Quest Foraging for Winter

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  1. Guo Lingxin Kindness
    Acacia the Palmon

    The previous night's adventure drained the human and digimon pair of energy and the desire to push on. Dark circles appeared underneath Finn's brown eyes which she rubbed constantly, lazily dislodging her round spectacles from their rightful place on her nose. She had discovered a vague path in the forest during the early morning only hours and followed it, far away from the danger of the three Sistermon. The Tanemon, still injured, snored in her arms. Finn came to a stop in a small clearing near the trail and sat down with her back against the tree. She only closed her eyes for a minute and soon fell into an uneasy state of sleep...

    Some time later, she awoke with a start. Purple tadpole twins were staring up at her with bright, round eyes. The first showed a gummy smile to show how friendly it was


    The second tadpole only gave a shy nod in greeting, ducking further behind its friend. The Digivice alerted her to the completed analysis. She reached into her pocket to check. Otamamon. Finn put it away quickly. She didn't need anymore trouble over this object. In a protective instinct, her arms tightened around the sleeping Tanemon.

    "Hello," she said uncertainly. "Where did you come from?"

    "Oh, we run an orphanage just a few miles that way."" The Otamamon pointed south-west with its tail. "We were sent on an errand to find mushrooms when we saw you. Is your partner all right? It's color is very pale..."

    "My partner? Oh. This is Tanemon. I think her color is usually that way, but she's severely injured. into a fight with some Sistermon."

    "Those awful Sistermon... I wish someone would get rid of them already. Come with us. We can get you some help."

    Finn was suspicious of their motives, but she really had no choice. With the poor Digimon in her arms in a critical condition, she didn't have the luxury to turn them down. The Otamamon turned and started to waddle their way in the direction they earlier designated. Finn climbed to her knees, shrugged the backpack on her shoulders in a better position, and followed them.

    There was no conversation exchanged until they could see the orphanage. It was a small clumsy house with lots of room for Baby I and Baby II Digimon to run around. A clear pool narrowed into a riverbed that ran downhill towards a large village. Finn guessed that must be Primary Village. Several Child-level Digimon, mostly Otamamon, were supervising and caring for the babies. A red Otamamon emerged from the hut wearing a lilypad wrapped around its head like a bonnet.

    "Who is this? I thought you were foraging for mushrooms?"

    "We were, but this human's partner is seriously hurt, Oma. Can you help them, please?"

    The red Otamamon studied the human holding the sleeping Tanemon for a long time. She gave a nod of consent and crawled away into the house to show them in. Finn followed. There was a wide room to the right where a handful of Otamamon were singing sweet lullabies and rocking beds to put babies to sleep. They ventured further in until Oma showed them to a room similar to an infirmary. Another Otamamon, this time wearing a pink nurse's hat, was informed of the situation. She immediately ordered the Tanemon to be put in the wooden bed.

    "I will take good care of her. Please, go rest and worry not."

    Oma the red Otamamon escorted Finn to another room where there was a large, human-sized nest made of fresh, green grass and soft mud. It wasn't what Finn had in mind at all, but Oma was already backing out.

    "You may rest here. We will wake you when it is time to eat. Your friend is in good hands. You are safe here."

    And with that, Oma left. Finn laid down on the nest and found it was soft and cool, not at all what she had expected. The sounds of the place kept her awake for what felt like hours, but in only minutes, she was fast asleep again. This time, she rested much easier.
  2. Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
    Ten the Tentomon

    Above the tree canopy, Chloe had been resting nicely on Ten’s back as he had digivolved into his more monstrous form, Kabuterimon. Flying proved to be a much faster source of travel then walking, especially when looking for a man that looked like a lion. She was straddled on his back, but noticed some sort of area they were coming up on looking extremely colorful and gave her the sense of importance.

    “Hold up, Kabuterimon,” Chloe patted the bug on the head, and the monstrous bug stopped moving forward and hovered, looking at the ground to see what Chloe was making him stop for. She noticed she was over a village of some sort, with cartoon looking blocks as buildings and roadways. There were digimon that were walking with what looked like a human boy holding a plant. Nothing was that simple in this world. That plant must’ve been a digimon.

    Ten scoffed, aggravated that Chloe made him stop for some sightseeing. “That is Primary Village, I’ve heard.” He floated over a little closer, without Chloe asking. “This is where a lot of child digimon live. The Hive doesn’t bother with this place, much, but they have mentioned it. Doesn’t look like Majiramon has come this far, either.”

    Chloe put her soft hand over her face, “He better not. This place just looks important.”

    Ten remained quiet. He had heard from Searchmon that deleted digimon would be reborn here, as long as their core data wasn’t entirely obliterated. The thought made him twitch, but it didn’t disturb Chloe.

    Chloe took notice of the boy, again. In the Hive, she was the only human she saw. In fact, this boy was the only other person she had seen. The digimon with him all looked small. The protector in Chloe flared. She patted Kabuterimon’s head again.

