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    Waning the Candlemon

      "Are you dead?" came the question. Wax. It was the question and that smell which first came to mind between the spikes poking at his mind rhythmically that stirred Charles from his state of induced slumber, the darkness bearing down upon him parting as he opened up one blue eye after the other. He was flat on his back, staring now at something far from the slowly brightening sky of Victoria. It took a moment to come fully into focus, but upon inspection it seemed to be - polished wood? Something high grade like he might see at home. Had he been taken home after passing out? Charles quickly threw that notion aside, the wood was part of some overhead frame of an upper level upon closer inspection - a balcony of sorts on the level above wherever he was. Which was the next question - if he wasn't at home, where in heaven's name was he?

      Again the smell of wax pervaded, and the voice from before - one he had almost thought was part of his wooziness, sounded out. "You're not dead! Or are you? Are you a Bakemon?" The raven haired teen looked about, seeing if he could spot whoever was talking to him. No people, just the smell of wax and the glow of candlelight, which he instinctively looked towards... And nearly jumped out of his skin. There before him, floating a meter off the ground was the source of the candlelight - a candle as to be expected, but with a face and arms.. Even its flame had eyes! Large red eyes stared down at him accompanied by a smile, as if expectant. Charles had not an idea of what to say or do, yet even in this moment of stress he found himself ordering his mind and trying to calm down, mindful that this creature may not be entirely harmful and instead simply strange. Considering its questions, he decided it'd be best if he replied. "If you are talking to me, I'm not dead. I have no idea what the other thing is, but I don't think I'm that." He pondered for a moment, deciding to speak quickly so as another slew of questions from the strange creature didn't follow - he needed to find out where he was! "Just where are we? And who and/or what are you?" Came the questions, straight to the point.

      A few minutes later and it was that Charles was standing within the hallway of the mansion now, staring through the huge panes of glass that separated him from what lay outside - a dark and all too disconcerting looking graveyard filled to the brim with gravestones, most crooked and barely looked after. The creature he had woken to - this digimon as it called itself, hovered beside him, still seeming to expect some kind of response after everything it had revealed. If Charles was being honest with himself, half of it had gone in one ear and out the other. The creature was very excitable and not entirely helpful - he didn't even think "she" knew very much about where they were at all. Apart from the name "Waning", "Candlemon" and "Digital World" the young adult still had truly no idea about where he was or what he was doing there. He could see more creatures creeping around outside too - strange looking cartoonish ghosts wearing sombreros most commonly. Was the cemetery haunted?

      Looking back to Waning, Charles sighed and tried to put aside his confusion for now so as he could ask one more question. "Do you know where I could go to find out more about this place?" It was a simple enough question, but he doubted she really even knew that. It seemed like it took her some time to consider, but after a while she replied with that smile she hadn't lost since Charles had laid eyes upon her. "I think there was some city somewhere! We could probably go and ask there! I'd say we should find Master, but he hasn't been around for a little while..." It was for a moment now that Waning lost her smile - something to do with this 'Master' had bothered her - but he didn't press the topic. If there was a city he could find that would be filled with people for him to learn more about the situation from, he'd get there first.
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      Vee the Chibimon

        "Hey, Sam? I'm happy to help out like this, but this is su~uper uncomfy..." The Chibimon stated, as the pair walked through the cemetery, within full view of the mansion windows. The baby Digimon did his best to hang onto his partner's head as it flew back and forth. "Can I please face forward? Loo king behind us is lame..."

        "It's Sami..." the girl replied, darting her head back and forth. "And we need to be extra cautious of places like this. And we wouldn't have gotten lost if you didn't insist on taking that shortcut!" The pair would most likely be in Neon City by now, but now the pair was trying to pass through a cemetery. Sami hated cemeteries. "After all, graveyards are like holy places, right? It's only natural that there might be some enemies that don't stand for trespassers like us." The sound of the wind rustling against something immediately got her attention as she turned to face it, Digivice in hand.

        "I'd like to keep a lookout, but your head keeps moving too much! I can't get a good view!" Vee complained, trying to maintain his spot on top of Sami's head without grabbing onto her hair. It took him a second to think of something. "Wait, you're not scared of ghosts, are you?"

        "Don't be silly!" She nearly shouted back. "This is a Digital World, right? Ghosts only exist when someone dies, and Digimon get reincarnated, so they can't turn into ghosts!" Vee noted that she didn't outright deny the existence of spirits.

        "That's normally the case, but sometimes our data gets too corrupted and we can't regenerate..." Vee corrected, leaning over to get into Sami's view and pointed to all the gravestones. Sami stopped in her tracks, picking up the Chibimon and holding him in front of her to look him in the eye.

        "So... Digimon do die, then?" She asked with a dead expression as Vee answered by nodding. "Then... any vengeful thoughts... or unfulfilled desires..." Vee thought he felt the girl shiver for a second. This... changed things. To Sami, this only meant that they needed to get through this cemetery as quickly as possible and try not to disturb any evil spirits. She looked off into the distance. She saw a mansion there, and for a split second, she thought she saw a figure in the window. She blinked a couple of times, looking back at her partner... the Chibimon seemed to be looking behind her with a smile on his face. "Vee... there's something behind me, isn't there?"

        "Umm..." He looked back behind her again, tilting his head in confusion. "Well... He's shaking his head at me, so... there's nobody behind you!" Sami thought she could hear the sound of someone facepalm behind her. She spun on her heel to face the figure... only to see nothing. Vee began chuckling. "Hey, do that spinning thing one more time!" He said in delight. "Also, he moved out of view!" Sami suddenly felt her ponytail get lifted up and placed on her shoulder. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as she froze.

