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    Kaida the Fladramon

      Cocktails & Concoctions sat in the grimy underbelly of File City. Its neon sign traced the outline of a cauldron and cocktail glass, cheerfully at odds with the establishments surrounding it, and within, a surreptitiously placed fog machine ghosted moisture and billowing vapor along the dance floor. Reds and greens bounced off the fog in distorted reflections.

      At 8PM, the bar-slash-club was blissfully empty. King had arrived an hour early, eager to scout out the location and greet the other players she had invited. The Witchmon bartender hadn't been all that pleased, especially when King sat nursing the same mixed drink for the whole hour, but she didn't complain. Her Fladramon partner Kaida did complain, though, until King had plied them with enough hot cinnamon shots to chill the fuck out.

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      Tama the Patamon

      She didn't really know what the building was, but she was going to enter it she decided. With her partner on her crown, Rina looked around inside when she found herself to be one of the first humans in the group to enter. A face she'd only seen a small image of was clear to her by the bar, but it was enough to catch her attention, leading her to run to the stranger's side. "Um...Are you King? I got a mail to come here from you. Some sort of gathering, right?"

      The ball upon her head was worried. The laws of digiworld apparently were different than the ones humans used, and the girl had run ahead from the two friends she'd made that he'd basically begged (in his mind) to help keep her in check. "Rina, you shouldn't have left without Arya and Zoe..." He would have paled, but it was invisible under his fur. She scratched behind his ear, giggling.

      "Ah, right! I'm Rina, and this worry-wart is Tama. Nice to meet you. Thanks for that reminder, Tama!"

      "Er, yeah..." The patamon sighed. Rina was playing off his concerns again, but at least she had met a new human to play with. Maybe, just maybe, things could turn out alright. So far, humans were usually good to her, after all. It could be worse, couldn't it?
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      Kaida the Fladramon

        King... well, King hadn't expected the first arrival to be a fucking child. She stared, a little panicked, at the girl as she introduced herself. "Yeah, yeah, I'm King!" she replied, forcing her usual enthusiasm. Fuck shit hell, what am I supposed to do with a kid? Where were Arya and Zoe!? They had promised to look after her! King wasn't cut out for this shit!

        Kaida squinted at Rina with hazy eyes. "I don't think—they should be allowed to drink," the Fladramon declared. "They are small. We don't usually allow our Child cousins indulge."

        King glared side-long at her partner. "No friggin duh," she muttered. "Well, take a seat, kid. You want a Shirley Temple?" She didn't think the Digital World had Shirley Temples, but she could describe them well enough for the bartender to reproduce.
      • Zoe Zhang Hope Tracker
        Caia the Biyomon

        Zoe was running a few minutes behind schedule. Well, it wasn’t as if she had to get to the party right away, but it seemed as though Rina had already gone on ahead. Which was bad. She hadn’t really meant to invite the younger girl to a party where they were planning on getting trashed, but she’d sent the invite out to all her contacts and had forgotten to take Rina off that list. It wasn’t like Zoe could uninvite her to the party after she’d seen the invite either; that would just be a jerk move.

        She had thought that either she or Arya would be around to keep an eye on Rina the entire time, but she hadn’t expected her to go on ahead. Everyone had agreed to not give Rina any alcohol, but Zoe didn’t know everyone that was going. Not to mention that a kid her age probably shouldn’t be in this end of town anyways. At least the bar wasn’t too difficult to find as it stood out against its grubby surroundings. At least it looked like King had picked a decent venue.

        Flinging open the door with more force than necessary, Zoe strode in with Caia a few steps behind her. Ignoring the dirty look the Witchmon bartender shot her for abusing the door, Zoe surveyed the bar. Aside from the bartender, it looked as though King, Rina, and their partners were the only people who had already arrive. Zoe allowed herself to relax when she spotted Rina; the younger girl had at least made it in one piece and it didn’t look as though she’d drank anything yet.

        “Hey, there you are!” she called out, heading over to join the others by the bar. “I thought you were going to wait up for me and Arya.”

        King looked a little nervous, so Zoe shot her what she hoped was a reassuring grin. Honestly, Zoe wasn’t exactly sure how she was going to look after Rina at this party either, but hopefully it wouldn’t be too difficult if Arya was here too.

        “I’ll have whatever she’s got,” Zoe said to the bartender, pointing at King’s drink. She wasn’t really sure if the drinks were the same here, so that was easier than trying to describe something specific.

