Big Bad Wolf

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  1. Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
    Ten the Tentomon

    Ten grew restless. He was itching for the final fight, the showdown with Majiramon. Although he was physically next to Chloe, surveying the perimeter to Native Forest, his mind trailed off into a fantasy of how the fight would go down. The dragon infuriated him. The disgust Ten had for Majiramon rivaled nothing else he had ever felt before.

    “Chloe, I cannot do this all day. I cannot excuse what he did.”

    “I know, Ten. I know,” Chloe stopped walking and looked down to the ground. The vision played out over and over in seconds. Majiramon brainwashing the poor Kunemon and Dokunemon that were Ten’s friends, now enemies. Flymon and Snimon attacked, their wings making the humming noise she may never forget. “We can’t just go head first without making sure he doesn’t have backup.”

    Ten looked into the sky, the memory of fighting Okuwamon as MegaKabuterimon haunting him. He had to decide: delete him to save him from the brainwashing, the torture, or beat them to a pulp and keep them living in this lifetime. What was their best friend supposed to do?

    “BanchoLeomon is hitting the other side of the perimeter,” Chloe told Ten, “He showed you how to digivolve into a different digimon. We just have to clear this part of the forest.”

    A snap of tree branches startled Chloe, making her jump and turn her head around to see where it was coming from. Ten barely moved his head, his wings charging with electricity. Chloe held out a hand to tell Ten to stand down, she saw what the noise was. She slunk behind a thick tree trunk and looked through the forest.

    She couldn’t believe what she saw. In a tiny clearing, there were tiny digimon carrying a plate of bread buns, or some sort of bread snack. There was a tiny cave that they were walking up to. From the darkness of the cave was a snarl, a sinister sound that made Chloe’s hair stand on end. A long snout came from the pitch black and quickly snatched up the snack. The tiny digimon allowing it, not fighting back. They let out scared noises and began shivering.

    “Listen here, Burgamon, those snacks weren’t your best. If you don’t bring me a snack worth my time, I’m coming out of this cave and will eat all of you.”

    The Burgamon were crying after this, and they ran off. They were so blind by fear they ran past Chloe. Ten shrugged. Chloe grabbed his hand claw and pulled him with her, following the tiny digimon. It wasn’t far from the cave, but a decent walk, a village that had houses that looked like tiny burger buns, onions, and eggs. The three had ran straight for one of the bigger onion looking buildings, and screamed for other Burgamon. The two that came out were slightly taller than the other ones, and they looked just as worried. One of them had a purple dress on, and the digimon was crying.

    “Excuse me,” Chloe whispered to the Burgamon. She was out of place, much taller than the whole village, buildings included. The Burgamon jumped and screamed, which was expected. “I witnessed you bringing the snack to whatever digimon is in the cave. I heard his threat and we’re here to help.”

    Ten scoffed.

    The male looking adult Burgamon moved forward, shielding his family. “We’re a small village trying to make delicious snacks for those traveling. Perhaps, like yourself. We’ve no combative experience and there is a Fangmon who stalks the village and has taken all of our main ingredients to eat.”

    Chloe kneeled down to level with the Burgamon. She could see how they wouldn’t fight back. Whether they had limited moves or just too scared to do much and take the stand.

    “We’ve run out of options, girl. We need to make him a perfect snack or else we’re done.”

    Ten looked to the direction of the cave. He could pass time and take some of his anger out on the Fangmon, freeing the Burgamon. He liked that idea a lot.
  2. Matsuri Sakurai Light
    Shina the Renamon & Ika the Plotmon

      If there was one thing she had learned after arriving in the Digital World, it was that her outfit definitely wasn't made for traveling. Coming down for the mountain to gather supplies, the young woman felt weary for traveling in this ridiculous outfit. The large sleeves added extra weight whenever she moved her arms, and the length of her robes threatened to knock her over whenever the wind blew. She looked ridiculous - she felt ridiculous, but it wasn't like she was blessed with many options in wardrobe. In fact, even now, all she had was the clothes on her back and a light robe she left back at the temple. Oh, and the strange devices and cards that she had on her when she had arrived. Everything else she crafted for herself. For example, this handwoven basket she made, empty save for the sole annoying creature resting inside of it.

      "Matsuri, could you try swinging the basket back and forth?" The strange lop-eared cross between a rabbit and dog rolled onto his back, looking up at her with pleading eyes. "I think it'll be good... um... training to put up with all of the swaying motion...?" The Plotmon's reasoning was weak and he knew it, but damned it if he didn't try anyway. Plus, Matsuri had an admitted weakness for small animals. Even ones that got annoying the second they opened their mouths and spoke. But her arms ached, and swinging the basket back and forth would turn her arms to jelly before they even got to the city. She gave the Plotmon a stern shake of her head.

      "Don't try and use 'training' as an excuse to have fun," She replied. "Requests should be made honestly and with earnest feelings."

      "I don't really get what all those words mean, but if I say it's to have fun, then will you swing me around?" The Plotmon looked like he was struggling to keep up, but Matsuri couldn't help but give a small smile at his response.

      "No. My arms are tired," She replied with a nod of apology.

