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      Darius woke up with a jolt when he suddenly heard a loud crash. He turned toward his outside window was shocked to see his glass window smashed up in pieces. He rubbed his eyes to make sure that he wasn’t just dreaming instead, but unfortunately, it actually happened. From outside, he could hear loud jeering and shouting becoming louder and louder. He was sorely tempted to look outside at the action occurring but decided against it since he didn’t want to risk being hit by anything or stepping on glass. All he knew was he wasn’t planning on getting involved in the riots that were probably going on outside.

      He honestly wasn’t surprised that it had escalated into riots. As he became more familiar with the locals in File City, he had heard that tensions had increased between some of the citizens and those heavy-handed digimon of the Digital Dawn. Darius never really liked them anyway. They thought they were so important, huh? They thought they were the high authority and could execute those all in the name of justice. Some digimon and even humans were living in fear that they might incite the wrath of that group. That was bad for business. If he didn’t already establish his business in the city, he would have moved somewhere else already.

      Suddenly, his roommate burst into his room and yelled out that a mob of argument were attempting to get into the apartment. The Impmon explained that the landlord had locked the entrance with a chain but the constant pushing of the door began to give away. It was only a matter of time until the entrance door would break. “What the hell?” Darius cursed when he heard a loud bang and crashing noise coming from downstairs. He was glad that he went out last night and was too lazy to change into his pajamas. It would take too much time.

      Soon, he heard the shouting dying down and clattering of footsteps coming up the stairs. He hoped the landlord was doing alright. If she was smart, she would have given up instead and not get injured but that was a low chance. She was a tough bitch. He was sure she would’ve put up a good fight in the end, which was something he had to admire at least. Besides, it didn’t seem like the orgemon in the city were the type of digimon to kill others. At least, that’s what he hoped for.

      “Grab onto me Imp. It’s gonna be rough,” Darius said and took a deep breath to ready himself. The Impmon jumped onto his shoulders and shifted his body to adjust to the digimon’s weight. The Impmon joked that he felt like he was Darius’s digimon. Darius gritted his teeth slightly and eyebrows narrowed for a moment. Probably feeling bad for the joke, the digimon mumbled an apology.

      He quickly opened the door and was met with the many faces of the vicious orgemon staring at the duo. Maybe they didn’t expect someone to openly face them unlike others who locked their rooms. But the stare off did not last long. They got over their surprise and immediately charged at Darius with their arms flailing all around in the air. Darius sprinted forward and leaped upwards. He swung his blade forward and was met with a barrage of bone clubs bashing against his blade. He clenched his handle hard and steadied his body somehow. He was relieved when his roommate began shooting dark flames that stunned his opponents for at least enough time for him to regain his composure after being pushed back.

      As he slashed and battled against his opponents, he felt a breeze and was surprised that the flame attacks had become fierce and larger than before. His eye caught the sight of the landlord, the Witchmon shooting her sharp wind toward the Impmon’s flame to what it looked, caused the attacks to become more powerful. He wished he could thank her but both of them were too occupied to do anything else. The combined attacks made it easier to escape the chaos inside the apartment and he made a break for the exit.

      Darius sprinted out of the door and was met with even more chaos. The first sight he saw were the panicking citizens fleeing down side streets as fast as they could away from the violence. Unfortunately, some of them weren’t left unscathed. Darius observed that there were some cuts, bruises, and even some blood on them. Among the riots, there were many of them burning things down and looting multiple stores in the city without any thought of the consequences at all. The few that attempted to stop them were viciously beaten down until they couldn’t fight back anymore. It was just senseless and uncontrolled violence.

      Probably shocked at the scene, the Impmon sprinted off saying he was going to check on his family to see if they were okay. That left Darius alone in the now, dangerous environment. Knocked away from his thoughts, he spotted an agumon shouting at two boogiemon to stop smashing and destroying his store he owned. Unsurprisingly, the adult digimon settled on ignoring them instead since they probably assumed the child digimon weren’t a threat anyway until that happened. It had taken aback Darius when he saw the boogiemon slammed his fists onto the agumon that sent the poor digimon a few feet away and onto the hard concrete.