        That was the first time Vee heard his partner, bearer of the Crest of Courage and the bravest human he had ever met, scream in utter horror.
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        Waning the Candlemon

          Waning sighed internally. This strange Bakemon didn't answer any of her questions, and just kept asking more. Where was he? What was he doing there? What was she? How did he get here? Where was here? What was here? She was beginning to think he was like the old Bakemon who used to float around outside that had all those screws loose. Maybe Charles knew him? As he spoke up again, she lost her train of thought, looking to him. “Is there someone out there?” He asked, leaning closer to the window of the mansion. “I think I see someone.” The pale creature said. She rolled her eyes at that, replying very slowly now so as that ‘Charles’ would absolutely understand her answer: “I think that’s one of the Soulmon, they tend to wander the grounds in search of people to talk to - they used to with one another, but these days they seem to know everything the others are going to say.” She giggles a little now at the thought. A Soulman had talked to her once, he seemed to be very engaged with everything she had to say, but after a while he just sort of floated away. Quite rude!

          “No- It’s a person! A human person!” Charles cried out, suddenly rather excited - squinting at her, he could make out that it was definitely shaped like a human, at least more so than the weird rags he’d seen earlier or Candlemon - but he couldn’t quite tell if it was a girl or a boy from where he was. Dash all that though! At last, another human being! He turned to move for the door when - a scream! Without a second thought the black-haired teen ran for the front door- grabbing a hold of what seemed to be the latch keeping it closed and hauling it open, running outside quickly at that! With a feigned laziness, Waning floated after him quickly - less interested in seeking out the other human as seeing what the commotion was about.
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          Vee the Chibimon

            "Sam! It's okay! You don't got to scream so loud! It's just a Digimon!" Vee tried to comfort his partner. The girl and dropped him to the ground in fear, but the baby Chibimon got her attention by tugging at the hem of her pants leg. Sami was panting, her hand over her chest as if she were about to have a heart attack. "He's not even there anymore. See? Your screaming probably scared him off!"

            "It's Sami..." She replied once she caught her breath. "But, why... would a ghost Digimon exist...!?" She said when she caught her breath. She bent over to lift her partner up, glaring at him as if he knew some kind of deep, dark secret. Sami resisted the urge to violently shake her Digimon partner. "What good could possibly come from a Digimon that acts like a ghost!?" Vee tilted his head in confusion.

            "I mean... I can't really explain why a specific species of Digimon exist, Sam," He replied. "But you shouldn't say mean things about other Digimon. You don't really know them, after all!" He gave Sami a warm smile as she pondered over his words. Damn. The little baby Digimon had a point. It wouldn't be a ghost Digimon's fault that they were a spooky ghost. Even so, a ghost was still a ghost.

            "W-well... you never know what kind of Digimon might be hostile," Sami warned. "So... just keep an eye out for any Digimon nearby, okay?" Vee nodded, looking behind his partner and seeing a boy around Sami's age approach them, followed by a Candmon. Probably a partner Digimon of some sort, perhaps? But Sami did specify Digimon, so he wasn't sure what to say about the human.

            "Oh, there's a Digimon heading this way right now, actually! It looks like some kind of flame spirit Digimon!" He said with a proud smile. Without turning around, Sami ducked behind the nearest gravestone, careful not to step over where any possible bodies were buried. Then again, this was the Digital World, so chances are there were no bodies. But she could never be too safe. "Huh? We're not gonna say hi?"

            "Let's just let him pass through instead of confronting anyone," Sami answered. "I'd rather not get into a fight and mess up any graves or the like by accident. I think the last thing either of us wants right now is to get cursed. I for one have had my fill of bad days by now..."
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            Waning the Candlemon

              Barely having bolted out the door, Charles spotted the figure in the dark but had some trouble making out just how far away she was even with the light of the mansion spilling out. He barely managed to get three steps out of the building before the silhouette he had seen had disappeared from view! Raising both eyebrows he hurried on anyway, his new digital friend following after him - he could tell thanks to the light she herself shed, lighting up the way ahead even with the door shut behind them. "Damn it, did you see where they went?" He asked aloud to the candlemon, looking back to check her expression.

              "I saw it too, but I think it might have disaparated into nothing like most ghost digimon do when they get spooked!" Waning replied, as stumped by the happenings as the strange boy was, straining her eyes to see something out among the gravestones. "We should go closer to investigate though!" She suggested, already floating ahead of the human.

              "If you're sure something won't attack us... Those rags barely looked friendly." Charles mused solemnly, yet took off toward where he had first spotted the figure, speaking up now so as he could yell out: "Hey! Is there anyone over there? I'm looking for humans like me! I'm lost and need to get home!" There was a genuine sense of worry in his tone. This was after all his chance to find someone that might be able to steer him towards a way back from this strange place. While his waxy friend wasn't too unpleasant, there was nothing assuring about waking up in a graveyard. "Please! Even if you're a- Uh... Digimon! I just want to talk!"

              As well intentioned as he was however, the raven-haired teen was perhaps a little too animated. Between the scream and his yells to get whoever might be out in the graveyard to notice him, one or two curious eyes had turned his way, and not all of them were entirely friendly...
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              Vee the Chibimon

                Hiding behind the gravestone, Vee immediately started to walk out and talk to the person that called out, but Sami grabbed him by the tip of his tail. "Hold it. Yelling like that is only going to draw attention to any Digimon protecting this place," She warned. "We go out now, and there's a chance we get attacked!" Vee gave the girl an inquisitive look before smiling.

