearby... He ended up casually waving, not sure what to say.
          • Ezra Greenfield Purity

              The boy cried out in surprise as he heard someone ask if they were okay. He turned, expecting a person, but instead saw what looked like a big red dinosaur. He gave a small jump at first, but then seemed casual.

              "Whoa... that's a really cool costume, but I thought this was supposed to be historical..." he murmured slowly, before looking back and forth between the man and the dinosaur "You guys... aren't here for the ren faire, are you?" he asked uncertainly.

              Looking back to the city, he was certain it wasn't where he had come from earlier, and he still couldn't quite grasp how he'd gotten here in the first place

              "This might be a weird question, but... where are we?"
            • Evan Watanabe Light
              Colby the Guilmon

                Just as expected the two of them are just like him as figured! Evan Slowly poked his head out from behind while giving a slow nod to the new commoners. The male slowly shifted his eyes to MMO guy and then back to the cosplayer. "I'm glad you two are alright and nice cosplay outfit by the way." Evan said before continuing. "This is the digital world. I got sucked in not too long ago. Just so you guys are aware they don't take human money here."


                "We just ate!"

                "I'm talking about for later though Evan! Where are we going to sleep? What are we going to eat?"

                "We can go back to the buffet. I can take that guy on any time. Oh you two are welcome to join us somehow. I just took on a giant toad and he gave us a free meal." Evan said with a smile on his face. "Oh I'm Evan I'm from England and Japan nice to meet you. This here is Colby I guess he's my partner. Um you two have partners right? Seeing how this world is you'll need someone or something to protect you and I don't think a fake shield and a sword is going to do anything here."
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                Grigori the Guilmon

                  The Digital World? What was he talking about? What the shitting fu-

                  So there was this blonde kid who had a dinosaur on a leash. Well, not a leash but he clearly had a hold on Elmo the Talking Dinosaur. And then there was this green haired guy who looked like he came straight from ComicCon. "Nooo...? What ren fair?" He asked Green. Dino Guy would say he got sucked into this digital world, and it would slowly sink in that somehow, he'd ended up in another world entirely.

                  "Okay, so... Let me get this straight. I'm not in the MMO anymore. I can't log out. I am not in a thing I can log out of. I can't get home. That is what you are telling me?"

                  When Elmo The Dino started to scream in hunger, he found himself jumping with a start, wide eyed as he stared at it. Was it going to eat them if it was hungry for much longer? That wasn't something that he wanted to think about...

                  Then Dino Guy started talking about partners, and it began to click a bit when he looked at the dinosaur. "Nope" He spoke, scratching his head. He tried to keep calm on the outside, but on the inside? He was an absolute wreck of anxiety. College students seemed to get like that fairly often, unfortunately.

                  "So, where is the Dino Depot?" He asked, seeing as he didn't have a partner.
                • Ezra Greenfield Purity

                    The boy just listened with a blank expression, as the dinosaur and it's... partner... went on about food. It quickly dawned on him as he inspected the creature moving and talking that it was far too intricate to be a costume. There was no way a person could fit into this, it was impossible.

                    "Partners...?" he still seemed shocked as the concept was glossed over by the other man. "This world...? Hang on, you're saying we're in a different world?!" he spouted out in disbelief, but then something else he said caught his attention "Hang on a sec! I worked hard on that sword, I didn't think anyone'd be able to tell it was a prop that fast!" he seemed more disheartened that his costume had been seen through so easily than he did that he was in a new world.

                    He listened to the other man's disbelief as well, and parroted some of his complaints about being unable to return, getting back on track to the point at hand.

                    "Right, if it is as dangerous as you say then... Where do we get a partner!" He seemed determined.
                  • Evan Watanabe Light
                    Colby the Guilmon

                      Evan tilted his head at their strange reaction. What is a dino depot is he talking about a Digimon bank or something? Evan wasn't entirely certain however, something did pop into his head! Moving his hand into his pocket, Evan took out his digivice and the 7 cards that were given to him when he landed in the digital buffet. Maybe this will help them find their missing partners. It seemed to have glowed when Colby touched it when they first met after all. "You guys should've received this. I think it's a partner locator. When I arrived at the buffet the device began to glow when Colby touched it."

                      "Ah yeah I remember that! When we were at the buffet I touched it and bam it glowed! Now we're partner in crime stopping evil and stuffing ourselves with food!"

                      Evan covered his partner's mouth before whispering into his ear. "Don't tell them about my eating habit. It's embarrassing."