        “Make that two of those,” Caia added, hopping up onto a bar stool.

        “And that doesn’t have alcohol in it, right?” Zoe asked the bartender, pointing at the drink she was sliding in Rina’s direction. The Witchmon shook her head, not entirely managing to hide the annoyed look on her face that stemmed from these humans barging in and being overly insistent she make a nonalcoholic drink. Humans were weird.
      • Arya Wagner Courage
        Nymeria the Yaksamon

        Arya wasn’t one to dawdle, but neither was she a particularly rapid walker. Her pace was slow and deliberate, pushing ever onward towards whatever goal that she deigned to focus upon. Unfortunately, that purposeful pace carried a price – Arya was almost chronically late if she didn’t have somebody available to usher her along upon a more expeditious pathway.

        Thankfully, Nymeria was available for just such an enterprise. The towering, lanky warrior led Arya by the dainty, slender hand. “Ah! Hello, everyone!” the teal-haired youth chimed happily, borrowing her patron’s eyes for a moment to get a lay of the land as her irises glowed with an eerie neon-lavender light.

        She meandered into the bar and took a seat to King’s right, smiling at the messy-haired blonde (or at least, in her direction) and giving a little wave with her right hand. “It’s good to see you,” she intoned happily. “And it’s good to catch up with you, little one!” Arya turned her attention towards Rina and clicked her tongue in jesting trepidation. “You need to be careful, running off like that. You know I do struggle to keep a set of eyes on you.”
      • Varius Love Plotter

        Hrm. He wasn't quite sure he liked this place... or even this area... or, well, a miscellaneous few things about this whole situation. Something about booze, and 'sloppy makeouts', and someone being... too young for any of it? That had to be some sort of human thing... probably.

        Not that he was anything close to an expert on even digimon culture...

        Yet still... here he was all the same, coming along the way to the spoken-of meeting point just in time to spot Zoe and Caia... well, barging in, so it seemed. Blinking in surprise at that sight, he watched another person from that chat... thing... go in a short time after, rather more calmly. Exhaling a slight sigh to calm himself down, the Lekismon hurried along to the place so he, hopefully, wouldn't miss anything -- for as little as he even knew what was even going on in the first place. Slipping in through the door, the rabbit shrunk back just slightly as the Witchmon behind the bar gave him an odd look -- the first digimon to arrive, it seemed, without a human companion.

        "I-I'll... have whatever," Varius spoke up, hurrying along to hop up to a seat at the bar. Ignoring the eyeroll he received from the Witchmon. Was that the right way to go about things? Well... probably not, but it wasn't as though he knew the first thing about drinks to be able to order something anyway, short of maybe pointing to it. "Erm... I guess I'm probably... the only one coming without a human, huh...?" he asked with an embarrassed little grin, glancing over to the others; a couple of whom he at least vaguely knew, others that he most certainly did not.
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        Kafka the Roachmon

          "Okay, so, party." Erika took a deep breath as she stared at the neon sign from across the street. She stood there, still as a statue under the battered white cloak her partner had purchased for her. The way she stood there, it was like that one movie with the exorcist except not really even close. She had told Kafka that she'd go on ahead while he waited for her plus one to get ready. At least, that's what she told them. Truth be told, she just wanted to be alone for a moment so that she could shake off the anxiety she was feeling.

          "Just a party. Totally normal thing to be at. Everybody likes a party. Just... Act natural. Act normal.

          How the fuck did people act at parties?

          Erika groaned and walked across the street, pulling her hood up and letting her hair obscure the extensive scarring on her face. With one swift motion, she pushed the door open, standing in the doorway like a deer caught in the headlights.

          They're staring at you. You're drawing attention to yourself. Do something, act natural. Stop being a fucking boob and SAY SOMETHING YOU OTAKU PIECE OF SHIT

          "H-HELLO!" Erika shouted,perhaps a touch too loud. "Uh... Wh-where, uh, where the white women at? Right? Heh... Hehe... Okaythatsenoughpartyforme." Erika bowed her head and quickly tried to turn around and leave, only for the door to swing shut on her face. "FUCK!" Erika cursed, clutching her nose gingerly.
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          Kaida the Fladramon

            King practically sighed in relief when Zoe arrived with Arya soon behind her. She gestured at the bartender for another drink, and the Witchmon soon returned with a trio of cocktail glasses for her, Zoe, and Caia. "I don't know what this is," King confessed with an impish grin, "but it tastes like cherries and it's a double, so I can't complain."