                "But then, if that human could be in trouble, we should try and help him just in case, right? Besides, if screaming really loud would get anyone's attention, then you've probably already done that, don't you think?" Sami gave the baby Digimon a scowl before admitting so with a begrudging nod.

                "Fine, but if there's a chance of danger nearby, you shouldn't be in your baby form. Digivo..." She stopped as she looked at Vee's blank stare. She gave an exasperated sigh before continuing. "How about you go and try to find the V-Mon fellow and see if he can help out!"

                "You got it! Oh, but I'm gonna go pay my respects to all the gravestones in private, so if V-Mon does appear, don't be surprised if I'm not around at the same time!" He gave an excited smile as he ran clearly into Charles and Waning's view, then running right behind another gravestone. After a flash of light and a surge of data, A V-Mon appeared jumped out in front of the pair, giving them a peace sign.

                "Greetings, young human and accompanying Digimon! I am the mysterious hero of justice - V-Mon! How can I help you today? You say you're lost? Well then, allow me to help you get home!" At the same time, a girl rose up from behind a gravestone. Her shoulder-length black hair was tied back into a ponytail while her long bangs framed her face. She wore a simple white short-sleeved shirt and a pair of blue jeans with a large cut across the outer thigh of her left leg, only partly able to cover a long scar along her leg. The girl held up her own Digivice to them, slowly approaching. "Oh, and this is my sidekick, Sam! She's a human just like you are, other human!"

                "It's Sami, and I'm his partner, not sidekick," She casually corrected him as if she had done so hundreds of times.
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                Waning the Candlemon

                  At this point, Charles was starting to think that maybe his eyes had been playing tricks on him. That or some cruel ghost, he really couldn't rule out the second of those two possibilities, something that worried him to no end. Alas his worries were in fact for naught and were quickly dispelled by the emergence of an unfamiliar face. While Waning stared at the blue digimon with some confusion, Charles started as the Veemon jumped forth. "Wh-what the-. Uhm. Hello... V-mon?" He was unsure of just how much the digimon could help him to get home - after all, he was another one of these strange creatures.

                  Flame flickering, Waning took to a grin now as she looked over the other digimon. "V-mon? I've never heard of any digimon like that before. What are you doing in the cemetery of all places? Come to visit a friend?" She asked, motioning to the gravestones surrounding them. She ignored the quizzical look from the blue eyed boy, making to speak again only to get cut off by the appearance of another strange looking creature - just like Charles! Waning gasped, floating closer to the newly revealed girl and inspecting her. "Oooo. Partner, huh? I've never heard of a digimon having a partner before..."

                  Charles' eyes widened in a moment of elation, stepping closer to the gravestone that Sami was standing behind. "Hello! Oh thank heavens, hello. I didn't know if I'd find any other people here, or just-. Well... But-. Wait." He stopped himself short now, remembering the reason he had run out so quickly in the first place. "Are you okay? We heard a scream from inside, so I came running." He looked over her almost instinctively, hands placed in his sides as he surveyed her for any harm done. At that point, he himself was plain to see, bearing a simple blue hoodie zipped all the way up and a pair of black jeans, his t-shirt kept hidden beneath the warm looking top. He had large, piercing blue eyes that stood out among his pale looking skin and pitch dark, smooth hair - it was almost unnerving should he stare for too long, though he probably wasn't aware of that.

                  "She sure looks okay to me. Not flat on her back like someone else I know." Waning chimed in with a grin, prompting a look from the 'human'(it seemed he was telling the truth when he said they were a species and not a type of digimon). She couldn't tell if he was angry or just remembered that the candlemon was there, but that didn't bother her much - some excitement for a change! Heck, this was probably the furthest she'd ever come from the mansion! Maybe if she followed these humans and V-mon around, she'd see even more!
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                  Vee the Chibimon

                    Sami blushed from embarrassment when the boy mentioned the scream, but she just shrugged it off. Wasn't a proud moment for here, but it's not like she could just pretend that it didn't happen. "Just got spooked by something, is all. Not too comfortable with places like this, but my partner insisted that this way was a shortcut, so... here we are," She threw up her hands as if to say, "what are you gonna do?" as she looked towards the raven-haired boy and incandescent partner.

                    "Hey! I'm sure I... that your good partner Vee definitely had his reasons! Besides, it wasn't his fault that he fell asleep when resting on top of your head! Your hair makes a very comfortable bed for such a tiny and adorable Digimon!" V-Mon countered.

                    "How about not falling asleep when you're supposed to be navigating, then?" Sami replied, her face tinged with annoyance. "And I recall specifically forbidding any 'sleeping on my head' ever since that whole drooling incident!" She gave the blue dragon-child an annoyed glare, glancing back to the boy and his candle creature, before looking back to V-Mon.

                    "Vee apologized to you about that, didn't he? He can't help it if he was dreaming about an entire mountain of cake!" The V-Mon began to wipe the drool beginning to pour from his mouth. "Besides, that's not the point! This boy says he wants to go home, so how about we help him out with that?" He pointed towards the boy and Candmon.

                    "Home?" Sami repeated, giving the pair a quizzical look. "Like, not Digital World, home? Shit..." She suppressed the urge to give an exasperated sigh. She really didn't want to be the bearer of bad news. She walked towards the boy, giving him a light slug on the shoulder. "So, stranger, we should probably talk, but in a less creepy place. You got a name, buddy?" She walked over to the Candmon, giving it a nod, but decided not to touch the creature with the open flame. Which apparently had a face. Creepy.
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                    Waning the Candlemon

                      "I can't say I'd have recommended it myself - even only having been here for a fleeting moment, it seems that there's quite a few ghosts and strange monsters around - I had thought myself lost in some type of limbo before you showed up, I half imagined the city that Waning mentioned would turn out to look more like Transylvania in the 1500's more so than any place I've ever been to." Charles replied with a gentle smile now, trying to break the tension with a joke and a short, jovial laugh. His blue eyes turned upon V-mon now, curiousity piqued by the appearance and affectation of the blue warrior. "This is your partner then? Who is he talking about? Did you come here with a second digimon?"

