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    Edgar the Kudamon

      It was almost strange, seeing the strange looks, seeing the path so freely part for her... seeing all the unusual creatures running the city far more so than the sparse populace of humans. She'd been here for about a month, and it was still rather curious, in its own way.

      But then, hardly was that a bad thing. It was some sort of adventure that she wanted, after all... and while rolling around a city was no adventure, it was still far more of one than being confined at home most of the time.

      "That's right, step aside, everyone! 'Handicapped' coming through!" the Kudamon resting around the girl's shoulders chose a seemingly opportune time to call out to the immediate vicinity, causing the girl herself to shrink down a bit further into her, albeit somewhat makeshift, wheelchair she'd had some helpful digimon make for her.

      "Edgar!" Ambre hissed... though the damage, it seemed, had been done. She'd already sensed a bit of tension toward humans in general from a fair population of the digimon around, but the glares she was starting to receive courtesy of her oh so wonderful companion, and feeling a hand come to one of the handles of her wheelchair to halt her possible progress, were... less than pleasant. "I just... need a path to get some groceries, thanks..." she weakly spoke up, rather hoping that she'd not have to create a scene.
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      Why is he encouraging that kind of behavior? was his thought with Edgar making his announcement, as the girl wheeled herself through. That was because the only explanation, which he could think of, for the wheelchair was that she was too lazy to walk. There wasn't often an aftermath to deal with for injuries when it came to digimon. Their regeneration factor was much too strong for long lasting damage. Scars were possible, but it needed to come from a rather powerful blow. If such damage made a loss of a function, it was rather obvious as it would mean it was removed. With Ambre's legs still attached, it didn't click with the angel that the damage done could have been internal.

      Then again his negative thought could've been seasoned by his negative mood. He has been having a moody last few days that have been dipping into his art output. He's able to push himself into continuing commissions, but it hasn't been fun. The moodiness has affected him before, but it eventually does go away.

      But for now, he's going to be grouchy with a chance to share his mood to a young girl trying to make her way through. It doesn't help that this store was rather small in the first place. "I'll move when I'm done." He failed to see that the only truly acting entitled at the moment was just himself.
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      Edgar the Kudamon

        "And when'll that be, huh?" the serpent around the girl's shoulders demanded, only for the girl herself to quickly move to try and shush him. Again. She'd almost have thought she'd get used to it, after the first time shortly after she'd first met him and they'd taken on a shared form, but... well. She also couldn't say she was very good at it all. It didn't help that her wheelchair continued to make things rather... inconvenient, even in the city she'd taken some residence in.

        "Edgar, please..." Ambre muttered, exhaling a slight, tired sigh. Glancing around her a little, albeit with some difficulty, a frown crossed her face when she saw no real route backwards, nor indeed a convenient way to turn around besides. One-way, essentially... yet another thing she wished she could get used to, being trapped and having nowhere to go. Well... she supposed that wasn't entirely true any more, but for such a reason? She quite preferred to be able to avoid that. "Please, just for a moment... I can just go around afterward. I know you don't really see any of these around here, but I really can't do anything without it..." the girl gently pleaded, seemingly trying to shy away from the occasional, aggressive stare she naturally received, 'taking up space' compared to just the size of her body itself -- even in spite of the wheelchair being decidedly less wide than some of the digimon she'd come across. "Even if someone... maybe helps get the few things I need, that'd be fine..." she weakly added.
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        Darla the DORUmon


          “Reminds me of New York a little bit,” Darius observed with curious eyes as he cruised alongside the pavement road. The hustle and bustle of city life were teaming of a variety of digimon and humans briskly walking or hanging amongst the sides of the sidewalk. The streets were packed! He had to cautiously weave through to even walk forward. If he was new to this atmosphere, he would be overwhelmed.

          “It must suck, huh,” Dante jeered at that comment and canine ears stretched upward. He never did enjoy being in the crowded city. With heightened senses, there were too many things he could be able to take in all at once. He gritted his sharp teeth at an unwanted though. Besides, he wouldn’t want to take the slightest chance of encountering the once friends who abandoned him.

          “Maybe,” Darius admitted with a slight shrug. His first vacation there, he was pushed around by those who, desperately needed to go somewhere. It pissed him off at how rude people could be. No respect. The only redeeming thing was the interesting places he visited there.

          “What are we doing here anyway?” the vampiric canine questioned his partner.

          "Groceries," Darius replied.

          Dante's sharp gaze caught the sight a gullible looking Lopmon.
          He sent a growl toward the child digimon and managed to get its attention. Once achieved, he gave a sanguine grin, causing the digimon to shudder and waddled away. Dante’s mouth curved upwards in satisfaction.

