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    Ten the Tentomon

    Happened Before This...

    On their way out of the Hive, a child stage dragon digimon had caught sight of Chloe and Ten leaving without permission. When the dragon digimon shouted, alerting other digimon, Chloe and Ten were forced to run as fast as they could…


    Chloe ran as fast as her legs could allow her. She wasn’t an athlete, nor was she in “shape”. Next to her was Ten, wings flapping away and soaring through the sky a few inches in front of her. Shouting from behind them gave them fuel to keep going.

    Chloe took in a large take of air before kneeling, beginning to feel dizzy. She looked up to Ten, “I can’t keep going. I need a break.”

    “You need a break but the dragons might be behind us!”

    Chloe stood up, catching enough air to respond to Ten one more time. “I don’t have wings like you!” As much as she wished she did, and oh boy, she always had wished for wings. “Give me a few minutes. They won’t get catch up.”

    “Remember Cyberdramon?”

    Chloe didn’t know many digimon names, but she guessed it was the digimon that attacked her when she first got to the Digital World. A bipedal dragon with no eyes. Just thinking about the way it faced her and roared sent shivers down her back all over again. It had wings, ones that looked damaged, but still wings. “You don’t think,” she paused. Ten and her exchanged looks.

    Chloe began to walk fast, suddenly feeling better. The thought of the dragon in the back of her mind as motivation. Ten nodded and followed, feeling the victory. They kept going until something showed up on the path ahead of them. As they continued, Chloe was looking at the trees trying to find a way to find their way back to The Hive. She liked bugs, but never was a girl scout.

    A small village in the middle of nowhere, but more importantly the forest. The duo stopped at the edge of the clearing, surveying what this small establishment held and could serve to their benefit. Above one fair sized building was a sign that just said “Food”. No one could argue with that. The two headed straight for it, their stomachs growling loudly as they had it in sight. Chloe hadn’t eaten anything up to this point, so she didn’t know how the Digital World food would hold up.

    In the doorway of the building was a yellow, legless plant-looking digimon. Its face sharing the same expression as the dragons, an angry and unwelcoming look.

    Ten looked to Chloe, “That is a Veggiemon. Unsure if he is in a bad mood or not.”

    “I was thinking the same,” Chloe said as her shoulders sank. “Regardless, if he does serve food we need to get some. I’m starving.” As she said the word food, her stomach let out a growl again.

    Ten looked behind them, “But the dragons. If we stop and just casually have food, they’ll be here.”

    Chloe let out a sigh. “We cannot keep running on an empty stomach,” she adjusted her glasses, “Please?” Her eyes softened and she was giving her digimon the ‘puppy-dog’ eyes. The lady bug digimon stared blankly at her for a few seconds before lowering his gaze and pointing to the restaurant with a claw-hand. Satisfied with her small victory, Chloe squealed in excitement and took off for the Veggiemon.

    As they got closer, both of them glanced over the other buildings. Every place here was made of wood and looked beat up, some run down and missing chunks out of the siding. Small holes that looked like bullet holes decorated front doors. The team exchanged looks here and there, but ultimately stopped to look at Veggiemon.

    The digimon was short, with no legs, and studied them. He took an interest in the human girl, probably a sight he doesn’t get too often way out here in the forest. Hell, if it wasn’t for just coming upon the small village, not even Ten would know it was out here. The Veggiemon swung one of his vine-like arms past himself, silently inviting the new customers inside his shop. Cautiously stepping inside, Chloe looked for a seat. All were available, and as she turned to sit at the bar, Veggiemon was right by her heels with menus.

    The menu was a small piece of paper. Barely larger than a sticky note and had two options on it with very little fine print about price. The two options: Meat and Soup. The fine print mentioned having a meat and soup combo meal, but the price was exceptionally high from the lack of resources.

    “What will it be?” said Veggiemon. Chloe and Ten looked up from the small menu and gave blank stares. “Yeah, I freaking get it. I don’t have much, but if you aren’t getting anything then you might as well leave!”

    Chloe put her hands up, “Hey, hey. We, uh, just trying to decide which sounds better.”

    “Neither,” Ten put in. Chloe nudged him with her knee under the counter, barely shaking the digimon. “Fine. Meat.”

    Chloe stuck up a hand cautiously and looked away from Veggiemon. “Same,” she mumbled. He got it and went to the back. Chloe turned to Ten and gave him an angry look, “You’re going to get us in trouble.”