                      Waning cut in with a grin, floating closer to V-mon and eyeing him over slowly. "I think he is the second person from how he's talking, or am I wrong?" The candlemon wasn't terribly fixated often, but when she was there wasn't any stopping her blunt observations. She floated around him first, then over him so as to inspect ever inch of the blue digimon in all too fascinated a manner.

                      Upon the suggestion to leave the place, Charles nodded and took a step forwards. He was all too eager to get himself out of this place and far away from the strange mansion. It made him feel uneasy, like there was something always watching him. He took the slug with an even wider smile, exhaling slowly from his nose. “By all means, let’s get out of here. After you then, Sami - and uh, did I mention my name? I’m Charles. Charles Devere.”

                      The human had barely taken a step towards the girl with a hand outstretched when there was a cackle loosed from the top of the mansion. There a new figure sat upon a broom, staring down at the pair. “Well well well, what have we here? A party of troublemakers in my cemetary? Are you two disturbing the dead, or are you just sticking your noses where they shouldn’t belong?”
                      It was a Witchmon, enjoying her vantage point above the lot of them, grinning wickedly at the collected company, though upon spotting Waning she was quick to narrow her eyes and hiss. “You! What are you doing outside the mansion?? The Master will be displeased if he hears of this!” The candlemon made no move, thoroughly confused by the aggression from the red-clad digimon, something that pushed her buttons only moreso...
                      “Very well! Intruders and disobedient servants alike will be punished! Balulana Gale!” Came the yell right as the colorful digimon slashed one of her gloved hands through the air, causing ruptures of wind that surged forth powerfully with precision, heading straight for the group!
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                      Vee the Chibimon

                        "What!? I am a completely separate Digimon from Vee, Sami's partner Digimon!" V-Mon protested, pointing to his own face. "For starters, Vee is a Chibimon, while I am a V-Mon! We're two completely-looking Digimon! And I can't actually reveal to you my name, seeing as the secret identity of a hero is absolute, but I can assure you it's absolutely not 'Vee'!" Sami ignored her partner's explanation to the Candmon, instead listening to Charles and his introduction.

                        "Most of what my partner says you can ignore," Sami tried to explain. "I'm sure everything he says makes sense in his own weird viewpoint, but it's mostly gibberish to me," She reached out to shake hands, only to be interrupted by a horrific cackling. Startled, she turned to face a... a witch sitting atop a broom. Floating in the air. "You've gotta be kidding me..." She muttered, ready to speak up. "We just got a little lost, is all. We're sorry for trespassing, and we'll gladly get out of he-" She was cut off as the Witch's attention was diverted towards the candle creature. It let loose a flurry of winds towards the group, something Sami was all too familiar with. Her scar began to ache as she remembered the last time they fought a wind-using Digimon. In an instant, she threw herself into Charles, using all of her weight to throw the human down to the ground as the gales flew past them. It managed to slice into her shoulder a bit, but she barely registered the pain as she tumbled to the ground, reaching into her pockets to take out her Digivice and D-Terminal.

                        Meanwhile, V-Mon immediately got into a defensive pose as soon as the Witchmon appeared. When she unleashed her gale, he cursed to himself as he realized he wouldn't be able to get to the humans in time. He saw Sami attempt to push Charles down for cover, and nodded, looking over at the confused Candmon nearby. He jumped up and grabbed the flaming candle Digimon, covering her from the flurry of gales. He screamed out in pain as his back took the full brunt of the attacks. He collapsed to the ground while Sami began to stand back up.

                        "Not nice, lady," Sami chastised, blood trickling down her arm as she gripped her devices. "I've already had to deal with one demonic, pink kamaitachi already, and I'm sure as hell not gonna deal with the Wicked Witch of the..." She couldn't quite remember the direction the bad witch was from. She hadn't quite gotten around to seeing that film. "Of the pain in the asses!" She pointed at the floating witch in anger. "V-Mon! You good to go?" She shouted out to her partner, keeping her gaze solely on the Witchmon.

                        "I thought we agreed on not trying to taunt the enemies so much..." V-Mon said, slowly standing up. He had already received significant damage from the single attack, but couldn't afford to lie down just now. There were hero things to do. "But I'll be fine Sam... Hey, is your arm alright?"

                        "This type of wound doesn't hurt so much, but it won't stop bleeding, so it'll be better if we take this guy out quickly!" Sami answered. She turned back to Charles, "Hey, I'm assuming you don't know how to fight, so stay close to me while my partner fights, alright? I'll protect you, I promise." She forced her lips into an awkward smile, in what she hoped to resemble something reassuring. Her devices began to glow as she held them up.

                        "Don't forget to say-"

                        "I know, alright? You don't have to remind me!" Sami's face reddened as she cried out, "Digimental Up! Armor... Evolution!" The D-Terminal shot out an orange light that transferred into her Digivice. Then she aimed it at her partner, as an orange beam of light enveloped his body and formed an orb of light.