            At Arya's greeting, King slung a friendly, affectionate arm around the waifish girl's shoulders. "It better be good to see me," she retorted, "because I'm thrilled to see you. I about had a heart attack when Rina showed up without you guys. I'm not cut out for parenthood."

            Kaida greeted Varius with a short up-nod, and King gave the rabbit 'mon a small wave with her unoccupied hand, but neither knew quite how to react when a terrified woman entered, delivered an awkward greeting, and promptly turned right back around. "Shit, girl, you need a fucking drink," King remarked.
          • Arya Wagner Courage
            Nymeria the Yaksamon

            Arya yelped in surprise as King's lanky arm loped around her shoulders. She found herself inadvertently leaning into the blonde's grasp, if only because she had very little in the way of a sense of balance and decided that it was a better option than falling backwards off of her rickety stool. "Parenthood?" She giggled, nervously. "Perish the thought. I don't think any of us are quite responsible enough for that kind of endeavor. Besides, Rina has parents of her own. That's why we have to go and find a way to get her home."

            Nymeria reclined against the wall of the bar, her eyes surveying the crowd lazily as she listened to Arya bumble her way around the boisterous blonde that they had met in the labyrinth. Her gaze eventually found Kaida; the Yaksamon gave the Flamedramon a curt nod. "Glad to see you're doing well," she said simply.
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            Raphaela the D'Arcmon

              River wasn’t sure why he agreed to come with Erika here, tonight. He had been to Cocktails & Concotions before and he didn’t dislike the bar, per se, it just wasn’t his usual scene. But Erika had told him something about a party, and after the strangeness that had been the Digital World in general then he didn’t feel that it would be right for him not to indulge. He hadn’t been to a party in so long! Or, well, he hadn’t been to a party since the festival, but he hadn’t been to a real party since coming to the Digital World.

              Still, he told the girl that he would come, and then broke off with her so as to prepare. He went back to the flat that he and Rae rented, showered, and got changed so that he looked fresh. Not that he didn’t earlier, but he thought that the outfit he chose to come here in would likely be better than the one that he was wearing earlier in the day; now he wore a black muscle tank with angel wings on the back, tight skinny jeans, boots, a chain on his belt loop, and numerous bracelets on either wrist. That was on top of his hair, which looked oddly like a bird’s plumage, and his pierced ears.

              For Raphaela’s part she didn’t see the need to gussy up. She was only going to make certain that her human partner didn’t wind up in any trouble, as it seemed likely that he would before long. That was River’s way, almost, even if it was unintentional. She wasn’t complaining, but there were days that she would have just preferred some peace and quiet. A bit of unwinding.

              Tonight would be for unwinding, she decided.

              As the pair of them approached the bar, the neon sign lighting up the night and River’s carefree attitude leading the way, with his guitar slung over his shoulder, Rae could almost feel herself getting excited at the opportunity to let loose for a while. River was elated at the idea of making more friends. He assumed that Erika would already be here, and then the people that invited her - however accidentally it was.

              River missed Erika’s random exclamations. But just barely. ”Hey, Erika, I made it!” He said as he opened the door and spied her standing right there, stiff as a board and her nose… well… red. She slung an arm over her shoulder, and pulled her further into the bar. ”I guess the party can start now that the music is here,” He said, in probably the cheesiest way possible.

              Raphaela made her way quietly over to the bar, and sat beside Varius. ”Fancy seeing you here,” She said, looking to the Witchmon bartender. ”Scotch, on the rocks. Please.”
            • Zoe Zhang Hope Tracker
              Caia the Biyomon

              “Hey!” Zoe called out as Arya and Nymeria entered the bar, followed by Varius. It was a relief to have an additional pair of eyes to watch out for Rina, since Zoe really had no idea how would have watched her all night if she’d been alone. Especially since she wasn’t really planning on being too responsible tonight.

              “I don’t even wanna think about parenthood,” she said, making a disgusted face. Keeping an eye on Rina was one thing, but actually having a little monster was an entirely different matter. Although Rina needed some supervision, she was at least old enough to do most things on her own. The same couldn’t be said for young kids who always seemed to be trying to kill themselves the moment she wasn’t watching.

              Zoe picked up the glass the Witchmon had set in front of her and took a sip. It wasn’t like anything she’d had before, but it was pretty good. “This isn’t bad at all,” she said, turning to lean back against the bar so she could see who else was arriving. The next few people to enter were unfamiliar, though Zoe had to wince at how the girl managed to run smack into the door.