    “Let’s do a lap or two, make sure no dragon digimon are in the area. Please, Ten?”

    “Are you sure we should be taking this up? BanchoLeomon is still on the move, just getting further and further as we stop to check on this village. They have guardians, there, I’m sure.” He bit his tongue. He didn’t want to worry Chloe with the origin of the village or purpose. In his mind, to avoid it was to give in to her. “Fine,” he begrudgingly said, taking to checking the perimeter.

    After a little while of flying around, they landed. Kabuterimon converted into Ten’s normal form, Tentomon. The weird tadpole digimon were hopping around, chattering amongst themselves. They were the digimon with the boy from before.

    “Hey,” Chloe called out. They jumped in surprise, scurrying away into some other building. Chloe frowned, cursing herself for how she approached this. “I don’t mean to harm you. I come in peace!”

    “Digimon are not aliens, Chloe,” he giggled.

    Chloe shot him a look and nudged him with her leg. She sighed and tried to come up with something else. “You brought someone here before. I checked the area for any suspicious digimon. I just want to see the boy with the small plant digimon.”

    A few seconds of silence went by before a red tadpole poked his head out. He looked confused. “The one we brought before? The Tanemon was tired, they both were.” He explained.

    “They’re resting? That is very kind of you. Can I wait until they wake up?”

    “I guess,” the red Otamamon looked among his peers.

    Chloe and Ten awkwardly stood there, hoping that the two would wake up soon. Chloe's cheeks got hot with embarrassment, the not-so-social nerves washing over her.
  3. Guo Lingxin Kindness
    Acacia the Palmon

    Finn's nightmare of the cruel Sistermon haunted her sleep. It made her toss around, jerk, and cry out.

    She was running for her life, Sistermon Blanc chasing her still. The forest had darkened to sinister shadows, bare limbs of trees snagging at her clothes like claws. Her breathing grew shorter. She couldn't keep this up. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on edge. Was Sistermon Blanc right behind her? Finn made a sharp turn to the right, weaving and zig-zagging to try to escape her attacker. Finally, her legs gave out. She stumbled and eventually dropped to her hands and knees. Sweat dripped from her face and dampened her short hair. She had no time to catch her breath. She had to get away. There was an angry shout somewhere in the distance; Sistermon Blanc was still looking for her. Finn clambered behind a large oak tree to hide. Here, she panted and waited. Dread filled her.

    Something had been nagging at her when she was running. She had forgotten something. Now she remembered what it was...


    An Otamamon poked its head into the room.

    "Are you all right?"

    There was a lot of movement in the hallway and other rooms. A gentle summer breeze wafted into the house and carried with it the scent of the campfire from outside, as well as the succulent smell of cooking food. Finn's stomach roared loudly in protest. She put her glasses on.

    "I-I'm fine. Where is Tanemon?"

    "Still sleeping in the infamy with the nurse."

    Finn's brows wrinkled at the word 'infamy' and wondered at the monster's literacy. She did not correct it, however, and stood up from the comfortable nest. Her clothes were now covered in mud and grass, but that was not important at the moment. The urgency of her nightmare consumed Finn as she made her way to the infirmary. The nurse Otamamon expressed grave concern at the sight of the human who was pale and sweaty.

    "You look ill, human. Do you need medicine?" She wrung her clawed hands nervously. Her station did not include instruments or medication for humans, only baby Digimon.

    Finn did not take her eyes off the Tanemon. "It was just a nightmare. I'm fine. Thank you, though. How is she?"

    "She lost a lot of data, but her Digi-Core is still intact. It will take her all night to recover, but I have been applying a salve as needed to heal her."

    The human neared the bed, dropped to her knees, and pet the sleeping Tanemon. The Digimon screwed up her face, shuddered, and let out a groan. Whether of pain or fear, Finn was unsure.

    "There you are," the red Otamamon said from the doorway. "It has been quite some time since we have had human visitors, let alone two of them in the same day."

    "Two?" What color was left in Finn's cheeks drained. Had the Sistermon posed as humans to come for her? She looked at Oma, fear all over her face.

    "Yes, two. A human girl and her Tentomon partner are here to see you. They are outside. It is also time to eat, if you would care to join us."

    Finn returned her focus to the sleeping Tanemon for a moment. If she needed rest, the best thing she could do was leave her to it. The human rose to her feet and followed the red Otamamon from the house. Outside, many babies and the entire household of Otamamon caretakers were sitting around eating. There was also another human, an older girl with glasses, and a red bug nearby. The Digivice in her pocket beeped. When she looked, it identified the red bug as a Tentomon. She carefully read the description to get more information before tucking the device back into her pocket. Her body relaxed. At least they weren't Sistermon coming to murder them, though she did ponder the danger she had put the orphanage in by coming here... Would the Sistermon hurt them all just to get to her and Tanemon?

