Hero's Chronicle 01: The Brave Maiden

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    Vee the Chibimon

      After stealing her mother's passport and identity, Sami wished she had stolen a hairpin as well. She groaned in frustration as yet another small twig snapped before she could insert it in her handcuff's locking mechanism. Every single movie and show she had ever seen had told her these things were easy to get out of! She guessed they never accounted for what happened when the lock was facing away from her hands, though. Not only did she have a hard time finding a twig thin enough to even place it in the locking mechanism, but the ones thin enough kept breaking before she could get them in. Her phone must have readjusted in her pocket somehow, because it was feeling uncomfortable. Damned jeans and their tight pockets.

      "Yet another one lost...Shit." She muttered to no one in particular, dropping the twig on top of a pile of other broken twigs. She looked around, wondering where all the vines and trees came from. Last time she checked, she was being taken through the streets of Los Angeles via police escort. The city itself was already hot, but now she was in an environment much more humid. Her naturally thin hair meant that her long bangs were sticking to her sweaty face. There she was, sweaty, lost, alone, and her hands cuffed behind her back. What more could go wrong?

      In the distance, she heard a bellowing cry from god-knows what kind of beast.

      Vee - Other Side of the Labyrinth

      "Hellooooo? Human? Hu~man?" A tiny-sized blue baby Digimon wandered through the maze, his voice carrying surprisingly far despite his tiny size. "I had a strange feeling like I needed to be out here, and something told me a human would be waiting for me! So where are you?" Vee, the heroic Chibimon looked around, trying to spot any strange creature. He walked up to someone, and asked. "Hey, are you a human?" The creature, most certainly a Dokunemon and not a human, just shook his head.

      "Sorry, brah. Worm guy." The worm Digimon just seemed to be sprawled across the ground, making itself comfortable in the dirt.

      "Oh, well, sorry to bug you, then!" Vee replied, running off immediately.

      "But I heard through the viney-vine that a human ended up in the opposite side of the- Oh, he's gone... Whatevs..."
      Sami - What's in a jungle?

      "Okay... One leg through, now I just gotta slide the other through..." Crouched down, she carefully lifted her leg and stepped over her still-bound hands. She was thankful that she at least exercised and stretched regularly, but she wished her body was a little bit more flexible. She grunted with pain in her arms and shoulders, and she felt her handcuffs tearing at the skin on her wrists. Why did those cops have to make these things so tight? Do they consider scrawny teenage Asian girls some sort of national threat, or something? I mean, sure, she probably shouldn't have bitten that one security guard, but they managed to hold her down by the time the cops arrived...

      She got her hands in front of her and figured this was as comfortable as she was going to get. She shrugged, reaching up towards a tree and yanking off a branch off. She heard some kind of weird animal out there, after all. She doubted her makeshift club would be much use to a tiger or jaguar or something, but... maybe it would help against a mean koala, or something.

      Admittedly, Sami didn't know what kind of animals lived in the jungle.

      She continued walking in the path ahead of her, until she came to a fork in the road. Looking both ways, she saw that left led straight around a corner while right continued on a few more meters, before also turning around a corner. Weren't jungles supposed to be more... wild? She didn't recall pathways and right angles being part of nature. Sami had no choice but to just shrug again. It wasn't like she had much of a choice. All she could do was walk through this bizarre jungle maze.

      She took a left turn, making sure to stay on the outer side of the wall. After all, she heard once that if you followed the same wall throughout the entirety of the maze, you'd eventually reach the exit. She guessed she was going to find out whether or not that was true. Not that she knew what would be on the other side of the maze. But when life decides to put a maze in front of you, it just doesn't feel right unless you solve the damn thing!

      She began to follow along the wall of the maze, reaching several dead ends but still following along the same wall. She wasn't sure how much longer this maze would take, and she was growing impatient. Then, she caught some movement and heard a rustle turn around the corner. At least something was happening! She ran and turned the corner, where she heard the sound of voices and the crackling of a fire.
      Vee - Can't go on...

      Vee had been wandering the maze for what seems like days. Panting from exhaustion, he wondered how many more twists and turns this gigantic, tropical labyrinth had to offer. In the end, he plopped down on his rear in defeat.

      "I don't think I can keep this up much longer..." Vee complained in an exasperated tone, staring up into the canopy. He thought he saw several eyes blink and then disappear, but he couldn't be too sure.

