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    Sun the Coronamon

      Name: Thomas Sanders
      Age & gender: 16, male

      Small Things to note: He is embarrassed about his freckles, His mouth guard houses earbuds but he doesn't use them because they don't work in the digital world.
      Relationship with partner: Thomas and Sun essentially treat each other like brothers. Thomas acts like the older brother. Despite being socially awkward and less experienced with the digital world he is the one that constantly has to keep Sun from jumping into situations guns blazing.
      Sun on the other hand tends to be the one that pushes Thomas to do things he usually wouldn't consider like interacting with others on a whole.
      While the two bicker with each other often, they know that if push comes to shove they will always be there for each other.

      Potential Friends:
      The quitter the better. Being unused to dealing with other people it helps more if they are quiet since that will help him associate with them much more easily.
      Bonus points for being a nerd or quoting a song in front of him.
      Any friends that he does make will mean the world to him, something that he would go to the ends of the world to keep and protect. He also doesn't really care about familial bonds, knowing that those you chose to be around are more important than those you have to because of blood.

      Potential Enemies:
      Anyone who attempts to take advantage of those weaker than them. Having experienced it himself he has a special place in hell (the dark ocean in Sun's case I guess??) that he and sun send bullies that they encounter.

      Potential Love interest:
      Thomas will have a bad habit of developing a slight crush to any (human) female that is nice to him. Although over time, depending on the actions of the female, this will calm down into a friendship that he has a bit of extra attachment to.
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    • Justlogin OOC

        Hoo, boy. I've got a few characters, so I might have an idea or two about a possible thread. Going in order, I'll link the characters to their appropriate post in my tracker/planner thread.

        Ava Thomas - She's not particularly quiet or nerdy, but she is a bit of an awkward dork. She'd most likely just try to help Thomas with whatever he's trying to do while most likely making things worse. Makes for a fun story. She's a little younger than Thomas, so she probably wouldn't take a crush too seriously. Gomie, her partner, is pretty much a chill bro to anyone he meets, so he won't complicate things much. Plus, Ava's last name is Thomas, so she'd get a chuckle out of that. The pair tends to avoid combat, but would help out in a fight if things got far.

        Michael Walker - Ever the introvert, Michael would probably get along well with Thomas. He'd be down for pretty much any kind of thread so long as he gets to hang out with someone. He's a little older than Thomas, so he'd probably try to give some big brotherly advice. His partner, Kenta, would be something of a chore, however. He'd probably try to force Michael and Thomas to undergo some kind of strenuous training that probably wouldn't be all that useful. If combat occured, Kenta would jump at the chance, and Michael would probably try and protect Thomas.

        Luciana De Luca - While not really a wicked person, I imagine Lucy would be incredibly condescending towards the much older Thomas, brat that she is. Her partners Dia and Mal might try to bully him and Sun around, but I imagine Lucy would reign them in before things got too out of hand. She's something of an introvert herself, too. In combat, Dia and Mal would eagerly jump in, or outright be the ones who instigate the combat themselves.

        Melody Byrd - Despite being about as far from being quiet as it comes, Melody does perform and sing for a living, so she might have a connection with the music angle. She would also try to get him to open up and be a little more outgoing. Hilarity may or may not ensue. Her partner Moka would be perfectly sociable and protective. Melody and Moka would most likely try to stop any combat that ensued, but if push came to shove, they'd at the very least support Thomas in combat if they didn't outright fight beside him.

        Kai Nishimura - Yet another extrovert, Kai wouldn't care how awkward Thomas was. He'd be friendly and willing to help Thomas out with whatever he needed. Be warned, depending on Thomas's reactions, he would most likely try to force the big brother angle on Thomas unless he outright protested. If a fight broke out, Kai would jump out into the front lines and try to protect Thomas and Sun with all his might; regardless of whether Thomas and Sun are stronger than him or not.

        Sami Raines - Sami keeps to herself most of the time, but if the circumstances arose she'd be willing to work together with Thomas and Sun if the situation arose. Especially if Justice were on the line; as her partner Vee would never shut up about it. She'd help in a fight, but she'd probably be reckless and cause a bit of trouble in combat. Probably wouldn't see any relationship blooming, but I dunno. Thomas would probably get a fist bump or something.

        There's a couple others as well, but I don't see Adelaide or Victor interacting with Thomas in any positive way.

        Oh, there's also Dr. Basco. There's no way a simple planner or plotter could quantify his genius, however, so he doesn't have a post. But he's always down for threading with a human. Call him up if you want to have a goofy time.