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    Lugh the Hackmon

      Okay, so...this place was wild. Lorelei had never expected to be one of the people who went missing after playing that virtual reality game, but low and behold, here she was, walking through the woods with a digimon. The pair had been together for a couple of weeks now, and were still...getting used to one another. In the sense that Lorelei was already head-over-hills for her resilient, strong, courageous digimon Hackmon, and Hackmon was more or less putting up with Lorelei as best he could.

      Ever since the humans had started falling out of the sky into the digital world, Hackmon had begun collecting data. He'd recognized that most humans ended up with a partner digimon, and that while the digimon often had their own crests already...the humans did as well. It seems a blasphemous thing to do, to give a crest to an outsider, a being that didn't even belong in the digital world and hopefully wouldn't be staying long, but nevertheless, they had them.

      Lorelei had
      received a digivice, a d-terminal, and a tag...but no crest. He wondered if she would have the same as his. The crest of Hope. But she didn't seem a good fit for it. Whatever the crest, he had a feeling that the little light occasionally blinking faintly on the d-terminal map would prove to be it's hidden location. But they were far from there, entrapped in the Native Forest, and the girl was beginning to get on his last nerve. How had he, a warrior, a protector of digimon, a future Royal Knight, been dealt such a bad hand? Slighted to babysit such a useless human? Sure, at first he'd hoped that with a little patience his own strength, and will, and determination would wear off on her...but so far, time was only proving to push that idea further and further from reality.

      "Hey, Hackmon?" Lorelei spoke up sheepishly, breaking the silence between them, bringing Hackmon to a pause that Lorelei was grateful for. She stopped right where she was and placed her hands on her knees, catching her breath. "Do you think we could take a break? My feet are killin' me, and I know--" before Lorelei could finish her sentence, Hackmon interrupted her, turning to face her, his eyes narrowed so sharply she was sure he could cut her with them.

      "Didn't I tell you that if you asked me one more question I would leave you here to fend for yourself?" Despite his obvious anger, Hackmon's voice was not raised. He was nothing but calm.

      "Well, yeah, but that was two hours ago and I haven't spoken a word since then, and if we could just sit down for a few minutes, I think...."

      "We are less than a mile away from the edge of this forest. File city is just beyond that. Visible as soon as you break free of the canopy. I suggest that, once you find it, you remain there, until a more driven and intelligent human finds a way to open a portal back to your world. When they do, it would be in your best interest to hop, skip, or jump through that portal as quickly as possible, and never return. Farewell." As quickly as that, Hackmon turned his back to Lorelei and began sprinting away. She was so surprised by it all that he disappeared before she could ever even begin to run.

      Standing there, confused and a little hurt by his words, Lorelei glanced around. She knew the direction he had gone off in, so despite her aching feet, she began to follow it, while it was fresh in her mind. If the path to File City was less than a mile long, she could surely figure it out, and despite his hurtful words, she just knew that Hackmon would be there waiting for her when she arrived.

      Being positive and hoping for the best doesn't always make you right, though. Another hour passed and Lorelei began to fear that she'd never make her way back to Hackmon in File City. Recognizing the same trees and plants more than twice was a sure sign of walking in circles, and the light overhead was dying quickly.

      "You can do this, Lore! You can find your way out of this silly forest! Show Hackmon exactly what you're made of!" She told herself, and with a renewed energy thanks to her own pep-talk, she stormed off in a new direction entirely. Maybe another thirty minutes passed, and just as she started to lose steam once again, she caught sight of a fairly clean path. "Yes, I knew it! I knew I could do it! Now all I've gotta do follow that path out and I'm scotch-free!"

      The red-headed girl didn't bother to look down as she walked, her eyes settled firmly on the path ahead, and that was her mistake. Suddenly the ground beneath her feet gave way and she was falling into a dark hole. She yelped and reached for anything she could, grabbing hold of a vine that had spread across the ground from a nearby tree and just along the edge of the hole. Leeching onto it, she dropped maybe four feet into the hole before the vine pulled tight and held strong. A small sigh of relief escaped her lips as it did, originally worried that the vine would simply snap at the resistance, but the overall problem still remained. She was now hanging onto a vine that could give at any moment, dangling inside of a hole that was so deep she couldn't see the bottom. Glancing down, all she did see was darkness, and the occasion glint of something that might have been eyes.

      " can do this, Lore, you can do this," she whispered to herself, resolving not to look back down in fear of seeing more eyes looking back up at her, and maybe teeth. Instead, she began trying to pull herself slowly up the vine. But progress was slow, and the muscles in her arms began to burn. "They kept tellin' me to work on my upper-body strength. But nooo...I run track! What do I need silly arm muscles for!" Lore muttered to herself, closing her eyes and thinking. "Okay...if I can just get my leg up and wrapped around the vine...then I'll be able to wait it out. Eventually someone should come by...right?"

      Nodding to herself, Lore began to swing her body as carefully as possible. It took her four tries, but finally she wrapped one leg around the vine. Now she was clinging to it with all four limbs, and felt a little safer. A little.

