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      Ivan and Diablo had no idea what was going on! They were minding their own business in their tropical jungle when all of the sudden a couple Tanemon ran up to them in a panic and told them that they had heard about a massive riot breaking out thanks to some Ogremon and some kind of mean "peace keeping force" causing trouble. Both Ivan and Diablo knew that if left unchecked a lot of innocent digimon could and would probably lose their lives! Knowing they couldn't waste any time Ivan pulled out his D-ark and his digivolution modify card.

      "Time to go to work! Digi-modify! Digivolution activate!"

      As Ivan swiped the card his digivice began to glow with a black raidence causing Diablo to be engulfed in a black ball of energy as he began to digivolve.

      "Impmon digivolve to!..Devimon!"

      Once Diablo finished digivolving the orb shattered and he stood tall in his champion level form. He then put his hand onto the ground palm up. Ivan then stepped on it and was quickly lifted upward as Diablo pushed off the ground and the two took to the sky. While they flew toward the city Ivan pulled out his D-terminal out of his back pocket and began to type a group message to his two friends Ezra and Veronika.

      "Ezra, Veronika this is Ivan! I'm heading toward File City to try and stop the riots! If you aren't there already meet me there! We might need a little back up."

      Once the message was sent and Ivan and Diablo were hovering over the city Ivan stuck his D-terminal back into his back pocket and motioned Diablo to land near where a couple Ogremon were smashing some shop stands with their clubs. Ivan just jumped down from Diablo's hand and let out a loud whistle to get the Ogremon;s attention while pulling out his digivice and his offense plug in card. He then swiped the card with a grin.

      "Digi-modify! Offense plug-in activate!"

      once the card was swiped both Ivan's digivice and Diablo glowed with a black aura as Diablo's strength was increased.

      "Time for you Ogremon to learn to not break what doesn't belong to you! Laser Wing!"

      As Diablo called out his attack he flapped his wings quickly and shot black energy blades out of them and at the group of Ogremon cutting them up,deleting them and sending their data back to primary village.

      "Normally I'd be against deleting digimon but I don't think some of these guys are gonna give us much choice. That's a few down and a lot to go."
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        Ivan saw a response on his D-Terminal after the Ogremon have been dealt with, Ezra's name showing below his with a message.

        "Things have been really tense the past few days, but I didn't think things were going to get this violent! I led some smaller digimon to a basement in a cafe on the east side of town to keep them safe for now. Let me know when you get here, I don't think I'm going to be able to protect everyone by myself."

        Ezra put the D-Terminal away and looked at the small horde of a couple dozen baby and rookie digimon cowering in the large room, some crying, some panicking, yet some excited by all the action going on just upstairs "Everyone calm down! Help is on the way. I promise, you're going to be alright." he spoke reassuringly as he watched up the stairs, one hand on his D-Scanner because he felt like he was going to need it very soon. "Maybe we should evacuate..." he mumbled out loud as he considered his options. He couldn't help quell the riots if he was stuck watching these kids in a basement, and if things got worse, he knew he couldn't protect them here by himself anyway.

        Taking a peek upstairs, he began scouting nearby, hoping to spot his friends or find an open escape route for the smaller digimon.
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          Ivan felt his D-terminal vibrate leading him to pull it back out to see that young Ezra had replied to him. When Ivan read the reply his eyes went wide as he saw that Ezra had corralled a bunch of small digimon into the basement of a cafe and that he needed help. Ivan just nodded at his D-terminal and quickly typed out a reply as Diablo watched his back.

          "Diablo and I are on our way! You might wanna power up because I think things are gonna get worse before they get better!"

          Once the reply was sent Ivan looked up at Diablo with a serious expression as the human tucked his D-terminal back into his pocket. He then took Diablo's large hand leading Diablo to begin hovering in the air lifting his tamer off the ground. Ivan then pointed to the east.

          "Ezra needs us at a small cafe on the east side! He has a bunch of small digimon hold up there for safety but if he gets ambushed they are doomed! We need to go now!"

          Knowing how serious the situation was becoming, Diablo didn't say a word instead flying at top speed toward the cafe while holding onto his tamer. As they headed toward their destination Ivan spotted another small group of three Ogremon heading for the cafe and the other buisnesses on the East side. They needed to get those digimon out before the Ogremon showed up.

          Once the pair got close to their destination Ivan let go of his digimon's hand and let himself free fall the few feet to the ground making sure to roll as his body hit so he wouldn't hurt himself. He then motioned for Diablo to stay air born above the shop while pulling out his digivice and using it like a walky talky so that Diablo could hear him.

          "You cover the front exit! I'll get Ezra and the small digimon and get them out through the back! Send a signal if trouble get's here before we get out."

          In response Diablo just nodded. Once they had a plan in place Ivan ran into the Ccafe and quickly spotted Ezra peeking up the stairs from the basement and quickly made his way to him gripping his shoulder seeing how paniced he was. He had to make sure that the younger boy knew he could pull this off.

          "You got this kid. I have Diablo up above us watching the front exit. There is a group of three Ogremon heading this way but we have a little time. How many digimon are in the basement? Does this place have a back exit? If it does we can get them out through there and find them a safe place to lay low. I hate to say it buddy but it's time to put on your war face."