    Finn's legs moved as her mind raced and by the time she pulled herself from her thoughts, she was standing in front of the older girl with glasses. For the moment, she was distracted and not entirely her usual friendly self. She pushed her own spectacles up on her nose.

    "Oma said you wanted to see me?"
  4. Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
    Ten the Tentomon

    There was some time before any word on the boy and his digimon. The group of Otamamon kept Chloe and Ten occupied, and the girl did what she could to help out. She explained the Hive to them in brief summary. Some of them even shared their own stories, about needing mushrooms and something called a Sistermon, a group even the boy that showed up had mentioned. Majiramon wasn’t the only one creating chaos in the forest region.

    The time was nicely passed, though, with the stories and talking. It was nice to meet friendly digimon versus the ones they have been running into. With Veggiemon being the exception in the past few days. Between the Commandramon, and the Sealsdramon that fought them, Chloe thought this was a splendid time.

    The other person finally showed up, appearing right in front of Chloe.

    Chloe examined her, taking a minute to take in the sight of another human. Slightly shorter, looked younger than her. No digimon by his side. She extended her hand, “Nice to meet you. My name is Chloe.”

    Ten poked his head from around Chloe’s legs. “Ten,” he pitched in.

    “I’m just so happy to see another person. Where is your digimon?” Chloe asked, looking around.
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  5. Guo Lingxin Kindness
    Acacia the Palmon

    The girl extended her head and greeted Finn with her name. With nightmares of the Sistermon still running around in her head, Finn wasn't really in the mood for other people. Regardless, she took the girl's hand and shook it.

    "Finn," came her simple reply. "There are plenty of humans in File City if you head north several miles. Though, I don't recommend going through the forest without an escort."

    She gave a nod to acknowledge the Tentomon and reserved the name 'Ten' somewhere in her memory. He was cute, for a bug monster. She expected Digimon bugs to look like giant maggots or mutated flies. Thank goodness, for once, the Digital World did not rise to meet those expectations. At the question, Finn paused.

    "My friend is in the infirmary. She's injured, but they're treating her and letting her rest." She let the silence linger for a moment before asking a question of her own. "I apologize if this seems straightforward, but what did you want with me? How did you even know I was here?"

    It did seem suspicious. She was nobody. Why would anyone be looking for her? And if so, how did they know where she was? Could they have been hired by the Sistermon? She glanced around at the baby Digimon and Otamamon. She really hoped she hadn't put them all in danger...
  6. Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
    Ten the Tentomon

    Chloe pointed up into the sky. "We were flying by when I saw you walking with the Otamamon. When I got to the Digital World, I was dropped into what Ten's home is called. The Hive. Never saw a digimon city." She crossed her arms, noticing Finn's emotions. "I just wanted to say hi, really. Like I said I am not used to seeing others." Now that she said it out loud, she thought it sounded funny. Embarrassing, even.

    Ten gave a chuckle. He thought so too. "Changing the subject, who and how was your partner hurt?" Ten was looking past Finn at this point, trying to find the plant digimon from out of the group of tadpole digimon, Otamamon.
  7. Guo Lingxin Kindness
    Acacia the Palmon

    Chloe's explanation sounded genuine. She mentioned a place called The Hive, drawing Finn's curiosity. She was about to start asking questions when the Tentomon changed the subject to a rather delicate one. There was that word again: partner.

    "What do you mean by partner? The Otamamon referred to Tanemon with that word, too."

    In any case, she did feel that it was only fair to warn them of the dangers lurking within the forest even though they had only just met. Finn hesitated to explain. The fear of the Sistermon triplets still lingered. She wasn't entirely sure that everything around her was real. On the horizon, the sun was setting and the world around them grew darker. Finn moved past them to the edge of the pool, crouched down, and scooped water in her hands. It was cool to the touch, so real as it slipped between her fingers to create ripples in the smooth surface of the pond... There was no way she was still dreaming. More sweat dripped down the back of her neck. She removed her glasses, set them aside, and splashed water on her face. It was refreshing enough to anchor her realism back to this world. Everything felt real again. After a few more splashes to clear away her fears and terrifying images of the Sistermon, Finn replaced her spectacles on her face and stood up. She watched the sun withdraw its glorious light from the digital landscape around them.

    "There are Digimon that seek profit at the expense of life. I met two Sistermon who claimed they needed help finding their sister. I was tricked. They wanted this..." She pulled the Digivice out of her pocket, her gaze pinned to it. "Palmon came to my rescue and we got out of there, but I had to go back and get this. It was stupid, I know, and she was injured in battle because of me... We stopped only for a moment to rest when the Otamamon found us and brought us here."

    Finn turned back to the older girl, tears welling up in her eyes. Surely an adult could give her answers, right?