      "Hello! Is anyone up there?" She called once she'd caught her breath again. "Hackmon! Anyone? I need help! I'm stuck in a hole!"
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      Edgar the Kudamon

        Were she to be honest... Ambre could very well say she enjoyed the forest, but then didn't enjoy it. To be certain, she loved the sights! The... somewhat unusual, to her ears, sounds of nature, the pathways here and there, where she could manage to find them... and, admissibly, being away from the strange looks she got back in the city. But well, it wasn't as though she could help it! Wheelchairs... didn't seem to be something digimon here used, in any capacity, and it had already been a bit of a struggle to even get one made for her. And then there was the lack of anything like roads outside File City, that she'd landed fortunately near to, and... it was a bit of a bumpy ride, and took some doing, but she was managing.

        She would have kind of preferred to end up with a partner that could help a bit more than just 'digivolving' with her, but she was stuck with the serpent-like Kudamon resting around her shoulders as one of his usual spots anyway. Lucky him he could just afford to be perfectly lazy, while she was doing the work...

        "How much further?" Edgar asked with a yawn, almost as though sensing the girl's thoughts about his laziness. Which, for all she knew, might have even been a possibility linked to their ability to share a form... hm. There was still so much she didn't know about any of this. What she did know, soon enough, was that she heard a voice. Someone else out here? Perhaps they'd be able to get her on a better track than... well, whatever it was she was on currently. Maybe an actual path for her to see sights that weren't just File City and the forest around it, even? Well... alright, maybe getting a bit ahead of herself, but she couldn't just be stuck in the city forever!

        But... wait... they were calling for help?

        "Edgar. Edgar," the girl sternly spoke, giving a quick little tap to the Kudamon's snout. "Be a dear and climb up to get that for me, would you?" she requested, even to the mumbling of her companion.

        "Alright, alright... only 'cause that's my job..." he muttered, letting her easily enough lift him up so he was in general reach of what she needed. It'd take him a moment, she knew... for now, she could cautiously check on things.

        "Just a moment, please! I'm securing a vine, then I'll send it down to you!" she called out, unable to quite see who was down there, and not daring go much closer lest her wheelchair catch on anything. As soon as Edgar got the vine down to her, she quickly enough tied it between the arms of her wheelchair, grateful that it would be long enough for that and to drop down into the hole to whoever was down there. After that, she supposed... it was just a matter of arm strength in wheeling herself back, and hoping the terrain cooperated well enough.
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        Lugh the Hackmon

          In that hole, time was passing like molasses. Lorelei knew logically that not a lot of time had passed, but already it felt like it'd been hours. She wondered if Hackmon had come looking for her and hadn't been able to find her. But knowing that there was a dirt trail nearby helped keep Lore's hopes up. A trail meant people. Eventually someone had to pass by, and when they did, they'd have to hear her cries for help.

          And, like most of the time, Lorelei's endless positivity and hopefulness didn't fail her. Suddenly she heard a voice nearby calling down to her and an almost visible sigh of relief was exhaled through her lips. "Thank goodness!" She called out in response. "Please be careful, though! There's somethin' down here at the bottom and...I'd hate for both of us to fall in!" She'd only been able to hear that the voice belonged to a girl, and the last thing Lorelei wanted was to get them both trapped. But she'd been envisioning the things at the bottom licking their sharp teeth, ready to gnaw on her legs like drumsticks once she'd fallen, and as terrifying as that was, Lorelei was never willing to risk someone else's safety for her own.

          As the vine was lowered down into the hole, Lorelei continued to hold on to the current one with her legs, just in case, and slowly switched her hands over to the new one. "Man, I really appreciate this!" She called up to the girl who was helping her. "But I just want you to know, if something goes wrong and I's not your fault, okay? I'm really clumsy so...ya know, somethin' like this was bound to happen eventually!" Okay, it might've been a poor attempt at humor, but as weak as it was, Lorelei actually meant it. She'd gotten herself into this trouble and she felt bad for having to put the responsibility of life-saver on someone else. Someone other than Hackmon, anyway. As much as Lorelei annoyed him, she was pretty sure he loved being able to keep her out of trouble.

          As soon as she had both hands on the vine in question and was confident in her grip, she slowly untangled her legs from the other one. "Okay! I think I'm ready now, whenever you are! And I'll help as much as I can if I can find any footing, okay?" Lorelei took a few slow, deep breaths, and began to look for rocks or anything she could climb to help ease the weight of the hoist.
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          Edgar the Kudamon

            Well... if that was the case, she could certainly hope all the more so that she didn't fall in! Sure, depending on various factors, it might not have been too difficult to just take the form of a Reppamon and get herself out... but that wouldn't leave her in a terribly good position to get this other girl out with her. Well... never mind it. Worrying wasn't going to get her anywhere, anyway.

            "What? N-no, just... just wrap part of the vine around your wrist if you're worried at all. You don't even have to tie it up!" Ambre suggested, not wanting to risk the other girl falling... and, similarly, knowing a thing or two about climbing ropes, at the very least, thanks to the fact that her leg largely didn't work and she still liked to be able to get around at least a little.