      "Still got a ways to go, brah," Vee turned his head to see the Dokunemon lying around, still chilling. "'Sides, you're going around in circles, man. You passed by here twelve..." He waited about seven long seconds. "Thirteen minutes ago."

      "But... It's so~o confusing getting around!" Vee complained. "How am I supposed to make my way through the labyrinth and meet my human partner?"

      "Just gotta sniff out the smoke, brah. Now I gotta rest my eyes for a bit. Good luck..." Vee couldn't tell if the Digimon even had eyes, but he heard the worm Digimon give a snoring sound emanating from the creature.

      "Follow the smoke, huh? Oh! Is my human preparing a meal just for me! I sure am getting a little hungry, after all!" He said excitedly, pointing his head up into the air and taking a big whiff. Yep, there was a big fire, somewhere. Now he just had to follow his nose and see where it led!
      Sami - Red Hot Ritual

      Sami could only stare in shock at the bizarre sight ahead of her. She seemingly passed through what remained in the maze, as she came a clear, wide opening. Upon a massive stone dias placed in the middle of the clearing was large, lit fire pit that danced with flickering orange and yellow. Sitting in front of it, were three... plant-like creatures. They turned to face Sami as she approached.

      "...Yo." Was all she could think of to say. She wanted to wave, but being handcuffed and holding her large branch kind of eliminated that possibility.

      "The Brave Maiden has arrived!" Said the plant creature in the middle. While all three looked incredibly similar, a bulbous body with two vines for arms, but this one stood out the most. It was the color of a tomato or chili pepper. The ends of its vines... its "hands", Sami supposed, were large and club-like and covered with thorns. What was that weapon called? A Morning Club or something?

      "Brave Maiden...?" Sami asked, wondering what the hell kind of plant these... plants were on.

      "For hundreds of years the Holy Flame went unlit, yet with the Brave Maiden's arrival in the Digital World, the Holy Flame has blessed us with its holy presence!" This one was green and raggedy-looking.

      "Uh... thanks for the exposition and all, but could you explain what the hell is a Digital World is...?"

      "But now that the Holy Flame has been lit, it must be rekindled with the very source of its flames!" This one seemed mostly yellow, but had colorful red and blue leaves on top of its head. Overall, it looked like the thinnest and scrawniest of the three.

      "Wait... what?"

      "Fetch me the Brave Maiden! She must now be used as fuel for the Holy Flame to bless us with its Holy Flame... Flame Light for all of... A very long time!" The red plant creature pointed its Hammer Star towards her, and the yellow creature began hopping towards her with its vine-like arms stretched out.

      "Now you're just making things up, damn it!" Sami shouted. Well, this day certainly wasn't how she expected. Being perfectly honest, she didn't know how this day was going to go. She had run away from her home country of Japan and flew to America to meet her father for the very first time. Only she didn't even get to meet the man, or was even interested in it. Sami was turned away at the door. She resisted, and the police were called and she was taken away by the police.

      But it wasn't as if she expected her father to give her a big hug, apologize for never being in her life, and take her to Disney World or something. But she thought she would have at least gotten answers from the man.

      Instead, she was in a completely foreign environment, being attacked by three talking flytraps that apparently wanted to burn her to death for some kind of bullshit ritual. Well, these stupid plant creatures were going to find out just how bad of a day Sami's had.

      "Fuck this!" She shouted. She charged the yellow plant creature, raising her branch up and swinging it down as hard as she could on the stupid thing. It hit him directly over the head, the branch breaking in half with a loud snap. "How's that, you rotten vege-" The creature simply stared back at her with its canted eyes and gave a wicked smile. It lashed out with a vine and smacked what remained of her branch out of her hand, then used its other vine to wrap around her arm, squeezing tight.

      "Come with me, Brave Maiden! Do not struggle! Your sacrifice has purpose!" He tried to pull the girl towards the flaming altar, but the creature didn't seem as strong as it was tough. She dug her heel into the dirt and pulled back with all her might.

      "Screw you!" She replied, trying to ignore the crushing pain in her arm. Despite her best efforts, however, she still felt her feet sliding towards the dias and the other plant creatures.

      "She is putting forth quite a struggle. Brother Zassoumon, please lend me a hand!" The green plant creature hopped forward.

      "Very well, Brother Vegimon! I shall he-" His voice was interrupted by a shout from the canopy.