          Ivan then just motioned with his head toward Ezra's digivice. He knew the boy didn't like to fight but this was one of those rare times where peace just wasn't an option.
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            Veronika squeezed her D-Ark in her right hand as she simply watched the chaos around her explode. The teen's golden amber eyes burned with a sort of fury as all of the chaos ensued. She let the message from a familiar person ring out but didn't do a thing to respond. Why was she even here? At least before she had the excuse that there was no controlling her Digimon, but for some reason she had this strong urge to be here. Ogremon and the Digital Dawn were all attacking each other in various parts of File City. The scene surrounding the situation was quite horrible, but why should Veronika have had anything to do with this?

            ...She remembered the screams of all of those Digimon. Those Digimon, loyal to the Digital Dawn all meant to protect the innocent of the Digital World, so many were slain. And what did Veronika do? Instead of standing and fighting, she jumped into a portal because she thought she heard a cry for help.

            Needless to say, she hasn't been the same since.

            Someone else had changed quite a bit. The once joyful and happy Terriermon, Tanya, was now depressed, and at times angry. Veronika had found Tanya rather annoying this entire trip, but recently she couldn't stand the sight of her partner, and even hated Tanya. Veronika let out a sigh. A meeting at the Tropical Jungle had quelled her hatred of Tanya, but there was still a massive rift between them, and a guilt lingering in Veronika. The teen remembered the bitter words she said to the poor Digimon. It was her own fault that Tanya was like this... and now this was happening.

            Veronika should have stayed like Tanya wanted. Maybe she could have helped! She should have... done what she was told like she had from the beginning. Then maybe this wouldn't have happened...

            ...She wanted to get these thoughts out of her head, but she just wanted to stay in her hiding place, safe behind the trees. She heard the call Ivan called out, though. She couldn't just stand here, and knew he wouldn't let her. Veronika looked down at her partner, who looked up at her sadly. Veronika gave Tanya a sad smile, whilst the Digimon herself looked away.

            Tanya wanted to get this over with. So did Veronika.

            The teen looked at the Digivice and at the cards. She'd tried using them before but nothing seemed to have happened. Honestly, Veronika wouldn't have been surprised if that was her fault, too. "Well," Veronika sighed. "We'd better get started, Tanya."

            Tanya silently walked into the fray alongside her tamer.
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              Ezra reeled back a little upon being grabbed by the shoulders "Easy, I'm fine." he brushed him off and looked toward the exit, wondering just how close those Ogremon were, and already feeling slightly annoyed that Ivan seemed to think he was coming to Ezra's rescue as well.

              The boy began answering his questions in turn, happy to update him on the situation "There's a couple dozen. I just pulled in anyone fleeing to get them out of the way. I'd say it'd be safer to wait this out, but I'm afraid if things get more out of control, there won't be any more hiding here."

              "There's an exit in the back of the kitchen." he motioned to the back "But someone smashed it in, and there's a bunch of debris around it, so the front's the only way out."

              "And I might not be excited for it, but I'm perfectly capable of fighting back if someone tries anything here." Ezra sounded a little irritated about being talked down to. He was well aware that Ivan was a better fighter, but he was experienced enough at facing down other digimon at this point that he shouldn't have needed a pep talk. "I'd have gotten these guys out of here by now myself if I could just carry them all on my back as Firamon, but there's too many for me to just walk out of the city with unnoticed or without losing track of them, and I'm not leaving them here without anyone to watch them. So now that you're here, let's clear a path for these guys!"

              Ezra impatiently grabbed his D-Scanner and waved it over his hand "Execute spirit evolution!" he shouted before disappearing into a flash of light, leaving behind the large lion, Firamon "Now let's just go make that path!" he started quickly making his way toward the front entrance.
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                Ivan listened silently as Ezra explained the situation. A couple dozen low level digimon were in the basement and the back way out was smashed in and so the front was the only way out. That was just fantastic! Luckily Ivan and Diablo had a few new tricks up their sleeves. Ivan couldn't help but hear the aggitation in Ezra's voice as he explained that if there wasn't so many of them he could have taken them all to safety on his own as firamon. This gave Ivan the impression that he had upset Ezra.

                "I didn't mean to make it sound like I didn't think you could take care of yourself. I just remembered you telling me that using your spirits tires you out."

                Ivan found himself both stunned impressed as he watched Ezra spirit digivolve into Firamon. He was so impressed that he couldn't help but smile and raise an eyebrow. Once he finished digivolving and said for them to go make a path Ivan just nodded and followed his powerful friend out. Once they were outside and the group of three Ogremon approached Ivan just popped his neck and pulled out his newest modify card as Diablo hovered above them.

                "Ezra, I've been wanting to use this card ever since our first adventure together!"

                Ivan then slid the digi-modify card down the slot on his digivice, the device glowing with a dark brilliant light.

                "Digi-modify! Thor's hammer activate!"

                Once Ivan finished swiping the card a black beam shot out of the screen on his digivice and shot up to Diablo's left hand as he held it to the sky. In an instant Zudomon's hammer formed in his palm and was instantly charged with electricity as lightning struck it. Seeing this Ivan and Diablo just smirked in unison as Diablo kept the hammer held high. Ivan just held his digivice up to his mouth like a walki talkie to speak to Diablo.

                "You've got the lightning! Light the bastards up!"

                Diablo grinned at this order and aimed his new weapon down at one of the Ogremon and blasted it with lightning making it fly back but not deleting it. Knowing both his partner and his friend had things covered Ivan looked over at Ezra.

                "I'm going to start getting the digimon out. I know you and Diablo can handle these punks. Oh if you see a young girl with a Terriermon they are on our side! Just tell them we're working together!"

                Ivan then ran back inside and down to the basement.

                "Alright guys I'm gonna help get you out of here. Does anyone need to be carried?"
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