                        "V-Mon... Armor Evolution!" The orb grew in size as a new creature appeared. Much taller, surrounded in bits of orange, yellow, and red armor. "The Masked Flamer - Fladramon!!!" Flames shot out of his gauntlets as he gave the Witchmon a confident smile. "Sorry, but now you're gonna have to pick a fight with a much tougher Digimon!" He tilted his head to the side towards Waning. "Hey, do you think you can go over to Sam and the other human's side and make sure they don't get hurt? I have a feeling..." He let out more flames as he slammed his knuckles together. "That things are about to heat up!"
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                        Waning the Candlemon

                          "Wha-. Huh? Enemies, we're-. Agh!" Charles was pushed to the ground without a moment to react, put there by the girl he'd met less than five minutes ago. The slicing wind that cut into Sami caught his eye immediately and with it came the utmost panic that could only result from finding himself in such a dangerous situation with so little warning. He stared at the girl as she took to using her digivice and d-terminal on V-mon, half watching and half regaining his bearing as he caught on to what was going on, watching as Fladramon's fire soared towards witchmon, yet not catching whether it connected as he turned his head back to Sami. "Hey! Are you okay? It didn't hurt you that badly, did it?" He was concerned, but also uncomfortable - something was digging into his behind. Reaching about expecting to find a rock, he instead found some kind of... Phone? If it was a phone it was an old looking one. Maybe this was one of these pagers his Father had told him about? It had strange sigils upon the front...

                          Waning nodded to Fladramon, floating over to Sami and Charles. "Are you guys okay? It looked like you were in danger!" The candlemon was a little concerned with the bleeding she could see from Sami. She'd never seen that happen to a digimon before... Maybe these weirdos really were from a different world after all! She frowned at that and looked toward the witchmon. She had no idea what was going on with these humans either, yet here she was throwing attacks and picking fights like it was her job.. Waning knew the Master better than to call for such a reckless action. Let alone so carelessly destroying the graveyard! This had to stop, and quickly! "Charles! Sami! I think it'll be safer if you guys stay behind our mighty superhero friend and me! I'm not sure who this Witchmon character is but she's no friend of mine! We'll take care of it!" She spoke confidently, yet had no idea where to start. She'd certainly driven off some Bakemon with will-o-wisps before but this was different, this digimon looked like she meant business...

                          Witchmon cackled as those flames soared towards her, her broom zooming to the right quickly as she kept her distance for now, appraising the situation still. "Ohhh, so you've got tricks, have you? Well I have plenty of those too!" The broom-bound digimon retorted, flicking her wrist and bringing one of the gravestones a few meters behind Fladramon and made to cast it towards his back! It was only Waning's words that offered warning, the Candlemon moving up to take her place in the fight beside the Armored digimon! "Look out flame guy! She's throwing gravestones at you!"
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                          Vee the Chibimon

                            "I'll be fine," Sami assured Charles. "I survived an even worse injury relatively recently, so this is nothing," She nodded towards Waning as she took a couple steps back, grabbing onto Charles's shoulder to urge him to come along. "We'll leave this to you, then," She watched the Candmon approach Fladramon, shouting a warning to the armored Digimon. Sami didn't want to believe it, but she knew her partners particular lack of intelligence, and she had a feeling for what was coming next.

                            "A gravestone? Where?" The Fladramon turned to face Waning as she shouted her warning, while the large stone slab slammed into his back and threw him to the ground. "Oh. That gravestone..." He stood up with a groan, letting out some flames for no other reason than to vent his frustration. "Hey! Cheap shot, you jerk!" He blasted off towards the airborne Digimon, covering his body in flames that propelled him towards his target. "This is how you do an attack! Nice and direct! FIRE ROCKET!!!"

                            "This probably isn't very good," Sami said, speaking to Charles in a quieted voice. "V-Mon is a very... not intelligent Digimon," She tried to explain. "He's too straightforward to fight an enemy while trying to defend himself from attacks that could come from any direction. So we should try and distract the Witch Digimon with whatever we have... here!" She looked down at their feet picking up a decent-sized rock, holding out to Charles. "Here. Throw this at the Digimon. I'd throw, but I'm left-handed, so..." She tilted her head to point out her currently bleeding should. "And I can't throw worth a damn with my right arm."
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                            Waning the Candlemon

                              Charles looked worriedly at Sami, but simply nodded now as she informed him of her particular situation and the wounds previously taken. He didn't realize how dangerous this would all be, but he couldn't think about that for now, he was more interested in staying alive against this strange witch. He listened to her intently as the Fladramon behind him shot off towards the witch floating above the mansion and looking to the rock being held out for him. "You're right. It seems like your friend is having trouble hitting her, so I'll.." He turned to survey the situation, training his eyes upon the target and his ally.

                              Witchmon blinked at the speed with which the intruder flew towards her, completely lacking in readiness to deal with the situation. Taking a direct hit, she was sent spinning off of her broom and hit the sloped tiles of the mansion's roof, slipping downward along them and off the edge of the roof, hitting the ground with a solid crash only moments later. She was not however, a weak child digimon. Such a short fall was no where close enough to deal with her fully! Jumping to her feet, the magical digimon brushed herself down with those oversided hands, turning about and looking up at the blue armoured digimon above her. Screeching, she swiped her hand through the air above her head and once again loosed shredding winds, this time with the intent of hitting Fladramon while he established a footing! That is to say, she certainly may have landed a direct hit if not for the fact that in the moment she sliced through the air, a large rock and a ball of flame struck her on the back, throwing off her aim so as the slash instead made to fly over Fladramon, far enough to be dodged yet close enough that doing so would pin him to the tiles of the roof so long as he didn't want to lose a piece of himself!