      “Assholes,” Darius muttered and rushed over to the wounded agumon. When he finally got there, he saw that the digimon fainted and unconscious on the ground. His face hardened when he heard the boogiemon cackling loudly at the injured digimon. Darius twisted toward them and slammed his fists at the digimon nearest to himself. The boogiemon was caught winded but then, grabbed onto his shirt and wrestled Darius onto the hard ground. They battled for dominance. Finally, the digimon won and began jabbing onto his ribs. Darius bit down hit on the digimon’s arm until the punches stopped. He hooked his hand onto the digimon and used his summoned blade to stab his opponent in succession until it disappeared into bits of data.

      He dusted himself off and gave a sharp stare into the eyes of the remaining Boogiemon in front of him. The digimon staggered backward and hastily ran off into the distance. Darius grinned widely in satisfaction. He took in the surroundings and sighed observing there were even more scuffles and shouting than earlier. It was no longer mostly orgemon starting the scuffles and fights. The streets were becoming crowded and agitation rose than even if someone bumped into another, it led into a senseless scuffle and others joining in for one reason or another.

      Shouts of dissatisfaction and jeering insults toward the Digital Dawn were heard amongst the clashes and brawls that littered on the streets. The loud noises was jarring to his ears and sweat rolled down his face as more bodies joined in the violent riot. There were flames that were consuming the insides of stores burning with black smoke that billowed up from the inside and yellow flames that were escaped from the sides. The turbulent flames were louder than he thought they would be. The acrid smell of the smoke irritated his nose and throat, causing him to cough.

      He caught the eye of an orgemon with a scar on his face that, in turn, glared at him as if he actually hated him. Darius’s eye widened in recognition at the face. It was one of his customers that he had recently stopped selling to after finding out the orgemon resold his goods for a higher price. He guessed the digimon was pissed off at him but he didn’t feel bad or was intimidated. He saw that the orgemon started talking to his friends and Darius knew that he needed to get out of the digimon’s sight.

      He weaved through the crowds to escape from the orgemon’s wrath. He felt slightly bad for bumping into multiple digimon and humans, but he gotta do what gotta do. Darius didn’t feel like battling again after facing that adult digimon and the orgemon that had busted into his apartment earlier. He could hear footsteps shuffling closer and closer toward him. Should he ask for help from someone? He sprinted out of the crowd, only to become trapped in an alleyway instead.

      In seconds, he was surrounded by the scarred face orgemon and his buddies shouting loudly at him and looked very eager to pummel him into the ground at any moment. The only escape was to wiggle himself into the crowd again but that was something he wasn’t looking forward to. Resigned to the situation, he took a deep breath and clenched his fists hard. “Eager, huh? Come n’ get it then,” he taunted, cracking his knuckles. They charged at him, waving their clubs all around in the air.
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        Her partners were wild Digimon through and through. Even so, if Lucy wanted to travel around with them, it was clear they had to be instilled with some sort of civilization in them. Between Mal's constant battle-mongering and Dia's violently overprotective nature, Lucy felt like she had to force her two dragon companions so settle down just a bit, where living a comfortable life for a bit would hopefully curb their overly aggressive natures. As they treated her like a queen, they would obey her every word, yet they always seemed to find some sort of loophole around them to go off and cause chaos. She had tried calming their violent tendencies out in the wild, but when trouble kept popping up, the fight-fiend's natures proved to be useful. Even so, dealing with them 24-7 got to be a headache when one partner challenged every person they met to a fight, and the other took offense to almost any interaction with the young girl. Lucy had hoped a boring routine life could curb their eccentricities a little.

        So naturally, File City decided to riot at the worst possible time available. Having left their disturbingly crowded and overpriced motel room (turns out most places don't appreciate a little human and two large and loud dragon Digimon), Lucy and her partners stepped outside to see a noisy street devolve into complete chaos. Digimon seemed to be fighting in the streets, businesses were getting ransacked, and anything that could be picked up and thrown was already flying through the air. Almost immediately Mal, one of Lucy's partners, began pleading to join in on the seemingly random upheaval of order. She had responded by telling him to wait while they figured out what was going on.