              “Oh yeah, that reminds me,” Zoe said as she dug in her jacket pocket and pulled out a slightly squished bakery bag. “I did promise cookies if you came, so here you go.” Zoe offered the bag to Arya, ignoring the glare she was getting from the Witchmon for bringing in outside food.

              “How about another one of these for him?” Caia asked the bartender, motioning toward Varius. A D-Arcmon took the seat on Varius’ other side and she glanced around to see if she had come alone or with a human.

              The D-Arcmon was probably the partner of one of the two unfamiliar humans, though as she looked at blonde man Caia couldn’t help but think she’d seen him before. She stared at him for a moment, trying to figure out where she might have run into him before it clicked. He was that musician fellow she’d briefly spoken to at the festival, right before the chaos had started. Although Caia had been meaning to interview him, everything else had taken precedence and she hadn’t been able to spot him in the crowd afterwards. Well, that was interesting. Perhaps she’d be able to ask him a few questions tonight, though even she had to admit that this sort of party wasn’t the best place for an interview.
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            • Varius Love Plotter

              Well... this was simple enough so far, right...? Just... say a simple 'hi' to folks -- or something of the sort -- and... well... he wasn't really sure what succeeded that. Drinks, clearly, but that wasn't exactly a social thing in and of itself, was it? And... ah, that didn't look pleasant, Varius considered as another human women forcefully entered... just to get smacked in the face by the door coming back. Followed by River and Raphaela, no less; a few more familiar faces, which was fairly nice.

              "Y-yeah... you too," Varius somewhat awkwardly spoke, giving a little nod to the D'Arcmon. Well... it wasn't his fault that he still wasn't terribly comfortable in groups. At least, groups unlike the one they'd originally met near, that felt a bit more like his old family. And... right, drinks. As ordered by Caia, apparently. Grabbing the drink once it was set out in front of him by the seemingly exasperated Witchmon, he took a small sip to start, just barely choking slightly on the strong alcohol before swallowing it down.

              Well, he wasn't exactly used to alcohol either... in the slightest. Given the circumstances, though, he opted to take another drink, thankfully easier on him after the first experience, rather than admit to that little fact. "Are... many other folks coming, then...?" the Lekismon asked, toward nobody in particular. So far as he could gather, this seemed to be about everyone who'd responded to those messages -- and at least one more -- but how was he to know?
            • Cyrille Callaghan Love Tracker
              Spade the Spadamon

                Was he lost? The auburn haired youth's head sagged in defeat when he realized that the answer to that question was in fact 'yes'. He was very lost indeed. It wasn't entirely his fault though. File City was still new to him and he had never visited Cocktail & Concoctions before or any bar in the Digital World for that matter. Naturally this created a problem for him as he was supposed to be there for a party of sorts. He wasn't usually the partying type, but he was hoping that someone there had any clues to the whereabouts of his sister.

                "Socialization. A perfect way to gather information..." Cy muttered under his breath, mocking the phrase Spade had used to get the young adult to read the invite. He could practically feel a pointed glare from the Spadamon boring into his back, but he tried to ignore the sensation.

                "I'd like to point out that it's nowhere near my fault that we're running late," The knight, not wasting a moment, butted in as he followed a half-step behind his silly human. "You had me drag you around File City to buy you a sword that, and I quote, 'Makes me look knightly'."

                Cyrille could feel his cheeks flush crimson as Spade pointedly reminded him of why they were so turned around in the first place. His right hand instinctively tapped against the short sword, resting in it's teal sheath, that was situated firmly in the belt loop of his white shorts. Okay so, perhaps it was impulsive of him to have Spade waste so many bits like that, but it matched so well with the rest of his outfit. The sheath was the same color as the unbuttoned long-sleeved shirt he was wearing over a simple white tee after all.

                Formal-looking white shoes kicked some small rocks as he looked around for any sort of distraction. That was when the neon signs glowing against the grimy underbelly of File City finally came into view. His steps increased in speed and his stride increased in length as he closed the distance between himself and the door. Pulling the aforementioned door wide open, Cy was quick to realize that he was just as late as he thought he was. There were at least six other humans here, not counting himself, and he didn't recognize a single one of them though the blonde guy was certainly cute.

