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    Zen the Veemon

      Where was Aya? How would we find her?

      Toshiro studied the D-Terminal with wild attention. There were a few beeps here and there, a light or two that flickered. He didn’t know what they met and wondered if Aya’s would come up a different color. If not, he’d have to chase down every dot, every lead. He just wanted to find his friend and challenge her, but now he wondered what it would take. No, he thought, he cannot give up. This was the point of the Sengoku Games. There would be no victory in taking over land if they never looked and fought inward to conquer land.

      “Toshiro,” Zen said, drawing out the name, “I’m bored. What are we going to do? What are we going to fight?”

      “Not everything has to be fighting,” Toshiro commented, “But it does happen to us a lot, huh?”

      Zen only nodded. There was the dragons, almost, but the maniac bunny or rat digimon, the scorpion digimon, and even the chameleon digimon. There was almost the oversized gecko digimon, one with a large tuba horn on his shoulders. What a terrifying chance that was. “Toshiro, you promised a day off.”

      In the forest, not too far from the group, was mumbling. Toshiro could barely tell what the mumbling was saying, but he heard it was a light female voice. His ears perked in the direction, his head turning ever so slightly to try and identify the voice. It was light like Aya’s, young and definitely a good possibility. He checked the D-Terminal, but saw no dot. He took off in the direction of the voice in a slow walk, Zen taking notice and following with louder steps. Toshiro held a finger vertically over his lips. In the break of the dense forest was a colorful town, made of strange buildings and the ground in a weird fashion that looked like checkered patterned with bright color patches. In the opening of trees and towers made of toy blocks, a tall girl wearing red and black stood over a tiny red and blue digimon.


      “Shush, Zen. That isn’t Aya but it is a digidestined, right?”

      Zen shot his friend a look, a bad look, but his eyes softened into a confused and disappointed look. Finding Aya would mean he had to fight. The woman turned and snatched up an egg, a purple striped egg from the ground. It was then that Zen noticed the eggs, and he could tell Toshiro just noticed them too with the surprised expression he had.

      “Digi-eggs? What is this place?” Zen asked, but Toshiro shook his head with no answer.

      “Elecmon, you need to shut the hell up. I need this baby digimon for when they hatch. Digidestined pay great money for them.”

      “What could they use baby digimon for?”

      “You always ask that, and I always tell you. Whatever the hell they want.” The woman turned, her hat becoming more noticable. A witch’s hat. Her large, powerful red gloved hand smacked the Elecmon in the face. The smaller digimon looked to the ground, trembling in fear. “I won’t be hearing this over and over, I’m tired of it. I have a special request, by the way,” she looked around the field of eggs, “when one of them hatch into a Jyarimon, I need it.”

      “I won’t let you have the baby digimon, Witchmon. You just can’t take them for your own profit!”

      “Let I remind you, child, you’re but that, a child.” She raised her hand and laughed, taunting the Elecmon. A blue hand grabbed her own. “What the hell!?”

      Behind her was Zen, digivolved into his own adult form. His teeth were showing, a snarl even Toshiro could hear from a few feet behind them in a bush. No more, Zen thought, screw this lady. “What are you doing to these eggs?”

      “None of your business, dragon. But maybe you are a buyer? I sell baby digimon to bidders. If you’re looking for a companion to raise and use, I could show you a list.”

      Elecmon ran behind the blue adult digimon, “ExVeemon, you must help me. Witchmon controls a branch of the Digimon Black Market. They’ve been attacking me and the other babies, kidnapping them. I’m simply not strong enough.”

      There was only so much Zen could handle, but only so much Toshiro could handle. “Black Market? For digimon, you say?” He looked curious at first, but Zen snarled at the Witchmon once more. “That is just wrong. Lady, you better put the egg back down and call it a day.”

      “Oh, yay,” she had a mockingly sly smile and chuckle, “heroes.”
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      Mork the Goblimon

        The tamer became conscious to the sound of loud, monsterous snoring. She sat up quickly, panic sending her heart into a frenzy. For an entire minute, Mina didn't recognize her environment. Where was she? Why wasn't she in her bed at home? Gradually, her memory returned... She was in the rumored Digital World.