      "Curse you, weak human arms!" He replied with exaggerated lament, standing up and leaning over the side of the basket. "Oh, Matsuri, there's a tiny lil' village over there! Let's go rest there so you can rest your puny arms!"

      "These arms made the basket you're resting in," Matsuri protested in annoyance. "And I'm the one who chops up the firewood at the temple!" She looked to see off in the distance what certainly seemed to be a small village as well as a cave nearby. She tilted her head back as if she were speaking to someone behind her. "Do you know what that village is about?"

      "Burga Village. Small population," In an instant, a tall humanoid fox appeared where she had faced. In all honesty, it was going to move in the opposite direction, but it didn't want to be rude so it appeared to where she turned to. "Dangerous Digimon in cave. Extorting villagers. Human visitor. Insect partner." She gave the Renamon a confused look for a second, but no further clarification came. Was the "dangerous Digimon" the insect partner of the human, or were they completely unrelated? Eitherway, she decided to investigate this incident. After all, it sounded like a pain, but if the villagers were getting extorted she couldn't exactly ignore it. Finding a path towards the village, the young woman made her way towards them, to a family of strange-looking Digimon as well as a young-woman with a red insect beside her.

      Looking around, she saw the village was not only small in population, but small in size as well. But she made her way to an onion-shaped building and the gathering near it, standing before them with a straightened posture before giving a polite bow and smile. She still wasn't particularly fond of the whole formality thing, but at least she was dressed for the part. "Forgive me for overhearing things, but I have been informed that you are undergoing some sort of predicament? My companions and I would like to lend you our aid if you are having any problems." She was addressing the Burgamon, barely giving any notice towards Chloe or Ten at the moment. The Renamon stood in Matsuri's shadow while giving the pair a glare, ready to take action if needed. The Plotmon simply leaned over the side of the basket, facing the pair.

      "Hey! Are you the ones extorting the tiny people? Cuz' we're gonna have to beat ya up if you are!" The Plotmon gave them a playful grin, yet still baring his fangs nonetheless.
    • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
      Ten the Tentomon

      As the girl showed up, Chloe stood up straight and blinked her eyes at the straightforward, verbally threatening them. She held up her hands to chest level and waved them, or more like shook them. “No, no. I followed them here after they had a run in with a bigger digimon, also asking if they need help.” Chloe extended her hand to the human girl, “My name is Chloe. What’s yours?”

      Ten watched the Renamon, the only real threat. The puppy looking thing looked to cutesy to take seriously. He could tell that they were the girl’s partners, both tied to her. He wasn’t going to try and take out some of his anger on them, rather save it for whatever digimon was in the cave. Ten ignored the human girl and her digimon for the moment, turning to the Burgamon.

      “Tell me more about Fangmon. What type of digimon is he?”

      The male looking Burgamon was looking past Chloe and also shaking his hands to defuse the situation as the newer girl showed. He turned to Ten, “Fangmon is a wolf digimon, rival to that of a Garurumon. He has a long snout, very sharp teeth and claws. We’ve been fortunate enough to not see any of his special attacks.” His voice was still shaky, even with the rise of help. “Child, no!”

      One of the tinier Burgamon, the child level ones, poked its head out and looked at the Plotmon. She was tired of the tension caused by Fangmon and saw the cute digimon, wanting to play and relax for what time she had before Fangmon might have come to attack them. “Hey, you. Can we play?”

      A snapped branch sounded just outside the village on the other side. The adult Burgamon worried snapped their heads around to the sound. The female yelled to her children to get in their house, the bun shaped ones, as she entered the onion house with one of the children, a runt, perhaps the youngest of them all. Whatever it was had been under the cover of the forest’s canopy shadow, but the group could hear a bunch of noise.

      “Ten, something is around us. Digivolve,” Chloe took her digivice from her pocket, a slight glow coming from the screen. Within seconds, the insect grew in size and took to the sky. He quickly circled the perimeter from the sky and had to expertly dodge many of the trees, without going above the canopy level.

      What Ten saw were two other dog-like digimon, gray fur, scurrying about and around the village. One took the long route around the village, the other heading toward the cave with Fangmon. Perhaps to warn him, Ten thought. “Two digimon, one going for the cave. It isn’t Fangmon, though.”

      Chloe turned to the new girl, not officially being able to sit and talk to her. “Team up and help these little ones out?”
    • Matsuri Sakurai Light
      Shina the Renamon & Ika the Plotmon

        "I dunno about that..." The Plotmon said to the child Burgamon. "I'm the strongest Digimon here, so I'm gonna go hang out with that Fangmon and his buddies, instead! I'm gonna punnel them!"

        "It's 'pummel', and we'll only do that if Fangmon and his companions won't listen to reason," Matsuri replied to the Plotmon, then giving Chloe an approving nod. She gave another proper bow, and said. "I am Matsuri Sakurai, of the..." She realized that she hadn't actually christened her little shrine back in the mountains. "...Sakurai Shrine. But we would be honored to aid you in punishing any wrongdoings this Fangmon and its allies have brought to these villagers." She pulled out a wand with various cards hanging from the end of it, all clipped together. The cards that helper her to fight, though she had made some adjustments. She set the empty basket down and the Plotmon jumped out of it while looking towards Chloe.