          “You’re an asshole,” his partner accused with his nose wrinkled in distain at the display. Taking a long breath, he then shook his head in disappointment.

          “Yeah?” Dante goaded narrowing his eyes intently.

          “I thought you were gonna play nice for once,” Darius pouted.

          “I did,” Dante retorted with a mocking pout and continued, “You didn’t specify how and for how long.”

          “Fine,” he sighed, pretending to give in to his digimon but continued, “No digivolving anymore,” with a cheeky smile.

          “You're gonna need me, whether you like it or not,” Dante said sharply with a slightly serious tone of voice.

          Darius sighed, knowing that his partner was right about that statement. The thing was, they needed to trust each other at those times and the right conditions to evolve. He decided to keep silent, not wanting to admit that truth out loud.

          Dante was about to question his partner about his inability to reply. His head tilted onto one side when an interesting scene caught his attention. It was hilarious. A kudamon yelled out a word he didn’t understand though he assumed it had to do with that ‘girl on wheels.’ He chuckled at that weird contraption. It was weird, but he was intrigued.

          "She’s hot,” Darius muttered to himself, cocking his head. Darius’s eyes dilated and were transfixed on the slender girl with flowing chestnut hair. She was hot. Although she was in a wheelchair, he could clearly recognize an attractive woman from afar. He felt slightly pity for the girl and how embarrassed she might be feeling with all the attention her digimon gathered from hollering loudly.

          “Where are you—?” Dante questioned where his partner suddenly took off toward the girl and her supposed helpful digimon.

          “That way,” Darius stated.

          His digimon sighed and dragged his feet following his partner. His human just couldn't resist a chance meeting a human female.

          He could feel the heated tension and glares sent toward the brown-haired girl and her digimon. Maybe if he could derail the situation, it could prevent it from escalating further. Besides, he was known as the middle man in times like this and he wouldn’t mind talking to a girl instead of his ill-tempered digimon. He wasn’t in any rush to buy his groceries anyway.

          He weaved by a Lucemon who stated that he would move when he finished and seemed like he really wanted to get his items as soon as possible. If Darius was in place instead, he would be irritable as well but hold that comment inside especially that the girl seemed to look like she didn’t want to be in the spotlight.

          “Sorry man,” he apologized to the Lucemon, She’s with me. I’ll take care of it,” with a toothy smile.

          Dante went bug-eyed at that display and rolled his eyes skyward. What was he trying to pull? Helping a weak looking female? Still, he was curious why his partner lied and wanted to help her out when it didn’t help Darius to reach an aim or so he thought.

          Nearing toward the girl, he felt slightly nervous and twitched at that ‘ghost’ injury he felt whenever he felt stressed out. He took a breath to relieve that pain and it disappeared right away. Although he felt that nervousness, he long practiced to maintain an air of confidence especially when he was in the student council. After all, he needed other students to look up to him to keep his popularity. Popularity was needed to stay in the student council anyway.

          Although the kudamon was the cause of the commotion, he gave a toothy smile toward the digimon and turned toward the brow-haired girl giving her a subtle wink. “Sorry I’m late,” he apologized feigning a puppy dog look.

          “Watch out, he’s a ladies man,” his digimon scoffed.

          Darius stiffened for a moment at Dante’s jeering remarks, but he set a lackluster look instead. He continued, “What did you need again?” giving her a warm smile.
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          He ignored the serpent's question, to proceed comparing prices on what he needed. It didn't help that the store had just gone through a rotation, which meant everything was moved, and that there was new inventory to look at either. Scribble had the outlook that this month was going to fare poorly. This meant being more frugal until he can get his work volume back up.

          As he carried on with his shopping, he could barely hear the human girl talk. She went on about how she needed the chair and it was her only way to have mobility. If he was in a better state of mind, he'd be open enough to consider there might actually be a reason she's being wheeled around. But his ego was having a hard time admitting that he's anywhere in the wrong and was right to take care of his business before letting anyone else take theirs. There wasn't anything that was going to convince him to care for her at all.

          At least until he showed up.

          Another human had came up to him and apologized for the girl. He stated that she was with him. Scribble couldn't tell what, but something was off with the young man. Yeah, the angel didn't like that someone else was stepping into a middle of matter between him and another person. But, that wasn't the reason why he was detecting bullshit. Then the human boy started talking with the human girl, as if they had talked with each other before. That was then followed by a comment nearby sangloupmon. Was he planning something with the girl?