            "Alright... I'll start to pull you up, then," she spoke, exhaling a light breath before leaning back a little in her seat to shift her weight back, steadily rolling her wheelchair back and making sure the vine, and her knots, would hold all the while. It was hardly a consistent process -- timed between steady, short pulls up then small pauses as she replaced her hands to a better point on her wheels, but it worked, even if it was slightly bumpy at times when the terrain wasn't being fully cooperative.

            "Should've just let the girl climb up," Edgar muttered, draping himself back around the wheelchair-bound girl's shoulders now that his little task had since been completed.
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            Lugh the Hackmon

              Lorelei took the girls advice and wrapped the vine carefully around her wrist twice, to make sure that she was a little more secure. Then, when the girl warned that she was going to start pulling, Lorelei just held on tight. It wasn't a long way to reach, really, but it was enough and it was slow-moving. Lore got her feet on a rock once or twice to help ease the tension in the vine and the weight on the girl pulling Lore up, but regardless of anything Lore could do to help, it was a tedious exercise.

              Still, the girl up top slowly but surely pulled Lorelei up. As she got closer to the top, she began reaching for anything she could to help pull herself up the rest of the way. As her arms finally reached above ground, Lore dug her fingers into the grass and soil, propped her feet against anything she could on the inside wall of the hole, and with the help of the other girl still pulling, tugged herself up and out of the hole to the comfort of solid ground beneath her.

              "Thank you..." Lore muttered, her cheek pressed against the grass and dirt, her eyes closed as she caught her breath. "I'm sorry to cause you so much trouble. I'm a weakling, I couldn't pull myself up!" The tired girl exclaimed as she pushed herself up off of the ground on shaky arms and turned to peer down into the hole. "Sorry down there, no lunch for you today!"

              Standing up, Lorelei brushed herself off and attempted to clap the dirt off of her fingers. Then she walked over to the girl who had helped her and offered her a big smile. "Wow, you must have a lot of upper body strength, that couldn't have been easy. My name is Lorelei," she bowed at the hips for a short moment then popped back up, her hands behind her back. "I'd shake your hand, but mine are all dirty. I really owe you, though! You saved my butt. If you hadn't been passing by here, I probably woulda been a meal for whatever's down there. Oh! Speakin' of that...."

              Lorelei went to work clearing the area immediately around the hole so that it would be more visible. Then she gathered a few long sticks and began shoving them in the ground around the hole. It wasn't the kind of barrier that would prevent someone from falling it, but it would ideally catch the attention of anyone walk by enough that they'd see the hole before the fell to their doom. When she was done, she clapped the dirt off of her hands once more and placed them on her hips. "I'm sure whatever devious little digi's are down there will take this all down and cover it up again not long after we've left, but maybe it'll help someone."

              Turning back to the girl, Lorelei smiled and hooked her thumb toward the trail. "So, where are you headed? I was going to File City, but I got all turned around and lost when I fell in the hole, so honestly, I have no idea where I am or which way is what. I owe you, though, so where ever you wanna go, I'll do my best to get you there!"
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              Edgar the Kudamon

                Phew... she couldn't call that the easiest thing she'd ever done, but, well, she did it. Once the other girl was up, Ambre exhaled a light, exhausted sigh before starting to untie the vine from her wheelchair, now that it was no longer needed. As the other girl spoke, though, she gave a small nod, an embarrassed little grin forming on her face.

                "I guess it's just... natural from being stuck in a wheelchair most of my life," she offered. "I'm Ambre... and this here is Edgar," she introduced herself in turn, giving a little nod to the Kudamon around her neck as she introduced him. Otherwise, she watched curiously as this Lorelei did... whatever exactly it was she was doing. Barring off the hole? Well... she hoped that would work for whoever might next come along, at least.

                "Oh! I wasn't really going anywhere specifically, to be honest. I suppose I was just... looking around for anywhere I could go," she replied with a slight shrug. "I was going to go looking for the beach that I've heard was somewhere around here... but if you're looking for the city, I'd be happy to guide you there? I just... may need a little help after all, since that was a bit exhausting..." she offered, another embarrassed little grin forming on her face. Though, all the same, she gave a little nod in the direction of where she recalled the city to be, trying not to let her directions get too thrown off by the little incident; a few of the trees stuck out enough from the path she'd taken to this little area that she was confident enough she still recalled the way.

                "That is, unless you wanted to just look around first? I can still follow where to get to File City, and it may be nice to just see the sights a little after that incident?" she suggested, perfectly fine with leaving it up to the other girl. As long as she could get back to the city by nightfall or so, some time later, then it was perfectly fine by her.
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                Lugh the Hackmon

                  Lorelei already liked Ambre and Edgar and could tell they were all going to be good friends. It wasn't just that they had saved Lorelei from a potentially fatal fall, but that they had come to help at all. And not only that, that they had put their own lives in danger in order to do it. Especially with Ambre in a wheelchair. If something had gone wrong, Ambre probably would have ended up even more hurt than Lorelei. Knowing that Ambre was that kind of person told Lorelei everything she needed to know about the pair. Even if the cute little digimon around her neck hadn't seemed to do very much, he'd still helped. So if going to the beach was what Ambre wanted, it was the least Lorelei could do in return.

