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      Neon City reminded him much of Las Vegas. There was always hustling and bustling no matter what the time of day. But the real party started after dark. So far he's managed to gather some intel on the how's and why's of the Digital World by kind (if shady) Digimon who were more than happy to help him for a favor or two.

      This "favor" happened to be glorified Pest Control. Stopping and destroying small groups of stray feral digimon who wandered a bit too close to the city limits. It wasn't a bad job, it actually got him a bit of cash (which he found out was called 'Bits' by the local population.) that he used to gain a temporary room and board as well as food in his stomach.

      It was nice here, despite the oddness of it all and he felt as though this was as good of a vacation that he could get from the life of stardom. Sure there were dangers around every corner but if he was honest about it, the real world was just as dangerous. You learn a lot about the world and people when you've seen the darker sides of "glamorous" society, beyond the glitz and shine.

      It didn't help that he felt like he was actually making a change. Even if it was only a minor difference, he felt more like a Hero than anything he had acted as on tv. It was also nice to be seen as a Hero in some sense than being seen as "that villain from that show" that fangirls and fanboys gushed over and relentlessly pointed out.

      He had Spirit Evolved into Lobomon before he left the city's entrance and also returned as Lobomon with his the proof of his deed which he then showed to the Bounty Office Clerk before heading off to the deeper parts of the bright mountainous city.

      A quick glance at the horizon showed him that the sun was indeed setting and soon Neon City would be full of more activity than any other part of the day. His stomach released a growl of hunger as he put his hand on his armored gut. "Hmph. Guess it's time for me to eat." His voice was more guttural in this form, having a rough and cold edge to his tone.

      A flash of light and stream of data surrounded the tall humanoid Digimon revealing that he was actually a human. Tall, tanned, and buff - it was none other than the popular Adrian James Mcginnis, a well known (but not world renowned) tv star famous for his debut work in the acting industry as the villain/love interest of the supernatural drama known as "Crowe Valley".

      "Alright. Time to get some grub!"
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      Vee the Chibimon

        "Sam, look! All the buildings are starting to light up one-by-one!" Vee's voice, bereft of any energy from before they entered the city, was full of renewed vigor once they reached the city limits. Whereas Sami, the girl doing all of the actual walking, was decidedly less energetic. Of the pair, she looked by far the worse for wear. Across her outer thigh, and through the sliced-open hole in her jeans revealed a long scar running across her leg. And her shoulder had been sliced into, a similar slice into her white shirt. She had managed to wash the blood off her clothes, but the cuts remained.

        "Sami," She corrected for the n-thousandth time. She felt the Chibimon shift around on top of her head as he looked from place to place. "And stop moving around so much! My head's not a playground!"

        "That building just lit up, and now that one did!" Vee replied as if she had never spoken. "Oh, and that Digimon just lit up and became a normal human!" That caught the girl's attention. She had run into a couple of humans along the way to Neon City, and assumed she would meet more once she got to civilization, but she didn't expect to meet on off the bat. And what was with the "Digimon turning into a human" part? She looked over to see a tall, muscular man with tanned skin that looked familiar somehow. But she recognized the man's arm. Before she could place it, Vee suddenly shouted out to the human.

        "Silly human! You're not supposed to transform in public! Now everyone knows your secret identity!" He paused before adding, "Oh, not that I know what being a hero's like! I'm just an adorable Chibimon, after all!"

        "D-don't just yell at a stranger in public like that!" Sami chided the baby Digimon. "What if he turns out to be some kind of..." It dawned on her where she saw this man from. She had watched a few popular American television shows online, and he was in one of them. Her English wasn't very good so she had to watch it with subtitles, but this guy was undoubtedly... that villain from that show.