        At that point, Dia had picked up some poor, defenseless Flamon that looked like he was running off with an armful of gems. Rare stones scattered to the ground as the blue Coredramon lifted it up and slammed him up against the side of a building, demanding to know what's going on. After pleading for his life for a few minutes he finally explained that there was an uprising against something called the Digital Dawn, some kind of unwanted peacekeepers in the city at the moment. The girl hadn't heard of them before, but she also had her hands full keeping the peace of her own life thanks to the constant conflicts her partners caused. After ordering to let him go, the Flamon went scurrying off as Lucy decided on their next move.

        If they stuck around, it only increased the likelihood of Mal picking some fight with a random Digimon and causing some serious damage. And if some Digimon decided to use this opportunity to pick on a small human girl, then Dia would most likely go into a a berserk rage, and once again; serious damage. Lucy decided it was probably best that the trio make their way out of the city as fast as they can.

        Unfortunately, navigating through a city you're unfamiliar with can prove to be difficult when most of it is under attack by its own populace. Lucy made her way to what seemed some kind of back street, where several fires were torching many of the nearby buildings. Lucy started breathing the smoke in almost immediately, coughing and hacking and burying her nose and mouth into her elbow to help her breathe a bit better. Meanwhile, her two Coredramon partners began shouting and roaring at everyone around them, making sure no one got close to their tiny human queen.

        Yet not long after, someone bumped right into her, nearly knocking the small girl over. She looked over to see a young man darting into an alleyway. Before she could even shout out "excuse me", a large green figure gave chase, bumping into her and practically throwing her down on her side seemingly with no particular notice of the diminutive girl. She stared up at them in panic, her face defaulting to a wide-eyed gaze of sheer hatred that had been instilled in her for so many years of her short life, and quickly stood up, hoping her partners were too busy shouting at the nearby populace to notice what just happened. Yet she couldn't hear them shouting anymore.

        She glanced at her partners, seeing Dia glare daggers at the Orgemon entering into an alleyway, along with a few similarly- designed companions. The blue Coredramon's fangs were showing and even through the noise of the riot she could hear the growl of barely-restrained fury. Meanwhile, Mal had a wide-eyes and his bared-fangs were in a shape that could only be construed as uncontrollable glee. It seems he had finally found his excuse to pick a fight. The pair made their way over to Lucy, only for Mal to spin away at the last second, making a mad dash towards the alley where the young man and his possible pursuers ran into. Lucy beckoned Dia to chase after him before their partner could cause a metaphorical bloodbath, unsure of whether the other Coredramon would want to stop his brother and join in.

        With his strong legs, it didn't take long for the green Coredramon to catch up. He immediately grabbed one of the club-wielding thugs in the back, some runty Goblimon from the looks of it, and jumped high into the air, over the Orgemon and his cronies and between the human man and the Digimon.

        "Malacaius... Bomber!!!" He shouted out for no particular reason, slamming the Goblimon down on the ground upon his landing. The poor child Digimon didn't air to scream at this point. The Coredramon sank the claws of both of its hands deep into the Goblimon's digital flesh, lifting it above his draconic head. Then he jerked his hands apart, completely rending the Goblimon asunder as it exploded into data fragments that showered the alleyway.

        Lucy and Dia managed to reach the alley at this point, watching Mal as he look at the Orgemon and his cronies with utterly vivacious eyes, while smoke poured from his nostrils and green embers began to form in his mouth. "Hope you don't mind if I just let myself in on this," He said with a gleeful chuckle. "But I've never gotten into a back street brawl before! I just couldn't help myself!"
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          “Isn’t this unfair? Bunch of you against little ol’ me?” he mocked and looked directly at the orgemon who didn’t pay him, “I’m not surprised,” in an icy tone of voice.

          Suddenly, Darius felt the concrete vibrancy from under his feet. He cautiously glanced to the side and widened his eyes at the large figure that looked way too eager to join the alleyway brawl. It was a huge green dragon creature. His pulse raced and blood pumped faster. Was this another enemy he had to fight with? He really hoped that wasn’t the case. That dragon would no doubt kill him or leave him heavily injured. At least, the injuries he sustained finally closed up and healed up nicely so he wasn’t too concerned with that. But, being forced to wield the blade took too much energy than he liked and left him exhausted.

