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    Character Prompts
    We've provided a collection of character prompts and backgrounds for members who need a bit of inspiration and to encourage character types that we have noticed a shortage of. Please reply with the prompt you intend to take so it be marked as claimed.

    Digital Dawn

    As a Devimon and member of the Digital Dawn, they have faced prejudice and distrust from their religious and superstitious peers. They seek to prove themselves to the rest of the group and earn their trust, even if that means doing all the dirty work.

    Digital Dawn

    A Wizardmon and member of the Digital Dawn. Their devotion to the Digital Dawn can border on fanatical at times, and there is nothing they wouldn't do to benefit the group—even things that no one asked for and might be considered unsavory. They are an elitist who views "wild" or bestial Digimon as lesser, a trait which has not endeared them to some of their peers but is tolerated because they're efficient, powerful, and devoted.

    A Petermon whose life was ruined by the Giromon terrorist in File City. Their home destroyed and family killed in one of the vandal's explosions, they have dedicated themselves to revenge on those they believe responsible for the city's recent unrest—whether that is the Digital Dawn, the humans and their partners, or The Tide is up to the player.

    A Hunter who views Digimon as lifeless video game constructs. This has put them rather at odds with the local population, given their propensity for deleting other Digimon to empower their partner.


    A crested who fell in with the wrong crowd when they and an Ogremon were unwillingly paired together by their Digivice. The Ogremon is a member of a mostly-Ogremon street gang in File City that deals largely in drugs and generic intimidation.

    A member of a Gazimon pack that's notorious for theft, badgering other Digimon, and attacking humans during or after their Labyrinth Events. The pack seems to have really bad luck with getting sucked into Labyrinth Events.

    A member of the cannibal cult underneath Mount Panorama. First consuming other Digimon due to the scarcity of food underground, the group of cannibal Digimon now do so gladly and with ritualistic flair.

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