Forest Region: Taggable Areas

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    Forest Region: Taggable Areas
    Native Forest covers a large swathe of File Island and is one of the safer areas, largely populated by Child Digimon and only the occasional Adult. File City is the island's main urban center, featuring towering skyscrapers, delicious restaurants, and even seedy bars. In the heart of Native Forest lies Primary Village, a kind of hatching ground for Digitama that are cared for my Digimon guardians.

    Native Forest

    A sparse forest inhabited by Child Digimon, most of which are plantoid or insectoid. Outlets, cables, and plugs form a strange juxtaposition between nature and technology.

    File City

    File Island's main urban center. Towering skyscrapers are mixed with short, squat buildings, but nearly all feature bright, neon or LED lights.

    Primary Village

    A small hatching ground that lies in the heart of Native Forest. When Digimon are destroyed elsewhere on File Island, they reincarnate here as Digitama. Grown Digimon serve as guardians and caretakers to the incubating eggs and to the infant Digimon.

    Coela Point

    A barren beach and a less-barren bay, flanked on either side by Native Forest and Tropical Jungle. Large, predatory sea monsters lurk in the bay's depths. Semi-functional phone booths line the shore.

    Drill Tunnel

    Tunnels that spiderweb under Panorama Mountain, connecting Native Forest and Gear Savannah. Drimogemon toil tirelessly to expand and fortify the tunnels, and other Digimon visit to luxuriate in their natural hot springs.
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