      Not so fast, villains! Unvine that human! Or else you face the wrath of..." A flash of blue dove out of the trees and slammed into the creature called Zassoumon. "Heroic V-Headbutt of Righteous Justice!" He sent the creature flying back with a single strike and stood tall, holding out a peace sign to Sami. "I am the mysterious Hero of Justice - V-Mon!" Sami only stared at the ridiculous creature in bewilderment. Humanoid in appearance, he looked like a child with clawed feet, large hands, and a large head. He had a lizard-like skin covering in some kind of blue, scaly skin. His red eyes stared back at her with an unwavering gaze.

      So naturally, he didn't even notice the red plant creature smack him upside the head with his Morning Club. V-Mon was sent toppling over on the ground, as the red plant creature slammed down with his other vine. V-Mon managed to roll out of the way and stand up in one smooth motion. Then he charged the red plant. "
      Heroic V-Punching Barrage!" He shouted out and he threw a flurry of punches so fast that it looked like V-Mon was punching with a dozen fists. Each one struck the red plant and drove him back a few feet. Unfortunately, the plant looked relatively unharmed as it replied with a weirdly-toothy grin. He swung his Starry Morning right towards V-Mon but he easily avoided the attack, but he wasn't able to dodge his second one. He flew back, tumbling across the ground.

      What is a child Digimon like yourself doing, fighting against three adults?" The red plant asked the fallen V-Mon.

      "Protecting those who can't protect themselves from scum like you!" He cried out pushing himself off the ground and into a charge against the red plant. Sami then turned to notice the Vegimon's attention was focused on the V-Mon, and she used this to her advantage. In one swift motion, she yanked Vegimon and his vine closer to her, and bit down on it as hard as she could. The creature's vine tasted horrible in her mouth, but for some reason the Vegimon's yelp of pain made it taste a little sweeter. It tasted a little too sweet, almost like an aftertaste, or something. Suddenly her vision blurred and her body felt numb.

      "You shouldn't have bitten into me, human..." Vegimon chided with a chuckle. "My body is coated with a poisonous pollen. It's not as potent as when I use it for an attack, but against a human like you, it should be more than enough to take you down." She felt another vine wrap around her torso as she let out a weak groan of resistance, unable to struggle with the creature for any longer. She watched as the blue creature that jumped out to rescue her get pounded into the dirt again and again by the red plant's morning star... yeah... that was what they were called... morning star-like vines. She saw the green plant, Zassoumon, get up and hop towards the unmoving V-Mon, wrap its vines around his battered body, and drag him towards the flaming altar.

      Sami and V-Mon were laying beside each other at the flame altar's edge. The red plant was shouting something about a sacrifice, and the other two plant Digimon were shouting in agreement.

      "Sorry I couldn't protect you..." V-Mon weakly. His entire body was battered and bruised. "I'm really hungry right now, so I couldn't go any further than this..." Sami was confused. He was blaming getting beat by a guy clearly much stronger than he was on hunger? Talk about a sore loser...

      "It's alright," Sami replied instead. "Don't really think it matters, but my name's Sami. Nice meeting you, for all the good it's worth..."

      "Sam, huh? I like that name. I'm Vee..." He answered.

      "It's... Sami..." She corrected, followed up by a grunt. It had only been a couple of minutes, but whatever stuff she had bitten into was beginning to wear off. "Hey, Vee?"


      "I don't feel like dying just yet. Think you can shake off that hunger for a little longer?" Vee gave a weak smile, then nodded. "Good, just do what I do."

      "Now, send their bodies to the Holy Flame and let it bless us with it's... Holy Flameliness!" the red plant shouted out. Zassoumon and Vegimon approached the pair, reaching out with their vines.

      "Now!" She shouted, grapping onto Vegimon's vine and yanking him forward. Either Vee had the most amazing reflexes Sami had ever seen or he was thinking the same thing, but he grabbed onto Zassoumon's vine and yanked at nearly the same time. Vee stood up and threw the Digimon over his shoulder, while Sammi leaned back as much as she could until the Vegimon was on top of her. She bent her knees and used her legs to push him over her and into the fire pit. Vee and Sami turned to each other and gave a high-five, but Sami felt a sudden tug on her leg and was yanked down into the fire pit.
      The Holy Flames

      "Holy shit!" She screamed as the flame's bright light overtook her vision. She heard the familiar sound of Vee getting punched by the red plant's morning star vine and could tell by his screaming that he also fell into the pit. Sami had to cover her eyes at how bright these damned flames were. It was bad enough that she was inside of the fire... and not being burned alive in any form whatsoever. In fact, she stood up not even feeling Vegimon's vine wrapped around her leg. "Holy shit..." She repeated, seeing a movement in the flames. All the flames in the pit were converging into a spot right in front of Sami, eventually turning into a somewhat spherical shape, more along the shape of an egg than anything else. A single, metal blade with a wicked curve protruded from the flame-colored egg as it slowly began to fall to the ground. Sami grabbed hold of the egg, touching the tip of the blade. It wasn't sharp, but it was incredibly pointy. She heard some sort of Digital beeping sound from somewhere. She was aware of what she must do.