                              Charles and Waning both gulped as the Witchmon turned around, delivering a venomous glare to them as a pair, seemingly ignoring the hampered Sami behind the boy that had dared to strike her. "I told you I'd take care of this!" Waning yelled at Zach in the heat of the moment. "You were meant to stay back-." The waxy monster had not a moment more to criticize as she was stricken to the side by the Witchmon, eyes now stuck upon Charles. "Wretched... Child! I will make mince of you!" Charles stood in place like a deer caught in headlights for a moment, fearing for what was coming next. It was only the reminder of why he had thrown the rock that snapped him free of his reverie, Sami's figure telling him what needed to be done without another word. Pushing off with raven hair being thrown back by the force of his movement, Charles sprinted forwards at the witch in an attempt to get in a surprise attack, as much hoping to take Sami out of the immediate danger zone she occupied just by being next to him. Readying a right hook, he was completely taken by surprise as the large hand of his enemy grabbed him without much effort, and hurt as she squeezed him to boot. Witchmon took up a dark grin in the wake of howls of pain she evoked from the teen with the squeezes she delivered, sadistic glee rife in the magical digimon's expression. What she failed to notice however, was the glowing now being emitted from one of Charles' pockets...

                              It took a few moments, but the candlemon eventually managed to get herself up and going again. Waning groaned as she floated upward, injured by the lightweight attack from her opponent yet not damaged enough to be out for the count yet. Yet... She felt a little strange. What was that? She could feel tingling sensation creeping through herself, impossible to ignore as it flared up after just a few seconds. With that, candlemon was entirely engulfed within a bright white light, a voice emitted from within while it lasted: "Evolution!" The light persisted for a number more moments, before it subsided to reveal a feminine humanoid figure wreathed in from head to toe flames, eyes black as coal. She stared towards Witchmon - who was now staring at her, grip slackening upon Charles - in a fighting stance. "Meramon!" Waning wasn't entirely sure what just happened, but she felt stronger than she ever had, and with a burning passion in her heart to do away with this enemy! "Alright lady! Round two!" She glanced upward. "You ready, Masked Flamer?"
                            • Sami Raines Courage Plotter Tracker
                              Vee the Chibimon

                                "The Flames of Justice can burn away anything evil; even your attacks! Flame Shield!!!" As the Fladramon was about to plant his feet on the rooftop, he covered his entire body in a sphere of flames, burning up the wave of wind as it approached. He may have had some issue guarding if it was a direct hit, but thanks to Charles and Waning's efforts, the glancing blow wasn't nearly enough to penetrate his barrier of flames.

                                "Fladramon!" Sami yelled out towards her partner on the roof. "Don't use your flames so recklessly! You could burn down the mansion if you're not careful, damn it!" She glared at Fladramon with an intense look on her face.

                                "Sorry! I wasn't thinking that through!" He admitted, glad to know that Sami was there to make sure he didn't mess up big time. And that she cared about what happened to their surroundings.

                                "If you burn down a mansion right next to a graveyard, you'll get cursed for sure! And I don't want to get involved in an accident just because your dumb ass couldn't keep track of where his flames went!" She pointed accusingly at the armor Digimon, while the Fladramon couldn't help but smile. There she was, chastising him in the middle of combat. But to Sami, the Witchmon wasn't as strong as she thought she was. Sami had come to realize that Fladramon was stronger than most adult-stage Digimon, and it didn't seem like Witchmon was a perfect-stage. Even at Fladramon's somewhat weakened state, if they were careful, her partner could wrap this fight up in a bit. So long as no one did anything stupid.

                                So naturally, when Witchmon struck Waning and turned to face Charles, she stood slack-jawed when the boy decided to run up and punch the Witchmon. "Dude, just leave this to Fla-!" She said, reaching out to stop him but to no avail. The Witchmon grabbed hold of the boy while she ran up to charge the Witchmon herself. If she had Charles close, Fladramon couldn't use any long-ranged attacks out of fear of hitting Charles by accident. Which meant that the Witchmon needed some kind of distraction in order for her partner to get close. And while potentially scrappy, the small Asian girl wasn't much of a fighter. But she did have a Digivice.

                                Gripping it tightly, she prepared to shine a beam of light right into the Witchmon's face up close. In the dead of night, chances are the Witchmon wouldn't appreciate that very much. But her plan was cut short once Charles's Digivice began to emit a light of its own, and Waning evolved into her adult-stage Meramon form. The Witchmon's grip noticeably weakened, and she used the opportunity to try and yank Charles away with all the might she could muster.

                                "Heh. You could say that I'm all warmed-up! But I can see that you're really bringing the heat,too!" The Fladramon shouted from the rooftops, jumped down towards the Witchmon, fists aflame. "Heh. I'd say that you're looking a little hot under the collar!"
                              • Charles Devere Faithfulness
                                Waning the Candlemon

                                  Charles didn't quite have the time or energy to watch the digivolution given the crushing squeeze he'd been given and the spots he was seeing in the wake of its cessation. It wasn't until Sami ran to his aid and yanked him free of the now stunned Witchmon that he noticed something was up, looking behind him as he made off with the other human girl to the relative safety of the gravestones. "Wh-what on Earth is that?" He asked reflexively upon seeing the tall flaming woman that now stood where candlemon had been. "Is she a friend of Fladramon's? What gives?" He seemed puzzled, moving now to hunker down behind a larger gravestone. He only spared a peek now and then, gesturing for Sami to join him in hiding.

                                  Waning grinned from ear to ear, pushing off as the Masked Hero jumped from the roof in a bid to catch Witchmon in a pincer movement. She was seemingly unprepared for both of them to collide with her at the same time, guarding from above only to take a flaming punch to the midsection from the meramon that disabled her defenses, allowing Fladramon to get in another hit! "She's all yours hero! Let's show that crime doesn't pay!"

