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Discussion in 'Link Back' started by DetectiveBallista, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. D-Space: A Digital Multiverse

    To break the bonds locked by space-time and enter a reality where anything is possible. In D-Space you can experience the worlds of those that came before and those that will come after. See the Digital World in every stage and fight alongside the heroes of legend. Your Digimon and ship await you, step aboard for a tour through space and time. Will you step up to the challenge and protect the Digital World, or lurk in the shadows, planning the collapse of everything?

    D-Space is a PG-13, free-form Digimon RP site based in the vast expanse of space. Following an apocalyptic event, humans and Digimon alike are forced to survive and travel the stars as individual groups known as "Line Runners", small teams who raid nearby planets based on past Digimon seasons for the sake of fame, fortune and glory. Although, does something sinister lurk within? Well, that would be telling.

    With a player focused plot that advances via your own progression, D-Space promises a friendly and welcoming community with open minds and open ideas. We follow rules as standard, so anyone is welcome as long as they play nice.​