      "She has obtained the Digimental!" Vegimon shouted. "The Brave Maiden has obtained the Digimental!"

      "Yes! The Brave Maiden now bears the Digimental of Courage!" Zassoumon shouted. "Now she can use it to... What do you think you are doing to the Digimental!?"

      Sami took the Digimantle or whatever it was called and stuck its blade into the slot for her handcuffs. Fidgeting around with it, she managed to unlock both of them, dropping the accursed bindings to the ground.

      "Whew! Glad that's over with now!" She said swing her arms wildly about now no other reason than that she could now. She looked over towards Vegimon and Zassoumon, then towards the battered Vee. "Are you okay, Vee?"

      "Y-yeah!" He said, struggling to stand on his feet. "Red Vegimon got a cheap shot on me, was all!" He stood up, clenching his fists and faced the two plant Digimon.

      "Wait, Red Vegimon? Like, Vegimon, but red? What kind of name is that?"

      "Wait, we no longer wish to do you harm!" Vegimon cried, out, ignoring Sami's complaint. "Please, our only task was to bring the Brave Maiden to this location and bestow upon her the Digimental of Courage!"

      "Doubtful!" Sami retorted, gripping the Digimental in her hand. She was tempted to stab these plants with it. She continued to hear the annoying beeping sound.

      "Yes, we apologize for using such extreme measures, but would you have believed us if we said, 'Jump in the fire, there's a prize at the bottom'?" Sammi had to think about that one for a second.

      Then why were you pummeling the crap out of me!?" Vee asked, the hysteria clear in his weakened voice.

      You came out at us and attacked us all of a sudden! We thought you were here to interrupt the Brave Maiden from obtaining her Digimental!" More beeping sounds echoed from within the pit.

      "And what's with all this 'Brave Maiden' nonsense..." She growled as she couldn't take the beeping much longer. "Would someone turn off their phone or something? That beeping's getting on my last nerve!"

      It is coming from you, Brave Maiden," Vegimon pointed towards he pocket. Sami reached into it, pulling out two unfamiliar devices. One was a small, almost plus-shaped device while the other looked like some kind of small, silvery, old-school tablet device. Almost immediately, the Digimental in her hands was sucked into the tablet.

      "What the... How did... Where did..."

      More proof that you are the Brave Maiden!" Zassoumon exclaimed. "The Digivice of a human that can create the strongest Digimon!"

      All of a sudden, a blur of red flashed before Sami. Red Vegimon, as lame as his name was, landed down into the pit, sending his morning star-like clubs and used them to pummel Vegimon and Zassoumon into piles of mush! The two plant Digimon screamed out in a horrible echo as their bodies seemed to disintegrate into tiny specks. Then, Red Vegimon held out his vines, and absorbed the specks that were all that was left of Vegimon and Zassoumon. He then grew twice his normal size. He casually flung his vine out and slammed Vee into the wall. He slumped down with a fading groan, unconscious.

      Now that they are out of the way..." He turned around to face Sami and Vee. "Forgive me, but I needed to eliminate the competition... After all, if you just arrived in this world, you haven't bonded with a Digimon yet, correct? That means you have an open slot for a Digimon partner!"

      "Partner...? You mean... me... with you?" She asked with a disgusted look on her face. "I think I'm gonna have to pass on that. I'm sure you're a sweet guy, but... you gross me out..." He slammed his vine onto the ground in front of her, causing the stone floor to shatter. Cracks appeared underneath Sami's feet.