                  Then again, Hackmon might have been waiting for Lorelei in the city. He'd mentioned not caring much for File City at some point, but when he left, he'd really seemed to be in a hurry. Of course...he might have just been in a hurry to get away for Lorelei, buuuut that was not the point! The real point is, Hackmon would understand that Lorelei needed to help this girl get to the beach. Plus, if he had reached the city like Lorelei assumed he had, there was plenty of time for him to eat, rest, and relax, at least for a little while, without Lorelei pestering him, and the red-headed girl knew that Hackmon would appreciate that time to himself.

                  "Now don't be silly. If you want to see the beach, you're gonna see the beach! Now that ya mention it, I'd like to see it myself. I'm from the beach! Well, ya know, back home in our world, so I'd like to see how the digiworld beaches compare." Lorelei pulled her d-terminal out of her back pocket and flipped it open, then pressed a few buttons very precisely, nodded a few times, turned the d-terminal sideways, stared at it for another minute while still nodded, then flipped it closed and shoved it back into her pocket. "Just as I thought. I still have no idea how to use that thing."

                  Slouching a little, she walked over to Ambre and positioned herself behind the girls chair, took the handles, and began slowly pushing her until they were back on the dirt path on even ground. "If Hackmon were here -- he's my digimon -- he'd know exactly where to go. It's like he's been everywhere in the digiworld, he knows where everything is! But he's not, so we gotta make due by ourselves. You said you knew how to get to File City, right? Maybe if we just follow this path in the opposite direction for a while, we'll come up on some real nice digimon who can point us in the right direction? Or Edgar!" Lorelei pointed to the Kudamon enthusiastically. "You must know, right? Or is internal mapping not something every digimon has? You sure look smart enough for it, though!"

                  The well-meaning goofball of a girl grinned from ear to ear, ready to get this adventure started. "One way or another, we'll get to that beach!"
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                  Edgar the Kudamon

                    Thing? What thing? Ah... turning around just enough, Ambre could just catch what Lorelei was trying to use; that was, the second device she herself had wound up with besides the so-called 'digivice'. And which, if she were to be honest... she had little clue on as well. She knew it could send messages, somehow or other, but past that... she'd not a clue, and she'd been too busy with everything else to spend much time in trying to figure it out.

                    "I wish I could help with that, but so far I've only figured out how to send messages on this... well... kind of. I've figured out that I can, I haven't quite figured out how to send them to anyone specifically," she offered with a small shrug, meanwhile drawing out her own d-terminal from her little bag to try and fiddle with at all.

                    At her questioning, though, Edgar could only glance over to the other girl for a moment before exhaling a slight huff, settling himself back to comfort around Ambre's shoulders now he could at least say he'd done something useful for the girl this day. "I know the forest enough, and where to have to watch out for some predators," he offered. Well... 'predators' relatively speaking. He wasn't worried about being eaten or anything, but certainly there were known to be some less than friendly digimon here and there; that classed enough in that category for him. "Just because she wants to see it, though, it should be somewhere that way. Try not to stay in the 'danger area' on the way for too long, though, especially since that digimon of yours isn't around," the Kudamon casually warned, in spite of not saying where said area was. But then what was the point, when they barely knew where they were going in the first place anyway?

                    "Is that where he is, then? File City?" Ambre looked back to ask. "I don't wish to keep you too long, if you should be getting back to him... though I do appreciate this," she offered with a little smile back to the other girl.
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                    Lugh the Hackmon

                      "Ohh, you don't know how to use them, either? Well, that sure makes me feel better." Lorelei grinned, happy to have found someone else that seemed just as clueless as she was about all this digital world stuff. Of course, Lorelei hadn't been there for very long, and she didn't know how long anyone else had been there, either. But so far she'd passed a few others here and there and even though she hadn't truly interacted with any of them, she just got the sense that they knew what they were doing. Or at least had some idea. Maybe they'd just embraced it better, or maybe it was because they'd played the virtual reality game in real life before being sucked into it. Lore would find a way to make the most of it all, though.

                      "Once we get to the beach, maybe we can take them out and fiddle with them some! I'm sure with both of us working at it, we can figure out how to send messages to one another. Then we'll always know where each other is and can meet up and hang out after we've parted ways!"

                      As soon as Edgar pointed them in a direction, Lorelei began pushing Ambre that way. She was very careful to be as gentle as she could while pushing the chair, careful of rocks or plants in the way as not to cause the girl any discomfort. Edgar warned against some dangerous area, but Lorelei figured that if they got close to it, he would point it out, so she just followed the path in the direction he'd pointed.

                      "Hackmon was headed to File City when we parted, but he said he doesn't care for File City much, so I'm not sure where he went, if we're being honest. I annoyed him a bit, so I think he needed a breather from me. Which is understandable, I can be a bit much sometimes, and I tend to talk a lot, if you couldn't tell." Lorelei giggled at that. Despite how sad her story may have sounded, she told it with enthusiasm and humor. Lorelei had faith that Hackmon would find his way back to her, and it didn't bother her much that sometimes her friends felt that she was a little overbearing. Why be saddened by the truth? Lorelei had always been a strong personality, that's all. It didn't hurt her feelings to admit it.