    "Why was this thing so important? Was it even worth it? I almost got her killed..."
  8. Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
    Ten the Tentomon

    There was confusion as the two exchanged looks. What did it mean to have a partner? Searchmon mentioned it once, but Chloe took it as traveling companions. Her digivice did shine when Ten transformed into JewelBeemon and then Kabuterimon. The digivice had to be something between them. Chloe dug a hand into her own pocket and retrieved her device. A smile crossed her face.

    “I’m not too sure what the device does, but I heard it was called a digivice. I’m pretty certain they help the bond between Ten and I. We figured the plant digimon you were carrying might have been your partner.” Chloe softened her smile, putting the device away.

    The Sistermon sounded just as evil as Majiramon, although Chloe and Ten didn’t truly know what the dragon lord had in mind. If the Sistermon wanted the digivices, that must mean they’re super useful. Maybe that is why Majiramon is so set on finding them, Chloe thought. But it also meant digimon were out there ruining the bond between friends. Something Chloe definitely wanted to take care of later on.

    “That is awful,” Chloe said, as Ten nodded in agreement. “I think we should go talk to them after the digimon with you gets better. Because if they take the digivice away, I think it ruins the bond between friends.”

    She looked to the side and saw some Otamamon also nodding in agreement to taking down the Sistermon group.
  9. Guo Lingxin Kindness
    Acacia the Palmon

    "Bond? Partner?"

    What did these words mean? She understood in Earth terms, but here in the Digital World, it sounded much more significant. Finn came here to understand the culture, to search for answers of the world. It seemed these two words needed to be the first discoveries on her list. Were they something she had to look within for, or ask someone?

    Chloe's suggestion at going to 'talk' to the Sistermon consumed Finn with fear. She grew angry because of the fear. "Didn't you hear anything I just said? There are three of them and they're dangerous! You think talking to them is going to do anything? They'll do to you what they did to their Pandamon business partner. They murdered him over the profits for this stupid electronic! They slaughtered him over a watch! It took everything I had to get away from them, to save Tanemon! Don't be stupid enough to go looking for them. Your little bug can't protect you."

    She started to storm off back to the house, but the Otamamon blocked her way. They all showed concern on their tadpole faces. The red Otamamon wearing the lilypad, Oma, approached also.

    "Here now, you two stop this. Have a seat and eat something. Little boy, no one will hurt you here. You don't need to be so scared."

    Finn wiped away her tears. Shame, regret, guilt, anger, and fear all mixed together to make a volatile combination of emotions rile within the preteen. She had no idea what was going on or what she was supposed to feel. When she had come to the Digital World, she had anticipated finding simple, logical answers. This stuff was more complicated than what she had to suffer at school!

    The crowd of tadpoles circled her feet until Finn sat down. They supplied her with strange food like baked seaweed, nuts, and berries. She tried to ignore the seaweed, but she was so hungry that she ate it anyway.

    "Sorry... The Sistermon are...horrible. Please don't go looking for them. I don't know how strong they are, but me and Palmon couldn't hurt them too bad. They just kept coming..."
  10. Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
    Ten the Tentomon

    Ten buzzed into the air, charging electricity from his wings as Finn turned. “I’ll show you little bug.”

    Chloe closed her eyes and put a hand up. Her hand in front of Ten’s face stopped him from firing the energy projectile. There was something about Finn she recognized, but also sympathized with. The group of Sistermon seemed just as troubling as Majiramon, and maybe they were just as strong. If only they could find BanchLeomon.

    “Shout for us when Tanemon wakes up,” Chloe said, grabbing her digivice. Ten nodded and digivolved into Kabuterimon, the large bug monster. The Otamamon even looked a little worried, but Chloe gracefully climbed up on the back of her partner. His large blue wings flapped hard, creating a powerful gust that blew one of the Otamamon a few feet away.

    They took off looking patrolling the perimeter again.

    "The nerve of some people," Ten said. His wings flapped harder. "You should have let me zap that punk just a little."

    "No," Chloe said. Her eyes were looking ahead but her vision wasn't focused on the perimeter. She was having a flashback to the Hive, and what events had expired there. The terror they all had when seeing the back plate of Searchmon, the roaring of Majiramon. Not to mention the troubling thought of what might be happening there right now. "I know his pain, and you do too."

    Ten scoffed. He didn't like it, but he was agreeing with Chloe. He knew where his partner's head went when the kid was talking about the Sistermon. "We'll take care of them," Ten mumbled. Chloe smiled. What a softie.

    It was only a few minutes, but Chloe had the sense of going back. She laid a hand on Kabuterimon's head and he instantly had a feeling what she wanted to do. Their bond was becoming increasingly strong, and the digivice shook a little. They turned direction and went back, landing where they had taken off.