      You don't have a choice in the matter, wretched human child! Point that Digivice towards me, make me into your partner! Then I will control the power of flames! I will become the king of this jungle!" He used his other vine to slam into the wall right beside her. She shivered from the impact, feeling her legs tremble. Her heart raced as she gulped with fear as he slowly approached her, and his voice softened with every inch. "I'm not able to kill you, little girl, but I can smash your legs so you can never run from me. Crush your arms so you can never resist me. I can shatter your teeth so you can never bite me. I can beat your petulant little face into a pulp so you can never defiantly glare at me. And I can bare what remains of your mangled body and put it up on display so that anyone who dares defy my wrath can see the damage that I have wrought!" Red Vegimon began to chuckle excitedly. Sami lost the strength in her legs and collapsed to the floor, still staring up at the menacing Digimon that now towered over her. Tears freely flowed down her face. "So, little girl. Point your Digivice to me, or I will make your day much, much, worse." Sami lifted up her Digivice. She began to point it up, but a blue hand reached out and jerked it towards the hand's bearer. Both the Digivice and Vee seemed to sync up somehow, and for some reason, Sami knew there was a connection between the two of them.

      You don't have to be scared... of this guy..." Vee managed to encourage her through painful gasps. "I'm a hero... after all. The more this... this guy's a jerk... the more he's gonna get it..."

      HOW DARE YOU!!!" Up close and towering over her, the Red Vegimon's voice echoed through the pit and rang her eardrums. Vee gave Sami another peace sign.

      Everything's gonna work out somehow... Sam..."

      "It's Sami," Was all she could say, strangely quiet. Despite Vee's encouragement, and Red Vegimon's intimidation, Sami stood up like she didn't have a care in the world. "You. Red Veggietale. Listen up. Today I found out my piece-of-shit American father had never even wanted me, and didn't even want to bother meeting me, even though I flew across a good portion of the god-damned world. I was held down by a group of security guards twice and three times my size and was almost struck with a taser. Then I got picked up by two wonderful police officers who decided to put those wonderful silver bracelets around me so tight they ripped my skin off!

      "All of a sudden, I'm stuck in a hot, sweaty jungle with no rhyme or reason as to how I got here! Then I meet a group of ugly-ass plant monsters that just seem to insist on burning me alive, but wait - It's all trick so I can get this fancy little egg and spout out a bunch of words about Digi-whatever! Now you come along wanting to point this stupid little device at you, damn near making me piss my pants, and to top things off..." She let out a chuckle as the Red Vegimon just stared at her curiously, then leaned back a bit when she began walking towards him.

      "This god-damned beat-up mother fucker can't even get my god-damned name right! So you said something about making my day much worse, but I think I'd rather you just smash my head right now, because compared to the shitty day that I've been having, at the very least it'll be a fitting end!" Red Vegimon's eyes moved towards Sami's chest, as a glowing orange light began to appear. The girl seemed so angry that she didn't even notice it, but the symbol of courage was engraved on the crest tag. Her Digivice began to glow with an orange light, and she felt the urge to read the screen. "Digi... up... Armor..." Almost on instinct, she raised her Digivice up to the sky.

      "Digimental Up! Armor Evolution!" She immediately regretted shouting that at the top of her lungs. Despite the situation, she felt like the biggest dork in the pit. An orange light shot out of her D-Terminal... she seemed to know what it was called for some reason, and into her Digivice. She aimed it directly at the injured V-Mon as it covered his entire body with an orange light. Flames erupted from his body as his form became taller and lanky. What looked like pieces of the Digimental she found covered sections of his body, and a large, wicked blade was placed like a horn on his helmet.

      "Fladra... No! The Heroic Masked Flamer! Fladramon!" The creature was standing back on both feet. He still looked injured, but he seemed somewhat revitalized somehow, as if he were feeding off of some other power source.

      "Masked... Flamer...?" Sami asked, raising an eyebrow. She still needed to process the whole transformation bit, but she felt that needed addressing first.

      No time to explain, Sam! This pit's not big enough for the three of us!" In one smooth motion, Vee scooped Sami up and made a bounding leap out of the former fire pit, carrying her bridal style.

      "It's Sami!" She replied, simply because she lacked the words for anything else. Vee didn't seem to pay her any mind, however.

      It won't be long until Red Vegimon makes it out of here himself, and I don't have very much longer in this form. I took too much damage earlier, and my body's about to give in at any second!" He set Sami down, took a couple steps back, and started gathering flames around his body. Sami heard a crashing noise from inside the pit, and then another, and then another. Sami remembered how casually he could destroy the stone of the pit.

      "He's smashing the sides to make his own handholds!" She guessed, yet fairly certain.

      Good! It gives me time to put all my remaining strength into this one attack!" He said, completely covered by a cascade of flame.