                      "Where ever he went, he'll find me again. He's got a way about him, is all. And he isn't small enough to fit around my shoulders." Lorelei said with a smile, reaching out to stroke one finger down Edgar's back. "Besides, I think he'd know to look for me at the beach. I've always been a wanderer!"

                      Slowlying down, Lorelei walked in front of Ambre and pulled up a fairly large rock from the path. Lore grunted as she picked it up and tossed it aside into the grass, then went back around behind Ambre to continue pushing. "So Ambre, how'd you end up in the digital world? And where're you from? Tell me all about it! I mean, if you don't mind. I just love learning new things about new friends! And Edgar, you next!"
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                      Edgar the Kudamon

                        "Yes, we should! Perhaps there will be a good view while we're there... it may just depend if the beach is popular," Ambre agreed with a quick little nod, just as well considering that little point. Would it be popular? It seemed to be a little ways off, and she'd not seen any others taking any of the paths she'd been wandering along during the day so far... perhaps it wasn't, after all. With how outright different this world was, though, and what may very well lurk in the waters... perhaps she shouldn't be surprised.

                        And... was that the case, then? Perhaps they shouldn't take too terribly long; she wouldn't want to keep the girl away from her partner, not least of all in a place as dangerous as she'd learned the digital world to be! Well... at least, she heard it was; she'd not run into much of that herself, safe as it largely was in File City and for as short a time as she herself had been here.

                        Then, of course, there was that question. Actually, it was something she herself was kind of curious about, Edgar meanwhile glancing curiously back to Lorelei for a moment upon the other girl's touch but showing no particular reaction to it.

                        "It was... I'm not really certain how to explain it, honestly," the wheelchair-bound girl thoughtfully spoke, glancing up skyward... or, well, branch-and-leaves- ward. "Shall I say... the world seeming to fall apart in bits and pieces around me, then suddenly finding myself here in this forest with Edgar here nearby, and without my wheelchair. This one may perhaps be a bit... makeshift, but it works well enough, as you can tell," she explained. "Besides that, though... I'm from France, quite a few kilometers west of Paris; I can't say that I've ever been to the city, though, so I couldn't say much about it. My hometown isn't what I'd call special, but it had a good hospital nearby, and some trails I could easily take, so I can't complain," she added, on the point of where exactly she was from, before casting a pointed glance to Edgar... who, thankfully, seemed to catch it.

                        "Me? Nowhere really. Primary Village, like most everyone else, then just making my way around the forest when I was old enough to," the Kudamon somewhat lazily spoke, apparently just having nothing much to say in general. "Should be a danger area somewhere around, by the way. Couldn't say if it's moved in the past couple years, or if there're good paths, so just... be careful," he casually warned, to a somewhat exhausted sigh from Ambre herself.

                        "Never mind him... we can try and keep our eyes out, then," she suggested. "Where might you be from, then, Lorelei?" she asked, glancing back to the other girl for a moment.
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                        Lugh the Hackmon

                          Lorelei nodded along as Ambre spoke about how she came to be in the digital world, and though her eyes were focused on the trail, she wasn't entirely paying attention to it. More like an afterthought, with Ambre's story at the true forefront of her attention. Although she'd met a few others before Ambre since coming to the digital world, she hadn't really had the chance to ask them about how they'd gotten there. She was sure most everyone had been pulled in as a result of the virtual reality game, whether they be playing it or just wrong place-wrong time while others were, but she had been curious about whether everyone's experience in actually being pulled in was the same as hers. And if it was different, why?

                          Since she'd arrived, it seemed as though all of the humans that had been pulled in were considered to be somewhat...chosen, so how and who decided which people to pull in, and why? So many questions...and so few answers. No one really seemed to know.

                          When she finished, though, Lorelei's eyes were sparkling with a hundred more questions. "France, wow! That's so cool, and totally explains the accent. Well, I mean, of course it doesn't sound like an accent to you, kinda like mine doesn't sound like one to me, but I love it anyway! You sound so sophisticated when you speak, it's beautiful."

                          Edgar didn't seem to into sharing, either that or he just didn't have much to say. Either way, Lorelei didn't want to pester him too much about it. "Primary Village...Hackmon hasn't mentioned that place before, so that's where most digimon are born, huh? That's so neat. I hope I get to see it while I'm here, I'd love to see a digimon being born. Oh, and I'll make sure to be extra careful and watch where I'm goin', Ambre is in good hands, I promise!"

                          Following Edgar's warning, she made sure to keep an eye out, not just on the path, but also in the edges of the woods around them as they followed the trailer. "I'm originally from a beach town in North Carolina, the states. But my parents were from Scotland, so we moved back a few years ago and that's where I've been since. Inverness, right next to Loch Ness! Me and a group of friends were playing the virtual reality game, and then all of a sudden everything just went crazy. It's like you said, it felt like the world was just fallin' apart all of a sudden. I was frozen, then when I tried to move, I fell. When I woke up, I was in on the shore of the bay. Then a big squid attacked me and Hackmon saved me. It was all pretty crazy, but I can't imagine wakin' up without your wheelchair, that musta been pretty scary. Though, you seem pretty capable regardless!"

