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  1. Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
    Ten the Tentomon

    The Hive (Solo Story)

    • Hunted; A unit of Commandramon have tracked Chloe and Ten down to a village nearby. The duo gets help from a Veggiemon, who is soon deleted. Trapped in a cave, Chloe and Ten find a digimental that allows Ten to digivolve into JewelBeemon. Resistant to fight beforehand, Ten's feelings are conflicted after the battle.
    • Duel; Bug v. Cyborg Majiramon's personal assassin, Sealsdramon, confronts Chloe and Ten for the defeat of his Commandramon unit. While facing him as JewelBeemon, Ten nearly loses before revealing his true digivolution, Kabuterimon. The form startled Chloe, but Minomon made it all better.
    • Something Beneath Chloe and Ten traverse the tunnels, nearly getting scared off by Drimogemon. However, they stumble upon a cave deep in the dug out caverns that gives them the chance encounter with a SaberLeomon, guarding a temple of sorts. The large lion digimon reveals BanchoLeomon's quest and where he will be; the biggest clue they've gotten so far.
    • Importance of Time Chloe and Ten find two digimon in trouble and being chased by a group of vehicle digimon. Ten pushes his limit once more as he digivolves into Kabuterimon to take on the Mechanorimon and Blimpmon. In the end, the team finds that the small group was causing trouble for some time. Their praise overwhelms Chloe, and they take off to continue their quest.
    • Radiant Purity Chloe and Ten travel to the Great Canyon where they find BanchoLeomon. He is rejected by the last digimon he could ask, a Makuramon. They travel to Toy Town where twin dragons, Coredramon blue and green, begin to attack under Majiramon's name. Chloe finds this strange, green flower to be hiding her Crest of Purity, a symbolic character that turns into a small tablet fitting into her tag necklace.
    Travel Companions (Groups)

    • Foraging for Winter Chloe meets another digidestined, a young girl by the name of Finn in Primary Village who is nursing a (possible) friendly Tanemon. Ten opens his mouth and asks if they need help, to which the leader Otamamon explains they need mushrooms found in Drill Tunnel.
    • The Ogre Bandits Chloe and Ten explore the Great Canyon and come upon a caravan getting robbed. They follow the canyon to a building owned by an Ogre and his band of goblin bandits. They find out that Dinohumon and ShimaUnimon, the two that were robbed, are actually part of a rival bandit gang. Now, the rival team is coming and Chloe decided to prepare at the Ogre Hideout.
    • The Ogre Bandits Pt.2 As the team prepares for a possible battle, the Ogre Bandits show Chloe their not-so-bad side. Their worst fears come true when another two-man group shows up ready to take the base over.

    People Chloe knows...

    • Natalie (Real World) is Chloe's girlfriend. She is an actor and singer trying to make it in the busy city life. Despite knowing the city was not a place for Chloe, they made the move there to live together. Natalie is unsure what has happened to Chloe since the Labyrinth Event that swept her away.
    • Ten is Chloe's partner, whose first impression was tripping her as he ran from a dragon digimon known as Monodramon. The two have been together since that day trying to help one another in saving the Hive.
    • Kunemon / Dokunemon are two friendly bug digimon that also tripped Chloe in their first meeting. They're close friends to Ten and a reason Ten begins to fight again. Unsure what is happening to them at the Hive, but wanting to go back and save them.
    • Majiramon, the Dragon Lord, has taken over the Forest Region's hidden Hive colony from the insect digimon. After deleting Mother Searchmon, Ten and Chloe decide to act and seek out BanchoLeomon for help. He is their main antagonist.
    • Mr.Clockmon and Kokuwamon are two digimon living in Factorial Town who had been getting chased and attacked by Mechanorimon and a Blimpmon. They're thankful for Chloe's assistance. Kokuwamon idolizes Ten after his amazing feat of heroism.
    • BanchoLeomon was a friend of Searchmon, but was exiled from the Hive after her death by Majiramon. He left to find other strong digimon to help fight against Majiramon, who he claimed had the power of a Holy Beast follower. Chloe and Ten ask him to help train them.
    • Lucy and Coredramon(s) are a group Chloe meets in the Great Canyon when pursuing the Ogre Bandits. She is a young girl with gold colored hair and a weird aura about her. The digimon she has as company absolutely obey her, are extremely loyal, and call her the Golden Dragon Queen. Because of his history with Dragon Lord Majiramon, Ten is very cautious around this girl. With their first encounter over, the Coredramon left with what Chloe feels is bad terms.
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