                "I'm late... S-Sorry..." He blurted out before he shuffled past the blonde guy draping his arm over a rather awkward girl and off to find a good place to sit down. Spade, during the meantime, took a seat at the bar a few seats away from where the D'Arcmon and the Lekismon were seated. Cy tapped his foot against the floor as he tried to decide what to do first. Did he want to order a drink or was he feeling daring enough to try and start a conversation with someone?

                Deciding to come to this gathering was clearly a mistake.
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                Kaida the Fladramon

                  Kaida gave Nymeria a short up-nod in acknowledgment. "Good to see you and your partner are in one piece," they reciprocated, given the difficulties both warriors faced in keeping their humans out of trouble. They gestured vaguely to the shot glass in front of them and remarked dryly, "Tonight's my night off. Can't get much better than that."

                  King craned around to survey the newcomers: a well-dressed guy who seemed to know the awkward girl, some kinda bird lady, another fella with a sword, and a... rabbit/lion thing? She did some mental math, counting the people (and Digimon) around her. "Alright! I think that's everyone!" she declared. She removed her arm from around Arya's shoulders with one last friendly rub on the girl's back and then stood.

                  She moved several steps away from the bar and turned to face everyone."Hey!" she called, loud and enthusiastic. "Let's do introductions! And then shots! I'm King, that's Kaida." She pointed at the Fladramon, who (barely) lifted an armored hand in greeting.
                • Erika Lake Love
                  Kafka the Roachmon

                    Well this was a swell party. Nothing like making an ass out of yourself and then getting your nose caved in. Really, it was what Erika should've expected. Honestly, she wanted to just crawl out the door and die, but what - she assumed was - the host had a strong counterargument. She needed a drink. Something hard, and strong, and... Wait, no, no, she was supposed to be thinking about drinks.

                    It was at that time that River and Rae showed up, because misery oh so adored company, Erika guessed. The girl let herself be guided to the bar as her plus one introduced himself and made nice in a way she never could. It must be nice to be charismatic. And attractive. And talented. And-

                    Erika was jolted out of her sulking when their host took centre stage and called out for introductions. Well, that was... Nice, and all. But there was no way in hell she was going to chime in and make herself the centre of attention again, that just wasn't-

                    "Hello! My name's Kafka and-" Erika lurched off of her stool when she heard her partner right beside her. Sure enough, the Roachmon was standing there as if he had always been by her side, a glass of scotch on the rocks slowly swirling in one of his four hands, an unlit cigar in the other. "When the FUCK did you get here!?" Erika asked, her voice strained and airy from the sudden shock.

                    Kafka merely laughed a deep, charismatic but clearly feigned laugh as one of his free hands gestured to Erika. "This is my partner Erika."
                  • Arya Wagner Courage
                    Nymeria the Yaksamon

                    Arya blushed despite herself. She was already more than a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the little eatery that the humans had gathered within -- the extra, unexpected (but not unwelcome) stimulation from King's soft, confident hand upon her slender back only served to complicate the depths that the teal-haired girl was at this point decidedly beyond.

                    "I'm Arya Wagner," she squeaked, surprising herself with the nervous tremor of her own shy little voice. Normally she had no problem interacting with others in close quarters -- why was this minor form of public speaking suddenly proving so difficult?

                    Nymeria laughed quietly, from deep within her chest. "And I am Nymeria, of the Artic Wastes. I am serving as Arya's guardian." The creature bowed deep at the waist, hands (claws?) clasped together respectfully in an alien but all the same recognizeable form of salute.

                    The Digimon's far-too-proper demeanor prompted a genuine giggle from Arya. "So formal as always, Nymeria," she chided, waggling a finger in the vague direction of her partner's voice. "We're a bunch of kids, not foreign dignitaries. There's simply no need to be putting on so many airs."
                  • Varius Love Plotter

                    Well... that sort of answered his question, with the arrival of one more duo, the Lekismon supposed. Or were there others still coming? Maybe not, with the way this King person got up to introduce themselves, then ask the same of the others around. Which... a Roachmon, it appeared, was the first to happily do so. Followed then by one of the other humans he was yet unfamiliar with, along with their own digimon partner still. Humans and their partners all... except him.

                    Well, it figured that he'd be the odd one out, in which case...