                          Lorelei zig-zagged carefully to avoid holes and rocks in the road, continuing on, determined to make it to Coela point so that Ambre could see the beach. "So when you guys met, you just kind of...knew? How did you know you were partners, and did Edgar object to it at all? Or did you guys just kind of fall into place? Hackmon wasn't particularly happy about it," Lorelei said with a laugh. "But he accepted it. I know some digimon aren't particularly happy with humans being here, and I really think you couldn't blame them, ya know? We all suddenly fall into their world and start walkin' 'round like we own the place or somethin'."

                          I mean, it was a habit of humans to just attempt to overtake all worlds. It seemed to come naturally to them, and even though the humans hadn't come to the digital world on purpose, if digimon knew anything about humans, they'd probably think it was only a matter of time. "And what do you think of this place, Ambre? Do you like the digiworld so far? Do you think..." her smile faltered for a moment, but she quickly replaced it with her usual smile. "Do you think we'll be able to find a way home soon?"
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                          Edgar the Kudamon

                            "Oh... well, thank you," Ambre giggled lightly at the compliment regarding her accent. Right, she had heard something like that at one point, hadn't she? That foreigners tended to enjoy some different accents, French included. How they understood each other besides, though... well, she wasn't fully certain. Probably something to do with the devices everyone seemed to have, but then she'd never given much thought to it in lieu of its sheer convenience. And to Lorelei's next question about Primary Village, Edgar gave a little nod in response, plenty comfortable besides and not feeling like saying all that much besides.

                            But what could he say, life with the girl he'd ended up with wasn't so bad, since he rarely had to do much.

                            Her, though... it seemed, unlike Ambre, Lorelei had certainly been around a bit. The US, and Scotland, and by bodies of water, no less! She couldn't say she had any of that growing up, in spite of being not terribly far from the English Channel, or even just the Seine.

                            "It was... troubling, being without my wheelchair, I admit. And nearly falling right atop this one," she affirmed with a slight grin, in spite of the Kudamon's little huff in response. "As for knowing about it... not immediately. Not until he agreed to help me find a way to get this new wheelchair of mine," she added, reaching up to give the serpent's head a small stroke. That... had been an interesting experience, that she honestly wasn't sure how to even explain... and saying that they shared a body, well, what was someone supposed to think of that. Lastly, though... there was the point of getting home.

                            "I do like it here, yes, even if it can be... difficult, and it's not terribly well suited for wheelchairs; I may well have the only one on the island! And... there are a lot of creative people and digimon out there. It may not be soon, but I'm confident we will be able to make it back. One, or perhaps even both, of these devices of ours must have some way to do it, surely," she assured... even if she wasn't fully confident herself, in all honesty. She wanted to get back, back to her home, her family, her rehab, even... but she also didn't want to expend too much energy on it.

                            "Since we're here, though... we might as well make the most of it, right? I admit, this is the most I've ever gotten to travel, so it's... not been so bad, really," she added with a little grin... not really noticing the light rustling of leaves that wasn't being caused by her wheelchair rolling along, nor the beetle-like digimon nearby that had made this, as Edgar had called it, 'danger area' his home.
                          • Lorelei Leith Light Plotter Tracker
                            Lugh the Hackmon

                              The more she spoke, the more Lorelei liked Ambre. She felt like they were similar souls. Lighthearted and positive, even if not everything in life had worked out in their favor. Even Edgar reminded Lorelei a bit of Hackmon, choosing to keep more to himself than to openly converse with the others around them - even if for different reasons.

                              "Oh, wow," Lorelei said, looking down at the slender little digimon. "So Edgar was pretty much right there when you got here? That's interesting. Hackmon wasn't really anywhere near when I first arrived. As a matter of fact, I was alone for half a day. Then some squid thing attacked me and Hackmon just happened to be near and saved me from it!" She tapped her index finger to her lips thoughtfully, then smiled and shrugged, to no one in particular since both Ambre and Kudamon were turned away from her. "Then again, I'm not sure anything here happens by chance. It all kinda seems somewhat orchestrated, somehow, you know? Not like there's someone pulling the strings and watching our every move, I reckon, but more's just all sort of fate."

                              As she spoke about liking it in the digiworld, Lorelei nodded along. She agreed. As much as being away from her father weighed on Lorelei's conscious, she had to admit that traveling the digital world with Hackmon and meeting all of these new people and digimon was thrilling. The adventure was frightening at times, but it felt more than worth it. Like she was creating bonds that she'd never want to be rid of, just like the one she was creating with Ambre and Edgar now. "Yeah, you're right," Lore agreed, as Ambre reassured her that there must be some way back home. "Someone will be able to find a way back, and hopefully it'll be a two-way option so we can come back whenever we want."