    Ten put his arms out, waving them back and forth, “No way. His food will do that. When he comes back out, though, we should ask about BanchoLeomon.”

    Chloe actually nodded to the ending of Ten’s statement. BanchoLeomon was the only digimon that could stand up to the dragon lord, Majiramon. Though something about Majiramon made him stronger than his normal level of digimon, or at least that is what the lion man told Chloe. When Majiramon revealed Searchmon’s back plate, he also called for the lion’s exhiling. If only they could figure out some sort of weakness, maybe not even with Majiramon himself but the structure and within the group, they could take him down a peg.

    They needed it. The fire of vengeance burned brightly within Ten, and the feeling of saving all of those insect digimon was on the top of Chloe’s mind. Especially when it came to the other child digimon, like the sweet little pair of Kunemon and Dokunemon.

    Veggiemon returned with two plants that had chunks of meat, still on the bone, on plates that barely fit underneath them. That was saying something, too, as the plates were way too small and the meat was a normal serving size. “Here you go,” he said, throwing the plates in front of the team. Ten’s meat nearly bounced off the plate, but the bug digimon caught it. “Hope it is good. No refunds.”

    Chloe pushed her plate to the side, giving Ten a curious look as he chowed down on the meat chunk. “I have a quick question. Not food related.” She cleared her throat, still pretty nervous about the hunk of whatever it actually was passing off as meat next to her. The smell turned her stomach. “Has a lion man passed through recently?”

    It took a minute for Veggiemon to react, his expression left blank with his angry, narrowed eyes. He swung a blunt vine-hand-thing up in her direction, “You looking for trouble with digimon, kid?”

    Chloe once again waved her hands, panicking. “No, no, please calm down.” Veggiemon recalled his threatening stance and seemed to slink back a few paces. “BanchoLeomon is who we’re looking for. He saved us from the dragon digimon of the Hive, and we need his help.”

    A noise caused Chloe to snap her neck around, looking for the source of the tiny windows in the wooden shack. Ten flew over to one of the tiny openings and looked outside. A unit of four dragon digimon with guns approached the village.

    Chloe shot up to her feet, reaching for her digivice wanting answers. She found a longer device she didn’t recognize, and certainly didn’t notice up until now. It was a handheld device that popped open a cover to reveal a screen. All that it did was beep and flash a single red light on top of a mess that looked like it had been drawn in an etch a sketch. Nothing on what digimon were outside came up. Chloe cursed under her breath.

    “We need to move,” Ten whispered. He flew to the door, ready to go out and make a break for it. “If we move quick enough, we might be able to get behind the corner of this building before their attacks.”

    Veggiemon bounced over to the window, taking a long pause before turning to the two. He ran a vine over his mouth, hoping at least Chloe would understand. His vine stretched toward the back of the building, where a plain, brown door was. He waved them on to it. Chloe and Ten nodded, quietly moving toward it. One of the dragons knocked on the door, and at the same time, Chloe closed the door over.

    Suddenly, Chloe and Ten’s hearts fell once more. Guns starting going off, and the loud snaps and thunder of rifles began to fill what was once peaceful silence. Chloe fell to the ground, tears welling up in her eyes. Tentomon slowly turned, stunned and scared to see what happened.

    One of the dragon digimon kicked open the back door, revealing a still-deleting Veggiemon slowly fading in the dim light of his restaurant. Three of the same digimon as the one who kicked open the door surrounded him.

    “Stop right there!” A gun was raised and aimed at Chloe. The girl froze in place, her digimon’s wings stopped flapping as he lowered himself to the ground. “We got them, crew. Help me out.” The other digimon began to make their way around the counter, guns at their hips. A second popped his head out and slowly walked down the tiny slope toward Chloe.

    Tentomon gulped. Inside he was conflicted, sweat forming over his huge insect eyes. There was only so much he could do, but he needed to do something. While the one dragon was in the way, or so Ten thought, he nervously generated electricity with a sudden onset of flapping wings. A wild Super Shocker hit the ground and tore up the grass with some dirt, flaring along an unguided path around the digimon in front and up the side of the building. He nudged Chloe with his claw-hand, as he took off. His partner followed.

    Once more, the enemy digimon followed in pursuit. Chloe flicked open the handheld device and noticed that the lines were actually moving along with them. A map! Perfect, she had little clue how to read this sort of map, let alone being a first-timer in a whole new world. The red dot blinked over and over. With the dragons behind them, what else did they have to look for. Usually red didn’t signal anything good.

