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    Waning the Candlemon

      Charles pushed on through the doorway back the way he had come before, taking up residence in the main hallway. His eyes moved upward toward Waning expectantly, awaiting directions from her. He was still quite new to the place after all, and there was no way he was going to be able to navigate towards the best place to get Sami done up with what he'd seen. Waning thankfully took the look for what it meant and turned to move towards the large door toward the back of the mansion to the right of the stairwell that took up the middle of the hallway. "This way, I know just the place! Master told me he'd always have the right thing out of the wardrobe he had!" The raven haired teen followed her without hesitation, trusting her completely now. He couldn't help but smile to himself, thinking just how little time had passed since he'd gotten to this strange new place. It felt good though - Waning, Sami and Vee didn't expect anything of him, it was just a manner of working toward a goal together and going from there!

      On the other side of the door there was a lavish room. It was decorated in red, beautifully varnished wood flooring giving way to red painted walls decorated with a number of ornate paintings - one of an angel, one of a demon and one of... A box? Yes, a solid green box was painted into the frame. Each painting was held in pretty gold frame, the frames themselves bearing curtains of black with a cord to pull them closed, likely to keep dust from accumulating upon the pictures. Waning knew it all too well, having been more or less everywhere in the house there was to go. Being a digimon that lit up the interior of the mansion made her indispensable for her Master to find his way around or look into specific nooks and crannies that he couldn't quite reach with a traditional method of lighting(there weren't exactly flashlights in this part of the digital world). Of course, she had never used the wardrobe or the supplies in the room, but she'd seen it in use plenty of times! remembering too that the other human needed some medical supplies she floated to the desk sitting on the far side of the room to the door, perpendicular to the wardrobe she sought. "Here we are! Master took a lot of the pills and used the bandages in here whenever he came back from a big fight. I think they should work on you too!"

      Charles was a bit dumbfounded by all of this, his eyes wandering the room. He had thought this mansion comparable to his own home but with the spaces inside each room he knew that his parents would be stricken silent by all of it. "WowWaning, your master must very ric-. Do digimon even have money?" He asked aloud to anyone who would answer, looking back at Sami and Vee moreso despite that. He assumed everything here had to have some kind of economy, someone had to have paid to have this place built after all!
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      Vee the Chibimon

        Sami and Vee could both agree on the impressiveness of the mansion's grand scale. Sami's mother was relatively wealthy, so she had seen her share of high-rise buildings, but she had always thought a big mansion like this seemed much more fancy. Vee, on the other hand, just liked pointing at every fancy thing he saw. Which lead to him pointing to just about everything the baby Digimon saw. Even so, the girl figured she could let the Chibimon have his fun. "His friend V-Mon" did well in the fight, after all. But still, the pain in her shoulder was beginning to get to her. The adrenaline was finally wearing off and the injury, while it didn't seem life-threatening, could probably use some tending to. She'd never tended to an injury quite as bad as this one, but she wasn't a stranger to cuts and scrapes. They followed Waning with Charles into the room.

        Sami appreciated the red coloring of the room. Maybe no one would notice the blood she was dripping. The mansion looked pretty pristine, though. She wondered who the poor sap that had to clean the place was. It probably wasn't Waning; she couldn't imagine that ending very well. Waning led them to the wardrobe containing the medical supplies, and she opened them without hesitation. Bandages, pills she couldn't read... she decided to use just the bandages for now. Sami gave her shoulder a glance while looking at the bandages. The shoulder was a pain to wrap after all. She picked Vee off of her head and whispered to her partner. He nodded and smiled, apparently understanding. She walked over to Charles lifting Vee up and pushing the baby Digimon onto his face. "Here. You hold onto him for a while."

        "Why, that's a good question you asked, Charles!" Vee answered, clinging to Charles's face with a surprisingly tight grip considering his tiny limbs. "So how about I answer your question while blocking your vision and keeping you distracted?" He went on to describe the currency of bits to Charles, but that many Digimon didn't even bother with money and just ended up taking what they wanted from the land. Most things could be found in the wild, after all. "So... even though we use bits, it wouldn't be surprising if the owner just built the mansion outta scratch, or maybe the owner just found the mansion and moved in! After all, making a house near a graveyard just sounds silly, doesn't it? It's always so gloomy! Ooh! Or maybe the owner won it in a contest and sucked up all the ghosts living there with a vacuum! Or... or..." The Chibimon was silent for a second before crying out. "Sam! Distracting people is really hard and boring! Can I stop now?"

        "It's Sami," Came the girl's slightly annoyed response. She reached out and grabbed the baby Digimon and placed him back on top of her head. Her bandages were visible underneath the tear in her shirt. She nodded her thanks to Waning as she placed whatever she didn't use back where she found it. "So... would your master mind if we used their..." She didn't quite know mansion-ese for "kitchen". "Umm... culinary facilities? You must be a little hungry after Digivolving, right? I'm not the greatest in home ec class, but the least I could do is cook something up in exchange for your hospitality."