                              Lorelei hadn't given much thought to the fact that Ambre might not have been able to travel much. Lore hadn't done much traveling either, up to graduating high school. But once she'd moved to Scotland with her dad, she had managed to make her way to Edinburgh and she supposed that she'd done a fair amount."Oh, yeah! Hackmon and I haven't stopped travelin' since I arrived. He doesn't like to stay in one place for very long. This world is so beautiful, tryin' to see all of it before we leave is somethin' I'd love to do! 'Course, he's the leader so I go where he wants to go. Buuut you and I should make a deal! We'll both try to see the whole world and send each other pictures of everywhere we go, hows that sound?"

                              She paused on the trail and ran around in front of Ambre, holding out her hand with her pinky finger extended. "Together we'll make it happen! And Edgar, you have to help!" She said with a wink, just as the the huge red digimon stepped out onto the trail directly behind her. She froze and trembled, looking down at Ambre and Edgar. "There's a big, scary digimon behind me, isn't there? Please don't be a bug, please don't be a bug..." she mumbled as she slowly turned around. At the sight of the Kuwagamon, she screamed ran around behind Ambre to grab the handles on her wheelchair. "Hold on tight!"

                              She did a 180 in the chair and took off down the trail, attempting to outrun the insectoid digimon.
                            • Ambre Travers Hope Plotter
                              Edgar the Kudamon

                                She was... attacked? Well... alright, she knew that sort of thing happened, but it still wasn't the most comforting thing to think about! And... 'fate', Lorelei suggested. Well... maybe. If it was, though, then hopefully it could get her right back to her home, her rehab, at the very least.

                                "If we can find some way to, and more roads, then perhaps," Ambre replied with a little giggle.

                                "Don't try and bring me too much into this," Edgar himself muttered, just to curiously glance around a little. He... swore he sensed something, though he really didn't want to. Maybe something to do with him being relatively helpless on his own, if it came to it... a natural sense for danger, or something like that. Shame that he soon proved to be right about it as the large beetle-like digimon dropped down from the trees. Right... his territory, and soon the Kudamon was shifting a little on the girl's shoulders as Lorelei suddenly turned the wheelchair around to retreat.

                                "Ack... c-careful!" Ambre stammered, gripping into the armrests of her wheelchair to keep herself at least decently steady. "D-do you... have any way at all to call Hackmon? Your digivice or anything?" she asked, not that she even knew much about the thing in general; something she herself had well confessed to. "We... may be able to fight, but I don't know how much..." she offered, even as Edgar himself sent a small beam of light straight at the pursuing Kuwagamon... even if it didn't do all that much. "Unless... you have any ideas?"
                              • Lorelei Leith Light Plotter Tracker
                                Lugh the Hackmon

                                  Man, this wasn't good. It really wasn't good. Lorelei always tried to be positive, in any situation, but this was a difficult one. On the up side, at least Ambre had a wheelchair, which made transporting her easy! On the other hand, Hackmon wasn't there, and that digimon that was chasing them now was terrifying. If Ambre hadn't been with her, Lorelei probably would have been frozen solid with fear and would have fallen prey to the insect digimon in no time. But Ambre was there, and she had to make sure the girl was out of harms way. Maybe Lore wasn't realistically responsible for Ambre, but being the motherly person that Lore was, she felt that way anyhow. "Umm! I don't know if I can or not, but I'll try!"

                                  Still pushing Ambre and running, Lorelei fumbled with the digivice, trying to pull it out of her pocket. When she finally achieved it, she pressed all of the buttons on the blue and white device and yelled into it. "HACKMON, I DON'T KNOW IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, BUT IT'D BE REEAAALLLYYY GREAT IF YOU COULD FIND ME AND HELP US, PLEASSEEEE---OH, NO!" The wheelchair hit a bump and Lorelei's digivice fell to the ground. The Kuwagamon was closing in and she didn't have time to go back for it. Instead, she took a quick turn through the trees and began pushing Ambre through the woods instead of down the trail.

                                  "Okay, I have no idea if Hackmon is comin' or not, so here's the plan," she said as she continued running, pushing Ambre. "I was on the track team for years, so I can run like the wind. I'm going to get his attention and distract him, so you guys can find a good hiding place until he goes away, okay? Then we'll regroup when the dust settles, how does that sound?"

                                  Terrible. Lorelei hated the way it sounded, but it was the best option they had at the moment. They were moving too slowly together, but Lore could run much faster without Ambre, and Ambre would be safer if Lore could draw the insect digimons attention away. "I promise I'll be okay, so don't worry about me! Just find a place to hide until he's gone, alright? One...two...three!"

                                  Lorelei slowed down and let Ambre take over control of the wheelchair, while she turned and began running back out onto the trail. She began jumping and flailing her arms about and the Kuwagamon saw her and began flying her way. Taking a deep breath, she turned and began sprinting down the trail, only to fall a few feet later. Her momentum sent her speeding face-first down the trail, scraping her hands and left cheek, and she rolled over just in time to see the digimon approaching, swooping down to attack.