    Chloe pointed to the map while running, showing Ten who had been flying beside her. “I don’t know what that is, but should we go for it?”

    Ten examined the screen. “Sure,” he said, “Anything is better than what we have going for us now. Let’s hope it isn’t a giant digimon.”

    A giant digimon. That was something Chloe never thought of. The dot was red, it was the only thing on the screen. The device didn’t show anything for themselves, or the digimon chasing them. It couldn’t be an enemy, Chloe thought, could it?

    The digimon behind them were gaining on them, and firing off a few stray shots that luckily missed Chloe by what she could only imagine as inches. Ten seemed strangely calm as he flew through the air, swaying to throw them off.

    In front of them coming into view was a cave. The dot lead them to a cave, a dead end? Chloe tried to remain calm, but ran into the darkness of the cave. Ten followed her.

    “Come out and we’ll take you in peacefully!” one of the digimon shouted. “We’re the Commandramon squad, we won’t give up. Surrender yourself.”

    Silence. Chloe held a hand over her mouth as she tried to catch her breath. There was just too much running for today. Ten was slouched against a wall, looking pretty tired as well. There was no way out but the way they came in, which wasn’t really much of an option. She looked around, for what she could in the darkness, but only found rocks and more rocks.

    “Chloe,” Ten whispered, “Look in the back of the cave.” In the far back, a dim light was flickering.

    Carefully, Chloe crawled toward the light. Ten in close pursuit. The Commandramon were still shouting from the outside of the cave. Deeper and deeper Chloe went, her knees uncomfortably landing on jagged rocks from time to time. As she went deeper and deeper, the light finally showed something that interested her.

    “What is that?” Chloe asked Ten.

    “I’m not exactly sure,” Ten crawled a little closer, “It looks like a digi-egg.”

    The Commandramon breached the edge of the cave, surveying the rocks they hid behind in the very front of the opening. Chloe looked back over her shoulder at them, smaller specks now that she was so far into the cave. She moved her gaze over to Ten, who was shaking uncontrollably. A gentle hand calmed him down, but Chloe moved her hand as the ground began to tremble a little.

    “Ten, I have to ask you something.”

    “Right now? Chloe, you need to work on timing.” Ten shook himself and looked away from his human partner. “Honestly.”

    Chloe sat against the cave wall. The egg, that is what it looked like, was providing enough light for Chloe to see the full figure of the ladybug digimon, Tentomon. There was something bothering her. Something that maybe she didn’t understand in this world, or didn’t understand Ten’s reason behind it. And Ten must have had an idea it was coming, which is why he seemed to be resisting questioning. Chloe did have bad timing, though.

    “No, seriously,” Chloe said. She picked up a small pebble that was next to her, tossing it lightly in Ten’s direction to grab his attention. “You don’t fight. I’ve watched you when you ran from the purple dragon on the path to the Hive, and then again when Majiramon,” she paused, frowning, “With what happened to Searchmon. Now with these digimon.”

    Ten tried his best not to look in Chloe’s direction. He didn’t feel like explaining himself, and he sure as hell didn’t ask to be questioned right now, in a cave. He knew that Commandramon were the digimon at the entrance. They were coming inside every second, more and more. The light that they sat in would eventually be seen by the dragon, drawing them to their location far back in the cavern.

    “Ten,” Chloe whispered.

    “I just don’t want too! Leave the subject alone,” Ten snapped. He crossed his arms. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

    “If you don’t fight, we’re going right back to the Hive. We’ll be put in front of that dragon lord and get deleted. That much is obvious!” Chloe carefully crawled a little closer. “Fight to protect yourself, a defenseless human like me. What would you do if Kunemon and Dokunemon were the ones in trouble? Your best friends!”

    Ten put a claw-hand in her face, just about touching her nose. His eyes narrowed, but the anger showed. “Don’t talk like that. They’ll be fine until we return with BanchoLeomon.”

    “What if we don’t find BanchoLeomon? What if he doesn’t want to help us?”

    “Chloe, knock it off!”

    The egg began to shake, rumbling and shaking pebbles off of it’s odd rock-formed stand it sat upon. The light grew with intensity. Chloe grabbed at her chest. Ten lowered his body to the floor.

    “What is going on, Chloe? I feel weird.” Ten ached and his whole body was shaking.

    “I’m not sure,” Chloe said, taking out her handheld she kept opening. The egg moved by itself, floating toward her very slowly. “What is it doing?” The device seemed to shake and the digi-egg began to slowly get absorbed into the handheld.