          He was relieved when it appeared that the dragon digimon and the gang of orgemon weren’t buddies. It was just looking for a fight. The gang of vicious orgemon looked baffled by the unknown factor who announced he was going to join the brawl. Even though it wasn’t there specifically there to help him, another fighter, not associated with the argument was a welcome addition in ending the fight faster. He did not want a long and drawn out fight. Tiredness and exhaustion would be the end of him if that was the case.

          “Be my guest,” he replied to the dragon digimon. Even if he opposed, it would be useless to say no. The dragon would probably join the fight anyway. “Just don’t get in my way,” he added. Maybe it was considered rude but that would be problematic if the dragon banged into him, while he was attacking or dodging the orgemon.

          As if a signal for the fight to commence, a stone was hurled at him from above and he quickly moved his body barely dodging the object. That was too close. He narrowed his eyes and wore a mask of defiance, betraying the lingering fear in his stomach. Darius could not afford to show weakness toward the ones who ganged up on him. He had considered trying to talk it over but the way they appeared vicious and bloodthirsty, it didn't seem like that would work. He didn’t do anything wrong. The orgemon was the one who didn’t pay for the goods so shouldn’t he be the one pissed off? He had to cut his losses and move on but not without blacklisting the idiot. It became bad for business. Way too much chances and promises.

          “Crush him!” the Orgemon howled loudly, waving his bone club high up in the air. The digimon’s buddies snarled and increased loudness until all Darius heard was a loud sounding roar. The mob of orgemon charged forward and looked like mindless creatures out for blood. He was not surprised when the orgemon who messed with him did not charge with the others. He was always a coward since the beginning.

          Flight or fight? Darius was given no choice. It was definitely to fight. He was surrounded and no way out unless they were thoroughly beaten down and crushed. Fear of losing against the overwhelming mob bubbled in his stomach but he desperately did not want to show weakness.

          “You’re gonna regret messing with me,” he growled lowly. He quickly summoned his blade and gritted his teeth at the impending impact with his enemies. The majority of them chose to charge toward him, maybe picking the easier and weaker target to defeat. But the few brave souls rushed toward the dragon digimon instead but he wasn’t too concerned with those orgemon. He had his own opponents to worry about.

          An orgemon jabbed his club at him with superhuman strength but he shuffled to the side, avoiding the power ridden attack forward that could have knocked him out. His adrenaline pumped blood to his muscles and limbs began to move on instinct. Darius entered a close range to the digimon and slammed his fists into his opponents gut. The orgemon was winded for a moment, but it passed too early and hooked his hand onto the collar of his shirt. He gritted his teeth at the rasping sound of his newly bought shirt ripping from the collar.

          “Asshole,” he hissed at his enemies but he didn’t have time to dwell on it anymore. More orgemon bolted at him and cursed at him loudly until all he heard were animalistic noises. He jolted from the impact of their punches and barrage of clubs swung at him. He managed to parry and dodge some of them but the sharp parts dug into his arms that he was forced to bite his lip to lessen the pain temporarily. They pummeled him to the ground and at that moment, he felt his back went into agony at the jolt and air escaped from his mouth. But he didn’t go out without taking some out, he drove his blade into an orgemon’s stomach and exploded into bits of data. It was enough to incite the rest of the oregmon’s fury and charged at him again in outrage.

          He fought his way through the clobbering wave swinging his body around and retreated quickly. He jumped on a dumpster and jabbed with a right overhand punch and kicked swiftly. Immediately, he pierced the orgemon through the shoulder—unfortunately a superficial wound. With the moment of surprise, he took that opening to slash and pierce into the orgemon. But a loud noise caught his attention, a few goblimon were cackling with laughter and set their eyes at a young girl. “Behind you!” he hollered loudly, locking his eyes at the girl to hopefully catching her attention. With all the fighting noises, he wasn’t sure the girl noticed but he hoped she did.

          At that moment, he regretted that distraction but at least he might have saved her from being assaulted. He knew he was in trouble soon. He was sure he at least took three of them and hopefully lessened their morale. The smell of metallic smoke increased and the heavy breathing caused the smoke to sneak into his lungs. He was forced to steady his breath and prevent that from happening further. Unexpectedly, rocks from above began raining down into the alleyway. Anyone was a potential victim. Even windows smashed and sharp pieces fell to the ground.