                                  It was at that very moment that BaoHackmon attacked, pouncing on Kuwagamon from out of the woods and sending the insect sprawing through the trees on the opposite side. "Thanks, Hackmon!" Getting up and dusting herself off, she turned and hurried through the woods. She momentarily forgot her minor injuries and began searching for Ambre, feeling much better now knowing that Hackmon was back.

                                  "Ambre! Ambre, where'd you go? Hackmon came after all, he'll take care of that thing in no time!"

                                  Well, she hoped so, anyway.
                                • Ambre Travers Hope Plotter
                                  Edgar the Kudamon

                                    Once again, Ambre found herself gripping the armrests of her wheelchair when they hit another bump... grateful to be able to effectively do so with her hands not needed on the wheels, though Edgar wasn't having much better a time being jostled around on her shoulders. And... did she hear something falling? Oh, she hoped not, though she could hardly look back to see if the shouting had made any real difference, nor indeed if she had heard something fall to the ground. As long as it wasn't something off her wheelchair... no, that wasn't quite right. As long as it was nothing of import.

                                    "You... you're what?" the girl incredulously asked on hearing Lore's plan... or what could technically be called a plan. "I-I can't..." she started to protest, but a bit late; the other girl was already going. And she herself, as she tried to shift her wheelchair around a little, didn't dare too much for worry that it would catch further on the rough path they'd gone off to and send her off the wheelchair.

                                    "Let me guess..." Edgar muttered, grumbling a little.

                                    "We have to. We can't just leave her when she's been trying to help, no matter what's happening over there. Be a dear and be my legs, alright?" she requested, only for the Kudamon to nod in agreement... not that he had much choice. Not when she'd already drawn out her now shining digivice, a blur of light surrounding them and shifting them into a shared, almost weasel-like form. Ambre doubted she'd ever get used to it, being the bladed tail of all things... but it was Edgar that was the main body, perhaps just because he was the digimon in the first place. It was him controlling their bounding down to find Lore, the Kuwagamon, and a Baohackmon that had apparently come after all. All the same, they could at least take advantage of the large beetle being knocked down, hopping into a quick front flip for the bladed tail to swing down into a blade of air toward the downed bug.

                                    "W-we're... erm... here to help..." Ambre uncertainly spoke up... or so it seemed, coming from the tail of the digimon, of all things. Whose visage itself appeared rather embarrassed.
                                  • Lorelei Leith Light Plotter Tracker
                                    Lugh the Hackmon

                                      Despite having just left them, Lorelei didn't see Ambre and Edgar anywhere. Where could they have gone? She knew that the Kuwagamon couldn't possibly have gotten to them already. It'd been chasing her the whole time, and then Hackmon had tackled it to the ground. So where were they?

                                      Suddenly the Kuwagamon used one of it's huge claws to fling BaoHackmon away. That was when the flash of another digimon appeared. It was beautiful! It looked somewhat like a large cat, but with a huge blade for a tail and the mane of a lion. It jumped over toward the still downed Kuwagamon and brought it's blade down hard. The Kuwagamon took a hard hit and was pushed even harder into the ground, creating a crater where it's body was.

                                      That was when Lorelei heard Ambre speak up. We' to help she said, but no matter where Lorelei looked, she couldn't find the source of Ambre's voice. That was, until, she walked over toward the new digimon. Lore's eyes widened as she looked at the Reppamon, unsure of what to think.

                                      "Uhm...Ambre? Is that you? Are you, like...a digimon now, somehow?" Lorelei said, reaching out to poke the tip of the new digimons nose curiously. Suddenly BaoHackmon flew overhead again, reaching high into the air before focusing down on the Kuwagamon. BaoHackmons tail began spinning like a drill, fast and sharp.

                                      "Teen Blade!" He shouted, and dove down toward the Kuwagamon, tail first. The blade penetrated Kuwagamon's shell and the digimon wailed, squirmed out from underneath BaoHackmon, and flew away as quickly as possible. Hackmon landed down on the ground by Lorelei, eyeing the new digimon, and Lorelei hurried over and patted the much larger version of Hackmon on the arm.

                                      "That was awesome, Hackmon! Thanks for pouncing at just the right time! This is, uhm..." Lorelei was going to introduce Ambre, but she really wasn't sure how to. And if that was Ambre, where had Edgar gone?

                                      "That is a Reppamon," Hackmon said, narrowing his eyes a little at the Reppamon, unsure of what to expect from it. "Why did it help you?" It was just in Hackmon's nature to be weary of a random, helpful digimon. But the Reppamon was not random at all.

                                      "Uhm, well, I think that's my friend, Ambre. But...if it is you," Lorelei said, walking back over to the Reppamon and looking the beautiful digimon over carefully. "Then what happened to Edgar? Is he still hiding somewhere? And, did you turn into a digimon, exactly? Is this somethin' you could always do?"

                                      Lorelei was confused, to say the least, but she was still smiling, excited that they'd been able to defeat the Kuwagamon together, and happy that Ambre was safe and sound. "Hey, maybe while you're in this form, we can just run to the beach! I can ride on BaoHackmon and he can lead us there, we'll be there in no time!"