      Transformed or not, I'm not letting either of you out of here alive!" Red Vegimon shouted, suddenly leaping out of the pit and towards Sami. He raised both of his vines in attempt to lash out at the girl will all his might.

      iss off!" Sami replied, showing the finger that's reserved for that special someone you loathe.

      Fire Rocket!" Vee shouted, intercepting Red Vegimon by crashing into him like a flaming missile. He rammed into him head first, the blade on his helmet completely slicing through the vile Digimon. Red Vegimon didn't even scream as he was torn in two. Both halves of his body caught fire, and he scattered to tiny bits much like the other plant creatures as well.

      How about you come back nicer next time, okay?" Vee landed, his legs staggering. Then his form glowed, and he suddenly changed form again. Soon, a tiny little blue creature with a head far too large to be a functional body had collapsed to the ground, the same blue scales as Vee's other forms. A red egg dropped the ground where Red Vegimon was. Did that mean that if Vee turned into a baby when he was weak, then this guy turned back into an egg? So... the more they get hurt... the younger they get? Yeesh, don't let her mother find out about this place. Even so, did that mean that egg would eventually hatch into the same Red Vegimon? Sami couldn't let that happen. She stepped over to the egg and lifted her foot to crush the egg.

      "Wouldn't do that if I were you, chica," She heard a voice call out. A sudden string of web shot out and stuck to the egg. The egg was suddenly dragged back towards a green worm creature, being gently placed onto its back. "I'll take it off your hands, ain't no thing..." He then said, crawling his way over to Sami and Vee.

      "What the hell... are you supposed to be?" Sami demanded. She was not going to be putting up with this again. She was going to punt this worm if she had to.

      "Just chill, chica," He replied, staring at her with... no eyes. "Just here to make sure you're all fine. Wasn't supposed to go down like this,"

      "And what's that supposed to mean?"

      "Most of us Digimon in the labyrinth are pretty good guys, like Vegi and Zass were. Reddy not so much, but he kept himself under control for the most part." He seemed uncomfortable for some reason. Maybe he didn't like talking so much? "Forest Guardian knew you were a newcomer and landed straight in the labyrinth, so he had them guide you so you wouldn't get lost. Bring you to your Digimental, make sure you get a fighting chance. Reddy had other plans, though. But it looks like things worked themselves out. Poor Vegi and Zass, though. Maybe their good parts are with Reddy now, though. Sure would be convenient."

      Sami couldn't quite make head or tails of his explanation, but basically, Red Vegimon was just and asshole, right? She thought she could get behind that. "So where am I, then? Explain." She sat down and crossed her arms, giving the worm creature an straight stare.

      "Normally a job for your partner, but... we met before. Don't think any good would come out of that. So... listen up, chica, I'll lay it on ya straight..." So... While she didn't fully understand it all, Sami learned about the Digital World, the Digivices, Digimentals, Digivolution, Digidigidigi... the other humans and their partners, and that she was stuck in this world.
      Out of the Labyrinth...

      Sami and Vee had gotten out of the labyrinth thanks to Dokunemon's guidance, and the two made their way out towards a rocky region. Dokunemon told the pair to head to a place called Neon City in order to get themselves better situated. It gave Sami a goal, though she had no idea what she was gonna do after. She had a feeling that she'd be in a lot of trouble if she every got back to her world, but as for the time being she wasn't so sure hanging out this this annoying blue baby Digimon was much better. Sitting on top of her head, he was beginning to be a literal pain in the neck. Plus the damn brat wouldn't sit still.

      "By the way, Sam, did you ever find out what happened to that V-Mon guy? Wasn't he the coolest?"

      "It's Sami, and you don't have to keep that up with me. You already told me your name when you were in your V-Mon form, remember?"

      "I do not recall such an event happening! Clearly you misheard me... uh... V-Mon, Sam!"

      "It's Sami! And you're the one who's mishearing names!" She replied. She wanted to throw the damn thing to the ground, but resisted the urge. "And how did you know what happened if you weren't around?"

      "I... uh... was asleep! In the trees the entire time! That V-Mon sure was brave! And I thought you were really cool, too, even though you screamed a lot and said a bunch of bad words!"

      "If you were asleep, how could... you... ugh... never mind..." She finally gave up. She gave a long sigh before saying, "I sure do hope see that V-Mon guy again. Because he sure is more useful than this little baby Digimon..." Vee gave out a hearty laugh.

      "Oh, don't worry, Sam! I think somehow, things will work out!"

      With that, Vee was thrown on the ground.