Duel; Bug v. Cyborg

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    Ten the Tentomon

    In the side of the mountain to the edge of the Forest Region was a large cave opening. The weather was perfect, and the sun shining down on the opening like it was a sign to Chloe and Ten to go through.

    There was only one problem, and as Chloe saw it she stopped in her track. With good comes evil, her father always told her. With evil comes good, though. In the way of the cave opening was a digimon who looked like he had been waiting or just leisurely examining the entrance. As Chloe looked deeper at this digimon, she noticed the armor plating. It looked very similar to the digimon they had just faced, the Commandramon who stormed the small village and deleted a hard-to-tell friendly Veggiemon while looking for them. This digimon in the cave’s way was taller and had no visible gun. Instead, extending from his back was two large, red handled knives that looked like swords, as well as a knife on his side. He was heavily armed, and they were not.

    The digimon turned to face them, seeming to know they had arrived. His mechanical eyes adjusted and zoomed in on the human and her digimon partner. His mouth made a weird noise like metal scraping against metal as what Chloe thought was a small smile forming.

    He looked relaxed. “Looks like you’re finally here.” The robot digimon’s voice was deep, almost like you’d expect from a villain.

    Chloe took a step back. Ten could see the girl was nervous, and he too felt some tension throughout the air. He lowered himself to the ground. Chloe’s focus was on the new digimon, trying to figure out what it might be able to do and determine his strengths, as well as weaknesses. Heavily armored, potentially very useful with weaponry. The only thing they had was a digimental, a way to digivolve into a spear wielding bug man. She thought to herself, would it be enough?

    This digimon looked like he was tactically trained, and fought well with weapons. How could they do much, Chloe thought. She noticed the digimon’s larger eye zoom in and out. He was studying them, inspecting them and it creeped her out.

    “Not that I needed too,” he said, “but I know that Tentomon’s wings are his weak point. For humans, their heart and their head. I’ll get this done swiftly.”

    Ten stepped forward, “You won’t be doing anything.”

    The cyborg let out a laugh. “Don’t kid yourself, runt. My name is Sealsdramon. My primary function is assassination. You’re lucky I like honor and wanted to meet face to face.” The Sealsdramon unsheathed his knife, the blade coming from the end of his closed fist around it. Again, the creaking metal smile.

    “Chloe, I need to digivolve,” Ten said. When no answer came he looked over his shoulder, “Chloe?”

    The girl with green hair was in shock. This digimon looked stronger than the Commandramon, and with Ten’s already conflicting feelings, something inside of her had just snapped. She didn’t want Ten to fight anymore. All she did to answer him was a subtle shake of her head, so small Ten barely caught it.

    “Chloe, if I do not digivolve, he will just kill us. I can’t have that, not now!”

    Sealsdramon stomped his foot down, “Let’s go! Digivolve, insect.” The way he curved the word ‘insect’ he meant it in a degrading sense. He was in league with the dragon digimon, afterall. Always thinking they were superior. “I wanted a fair fight, but am not below finishing my job in a split second. Your digidestined is weak!”

    Ten’s bug eyes narrowed slightly. He was still staring at Chloe, who had begun shivering in place. Her fear was taking over. Ten charged his wings and shocked her with a tiny bolt. He actually hit her! Chloe fell to her bottom, her eyes wide as she surveyed Ten. She couldn’t see his passion over this, but as Sealsdramon launched himself forward the bond between them, the desire to keep each other safe, was an undeniable as the fact the cyborg digimon would kill them if they did nothing. Ten’s form glowed and changed within a heartbeat. His new form, like before, shone bright colors fitting of the rainbow and his spear clashed with the knife of the enemy. The metal clanging on the metal staff, a sour sound to the ears, snapped Chloe out of her fear. The feeling of battle, the passion to protect one another becoming her new force bringing her out of whatever fear she had previously.

    Standing up, Chloe’s eyes shifted to a fiery zeal. “Get him, Ten,” she said.

    JewelBeemon smiled, his digidestined finally getting on the same page. His physical strength matched Sealsdramon. The cyborg was pushing against him with just a knife, and one hand. When Ten noticed he was only using one hand, he guessed he underestimated the digimon’s true strength. As it was, they were at a stalemate. Ten recalled just a little to force another push, having the Sealsdramon chuckle and leap backwards. The cyborg immediately came back, pushing Ten back a few inches. Again, he recalled himself and shot forward. Again. Again. Jewelbeemon’s arms were already getting sore.

    Sealsdramon disappeared in a second. He was there in front of the bug man and then he wasn’t. JewelBeemon, Ten, had relaxed himself for the moment and looked around. But then he braced himself tightly, as he felt an attack coming. It was then, as he tensed, he swung the spear at the speed of light. The shockwave taking Sealsdramon by surprise, so much so he stopped in his immense dash around Ten. The bug man took this time to charge forward himself and shoulder bash into the cyborg, sending the digimon back away from Chloe. With one more step, Ten was up in Sealsdramon’s face again.