                                  Witchmon couldn't believe this was happening. She had been completely unprepared for two champion digimon, let alone one of them so strong as the Fladramon! She was going to need to retreat and fast... But at that moment, all she could hope to do was not be deleted in the wake of the rocket flying her way.
                                • Sami Raines Courage Plotter Tracker
                                  Vee the Chibimon

                                    "Digivolution," Sami tried to explain. "That was your Digimon friend from earlier. Kind of like how my V-Mon became Fladramon. It just means you and your partner are strong enough to defend yourselves now," She looked over to see Fladramon ignite his gauntlets with flames. "Fladramon! You're stronger than she is! Don't forget that!" She yelled out, a reminder to the armor Digimon. She thought she saw the Fladramon nod, but his motions when undeterred.

                                    "Flaming Fists!!!" He cried out, crashing down next to her and swinging his fiery fist right into the Witchmon's face. Even so, the Fladramon held its strength back as he did so. "If you've had enough, then you should back off while you can," Fladramon warned. "And just because someone's trespassing doesn't mean you have to attack them from now on, got it! Next time, if you don't want other people in your territory, then tell them to leave first!"

                                    "So as much as we want to finish off a jerk like you, we'll spare you in exchange for not ripping us to shreds when we turn around to leave!" Sami yelled out to the Witchmon, holding on to her shoulder. "Trust me, I don't imagine that you want us to stick around any more than we want to see that stupid, pointy hat of yours!"

                                    "Sam, don't insult anyone when we're trying to make peace..." Fladramon warned.

                                    "Shut up! My shoulder hurts like hell, and this is my only shirt!" Sami yelled out, pointing to the crimson patch building up around her shoulder. "Normally I'd be all for 'Witches get stitches' camp, but I'm trying to compromise here!" She looked around to Charles, the Meramon, and to finally to the Witchmon. Ultimately what happened next would be all up to them.
                                  • Charles Devere Faithfulness
                                    Waning the Candlemon

                                      "Partner...? Waning is my partner?" Charles seemed somewhat incredulous in the wake of such an idea passing him by, yet all the same he stared at her with some level of admiration. She'd grown more powerful with his help, and the first thing she'd done was help him. The notion brought a swell to his spirit, even giving him a smile in the wake of all this craziness. Maybe this wouldn't be all bad after all? Perhaps the bickering between Sami and her own partner digimon might have ruined the moment for him if he hadn't found it charming. Waning stood ready to continue the fight with Witchmon, in a fighting stance remarkably suited to a fight despite only just now even having gained proper fists and any kinds of leg. Alas, she seemed prepared - something Witchmon didn't share with her.

                                      "Ugh... Making threats is unwise when your enemy already has reason to-. Ngh." Witchmon was cornered and not in much of a position to make demands. Having been stricken across the face, she stood with her back figuratively to the wall, in no shape to keep fighting. When it had been two child digimon and a pair of strange creatures it had been one thing, even with an adult against her it wasn't the end of the world - but two? She'd underestimated these digimon and their friends. Whatever power they had, it troubled her to no end, but when it came right down to it she valued her code over her pride. "Fine. I accept defeat. I'll make sure not to jump to conclusions the next time I spot a group of what I assume to be intruders." The final word caught in her throat, noticing a look she was getting from the digimon made of flames. Something about it told her that the meramon knew she had never been a defender of this place at all - though she probably wasn't aware of her true intent and it would stay that way if she played this smart and said nothing. Despite the heat roaring from the very body of the meramon, the look she was being given chilled her to the very core. "You said you were going to the city anyway, right? Well fine. I'll fly in the opposite direction just to prove I bear no ill will, huh?" She stepped back at that, rubbing her face in memory of the blow she'd taken not a minute ago as her free hand rose to the sky, her broom appearing from over the mansion and stopping beside her in mid air. "We'll hopefully not run into each other again, best of luck on your travels now, you four." She didn't wait for them to reply before she zoomed off, flying into the sky against a backdrop of the moons and stars.

                                      Charles exhaled and shook his head, turning to the group now. "Well that was... Something. What now Sami? Should we go inside the mansion and see if we can find you something for your shoulder before we leave?" Waning nodded at that, still in this new state of hers after the danger had passed(for now). "There are some supplies like bandages and plasters inside, some of the digimon that used to visit needed them! No one's visited in a while before you guys came though, so there should be plenty left after the last time we got more."
                                    • Sami Raines Courage Plotter Tracker
                                      Vee the Chibimon

                                        Sami let out a sigh of relief as the Witchmon flew away. She was the only one that could see through Fladramon's facade. He was hurting much more than he was letting on, and even Sami didn't want to know the full extent of it. But with her injured like this, she knew that her partner wouldn't even care about his own injuries. That was the kind of stupid fool he was. So, since he would put her injuries over his, she decided to make sure he was okay in his stead. Maybe she was a bit of a fool herself.

                                        "It's mostly stopped bleeding, so if we bandage it up it'll be fine. Probably," Sami stated. She didn't have any experience in first aid, and she had passed out from blood loss the first time she got sliced up by a rogue wind wave. This wasn't nearly as deep, though, so she supposed she was alright. It would be nice to find a change of clothes, but she didn't quite think they had human t-shirts in a mansion where the only creature that she saw was a tacky-looking witch and a floating candle creature. In fact, she'd be less surprised if the Meramon turned back into her Candmon form, developed a French accent, and started singing Be Our Guest. She felt a wave of homesickness creep in. She was always a fan of that movie. She could even sing a couple songs in English. But she had to shake off her homesickness for everyone's sake. Charles was a newbie here, so she didn't want to make him think things were hopeless, even though she hadn't found a way back home yet. Instead, she turned to Fladramon. He had to be suffering at this point. Any energy that he could conserve would go to helping him recover, too.

