Open Encounters of the Digital Kind

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      Derrick gave a small sigh as he and Ago walk through an area of File City. "Hey Derrick, I'm hungry can we stop and eat something?" Derrick facepalmed as this was about the 50th time the Dinosaur had asked for food. Derrick managed to laugh though"You know Ago, you're like the embodiment of Gluttony" Derrick joked although Ago looked pretty confused at what he meant. "Glut...tony...mon?" Derrick got another laugh from that as Ago had a tendency to add 'mon' to things he didn't understand. It's not like Derrick didn't enjoy his company but he was a little annoying.

      Since Derrick was watching where he was going, he tripped over something in his way and fell flat on his face. "Should have expected that" Derrick sounded a bit muffled as Ago chuckled at him. He got up and brushed himself off as he faced what had caused this. It was another Digimon that looked Different to his. This one looked more mechanical and more like a Ladybug instead of a Dinosaur. "What do you think you're doing you little...little...pest!" The Tentomon shouted at Derrick but Derrick simply ignored him and started walking off "Where are you going?" Tentomon pointed his claw at them. "You weren't watching where you were going so it's not my fault" Now the Tentomon looked ticked as he fired a small bolt of electricity that missed him by a hair. Ago quickly jumped in front of Derrick and growled at the Tentomon. "What have I gotten myself into?"
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        What a hassle,” Darius sighed as he dragged his feet forward. His mouth curved downward feeling the sweat dripping down his forehead. He prided in maintaining his cleanliness every day. Wrestling was a sport he enjoyed so that didn't count. The only lingering relief was that there was a slight breeze cooling his body after sprinting as fast as he could earlier. Once again, it was fully Dante’s fault for overexerting energy.

        All Darius wanted to do was take a nice nap, but he wasn’t allowed to do just that. Before he could do that, Dante decided to talk shit about something though Darius wasn’t paying attention. Unfortunately, it somehow caused a digimon to become hysterical and attack them both in rage. Darius insisted he didn’t know his partner, but he was already labelled an accomplice—so he was screwed either way.

        The greymon hollered at some of his buddies who were watching on the side and he knew this was a fight they would lose—guaranteed. It was four adult digimon against a human and one asshole of a digimon. The only option with the least risk of injury was to run away before they start attacking. Darius had to stop Dante from laughing at how mad they got and threatened that he would never cook for him anymore. That sent Dante speeding away from the scene and leaving him in the dust.

        Now he didn’t even know where his partner went. It was either he was long gone or being an idiot and hiding. Maybe Dante thought it was funny that he looked like a fool. He was probably giggling in the shadows. Out of all the digimon that could become his partner, somehow they were meant for each other but it seemed they were incompatible. But who knows? Maybe there was something. It was times like this that he really missed his younger brothers.

        From a distance, he heard some voices up ahead and decided to check it out. If his digimon was involved, it would definitely lead to some trouble. He didn’t want to deal with that twice in one day. Dante was like a rascal younger brother who needed to be kept out of trouble. Instead of dealing with the police, he might even be injured or in a worse case scenario—killed.

        He came upon a scene where a bright bolt of lightning was shot toward a black haired teenager who seemed a bit frazzled but fortunately unhurt. Luckily for the kid, he had his digimon with him to defend his partner. Darius wasn’t too sure what kind of digimon it was since he never got into the game, but it resembled a cartoon looking dinosaur.

        Suddenly, he heard a chuckle from somewhere close by and he right away knew who it belonged to. It was Dante. Did he find this predicament amusing? “Finally, he appears,” he mumbled sarcastically. Before long, he felt a blast of air downwind until his hair became unruly again.He darted his eyes at the scene unfolding. He was transfixed at how regal Dante looked even though he was an asshole for leaving him.

        Darius felt like it was safer so he came closer to the others. “Thanks for leaving me behind,” he said sarcastically at Dante but was swiftly ignored.

        "If you wanna pick a fight, I’m all ready kid,” Dante grinned at the Tentomon as he showed his pearly white fangs. If the teenager and his digimon thought Dante was planning on saving them, they were wrong. It was just an excuse for Dante being obnoxious and smug.

        You were just a kid a few days ago,” Darius scoffed. His partner only recently digivolved into his adult form and was still getting used to maintaining it. Ever since he called him a ‘cute dinosaur,’ Dante didn’t want to be in that form anymore.

        Shut up,” his partner grumbled as he kicked some dirt toward his partner in retaliation.

        Whatever,” he sighed and saw that the Tentomon had disappeared, “Where’d that thing go?” as he looked around. “At least it’s not gonna bother anyone,” he continued.

        —How boring,” Dante cut him off.

        Anyway, you alright there?” Darius asked, ignoring his digimon and introduced himself to the pair. He seemed like a nice enough kid. Maybe because he looked like his younger brother. “Name’s Darius,” he started with a smile and grinned, turning to his partner, “that grump is Dante,” causing his partner to growl at him.