    Chloe approached Finn carefully. "It wasn't right of me to run off. I thought it would be best to give you some space, as well as Ten. But I want to be here for you while," she paused, to think of the digimon's name, "Tanemon recovers."
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  11. Guo Lingxin Kindness
    Acacia the Palmon

    Finn dropped her food and crawled away as the Tentomon started to fire up an electrical charge. How could a bug manipulate electricity?! Chloe, however, stopped it with a simple gesture of her hand. And then, the unthinkable happened... The Tentomon evolved! Finn had noticed the moment when Chloe grabbed her Digivice, but before she could ask any questions, the girl and her larger bug took off. Her own Digivice showed the data on Kabuterimon, which Finn could not wrap her mind around. How could that tiny bug get bigger like that? The Digivice... Could that be the key?

    Oma the red Otamamon insisted Finn continue to eat, but she suddenly wasn't hungry. Her desire to know, to have answers, overwrote her need for food. She ignored the grumbling in her stomach and started pushing buttons on her Digivice. What could it do? How did she activate it? She pointed the screen at one of the Otamamon, who peered at her in a slightly frightened manner. Nothing happened. Finn pressed each button, holding them down to check, everything she could think of to get it to do whatever Chloe had just done with Ten.

    She got so obsessive that she didn't hear the massive insect land, or Chloe approach until she started talking. Finn jumped to her feet and whirled around, device still in hand.

    "H-how did you do that? How did you make your Tentomon bigger? That's why they wanted this thing, isn't it? Because it makes Digimon more powerful. Tell me how! I tried with the Otamamon, but it isn't working. What button do I push? Please, I need to know."

    There was a yearning in her brown eyes. If she could only figure out how to do it, maybe she could reverse engineer it to make the Sistermon de-volve and they would stand a chance. Anything to help Palmon!

    "I need to know how to help Palmon. Please, any information you can give me. Waiting around while she's in critical condition is frustrating! If I can help her, I want to."
  12. Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
    Ten the Tentomon

    She did the unthinkable, a thing she would normally never do. Her arms reached out until she grabbed ahold of the kid in front of her with tight hands. And then shook him. Not too hard, but enough to hopefully bring him back down to Earth. Well, the Digital World. Well, the ground. Whatever. Chloe let out a sigh, trying to show Finn how to get back into breathing between sentences.

    Ten converted into Tentomon and flew forward. “Wow, what a kid.”

    Chloe shot the bug digimon another look. Ten slouched back, as he knew he raked in a lot of bad looks recently. Chloe turned to Finn and held out her digivice, but frowned. “I told you, I’m not sure how it actually works. When we were in trouble, it kind of just happened and we were able to go back into the form again. It uses Ten’s energy, changing form like that.”

    “Even if Palmon does digivolve, don’t push it. I’m sure the result won’t be good.” Chloe pocketed her device away. She was no teacher, no one to be giving advice. But it brought her back. Sealsdramon bested JewelBeemon, but Ten was able to go into a whole new level that surprised the cyborg digimon. It was her secret weapon she’d love to use against Majiramon, or the Sistermon.

    “Digivolution is something Palmon will achieve over time. Strengthen your bond, if that is your partner. You’re not going to go around digivolving any digimon you want. You’re connecting to one, I’m sure. I want to think it is Palmon.” Ten crossed his arms and relaxed. “You sure care about her enough.”

    Chloe took some food for her and Ten, who munched on it slowly. The day was expiring and there wasn’t much to do unless they moved on. Chloe turned to the Otamamon. “Tomorrow is a new day. Is there anywhere for us to rest, too?”

    Ten jumped in front of Finn and Chloe, “Is there something we can do to repay you for the food? It is amazing.”
  13. Guo Lingxin Kindness
    Acacia the Palmon

    The older girl was unpredictable. At first, Finn was sure the girl was going to hug her, as most people did whenever she looked troubled. Most people, apparently, did not like the softened expression of Finn--especially other girls. Whether that was because they thought Finn was a boy or not, she had no clue. This one, however, just shook her and guided her through breathing slowly. It calmed Finn's mind long enough that she was able to listen rather than continue asking questions.

    As Chloe explained, Finn tried to understand. Partners, bond... The Digivice was important, but it was the bond with a partner. Was Palmon her partner?

    "Palmon can't be my partner, I'm afraid. She first saw me in a cafe, we had a few words, and then she left. In the forest, she... If it hadn't been for the greed of the Sistermon, Palmon was ready to a strike a deal with the Pandamon even though I was in trouble. If I had a partner, I doubt they would ignore my situation for money." At Ten's remark, she turned to face him. There was a pained expression on her face. "Of course I care. Her life was almost taken because of my incompetence. I'm not heartless."

    The pair began to munch. Finn was forced back to her seat by the red Oma, another bit of food thrust into her hands for eating. No wonder they called her Oma, the Korean word for "mother". She acted like one.