          “Great, more things to worry about,” he grumbled lowly. Rocks were hitting him and even the orgemon as well. The rest of the orgemon not getting hit took that opening slugging him in all directions but he managed to brace himself and attack, just barely. It felt like hours that he was fighting them but it was more likely just a mere few minutes. He was pushed and driven back, blocking some and enduring hits.
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            Malacaius didn't know why, but for some reason he had grown fond of the little creature called Lucy. She was a pain in the ass to manage - she wasn't nearly as strong as she pretended to be and she was always nagging at him whenever he just wanted to have fun, but every time she got mad or his actions made her cry tore his strange heart to pieces. But still, he was a wild Digimon at heart, and becoming stronger and dominating the weak was second nature to the proud dragon Digimon. As such, he had learned a few tricks to compromise with the little girl. For starters, she didn't mind so much when he jumped into battle when it was to protect her or someone nearby, so he had always been itching to see a fight going down.

            It just so happened that this particular situation, Lucy getting knocked over and these creatures ganging up on the human was enough to fulfill both criteria.

            "You'd best no get in my way!" Malacaius answered the boy with a fearsome grin. "That is, unless you think you can!" He hadn't experienced too many humans with combat capabilities, but even the tiny and fragile Lucy could pack a whallop when she had the mind to. This human was larger and probably more experienced in violence, however, and he wouldn't mind picking a fight with the human boy, either. Even so, Lucy would probably disapprove.

            A stone rained from the sky, nearly hitting the human boy, but he managed to avoid the blow. Then the Orgemon horde charged forward. Many of them seemed to target the boy, and he noticed the one who was giving orders earlier staying back instead of fighting. Malacaius snorted in disgust at the though.

            "This ain't right!" Malacaius barked at the few Orgemon who decided to challenge him they kept their distance, using the reach of their weapons to avoid the large dragon, but he wasn't afraid of taking a few hits to strike them down. He grabbed the end of a club, one of the spikes tearing into his hand a little as he jerked it back and pulled one of them towards him. He threw his head back, and slammed his skull into the Orgemon's face, shattering his tusks and crushing into his face. It reeled back in pain and shock, letting go of the club and roaring in agony. Malacaius was polite enough to toss the Orgemon's club back, weapon-end first. It knocked him into the ground while he laid there, motionless. "Why're you guys the ones getting slaughtered while the one barking the orders is resting on the sidelines?"

            Two more Orgemon charged in from both sides, looking painfully awkward when the large dragon was taking up a majority of the width of the alley. It made avoiding the swings nearly impossible, so he threw his arms up, blocking each swing with one of his arms. The crushing weight of the clubs threatened to shatter the Coredramon's arms, but he resisted the pain and instead flexed his muscles and pushed back with all his might. It was enough to drive the pair back, as he dove toward the pair with his claws out despite barely feeling anything in his aching arms. One hit nothing but air as it had the sense to back away from the charging dragon, while the other sunk into one of the Orgemons's chest. It didn't even have the time to scream out as Malacaius drove his arm down and tore right through its body as it scattered into data. But even the Orgemon who dodged could escape its fate. The green Coredramon opened its mouth and shot toward a stream of green flames that scorched the Digimon into bits of raw, scorched data.

            He took a glance over towards the young human man. He was faring fairly well for a human, but the sheer numbers were getting to him. Lucy would get mad if he didn't try to protect him, but now that he stopped to pay attention to his surroundings, he didn't want to get involved in someone's personal squabble, either. Even so, he was a little jealous that the human got the bulk of the combatants. If only there was a way to take on the majority of the foes and get most of the action himself while the human managed to settle his personal squabble. Then he hid a sly grin as he came up with an answer.

            "You damned city Digimon are too damn weak!" Malacaius shouted out, more to the leading Orgemon with the scar than to the others. "Whatever happened to the rules of the wild? Establishing your dominance through sheer power? Once I tear through your little crowd like the soft little spoiled weaklings they are, who's gonna protect you, huh? You're supposed to be a Digimon, right? Whatever happened to your battle instinct? Your pride as an adult Digimon! If you want to pick on some weak little human, go do it yourself!" He figured if the scarred Orgemon could have a one-on-one with the human, then he could have the remaining Digimon all to himself.