        "Don't mind her!" The Digimon assured her. "She always talks all funny when she's in front of other people! I'm Ikazuchi, a Plotmon! And that quiet fox one over there is Shina... Uh... just Shina!" The Renamon gave Ikazuchi a momentary glance before turning its attention to its surroundings.

        "Shinatsuhiko," Matsuri corrected the Plotmon. "And there's nothing 'funny' about wanting to sound proper towards others!"

        "Right, Shina!" He jabbed back, beginning to head his way over to the cave. "Anyways, I'm strong, so we should just head over to that cave and punn... pummel that Fangmon til he cries, right?" He turned back to everyone else with a cocky grin. "But if he has help, then that might cause some problems... I guess you guys could help, too!"

        "Cocky as always..." Matsuri muttered, scratching her head in annoyance. "Only one of them was heading for the cave, right? Shinatsuhiko, see if you can distract the other wolf Digimon while we draw the others out. It would be better to go over there, instead of fighting over here." The Renamon gave a quick bow before vanishing before everyone's eyes.
      • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
        Ten the Tentomon

        The scared Burgamon were trying to watch the action from their homes, but the tiny windows in the doors or sides of the little buildings didn’t allow them to see much. One of the Burgamon whispered to another how cool Renamon was for just vanishing, and the other noted how big the bug digimon got. They couldn’t see the stray digimon or any sign of Fangmon coming for their village. The adult Burgamon had a sigh of relief.

        Kabuterimon cut one off, sending an electro shocker down and blasting the ground. Pieces of dirt, rocks, and chunks of grass went flying. The impact made the digimon stop in place, terrified of what might happen to him if the attack had hit him. Ten looked over and saw Renamon, now in front of the digimon she chased. Ten went low to the ground, dodging branches and trees, scooping up the digimon and dropping him at the village, along with the other who was guided there.

        Ten dedigivolved and armor digivolved to JewelBeemon, a taxing process, but the best in the situation. He held a spear to their heads, coming off as ruthless. The two digimon were shaking, trembling with fear. “Gazimon,” Ten told Chloe, lowering the spear to the dog’s gut.

        “What are you doing sneaking around the village?” Chloe asked, having a feeling she already knew the answer.

        “We, uh,” one of the Gazimon said, his eyes focused on how sharp the bugman’s spear was, “work for Fangmon.”

        “I had a feeling, go on.”

        “We’re scouting the village, just making sure they are cooking. You’re distracting them, so we had to report it. Fangmon told us to report anything weird. You all coming here, finding the village, it’s weird!” The Gazimon brought up his arms and covered his head, the other copying him. When Chloe told Ten to lower the spear, the digimon looked up with surprised, wide eyes.

        “Matsuri,” Chloe said, “What do you think is our next point of action?” The girl’s eyes wandered over the second travelers, the ones agreeing to help if Fangmon did wrong. Maybe she wouldn’t see this as wrong, but Chloe sure did. The wolf had scouts now, intimidating the Burgamon. This digimon, in the cave, was going to get it.
      • Matsuri Sakurai Light
        Shina the Renamon & Ika the Plotmon

          Looking at the pair of weaker and rather cowardly Gazimon, she held up her Digivice, a red and white D-Arc, pressing buttons until an image of Gazimon was displayed. Matsuri glanced at the text quickly before making her decision. She stepped up closer to the Gazimon, leaning down to meet them at eye level with a gentle gaze.

          "This device says that your kind is adept at digging traps and pitfalls," She said, more of a statement than a question. "Make no mistake; Fangmon is going to be strictly punished for his misdeeds, and you will most likely face some punishment yourself if you don't help us!"

          "But I don't want their help, Matsuri! I want to beat them up!" Ikazuchi complained with a pouting face. Still looking at the Gazimon, Matsuri's face twitched in irritation before she continued.

          "We won't ask that you fight alongside us, only that you tell us if you or Fangmon has set up any traps that might irritate us when we punish him, or any other information you know that would please us. After all we're not going to punish you until we deal with Fangmon, and the punishment we dole out to you will be entirely on our mood when we get back!" She went to pat one of the Gazimon on the head.

          "Yeah! We'll either pummel you a little bit or a whole lot!" Ikazuchi cried out excitedly. Matsuri stood up straight and shook her head.

          "An outright pummeling wouldn't suffice," Matsuri replied, thinking back to her early high school days. She placed her finger on her lip as if in thought. "Perhaps, being forced to swallow needles would do. Or perhaps, we tie you up to that large insect while dangles you through the trees of the canopy while flying at full speed? You've certainly seen how fast he can go, haven't you?" She turned around to the empty air behind her. "Shinatsuhiko? Could you find something we can use to tie these two up for the time being? It would be dangerous if we left these two to their own devices while we left the village unguard..." Before she could finish her explanation, Shina appeared before her holding out a considerable length of vine and gently placing it in her hands. "Th-thank you..." Was all she could think to say before the Renamon nodded and vanished once more. She turned to Chloe and Ten.

          "I suppose we should get started, then?"