    It was never ending. Both were seemingly matched. Chloe looked around and found a tree to hide behind. Her fingers pushed into the bark, nerves pinching at every sound of the two colliding together.

    Then she saw Sealsdramon move so quick, Ten couldn’t react. The cyborg was behind him! As she went to warn him, the knife came down and stabbed the bug man in the back. The scream Ten let out sent Chloe to her knees, her legs giving out from trembling too much.

    Ten kneeled on the ground, holding himself up by the spear in his right hand. Sealsdramon looked over him, this time there was no smile. The knife was brought up again, and then down. Time stopped. Ten’s form seemed to convert back into his child form, Tentomon. The knife everso creeping down upon him. Another glow covered the ladybug-like digimon as his form grew to three times his size, if not more by the time he stopped glowing. The new insect digimon was huge, and scary looking as Chloe fell backwards by the sudden gust from it’s much larger than Tentomon wings.

    The knife was stopped by the bug monster’s hand. It grabbed Sealsdramon at the wrist before electrocuting him. The electricity buzzed through the cyborg digimon’s body quickly, a light blue color swam over the armor.

    “What is this!?” Sealsdramon shouted out in pain.

    “I’m Kabuterimon. This is my adult form. Kabuterimon!” As he said his name a second time, small white light came from his horn before it looked like small blades shoot forth. They blew back the cyborg’s body, but he was still being held. Kabuterimon’s wings began to flap again as he launched himself off of the ground into the cyborg’s body, horn first.

    As Sealsdramon got blown back toward Chloe, even sliding along the ground and ruining the healthy grass, he was struggling to stop himself and get to his feet. “Heh,” he mumbled.

    He is hurt, Chloe thought. There was a visible struggle to get back up after taking the electrocution, whatever shot from the horn, and then the headbutt. The quick consecutive attacks blindsided him. But the breeze picked up again. Chloe looked back to Ten, the giant monster bug, and saw a large ball of energy in front of him as he was lifted off of the ground. The energy ball shot forward. As it soar through the air, Chloe could feel the power of the attack. It scraped the ground, picking up some dirt and rock before slamming into, and engulfing, Sealsdramon.

    The digimon let out a yell of pain that seemed to echo in Chloe’s head even after his data burst into the upward-flying cloud.

    Kabuterimon lowered himself to the ground before collapsing. His body ached from the battle, however brief it looked. His form converted to something even smaller than Tentomon’s. With all of his energy used up, this form he took was like a little bug inside of a sack. Minomon, a cute baby or fresh stage digimon.

    Chloe ran to her digimon partner, scooping him up out of any harm’s way. Her eyes were filled with conflict. Even Ten noticed. Her beautiful Tentomon partner digivolved into a monstrous bug, large and faceless. A mouth that gapped open and looked like it could swoop her up and consume her in one swift action. On the other side of things, she remembered it was Ten, her partner. That had meant something. Finally, she came around a let a smile out as a tear of joy rolled down her face.

    “You scared me,” she whispered, snuggling the Minomon to her chest.

    Ten knew she was afraid of his true form. “Because he was a challenge or because of my adult stage form?”

    The moment was interrupted. She held Minomon at arm’s length and stared at him with a frown. Chloe knew Ten could see past her, always, and it would never be something she liked. So transparent, so open. Readable.

    “Both,” she admitted. “I didn’t know you could turn into something else. I’ve only seen the bug man, JewelBeemon. You didn’t use the digimental that time.”

    Ten nodded. “You’re right. I was losing some power, but knew that my adult form, Kabuterimon, would have the strength to overpower him at further range. It is my true form, though, Chloe.” The worry was painted on his tiny, cute face. “You have to be okay with it going forward, and whatever I can digivolve into.”

    Chloe nervously cracked a smile. She made a weird sound with her teeth and tongue. “It isn’t like I don’t think you’re cool,” she joked, “I was just startled.”

    She embraced the tiny digimon again, but her eyes wandered off into the forest from which they came. Majiramon knew they left, and defeated the Commandramon unit. Now once Sealsdramon didn’t return, he would know they bested him, too. Who knows who else he would send, if any digimon, or if he would come after them himself. Ten certainly wasn’t ready, she thought. They really need to get to BanchoLeomon before something comes their way.

    A single tear fell from her eye. This one wasn’t of joy; quite the opposite, it was formed out of fear.

    Back at the Hive (The Next Day)

    The whole place was in an uproar. The dragon lord was very impatient digimon. There had been no word from his assassin, and plenty of time between the cyborg digimon's departure and when he should have gotten his job done. Majiramon was in his chambers, head balancing on his hand, pondering if Sealsdramon could be defeated. The digimon was his personal warrior, never before beaten.

    "Could this child be that strong? Does she have some unique power?" He asked out loud, but to no one in particular. He held up a bell and dangled it, the chime going off. Instantly, a few dragon digimon piled into his office. "Bring me that Tentomon's friends. I think it was a Kunemon and a Dokunemon. They can be of use, I'm sure."

    An evil smile appeared under his mustache.