        The campfire had fizzled out sometime during the early morning. Among a nest of leaves and fresh vegetation, the brutish Goblimon dozed on noisily. She exhaled a sigh. Something like him was definitely not good for appearances. Her entire outward persona was based around ditzy, cutesy stuff. How did she end up with a boorish creature like him?

        The morning waned on into noon. Mina thought long and hard about what she was going to do now. Where had Mork been going, anyway? She was pondering many similar questions when the bushes rustled nearby. Her body tensed, eyes searching the brush for any sign of a large threat. Mork snoozed on. The shrubbery shook again and out rolled a furless, grey fish-like creature with wide eyes and a curl of red-orange hair. Her Digivice beeped and displayed an image of the creature: Bukamon.

        "H-help! Help us!"

        He fell over, minor scratches all over his body and he was panting hard. Mina pocketed her Digivice and hurried over to him. He had been one of the smaller creatures in Primary Village yesterday.

        "What are wrong?"

        "The witch... She's back... Elecmon is danger, you have to help! He won't let her take the rest of us. She'll kill him! Please, help!"

        Mina rushed over to the dozing Goblimon and shook him violently. "Wake up! Help! You need to get awake! WAKE!!"

        He growled and rolled over, shoving her away with his arm. She fell back onto her butt and glanced to her left where his spiked mace was left unattended. Now frantic with worry for the village of babies, Mina snatched the mace up and bonked him hard on the shoulder with the handle. He sat up, wide awake, roaring in pain.

        "WHO--WHA--Oh. It's you. Why did you hit me?!"

        "Help! The village is attacked!"

        Mork rubbed his shoulder and glared at her. He was still in a daze from waking up and his eyes moved from her to the exhausted Bukamon laying on the ground. It took him a minute to catch up, but some alarms finally went off and he stood up with another growl. The green brute jerked his weapon from the girl.

        "Grab him and let's go."

        Mina lifted the weakened Bukamon from the ground with the same tenderness she used to pick up her young brother when he slept. They hurried through the forest with the greatest urgency until they arrived at the edge of the forest. A giant blue dinosaur was threatening a witch. Her Digivice beeped with its completed analysis, but she couldn't check it just now. Her arms were full.

        "What we do?"

        The Goblimon examined the scene. His idea was always to bull-rush in, but there were babies around and he knew he couldn't take either of those Digimon on without being in his higher form. He looked at Mina, brows furrowed. Now that he had found her, there was no way he could Digivolve on his own. Beyond her, he spotted another human boy crouching in the bushes nearby. Mork's gaze roamed from the boy to the ExVeemon. They must be partners.

        "Go talk to that boy. I'll take care of this."

        He pointed at the hidden boy with his mace, then started on his way down the hill. Mina, surprised to see another human, rushed down to the bushes and crouched beside him. She cradled the now sleeping Bukamon in her arms. Her focus was not on the boy, but on the Goblimon as he wandered up in a non-chalant manner to the witch Digimon and the dinosaur threatening her, his spiked mace resting on his shoulder.

        "Morning, Ellie," he greeted the Elecmon cheerfully. "I see you have quite the party today. Why wasn't I invited?"

        The Elecmon hurried from behind the ExVeemon towards the familiar presence of Mork. "She's here for the babies. She wants to sell them in the black market. Please, Mork, you can't let her take them! They're just babies."

        "Now, Ellie, be reasonable. I'm sure she just wants them to find a good home, like you do. You're always going on about them needing to be adopted. What's the difference?"

        Elecmon's fearful frown drew a deep-bellied laugh from the Goblimon. He pat the striped rabbit on the head and came to stand beside the taller dinosaur.

        "You worry too much, Ellie. Selling a baby and reuniting it with its true partner sounds atrocious. I've grown rather fond of the brats and would hate to see any harm come to them. Now, witch, won't you please leave? You're frightening the children."

        Some of the babies popped their heads out of their hidey-holes. Mina pet the sleeping Bukamon in her arms, her gaze unable to move from the Goblimon. She had just met him and he was a very rough character, but for some reason, she was worried about him.