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  1. eluukkanen

      Im eluukkanen and I am a composer. I have been the biggest digimon fan since I was a child and I have been following digimon since then. Of course, bit less afterwards, but still a considerable amount.

      I'm looking forward to join this forum and possibly meet more digimon people
    • xexes OOC

        Hello and welcome!

        I've been working on some piano pieces myself.

        Have you gotten all caught up with Digimon Tri? I honestly was stunned to see so many digimon digivolve so high, and what happened at the cliff-hanger at the end of that first season, I teared up and frantically searched for hours for the next episode before I accepted there weren't any more released yet. I think part 4, Loss, is in theaters right now (in Japan) so the expected DVD release date is April 24.

        Looking forward to threading with you