Episode 1 • Event 1 • Genesis? On the Island of Adventure!

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    Episode 1 • Event
    Genesis? On the Island of Adventure!

    With humans appearing with greater and greater frequency in the Digital World, File Island's native inhabitants have spent the last three months struggling to coexist with these newcomers. A largely insular community (especially considering no one can come to or leave the island), File Island has never had to adapt to such a migration before, and for humans and Digimon alike, the experience has been something of a culture shock.

    However, in what may smooth out relations, a group of Digimon has formally invited the humans to the annual Genesis Festival in Primary Village, where Digimon from all across File Island come together to celebrate an era of new beginnings and welcome the next generation of resurrected Digimon. Flyers announcing the invitation have been plastered all across File City by enterprising and maybe slightly overly enthusiastic Digimon.

    Though not all feelings toward humans are positive, the festival is expected to be a lively affair, with plenty of food and good spirits!

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