                    "...I'm Varius. I guess... the only one here without a human partner... heh..." the rabbit awkwardly introduced himself, slinking back just slightly in his seat as he chose to leave it at that and let the next person go on to introduce themselves, whoever it might be.
                  • River Addams Love
                    Raphaela the D'Arcmon

                      River noted how on edge Erika seemed to be. She probably didn't do well in social situations, based on how she acted when they first met - though that was probably to be expected then, given the situation. River, on the other hand, was perfect with situations like this. This was where he thrived. Lots of people, lots of chances to plug himself and not let anyone get too close. He was grinning by the time he and Erika had gotten to the bar and taken their seats.

                      "I think that this is everyone, unless we get some uninvited guests. I imagine that the more there are, the merrier." Rae said in answer to Varius' question, oblivious to the fact that to most people she and her boy were likely also party crashers, and just after that the one that she guessed had invited them all here started to speak - calling introductions. Oh. King, Kaida, Arya, Nymeria, and then the ones that River and Rae already knew. River was grinning again.

                      "Hey, Erika, loosen up a bit. We're just trying to have a good time." River whispered gently in his friend's ear, and then turned to the rest of the bar. "Yo, my name is River Addams! I'm a musician from Boston that was LA adjacent when we got here, and um, I kind of have a guitar, as you can prolly see. If you wanna hear anything just let me know." He said, taking the opportunity just as he had planned.

                      "And I am Raphaela, his partner, and a holy warrior." She added nonchalantly, taking a sip from her drink as it was sat in front of her.
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                    • Leonhardt Friendship

                        How had this all started? This was definitely the fault of that odd device he had brought with him from the trip inside the 'Labyrinth' or whatever those places were called. It had suddenly given off a beeping sound, and before he really had a chance to realize what it meant, he was apparently reading some sort of... public chat room. About a party, for humans and their partners. Well... That was just weird, in so many ways. And he couldn't deny that he was at least somewhat curious! After all, he had missed the 'festival' recently by virtue of never visiting civilization to realize it was happening.

                        But now, he felt a lot less enthusiastic about the whole thing. File City was a dump - especially this part of it. And he had never heard of that weird bar before, either... What was its name? Convictions and Concoctions? He'd just check the messages again, but he didn't dare to open the weird device while wearing his clawed gloves. He somewhat doubted that the device would withstand an accidental scratching with them. He was about ready to leave File City and call it a night, when he spotted an odd figure heading down to a bar and entering... And the figure wasn't alone. That had to be a human! Was that the bar?! By all digital gods, he was bad at this whole 'socializing' thing, and it hadn't even started.

                        Walking up to the door, he took a deep breath. He could do this, and probably figure out what a human actually was. He touched the strange necklace he had gotten from the Labyrinth for good luck, as he had gotten used to doing lately, before quietly opening the door and slipping inside.

                        And apparently, he had walked right into a round of introductions. Hiding in the shadows next to the door, Strabimon observed the strangers first... Humans were weird. They looked similar yet way too different to be the same species as Digimon were, right? Not that they looked frightening or bad, but... just odd.

                        "U-uhm, I hope you don't mind my intrusion?" Stepping forward, Strabimon undid the straps on his bladed gloves, detaching them from his hands and notching them onto his belt. Scratching the back of his head, he introduced himself. "I'm Strabimon. Saw your 'chatroom' and figured I'd come by. ... Though I can leave, if you want me to."
                      • Zoe Zhang Hope Tracker
                        Caia the Biyomon

                        Zoe finished off her drink as the others started introducing themselves. It certainly seemed like this was going to be an interesting crowd. She motioned for another drink and the still grumpy bartender slid another glass across the counter just as another Digimon walked in. He didn’t seem too confident about joining them, so Zoe grinned at the Strabimon. “Stick around. The more the merrier and all that. ‘Sides, most of us don’t know each other anyways.” Turning toward Varius she added, “See, you’re not the only one here without a human.”

                        Realizing that she didn’t know most of the people here yet, she went ahead with introductions. “Anyways, I’m Zoe and my partner’s Caia,” she said, pointing at the Biyomon.

                        “I’m a reporter with the DigiWorld Times, so if any of you humans want to speak with me about your experiences so far in the Digital World, let me know and we can set up a time to talk later,” Caia said quickly, wanting to get her offer out there before anyone got too drunk. She doubted that she’d get anything newsworthy out of this party, but it was worth a shot. Besides, if anyone had an interesting story they really wanted told, they might just look her up later.

                        “Yeah, she never really stops working,” Zoe said. Though maybe the alcohol would fix that. “Anyways, someone said shots, right? Who’s all in?”
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