    Ten began to glow with a warm, golden light. His body floated above the ground but it wasn’t due to his wings. It was something… different.

    “We’ve found you!” One of the Commandramon said, holding up his gun. It was aimed right for the oddly glowing insect digimon. It fired off a few shots. As they soar through the distance between the two digimon, time slowed down. The bullets ricocheted off of the glowing form as it grew in intensity and the insect changed forms.

    What would you do if Kunemon and Dokunemon were the ones in trouble? Your best friends!

    “Armor Digivolution!” Tentomon’s normal form shifted within the golden aura of light. What was once a fair sized bug resembling some sort of ladybug was now a humanoid bug man with jewels along his body. As he stood up, his staff appeared, pointed toward his opponents. More bullets were fired from the digimon cornering them, but the new digimon expertly waved his staff and knocked the bullets astray. “I fight for my friends,” he declared.

    Chloe held her arms up over her eyes, the radiant light coming from the digimon next to her was strong. As it faded, she lowered her eyes and was in awe over the sight of JewelBeemon. A humanoid bug with large, round gems covering his body and shining an odd rainbow light out of them. A wide smile crossed her face as she was excited to see a new type of bug in the Digital World.

    The Commandramon all looked worried, and retreated from the cave. Their guns went to their sides as they turned on their tails. JewelBeemon made a mighty leap, nearly covering the distance of the small cave. In two leaps, he was outside of the cave. Guns firing off rounds was all that was heard.

    “Ten!” Chloe yelled, crawling her way out of the darkened cave. There was no light coming from any source now, and where the digi-egg once was had a simple pedestal of rock. She reached the edge and say JewelBeemon in the air, coming down with his spear in front of him. It impaled one of the dragon digimon, instantly deleting him in a flurry of data particles. “Get them, Ten!”

    JewelBeemon swung himself and his staff in a wide arc, making a deep cut through one of the Commandramon’s torsos. Data particles leaked out like blood would flow. The bug leaped and swung once more, coming down in a straight line making an even larger cut into the dragon’s body and armor. Two down, two more to go. Bullets seem to be hitting Ten, but the digimon didn’t seem to be getting hurt. One caught his chest, and his face winced in pain. Ten’s frown of pain turned into a smile as he threw his spear into the air over one of the Commandramon. He shot forward and gave the dragon a flurry of punches with his arm blades, before leaping up to catch the spear and piledrive it onto the other Commandramon.

    All four dragon digimon had been deleted, their data scattering in the air like snow floating back up into the clouds.

    Chloe crawled the rest of the way out of the cave and ran up to Ten’s new form, amazed and still in awe. The humanoid bug man began to glow a light golden color before converting to Ten’s normal form, Tentomon. She embraced him into a giant hug.

    “You did it!”

    “Yeah, I guess I did.”

    Chloe released her friend. Something seemed off. “What’s wrong? You won.” She kneeled to his level, giving a half smile.

    Ten shrugged to her question. “I stopped fighting when I accidently hurt Kunemon. I never really wanted to do it again, but it felt,” he paused, “right.”

    Chloe stood up. A world filled with creatures with special abilities, some constantly fighting, it only seem natural for them to combat. But she knew Ten felt indifferent towards it. Regardless, if they ever get into trouble again, they had JewelBeemon.

    “Let’s keep moving,” she suggested. “BanchoLeomon is still out there and maybe he can still help.”

    Veggiemon never really answered them whether or not the lion man traveled through, but his answer gave Chloe the idea that maybe he did and maybe they were friends. They couldn’t save Searchmon, and not Veggiemon, but she wanted to keep moving to try and save the rest.

    Meanwhile at the Hive...

    A loud roar came from inside the Hive. In its deepest chamber was the dragon lord himself, Majiramon. In front of him was a bipedal digimon that looked cyborg like, kneeling in fear. Majiramon threw down another big fist onto his desk.

    “How did the two of them defeat your unit, Sealsdramon?” Majiramon gave the digimon in front of his desk a sharp, narrow eyed look. A fiery anger in his eyes.

    The tech’d up digimon bowed further to the ground. “I’m unsure, my lord. Before they cut out, one sent a message about a spear fighter. Maybe they found a friendly native of the forest.”

    Majiramon fired one of the Bao Shi it creates from it’s hair. The arrow stuck into the ground only a few inches from Sealsdramon, the cyborg digimon bowed all the way to the ground. Majiramon let out another deep roar. “You have one mission, Sealsdramon. Find that bug and delete him. No more sending units. You go yourself!”