                      "I don't get it but okay!"

                      Evan gave a slow nod before turning his attention to the other two. "This should be able to help you. I don't know what the cards do yet but I bet you ten for one they're important! I'll help you two find your partners for the time being. I'm still new to all of this but I'm certain we can work it out together. Also don't worry about Colby he doesn't eat humans at all." Lifting up his hand, Evan patted his partners head with a smile on his face. "Ah yeah what's your guys name?"
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                      Grigori the Guilmon

                        Okay, well, this just got weirder and weirder. It looked like Green didn't know where he was either, and it seemed that he too was in the same boat as him. Also other guy had said something about... Apparently being from England and Japan? Weren't those two different countries entirely, how was he from both? This was just... Really, really confusing. And got more and more confusing by the minute.

                        Guy would hold out a thing and some cards. As he was pretty sure this wasn't a card game show, he wasn't sure what they did. But the device made him blink a few times as he would search his person until he found some weird thing that he knew he hadn't had before. And found something on his neck as well... Some kind of necklace.

                        "Huh... It looks like one of those old Tamagotchis. This isn't mine, but it doesn't look like your thing either" He would remark, wondering why the other thing had been hanging from his neck. Though when he touched the device...

                        The device began to glow wildly, and the light blinded him for a moment as he rushed to cover his eyes with his arm. When the glow left, he noticed that while nothing had happened to the device, the thing around his neck now had some kind of red-orange crest in it.

                        "... Oookay, so the thing glowed, and now this necklace thing has a thing in it... Uuuuhhhh..." He began to mumble, with Jason clearly a bit overwhelmed by this whole thing.

                        When he realized one of them had asked his name, he tried to get his bearings enough to speak it. "Uhh... Jason."

                        It was there that the ground had begun rumbling... Why was it rumbling?
                      • Ezra Greenfield Purity

                          This all kept becoming stranger and stranger. The boy was not unfamiliar with the bizarre in his upbringing, but this beat anything he'd experienced before. Inside he was freaking out and starting to become very scared, but it didn't show at all on his face. He could handle this as he was. He felt confident like the warrior he was dressed as. He could remain objective and hide his fear as long as he had that.

                          "Partner locator...? I don't have anything like-"
                          he began patting around at his clothes, not expecting to find anything unusual, but cut off his sentence when he felt something strange clipped to his belt. He pulled it off to look at it, a device that felt like it fit into the grip of his hand. It too was glowing since he began touching it, a faint green light coming off of it "Mine looks different from both of yours." he held the screen out facing toward toward the man with the dinosaur "Where did this even come from? I know I didn't leave the house with this..."

                          He put the device back where it was, clipped to his belt, and folded his arms "Oh... my name's Ezra... thanks for... helping me I guess? Huh?" he looked down at the ground as things began to shake "Earthquake?" he muttered to himself.
                        • Evan Watanabe Light
                          Colby the Guilmon

                            "Oh no not this again!" Colby yelped after this new person known as Jason did the same exact trick Evan did when they first met. "Are you guys wizards or something? You guys sure enjoy blinding people maybe warn us next time!" In all honesty, Evan couldn't help but to agree with Colby's words. He has to thank Colby later for blocking Evan's eyes with his tail. Note to self get him a pizza or something wait does the digital world have pizza? Maybe he should look into it later without Colby knowing. It can be his special treat.

                            Now then going back on track it seems as if these guys have different devices just like his friend did back in the buffet. "Huh so we all have different devices. I wonder why all Colby knows about is food and survival in the digital world. He told me we both help each other grow stronger or something like that. I wonder if the devices have something to do with it but each device is different in some sort of way. Huh this is like a MMO game your going on an adventure and you get to chose your weapon and class however each class and weapon shows different capabilities than the other. Maybe that's the same with these devices."

                            Right when he was starting to get the a hang of it, the earth began to rumble underneath their feet. Colby on the other hand looked down at his belly. "Is that my stomach rumbling?"

                            "I thought that was mine what's happening?" Evan asked while poking his belly. "Or maybe it's my weight causing this issue."

                            "You can create a earthquake too? We were meant to be together!"

                            "Colby shut up so embarrassing! Where is this coming from should we run for it? It's like in that game Jumanji! The sound of a earthquake is nothing but a bunch of rhyno ready to crush you to the ground like a dead cookie!"