    "As a matter of fact," Oma peered at Ten and the humans, "there is something you can do. Winter will soon be upon us and the mushrooms will grow more sparce between now and then. We use mushrooms for everything from food to healing salves. They nourish the babies with vitamins we cannot get from the resources of the pool. I have Otamamon out gathering now, but I'm afraid that since the Native Forest is far too dangerous for us nowadays, we won't be able to get enough in time. Mushrooms flourish in Drill Tunnel where it's damp and warm. Unfortunately, it is too far. The trip there exhausts us and we can forget bringing back more than one or two at a time. Foraging is very difficult for us with our anatomy. It's infuriating! For our help, we would ask that you bring back mushrooms for our winter stock. We have four buckets. If you're up to it, could you fill them all up?"

    Through a mouthful of seaweed and nuts, Finn commented. "I'm up for it." She chewed a bit more, standing as she did so.

    Oma frowned. "Sit down, Finn. You can go in the morning. Drill Tunnel is too dark to navigate by night and there are Drimogemon burrowing around like savages. You'll be crushed. It's best to go during the day when they're sleeping."

  14. Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
    Ten the Tentomon

    Chloe took another bite of her food. Four buckets sounds like a lot, she thought, how big were these mushrooms. It wasn’t exactly the ‘job’ she was hoping to get into, although stopping to meet and talk to Finn had already detoured them off of their original mission by some time now, and would until at least tomorrow if they weren’t to accept this task. But how could she say no? They gave food, and shelter, and are helping Finn and Palmon, who Chloe was continuous in her thought would be his partner.

    But that isn’t to say Finn didn’t present some convincing evidence.

    Ten moved forward, looking over the Otamamon. “I see what you mean,” he said, which got him a heavy fist squishing his face toward the ground from Chloe, who cursed at him to shut up and not be rude once in a while. “Yes, yes, I get it. We’ll help.”

    Drill Tunnel. Chloe had just been there, and traversing it was hellish. Though they had found most of the Drimogemon nice, once they stopped digging and didn’t almost dig right through you with their head-drills. The thought of going back was a bit more of a detour, but it was for the right cause. She stood up and adjusted her glasses.

    Turning to Finn, she said, “In the morning, when Tanemon, or Palmon, is awake.” Chloe put a soft hand on his shoulder, softening her tone, “She will be okay, and it gives us more time to connect.” But with that, Ten floated over to her as they left to find room in the Otamamon’s home to rest for the night.

    (I am basing this after my upcoming solo that features Drill Tunnel. Also, find with a time skip to the next day.)
  15. Guo Lingxin Kindness
    Acacia the Palmon

    The girl's hand on Finn's shoulder was comforting. She could only nod at the girl's reassuring words and watched them go inside the house, lead by Oma to show them to a place to sleep. Once finished with the meager food, she stood up and returned to the edge of the lake. The first stars of the night began to show as twilight set in upon the land. The gentle waves of the pond lapping against the bank gave her peace. Finn's thoughts raced once more with the images of the evolving Tentomon and the Sistermon that had almost killed them. How could nuns be so evil and cruel? Before her mind and imagination got out of control, she closed her eyes and listened to the digital world around her. Deep breaths. Her hearing focused on the waves of the pond, the crackle of the campfire, the wind shifting the grass. In minutes, she was grounded and discovered she was sleepy again. A couple of hours' sleep was not enough to make up for two days of adventure.

    On her way back to the house, Finn thanked the Otamamon for the food. Inside, she heard Chloe and Ten getting settled in the room with the muddy nest. Apparently, the Otamamon only had enough room for one human. Finn redirected her path to the infirmary to check on Tanemon.

    "Her wound is beginning to heal."

    "Thank you. May I sleep in here? I want to be nearby when she wakes up."

    The nurse Otamamon wrung her hands again in a fretful manner. "I'm afraid we don't have a bed for you..."

    Finn smiled. "That's all right. I can sleep in the floor."

    "Very well. Anywhere you can find a place."

    Sometimes, there were advantages to being thin and lanky. Curling up in tight spaces, such as between Tanemon's bed and a wall, was one of them. Her brown eyes watched Tanemon's deep, gentle breathing until sleep finally overcame her...

    Day 2

    "Wake up, human. Oma wishes to speak with you."

    Finn propped herself up on her elbows, her body sore from sleeping on the hard earth. She shuffled her hair, rubbed at her eyes with the palms of her hands, then sat up fully in Indian style. One hand searched the ground blindly for her glasses, mostly because her eyes were still closed. As she found them and put them on, poking herself in the eye once, the urge to yawn overwhelmed her and she gave in.

    "Hurry now. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes, and Oma is not as patient as she pretends to be."

    "All right."

    She rubbed an eye, opening the other to watch Tanemon. She was still sleeping, but some of her color had returned. Was she always that pale? Finn walked hurriedly outside to greet the many Otamamon and babies, rushing past them to the pond to splash some water on her face. It woke her up instantly. She splashed herself a couple more times before she joined the group around the smoldering pit where the campfire had been last night. Now, it was just a pile of ashes and slumbering embers.