            Meanwhile, the human let out a shout towards Lucy and Diamantus at the alley's entrance. A group of Goblimon were gathering around them. He gritted his teeth in anger, but caught gaze of his twin brother. Diamantus exchanged a knowing nod to the green Coredramon, twisting his blue-scaled body around and unleashing a stream of blue flames at the Goblimon's feet to halt their approach. Lucy turned around in shock, caught by surprise by the group of Goblimon as she was too enamored in Mal's fight and completely fascinated by the young man's fighting style. He was using Digisoul just like she could, but could do all kinds of things like create weapons.

            "Normally I would tell you to stay back if you didn't wish to be reduced to raw data, but I'm rather annoyed right now. Lament the fact that you wished to approach Her Majesty and PERISH!!!" The blue Coredramon's hammy speech didn't seem to deter the child Digimon, but the adult's charge got their attention. They spread out immediately, hitting an exposed side whenever the large Digimon revealed one. It seemed that this particular crowd of child-stage Digimon were used to taking on larger adults with their sheer numbers. Diamantus could easily just fly up and attack them from the air, but if he distanced himself from Lucy then the crowd may take the opportunity to target her.

            Lucy seemed to be aware of Dia's plight, and grasped her Digivice and began to focus her Digisoul. Doing so took a little too much time, but if she could focus enough then she could evolve her Digimon once more. Mal may not like it, but two perfect-stage Digimon could easily deal with these child-stage pests. Then they could grab the human boy and fly on Dia to a safe place. The golden aura of her Digisoul began to cover her body, attracting the attention of some of the Goblimon. One turned around to attack the girl, and though Dia reached out to stop it, several other Goblimon took the opportunity to slam the distracted Coredramon with their clubs.

            The Goblimon approaching Lucy raised its club up and looked at the small human with an eerily gleeful smile. Lucy knew that neither of her partners could get to her in time, as she returned the Goblimon's smile with a fierce, hateful scowl, masking the utter terror rising up in her.

            "G-get away from me!" She shouted, focusing the aura she gathered into her fist. She flailed her arm about into something resembling a punch, swinging at the Goblimon as it slammed its club down at her. Her fist collided with the weapon, but was shattered almost instantaneously by her aura-covered fist, charged by her fears. Her fist didn't stop, however. Her clumsy attempt at a punch drove even further, striking the child Digimon in the face and sending it flying out into the open street, crashing into a nearby stand being raided by various Digimon. The Goblimon just stared at her in stunned silence for a long second, while Dia took the opportunity to tear into a Goblimon and delete the Digimon with his claws. The action drove the Digimon back into the fray of combat, but with two less Goblimon, Diamantus seemed like he would soon gain the upper hand.

            "Heh. That's why you're Queenie..." Malacaius grunted, watching in faint admiration. Then a rock flew from the sky and hit him in the back of the head. More angry than injured, he twisted his body around only to see a rain of stone coming from above. "Who the hell is trying to mess with our fight!?" He shouted out to no one in particular, taking a strike from behind, from one of the Orgemon. He grunted in pain, reaching out in front of him to grab a large rock flying at him and slam it into the attacking Orgemon. While the enemy was recovering from the blow, Malacaius drove his foot to kick the Orgemon away and approach the human getting swarmed by the Orgemon.

            "Hey, sword-human guy!" He shouted letting out a roar as he attempted to push a couple Orgemon away. "I dunno about you, but it's getting a little to hectic to enjoy a good scrap around here! Lil' Queenie's gonna get mad if I don't try to save you so if you want to get out of here, I'll help you get out of this place. City brawls aren't nearly as fun as they seemed!" He spit off to the side, glancing over at the cowardly Orgemon while batting a couple of rocks away with his wings. Each rock stung more than he'd like to admit, but he didn't let the pain show. "I can't fly like my brother can, but I've got a pretty decent throwing arm! Whaddaya say? Wanna deal with these annoying thugs and get out of here?" He gestured over to a couple of the Orgemon that he was holding down.