                                        "Say, Fladramon, do you think you could look for my partner, Vee?" She asked, trying to keep the exasperated tone out of her voice. She felt ridiculous, but this was the fastest way to get him to turn back.

                                        "Oh, right! Yeah, I'll go find him! But I hear justice calling from a good distance away, so he's going to come back alone, all right! You lot stay safe now!" The Fladramon jumped off into the distance, crouching behind a gravestone. "Say, Vee? What are you doing behind this gravestone? What? You were paying your respects and were so caught up in it that you didn't notice the combat go on at all? Wow! How respectful! Your partner should definitely treat you to something nice to eat later!"

                                        Sami's face reddened in embarrasment, but she faced Charles and Waning, anyway. "So, feel free to lead the way once Vee gets back. But... are you sure you should enter the building in that form? Won't it be bad if you touch... you know... anything at all?"

                                        "Hey, Sam!" Vee shouted, running out from behind the gravestone. He looked a little beat up, but still kept up his energetic appearance. "Fladramon says he had to leave, but that he might be back if trouble arises again! Isn't he such a great hero, though? I sure hope I can be a heroic Digimon like him one day!" Sami gave the baby Digimon a warm-hearted smile.

                                        "It's Sami," She answered. "And it's a shame he had to go. I was definitely going to treat him to something nice to eat later as a thanks for helping us, too."

                                        "Wha-!? Oh, umm... I'm sure when that happens he can come back, and enjoy it all, so I'm sure that if you call for him he can come back! Let me check over behind that gravestone again!" The little Chibimon started to make a mad dash, but Sami reached down and scooped him up with one arm and placed him on top of her head.

                                        "If he has to be a hero, he can't really help it," The girl said in clearly feigned remorse.
                                      • Charles Devere Faithfulness
                                        Waning the Candlemon

                                          This was it, the beginning of the journey to get home. He thought that to himself just as he watched the flaming hero exit stage left and return as a smaller creature that he had met earlier - or was it him? It was certainly a smaller looking version of the blue and white creature he'd met earlier in V-mon. They could go backwards as well as forwards. Did that mean this change to the flaming woman wouldn't be permanent for his own partner?

                                          Charles nodded with a mirthful smile to Sami now before turning his gaze upon the meramon-shaped Waning still standing nearby. Or at least, he would have if she hadn't already devolved to her child stage in the moments before he turned to look. A little taken off guard but none the less pleased that his suspicions were confirmed wordlessly, he stepped up to the candlemon and beamed down at her. Similarly she looked back up at him hopefully. "That was pretty cool what you did back there. Sami tells me that I helped you do that." He fished out what he had felt grow so hot in his pocket before, only to find it ever so cool in great contrast to what he had felt from within his clothes. "This looks different to the one she has, but I'm guessing it does the same thing." Waning didn't seem to mind either way, laughing out loud now. "There's no way it was anyone other than you that helped me! When saw you in danger I felt something inside me, pushing me on! I evolved right then, I think that's enough proof for me!"

                                          Charles nodded to her and turned to walk towards the mansion again, the door still ajar from their earlier exit. "It's a good thing you changed back - I don't think the house would have survived you." He posited jovially, motioning for Vee and Sami to follow! "Let's get inside, huh? I think it's about time you got that shoulder looked at - and that we get out of this creepy graveyard." Charles was certainly in a better mood now than before. Maybe with these new hands on deck(figuratively speaking for Waning right now), things wouldn't be so bad in their quest. At least, that's what he was hoping!
                                        • Sami Raines Courage Plotter Tracker
                                          Vee the Chibimon

                                            As Sami watched Charles and Waning interact, she had a feeling that the duo would be fine. Charles was kind and protective, while his partner was caring and honest. It didn't seem like they would have too many problems so long as they didn't get over their head. Not that Sami knew anything about that.

                                            Sami seemed to be getting herself into one fight after another, and she and Vee did was just travel from place to place. And Vee wanted to be heroic Digimon, which meant he actively wanted to look for trouble. How dangerous a life did Vee want, when Sami seemed to get herself sliced up every time she went on a stroll? Shouldn't the young Digimon take himself a little more seriously if he wanted that, instead of goofing off all the time and presumably saying her name wrong on purpose? She understood that she was the young Digimon's partner and that it was pretty much her job to be the naive little Digimon's logic and reasoning, but it wasn't like she was going to be around forever. No one seemed to have any luck just yet, but eventually someone was going to find their way home, Sami included. Eventually, Vee would have to learn to fend for himself.

                                            "Hey, we gotta get going!" Vee interrupted her thoughts, tapping the top of her head while making himself comfortable. He leaned forward so Sami was able to see the Chibimon point towards the Mansion, where Charles and Waning were inviting the pair inside. She nodded, remembering that her shoulder was still bleeding a little bit at a time. Thankfully, she didn't pass out like the last time, but she was beginning to get annoyed at all of the fighting. She wasn't exactly the type to focus too much on her appearance, but all these fights were beginning to make her attire feel awfully breezy, damn it. She didn't know where she could possibly find clothes for a human, but if she didn't find some soon, between all the traveling, sleeping out in the wild, and god-damned kamaitachis, she didn't think her attire was going to last much longer. But first things first.

                                            Sami gave a sigh, stepping towards Charles and Waning, gesturing out towards them. "Lead the way."