    "Good morning, Finn. You and your friends will need to hurry to gather the mushrooms. I don't want you gone past dark. It gets dangerous and I am responsible for you now. Eat some breakfast. Where is Chloe?"

    One of the Otamamon passed her more seaweed, this time more slimy, and more nuts and berries. She was awfully hungry this morning and had her mouth stuffed by the time Oma asked the question. Without taking the time to chew and swallow, Finn spoke.

    "I dunno."

    The red Otamamon narrowed her eyes at Finn. "Don't talk with your mouthful, Finn. Act civilized!"

    Being reprimanded by Oma was more frightening than being scorned by her own grandmother. The human quickly chewed, swallowed, and apologized. Several of the Baby I Digimon gathered around her to nibble at the nuts and berries in her hand. Finn smiled and lowered her hand to make it more accessible to them. Oma did not seem to approve, but shuffled away to deal with another manner. One of the Otamamon, which gave Finn a toothless grin as it scooted closer, was soon recognized as one of the two that had guided her here.

    "Don't mind Oma. She's not a morning person and has a lot to keep up with. She does headcounts every morning and before dark. That's why she wants you back here before then."

    "That sounds reasonable. How many of you are there?"

    "Seventeen Otamamon, including the nurse, twelve Baby I, and nine Baby II. Thirty-eight, in total. That excludes you, Chloe, Tentomon, and Tanemon. With you four--"

    "Forty-two. That's impressive. How does she keep up with all of you?"

    "We have a buddy system. We always have a partner that we must keep up with. When watching the babies, we have a certain number we are to keep up with. The Baby I Digimon are usually too afraid to wander off, but the Baby II... They're very adventurous."

    "Like toddlers," Finn chuckled.

    "Exactly. I offered to go with you, but Oma said four of you is enough and I would only get in the way... She gave me a different assignment. My partner and I are to take our group of babies down the hill to Primary Village for a playdate. Occasionally we all go at once, but most of the time we rotate playdates. Today is our turn."

    "She really has this system worked out, doesn't she?"

    The Otamamon nodded and was about to say more when Finn suddenly stood up. She had noticed Chloe and Ten and was ready to greet them in a more cheerful manner than the previous evening.
  16. Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
    Ten the Tentomon

    The night was a bit hard since the Otamamon didn’t quite have the sort of bed she was used too, but Chloe made the best of by curling up with Ten. The digimon was still acting shy and weird, who would have guessed Ten of all bugs could be embarrassed by being cuddled by a woman.

    Sleep had brought up a lot of things, like hours prior. With Majiramon and the Sistermon. A lot of digimon were evil, but not all of them. How many would they really run into before finding their future mentor, if he agreed, and how many times would Ten really have to push himself to save them both.

    It was Majiramon’s face as he presented the Searchmon plate that haunted her, making her seek comfort in her partner’s body. Cuddling was for everyone, even digimon, right?

    She straightened her sweater out before going out to greet Finn and hopefully the Tanemon. But when they only saw Finn, Chloe frowned. Had Tanemon not finished resting yet, she thought. Even Ten was curious and poking his head around, from side to side trying to notice a plant digimon.

    “Morning,” Chloe calmly said. “Where is your,” she stopped, “I mean, Tanemon?”

    Ten approached one of the Otamamon, “Have you heard anything?”

    “Me? No, not I,” it replied.

    “We cannot leave without her. This mushroom job might start going off real well,” Ten sarcastically said, crossing his arms and giving the tadpole a disappointed look.
  17. Guo Lingxin Kindness
    Acacia the Palmon

    Chloe instantly brought up Tanemon, which Finn gave a rueful smile.

    "She's still resting. The nurse said her wounds are healing up, but she still looks pale. Then again, she sort of looked that way when I met her, too."

    She knelt down to Ten and reached out to pet his head. His body had a metallic feel. How strange. "How did you two sleep last night?"

    Finn made a mental note to herself to sketch the Tentomon someday. She wanted to write a ton of notes about him. The Digital World and its inhabitants fascinated her. Bugs and earthy things like plants were a normal scientific inspiration for her on earth, but technology was what drew her. Touching a digital bug was definitely a magnificent experience for Finn.

    The red Otamamon waggled her way back from the house where a small, green thing was poking its head out. While petting Tentomon, Finn happened to glance up at the red dot and saw Tanemon. She was half-hiding behind the door.


    She hurried to the door, but Tanemon had already run off back into the infirmary by the time Finn made it inside. The human followed the Baby II and settled on her knees beside the bed where Tanemon sat. She couldn't judge the expression on Tanemon's face. A long silence occurred between the two. The nurse Otamamon, recognizing the tense atmosphere, shuffled from the room in a hurry to give them some space.

