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    Lugh the Hackmon

      quick info and links

      Name, age, gender, sexuality: Lorelei Larue Leith, 21, female, heterosexual
      From, resides, ethnicity, religion: North Carolina, USA, Scotland, GB, Scottish-American, non-religious
      Physical attributes: 5'6, thin, long red hair, blue eyes
      Crest, digimon, digimon's crest: Light, Lugh the Hackmon, hope
      Demeanor: People-person, sweet, caring, trusting, positive, open, accepting, goofy
      Hobbies: Anything that keeps her socializing with people
      Links: profile, plotter & tracker linked above

      Played by, age, experience: Lore, 27, 18 yrs experience
      Character FC & changes: Gou Matsuoka, FREE! - changed eyes to blue, hair more red than pink.

      friends and family

      As expected, Lorelei treats her friends and family like royalty. She loves, cares, and supports them unconditionally, and makes herself available to them as much as possible. She may sometimes spread herself a little thin, but she does it happily. Lore always has an open heart, an open mind, and a listening ear, and is happy to give advice or aid when it is requested of her. She will go out of her way and will give the shirt off her back if it means helping a loved one, and all it really takes to gain her friendship is an introduction.


      Lorelei is a heterosexual female who generally see's the best in everyone and tends to look past the skin to whats deeper. She's drawn to guys who are caring and sweet, but who are also usually leaders or are strong-willed. Still, she finds love easily and anyone is likely to catch her eye and her heart. Unfortunately, that truth is easily taken advantage of, so she's had her heart broken a couple of times. But she doesn't let that deter her or spoil her outlook on love. She remains ever sweet and hopeful.

      frenemies and enemies

      Lore is the type of person to kill with kindness, but in the least ill-meaning way possible. She acknowledges that she can be annoying and can run people the wrong way sometimes, and understands why some people may be irritated by her. But she will always try to push positivty, to befriend, and to extend trust to anyone. Her forgiveness is freely given, no matter what the person might have done in the past, and she believes anyone can always change for the better and find redemption. Rarely will she say anything negative about another person, for she chooses to see the best in everyone, and as a pacifist, she would rather talk out issues than fight.

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    • Lance OOC

        So... as I see it, I've got two characters that could probably go well with her, in different ways.

        First up is Varius, a socially awkward, sweets-loving rabbit who'd be a bit... down after the events on the mountain (and may be a bit more awkward around another Hackmon as a result), not to mention all but giving up on finding his old family. He's taken to a bit of sightseeing lately, if she likes to do any of that... or otherwise he tends to get himself in a bit of trouble with his newspaper story ventures that he gets sent off on, so really just about anything could work to that end!

        Then there's Ambre Travers, who's a bit locked to File City and areas around it thanks to being wheelchair-bound. Also a bit socially awkward, though some of it stems from her partner's insistence on making a general pain of himself (he and Myrrdin probably wouldn't get along well... but then he doesn't get along well with much of anyone anyway >.>; ). She can go out further if she decides to digivolve (for as much as she and Edgar argue while taking on the form of a Reppamon), but... all in all, she could use some friends that wouldn't get chased off by her partner.

        Lemme know if you're interested in any (either here or on Discord, or wherever); just some loose ideas at the moment, but I can always come up with more!
      • Lore OOC

          @Lance I love both of these and we must do both of these! Since everyone gets stuck on File Island initially, I'd have been stuck there at some point, so we can make that work for Ambre. Hackmon might not have never-ending patience, but Lore does, so she'll make it work with Edgar! And since Myrddin's adult form is BaoHackmon, maybe if Edgar would digivolve, they could go riding together!

          As for Varius, Lore is gonna definitely be the type that wants to explore and see as much of the digital world as possible, and Hackmon will be fine with that because he'll see it as patrolling. Plus if Varius is feeling down, Lore will do anything to try and help cheer him up. So we could do a bit of that, and a bit of troublemaking! I'm up for whatever :)
        • Lance OOC

            @Lore All of that sounds good to me! As for Ambre... I suppose we could conceivably come up with anything in File City, or maybe get her on a path with a bit of tough going for a wheelchair somewhere in the forest a little ways outside it? And for Varius... hm... maybe somewhere around Coela Point, or even somewhere around the mountains? Plenty of potential trouble or whatnot we could come up with for either. And as far as threads go, gonna be a bit busy on and off today, but I'd be fine with making one/both once we've decided on any starting points and such.
          • Llave OOC

              @Mirko Minaeva is a very angry trashy brawling street boy wrapped up in the veneer of polite society. it's as effective as putting bow tie on a raccoon. I'm thinking Lorelei is just the kind of person to get dragged in and out of trouble by someone like Mirko. I know in another life they bonded over escaping certain death together in a fire-forged friendship kind of way, so I'd be super excited to see how they'd play out here. In terms of clashing, there's just the fact that Mirko is very willing to do the things that good guys don't, and Lorelei will have her hands full pulling him onto the straight and narrow.
            • Lore OOC

                lore is going to take mirko in and turn him into a little ball of trashy good love
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              • Treble Staff Member Moderator OOC

                  So; we're doing things based on former bonds then, are we? In that case I totally have Lorelei's not-step brother here in @River Addams who is totally going through a rough time right now and could totally use another ball of light like Lore to help him out of a tough spot right now. Clearly, we have their current thread going on where they meet up, but like... that's a month before the current time and yeah. So he could totally use Lore's help in getting his head clear and just in general getting his shit together, y'know what I mean? Also they're totally besties and it is absolutely possible that even in this universe their parents are doing the thing.
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                    ewww you said their parents are doing the thing grossss
                    but also all the yes obvs
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