Canyon Region: Taggable Areas

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    Canyon Region: Taggable Areas
    East of the Forest Region is a veritable wasteland, sparsely populated even by feral Digimon. An ominous fortress sits in in the west part of the wasteland, previously abandoned but now apparently home to a mysterious group. The wasteland eventually gives way to steep, red canyons and Neon City, nestled between steeps rock faces.

    Red Wasteland

    An expansive wasteland of dry, red rock, no vegetation, and few Digimon.

    Great Canyon

    A deep rift of red and orange rock, carved out centuries ago by a long forgotten river. Numerous caves and sprawling tunnels decorate the steep cliffs.

    Dark Fortress

    An ominous fortress in the western wasteland. The fortress has lied abandoned for years, but recently, traveling Digimon have reported seeing small campfires and lights. Sometimes voices carry outward from the fortress, across the barren wastelands.

    Overdell Cemetery

    A modest, haphazard cemetery in the northern wasteland. Once a single grave marked for a Leomon, it has since grown to a hundred hand-carved gravestones for those Digimon who never reincarnated.

    Neon City

    A city that never sleeps, nestled in the bottom of the Great Canyon. Many buildings are carved into the steep rock faces, and those that stand free are dark metal illuminated by neon lights.
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