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    Luca the Kudamon & Sofia the Biyomon

      "You think he's okay," a whispering voice said. He could feel a faint weight on his chest like a cat. Only Kissa his calico couldn't talk.

      "Oh, he's stirring,"
      another voice said as he began to open his eyes. A wide-eyed white cat was on his chest. It looked somewhat frightened.

      "Hello kitty," Lamberto muttered reaching up to scratch its head.

      "I'm not exactly a cat," it said jumping away in surprise and scurrying away. It had talked!

      He sat up quickly as it set in. Was he dreaming? No this was certainly real he could feel the grass and the wind. His gaze roamed over the ground around him looking for the white thing that had been on his chest. He found it only it was hiding behind a bright pink bird.

      "I dunno if humans can eat any of this but I have herbs if you need anything,"
      the pink bird said making Lamberto blink in confusion.

      "You talk,"
      he said dumbfounded and obviously nowhere near home now that he thought about it. He was confused and disoriented beyond a doubt.

      "Yep, we're digimon,"
      the pink bird said. "I'm Sofia and this is Luca."

      "Digimon," he said questioningly.

      "Mhmm, that's our class,"
      Sofia nodded. "It's probably a lot to take in. So take your time we aren't in that big a rush."

      "I'm a kudamon,"
      Luca said shyly.

      "And I'm a Piyomon, those are our species,"
      Sofia said smiling.

      She was right it was a lot to take in. Talking animals called digimon. The fact he wasn't in Kansas anymore which he wasn't in, to begin with, but still.

      "Uh, Lamberto,"
      he finally said struggling with it all but accepting it slowly but surely. "Where am I?"

      "Tropical Jungle of the digital world,"
      Sofia responded.

      "How did I get here,"
      he continued asking.

      "No one really knows. Humans are appearing everywhere but neither they or us have any ideas what is going on. It's interesting and scary all at once,"
      Sofia said reaching out and patting his leg. "Don't worry though we'll stick with ya and help ya. It's the right thing to do after all since you are pretty much lost. I'd invite you to my home but you have no wings." She smiled a bit.

      "Very true,"
      he said in response. Finally feeling well enough to stand and have a better look around. "I have no idea what I'm going to do."

      "One step at a time,"
      Luca said making Sofia nod in agreement.

      "First is food and a place you can actually stay. Then we can all figure out how to get you home,"
      Sofia added on.

      "Yeah, umm lead the way I guess,"
      Lamberto said scratching his head. He still had a dozen questions but food did sound good. Sofia took his hand in her wing reassuringly as she started to walk. Luca right behind them.
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      Ignis the Iguneetmon

        "These contract really vary don't they?" Kaiden inquired as he pulled the backpack slung around his shoulders. It was filled with various supplies that they were suppose to delivery to a nearby village. Since officially joining the Digital Brigade he and Ignis had done a variety of different tasks. Kaiden had expected work as a mercenary to be far more exciting than it had actually turned out to be. While things like hunting down bandits were there. Tasks like retrieving an item or delivering supplies were far more common. He wasn't sure how he felt about it. All he knew was that it gave him something to focus his attention on. While he wasn't entirely motivated to do these things, he had been doing them.

        The bipedal reptile in front of Kaiden peeked his head over his shoulder,"That's part of our appeal. We're willing to take on pretty much any job as long as it's nothing to amoral." Ignis had been with the DigiBrigade for awhile. He joined when they had saved him from a life of servitude. He owed the Digital Brigade a lot, and it was debt he'd never be able to repay. Not that they were asking him to. "The weight of that backpack not too much for you is it? I'd hate to see you drop it." he chuckled as readjusted the backpack he himself was carrying.

        Kaiden rolled his eyes, "Yeah I think I'll manage." it wasn't like there was anything particularly heavy in it anyway. Ignis had gone out of his way to take the pack with the heavier supplies. Kaiden was going to make some kind of sarcastic remark to Ignis but was stopped when he began to notice people approaching in the distance. From the looks of it was a human and two Digimon. He clutched the straps of the backpack. Trouble? He didn't like assuming the worse in people but it made things a lot easier. He wasn't too worried though. If they tried anything he'd beat them back no problem.

        Ignis was the one who actually made contact with trio as they met up in the middle of the path. He fold his arms against his chest and let his yellow eyes scan over each one of them. They didn't seem dangerous The human even looked to be a bit confused. "What have we got here?" he inquired before answering his own question. "A Kudmon and a Biyomon with a human." a friendly smile spread across Ignis's features.

        "What brings you guys to Tropical Jungle?" Kaiden asked as he took up position next to Ignis. He made sure to keep a tight hold on the backpack.
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        Luca the Kudamon & Sofia the Biyomon

          "Another person," Lamberto said almost hesitantly. He wasn't sure what to make of running into another human let alone the strange almost human-like digimon in front of them. At least he assumed it was a digimon or a very weird person who dressed like a ninja.

          "Hello," Sofia said giving a small wave even as Luca hid behind her. "We were actually gathering herbs from these parts. When we ran into Lamberto here."

          "Hi," he said giving a faint wave at her mentioning his name.

          "He's still new to the world. I don't think its all soaked in yet,"
          Sofia said chuckling slightly at his shy answer. It reminded her of Luca.

          "No not really,"
          Lamberto said in agreement. "Is there a way back?" It didn't hurt to ask. This would be the first person he's met besides these two. So maybe they knew something. Though he doubted it would be that easy.

          Luca peered out from behind Sofia. They were both larger than him and his first instinct was to run just like it had been when Lamberto woke up. Bigger meant the more easily he was stepped on or bullied for being small in his eyes. That's why he stuck to Sofia like glue because she would protect him.