                            "A cookie sounds great let's get a cookie after this!"
                          • Jason Lhant Courage
                            Grigori the Guilmon

                              "Well, seeing as we all have different devices, it seems like your methods won't work for me" He spoke, letting out a sigh and shaking his head as the looked at the device in his hand, before clipping it to his belt for safe keeping in case he needed it. So the different devices were like different classes huh... Fair enough. He'd just have to figure his "class" out on his own. But the rumbling would catch his attention. Rumbling usually wasn't a good thing. Whether it was a rumbly in your tumbly or something far worse.

                              A tree would come down and Jason would turn his attention toward it. Out of the shadows came a very large Ogremon, and he didn't seem very happy.

                              "Heyyy! What're you kids doing in Ogremon's territory?" It growled, as the Ogremon would swing it's club at the lot of them. Jason's eyes would widen as the blonde would back away, just barely getting by, by a hair. No really, some of his hair was cut off by the spikes on the club. With that, he would look toward Mr. Dino Kid and hope for the best.

                              "I don't suppose your dinosaur could eat this one?"
                            • Ezra Greenfield Purity

                                "Holy crap!" Ezra yelled as the enormous Ogremon jumped out toward them. He fell over backwards from the shaking and ended up on the ground again, falling back just as the club came flying over him. His eyes went wide as he realized that he probably just almost died. He had to defend himself now or it would surely be more than a near miss next time. He frantically reached to his belt, not for the bizarre device he'd just discovered, but to pull his sword from the sheathe. He fumbled with it for a moment, then a telltale metallic sound rang out as it slipped free and pointed toward the Ogremon.

                                From the ground, he panted hard, and his hand shook as he held the weapon that looked real enough to fool a casual observer up toward the huge creature "B-Back off!" his voice stammered at first, but then yelled out confidently. Similarly, as he said it, his hand stopped shaking and he held the sword confidently. Of course he knew that he didn't have any actual power to back this up, but he felt like he'd have to try and intimidate the creature to be able to get away. He stood up to one knee and started stumbling to his feet, taking what looked like a fighting stance with the sword in both hands.
                              • Evan Watanabe Light
                                Colby the Guilmon

                                  Guilmon tilted his head at the strange reaction coming from the new guys. Is this a normal human reaction to panic and run around like a manic? Well in all honesty he would be doing the same thing. Colby knows darn well he isn't the strongest Guilmon in the world mostly because of his life hood and being unable to take care of himself. Colby gulped before turning his head to his new partner however, he wanted to do whatever he can to protect Evan. He owes him that much for protecting him at the buffet. "Evan I hate to admit this but I'm not that strong. I'm going to need your help."

                                  Evan gave a slow nod. "I got it I'm not that strong either unless I'm online doing my admin stuff. I should be able to help you out but the question is how."

                                  "Wow your really calm compared to the other guys. Look at them freaking out with their tails between their legs."

                                  Evan couldn't help but giggle at this. "Well it's like dealing with spammers on the site and rpg games. I'll explain that to you later. Maybe we can use these cards to help us out."

                                  "Great idea also we're in luck Ogremon isn't that strong but at the same time he is. It's just his intelligence is pretty low."

                                  "Noted thanks for that."
                                  A smile was placed on the males face. "Okay Colby do your thing I got your back." When Guilmon rushed forward, Evan looked down at the 7 cards that were given to him once he landed in the buffet. "I don't know which ones to use." Evan murmured underneath his breath.

                                  "Okay it's my turn to shine! Hey Ogremon let's play a game called tag! You try to hit me with your club and I try to hit you next! How does that sound?"
                                • Jason Lhant Courage
                                  Grigori the Guilmon

                                    "You know why he's calm? Because he has a pet dinosaur and we don't" Jason would point out toward the red dinosaur with a stern look. But he knew that they were in trouble here, as much as he tried to remain calm, and he had nothing to defend himself with. Jason would try his best to back away, satisfied to allow the guy with the dinosaur handle this.

                                    Of course the Ogremon didn't seem to take the bluff well, as it would mistake the attempts of Ezra as a challenge as the Ogremon would immediately raise their club and go to slam it down on the human, deciding to ignore the taunts of the Guilmon in favor of prey in front of them...
                                  • Evan Watanabe Light
                                    Colby the Guilmon

                                      This is bad he needs to do something now! Evan took out one of the cards, twirled his digivice between his fingers. "Digimodify!" The young male called out uncertain as to where these words were coming from! It felt as if his body knew exactly what he was doing! He swiped one of the cards into the digivice before calling out the name of the card. "Shellmon's Hydro Blaster activate! Colby protect Ezra quickly!" Evan called out to his partner in crime who gave a slow nod of an approval.

