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    Completed Threads
    Completed threads can earn quest passes, which are used to participate in quests. To qualify for a quest pass, a participant must have at least 10 posts in the thread.

    Abandoned threads can also be submitted if at least two weeks have passed since the last reply or the other participant(s) have explicitly left the site. If an abandoned thread is submitted for completion but later revived, it cannot be resubmitted.
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    Thread: An Awesome Thread
    Participants: @Leo Smith
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  2. Zoe Zhang Hope Tracker
    Caia the Biyomon

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  3. Leo Smith Purity Plotter Tracker
    Rei the Flamon & Suto the Strabimon

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  4. Rina Matsuru Hope Plotter Tracker
    Tama the Patamon

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  5. Rosalie Fawkes Courage
    Ignis the Guilmon X

    • Finn Gardener Knowledge Tracker
      Asher the Roleplaymon

      • Cameron Sanders Tracker
        Pooh the Funbeemon & Palos the Zubamon

        • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
          Ten the Tentomon

        • Luciana De Luca Purity Plotter Tracker
          Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

            Would like to point out that since this account already has a quest pass by accident, you can skip rewarding a quest pass to Lucy's account.
          • Sanada Toshiro Courage Tracker
            Zen the Veemon

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            • Vash Parker Knowledge Plotter Tracker
              Misha the Liollmon

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              • Mihai Sala Kindness Plotter Tracker
                Ioana the Labramon

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                • Justlogin OOC

                    I dunno if I should do this if I wasn't the thread creator, so feel free to disregard those. Dunno if anyone gets anything out of inactive threads, but figured I'd post these up.

                    : Obligatory Hot Springs Episode (Inactive, Partner left)
                    Participants: @Michael Walker @Mirko Minaeva @Vash Parker

                    : gardening time (Inactive)
                    Participants: @Ava Thomas @Kazimir Wynter

                    : The Streets of File City (Inactive)
                    Participants: @Ava Thomas @Paige Greyson @Iwa Ishi

                    : Humon-Studies 101-gya! (Inactive)
                    Participants: @Dr. Theodore Basco, @Finn Gardener, @Iwa Ishi

                    Thread: Land of the Lost (Inactive)
                    Participants: @Luciana De Luca, @Alice Galen, @Varius

                    Thread: Ran Ragged (Inactive)
                    Participants: @Victor Caine, @Chinami Fujii, @Sanada Toshiro

                    Dinner and a Library (Partner left)
                    Participants: @Ava Thomas, @Mihai Sala

                    The Professor's Rivalry-gya! (Partner Left)
                    Participants: @Dr. Theodore Basco, @Darius Sung, @Mirko Minaeva, @Thomas Sanders
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