Wanted Desired Roles.

Discussion in 'Plotting' started by Ominous Devidramon, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Ominous the Devidramon

      First: I desire a human/digimon team with a ladydevimon form for a romantic relationship between my ominous and the digimon. To futher understand what I want on this topic and there is a bit of details on this one look under my profile and click the word plotter.

      Note: -Otherwise you are reading the 'about me' selection of my profile that appears under the word plotter. Making the 'about me' seem as if it my plotter when it isn't.

      Second: I want an RP partner where I could Jogress fusion with that is a crested digimon preference is female. While if I can't find a female crested digimon a male crested digimon will do yet it is personal matter as to why I prefer it this way.

      Note: - I also will prefer it if the RP partner was the same digi level as my ominous so as to little and if lucky no issues arise with the Jogress fusions. Please take into account that my ominous will preferably be the passive partner in the fusion. Being much more subconscious thoughts than active ones preferably, yet we must go by whatever both parties have agreed upon. I do assume that all Jogress fusion requires an agreement on who, how and when there fusion is controlled.

      P.S. Everything is up for negotiating upon the acceptance to whom first reply to the second selection. However staff in the end has final say so if an agreement can't be reach by ourselves on the matter.