    "I'm sorry, Tanemon... I didn't mean for you to get hurt."



    "My name is Asher."

    Finn was surprised that this was the Digimon's reply to her apology. "Finn. Um... Anyway, I'm sorry for--"

    "You're a fool. Those Sistermon were about to dissimilate your data. Do you ever plan things out, or do you just jump in and hope for the best?"

    "I..." She could find no excuse. The Digimon was right. Her idiotic half-ass plan almost got them both killed, but Tanemon--no, Asher--was the one who suffered for it. "I'm sorry. I'm not very good at planning when it comes to action. I'm more of a techie."

    "What is a techie?"

    "A technology geek? The IT? I do research on my computer and--"

    "I told you in the cafe, that is useless here. You're going to have to be smarter if you're going to survive here." Finn mumbled another apology. "Stop apologizing! It does nothing except show your weak points. You only apologize when it is necessary."

    "But it is necessary! I almost got you killed because--"

    "Rule #1, human: Never take responsibility for the choices of others. It only adds dead weight to your shoulders and conscience. To survive here, you cannot have dead weight dragging you down. I made the choice to endanger myself, not you. You didn't do anything. I did it. I do not blame you."


    Oma waddled in to the doorway, her expression cross. "The two of you are burning daylight! You can squabble after you get the mushrooms. Let's get a move on! Your friends are waiting."

    "What is she talking about?"

    "We are to gather mushrooms with another human and her, uh, partner to repay the Otamamon for their hospitality."

    The Tanemon furrowed her brows for a moment in silent thought. Finally, she spoke. "I need my hat and sword."

    Finn got to her feet and sprinted from the infirmary to the room where Chloe and Ten had stayed. She dug through her backpack to find the pink cowboy hat and the sheathed short-sword, shoved her own flashlight and necessary supplies in her pockets, and returned to the infirmary. By the time she returned, the Tanemon had reverted back to her original form: a wilted, pale Palmon with a brooding expression.


    The human shook her head, realizing she was staring. She was happy to see the Palmon was back to her regular form. Finn handed her the hat and sword, which Palmon applied to her person. Asher followed Finn and Oma outside to the rest of the group. The Otamamon and babies were all excited to see the recovering Palmon on her feet. Apparently, Asher did not like the attention.

    "Are we ready, Chloe?"
  18. Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
    Ten the Tentomon

    Ten and Chloe talked strategy to finding the mushrooms. They just came out from the Drill Tunnels, but don't recall finding any mushrooms. But there was that kind Drimogemon that Chloe mentioned asking for help to one of the pathways leading to any sort of mushrooms. Who knew what kind of danger was down there. Between the two, Ten offered to not digivolve into Kabuterimon, only ready to use JewelBeemon if anything. His monstrous form would destroy the cavern and have it collapse around them.

    “Whoa there, cowboy!” Ten teased. As he came into view, Palmon had a cowboy hat and a short sword. What a warrior, he thought.

    Chloe put a hand on the floating bug, pushing him to the ground. She was happy to see the digimon up and moving, Finn clearly feeling a little better himself. Otamamon reminders got Chloe to whisper to Ten to go slightly ahead and get ready. Begrudgingly, the ladybug digimon did.

    “Glad to see you’re up again,” Chloe said. Even though the plant digimon didn’t have hands, Chloe extended her hand out to formally greet the digimon regardless.

    “All clear,” Ten called to Chloe from a distance. “Let’s get a move on things. Please?”
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  19. Guo Lingxin Kindness
    Acacia the Palmon

    The Palmon, taken aback by the friendly greeting of Chloe, took the girl's hand to shake it and only nodded. At Tentomon's call, she pressed forward on the adventure. The summer sun did nothing for her drained complexion, nor did it perk up her flowers. Finn followed after the short plant Digimon.

    "Asher, this is Chloe. She and her partner, Ten, have been waiting for you to wake up."

    Asher did not seem impressed or grateful. She only nodded and moved along at a faster pace. Finn leered ahead at the Tentomon and glanced at Chloe. Her tone was casual for conversation.

    "I've noticed you and Ten have been circling the orphanage regularly. Why is he giving us the 'all clear'? Are you two looking for something?"
  20. Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
    Ten the Tentomon

    Chloe looked ahead and smiled. "Ten is being careful. In case a dragon digimon is coming for us, or even those Sistermon. To me, you can never be too careful." She had a hand in her pocket, toying with her digivice. With a quick glance, the Otamamon orphanage was becoming smaller and smaller. Chloe sighed. "Just like how you're not fond of the Sistermon, we have our own enemy keeping his goons after us."

    Ten buzzed next to Asher, who hadn't acknowledged them or said two words to them. "Hey, Palmon, what is your deal?" He hovered lower to the ground and matched her pace. "We're not with those that hurt you."