                                      "You got it partner!" Lifting up it's claws, Colby summoned a small orb of water and after a small swirl the water turned into a blast of water going straight at Ogremon from the side. Colby's goal was simple really, to attack Ogremon without Ezra getting in the way. "Nice choice Evan keep it up and we can take this guy down and go out to eat after this!"

                                      Evan couldn't help but place a smile on his face. That sounds great despite already having a fresh meal at the dinner table. "Sounds good let's go back to the buffet after this I'm getting hungry." Evan confessed while scratching his chin. All of this fighting is making him hungry hey maybe the toad guy will hire him and they can make some good money! Oh that sounds like a great idea and he can use his eating contest to make some money! That's the best idea yet!
                                    • Ezra Greenfield Purity

                                        "W-Whoa!" Ezra crossed his arms as if to hide from the Ogremon's club, and closed his eyes, but before he was struck, he heard a loud gush of water and a cry of surprise from the Ogremon. Opening his eyes, Ezra was surprised to see Colby shooting an enormous torrent of water down on the larger digimon. Evan had shouted something and Colby was suddenly able to use a water attack, like magic.

                                        Ezra took the opportunity and sprinted back behind Evan, panting from fear, but managing to hold it together enough to ask "Evan! That thing you shouted! Do I do that with mine to work it?" he knew he didn't have a partner like Evan did, but he thought maybe he could use the device to conjure one somehow or... something. He knew he needed to be able to fight back against this threat right now, and if that meant yelling out strange commands, he was happy to follow suit.
                                      • Jason Lhant Courage
                                        Grigori the Guilmon

                                          The Ogremon would be hit by the shot and almost seemed about to topple over, but it was strong enough to keep it’s footing. The Ogremon would growl and would step toward where it had been fired, but now it was in range of Jason! Having thought Jason had fired it, the Ogremon would advance on him before Jason could figure out what was going on, and bring down it’s club.



                                          A shot to the gut would stop the Ogremon in it’s tracks, doubling it over after the surprise attack. A red Digimon in a circular shape – a Gigimon, would roll back after tumbling into the Ogremon.

                                          “Leave Jason alone!” The Gigimon would cry out as the Ogremon would get it’s bearings, letting out a growl as it would advance on the tiny creature with retribution in it’s eyes...
                                        • Evan Watanabe Light
                                          Colby the Guilmon

                                            This was rather confusing to be quite honest with you. Evan doesn't even know exactly what he shouted it just came out of nowhere as if someone was controlling his body somehow. It was really weird and he wonders if he can do it again. "I don't know hey Colby how does this work again?" Evan hates to admit it but he feels so weak right now. Normally when it comes to video games it would take him some time to get used to the controls before he finally understands how it works.

                                            "You better do it fast because he's about to attack Jason again. Goodness what's up with this Digimon anyways is it too scared to take me on? I JUST HIT YOU WITH A HYDRO BLAST AND YOU STILL WON'T COME AT ME! WHAT THE FUCK?"

                                            "Your not intimidating enough."
                                            The tamer responded. "Try acting scary!" When Colby let out a low growl Evan couldn't help but find his intimidation... so adorable! The male would place his hand on his Digimon's head then wrap his arms around him. "Your so cute stop being cute!"

                                            "Evan I'm in the middle of a battle what are you doing?"

                                            "I'm hugging a cute little dinosaur! You look like a baby T-rex oh wait you have longer arms so you must be a Velociraptor! No wonder you like to eat meat because your a carnivorous beast!"

                                            Colby stared at him, tilting his head to the right while trying to figure out exactly what his tamer is talking about. "I'm confused but Evan we need to stop that Digimon!"

                                            "Oh right I've completely forgotten about that." Evan confessed while scratching his head however it looks like he was stopped in his tracks. "Oh look that Digimon looks just like you and it's charging right at it!"

                                            "That's my baby form we have to hurry and fast! That little guy won't stand a chance do something and quick!"

                                            "Let's see which one should I choose?" Evan thought out loud before pulling out one of his cards from his hand. "How about this one? I think I said Digi-moody fye or was it Dogo mifi fye?"

                                            Colby ran around in circles at this. "I can't take this anymore!" Without hesitation, Colby rushed over to the Orgremon, jumped up into the air with his left arm held up high however it's claws were turned to fire. It looks as if Colby plans on smacking the Digimon on the head with his fire claws. "Fire rock breaker!"