          Scribble decided that he was going to wait and watch for a moment, to see how the wheelchair-bound girl and her digimon partner reacted. If it was obvious that he was making an unwanted advance or being called out on being a creep, maybe the angel could at least tell the male to buzz off. Otherwise, if they acted like everything was normal, he was going to say 'screw it' to dealing with humans for any longer, buy his food, then relax in his apartment. He was really hoping for the second scenario, he wanted to be done involving himself in the welfare of others.
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          Edgar the Kudamon

            Still nothing? Well... she couldn't say she was surprised, really. Still, it wasn't as though she had any options either. Well... any good options, she mentally noted, as the Kudamon around her shoulders seemed to give her a pointed glance. Not now, not here... and besides, that form wouldn't even be convenient for gathering what she needed!

            Then... another human? She'd spotted a few here or there in the city, to be certain, but for one to show up here and now... well, maybe the odds weren't as low as she was thinking, but never mind. 'Late'? And... 'ladies man'? Feeling a slight pink tint come to her cheeks, and ignoring the unamused scoff from Edgar practically matching the Sangloupmon's, the girl gave a slight nod... neither acting particularly familiar, nor seeing any other reasonable way out of this. Though even if she did get what she needed... well. There was still no immediate way out, back or front.

            "J-just... some berries... any kind, really, as long as they've got some color to them... and some flour, or whatever they might have here that's similar enough... erm... I suppose they wouldn't have anything like yarn here, probably..." Ambre offered, before glancing momentarily along the shelves by the Lucemon... which just happened to have another thing she needed. Maybe, just for a bit... affording herself a light breath, she shifted her bad leg to apparently start trying to get up, not managing to make it anywhere before it froze up and she was right back in her seat in the wheelchair. Between her rehab visit being cut short, and her abrupt arrival in the middle of the forest to just make it a little worse... she supposed that wouldn't really be an option after all.

            "Well? Get that for her, would you? As you can see, she's not getting anywhere otherwise, and she's still got some kids to visit after," the Kudamon practically demanded, casting a little glare to the Lucemon.
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            Darla the DORUmon

              Darius’s pulse quickened for a moment as he anticipated her answer to his not well thought out plan of pretending to know the girl. It was a bit stupid in hindsight. Impulsive. In times like this, his impulsive actions worked faster than his mind. She was cute. She didn’t feel like a manipulative person so he hoped his gut feeling was right.

              He didn’t want to scare her away, especially when he met more guys than girl ever since coming to the Digital World. It’ll be nice to talk to someone of the opposite sex for once. Helping her with groceries would hopefully make him feel less guilty for lying to her and earn him some karma points.

              He did take offense to his digimon’s comment about being a ‘ladies man’ though he never really talked to Dante about his past, so he let that go—for now. Although it was slightly amusing that the Kudamon had the same reaction as his digimon partner. A person could accuse him of being that, but depending on the situation, he might become a little defensive. It was true that he hung around a bunch of girl friends, platonically of course.

              Once in a while, he and his buddies couldn’t help themselves from checking them out. They were hot, outspoken, and flirty. Despite that, he kept his distance from dating most of them. He was afraid of commitment and liked his freedom. There was also the unwanted memory of the toxic relationship he endured and didn’t want to go through again.

              Inwardly, he widened his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief when the chestnut haired girl played along with him. Thank god. He prayed he wouldn’t be accused of being a creep or even a pervert. That would be a disaster. Darius found it adorable when she started stammering and her voice felt slightly calming. He didn’t feel that he needed to keep his guard up mentally and physically.

              Sounds good,” he beamed and thought for a moment continuing, “Doubt there’s yarn here. Never know though.” From what he gathered, it seemed like she was buying ingredients for baking something or at least he assumed.

              Yeah, I could ask around,” his digimon added.

              Now you’re helpful huh?” Darius joked cocking his head.

              As long as we get outta here soon. Crowds aren’t my thing and I want those chocolate chip cookies,” Dante grumbled in a sour expression. Seeing his partner’s attention was locked onto someone else than him didn’t feel right and didn’t like seeing that at all.

              Uh huh. Be my guest then,” Darius replied as he watched his digimon begin to prowl around until he disappeared into an aisle. With his digimon leaving him, he felt slightly vulnerable. He was so used to feeling protected even though they bickered a lot more than they should.

              Darius slightly frowned at the snappish Kudamon clearly and obviously ordering him around like he was the servant. Normally he was no pushover, the Kudamon just maybe seemed to trying to help his human in the only way he knew how. Darius would rather not argue over a petty matter.

              Alright alright,” Darius shrugged replying to the Kudamon, while lifting his palms into the air. The sweet aroma of cinnamon bread samples filled his senses. Cinnamon was delicious. His cheeks flushed pink when his stomach rumbled loudly. He hoped no one heard nearby.

              Let’s get this thing done,” he continued grinning at the girl and sent her a thumbs-up. If Dante were here, he would definitely have been called an idiot.

              I’m actually getting flour too,” he hummed and thought for a moment, “Is there a specific type of flour you’re getting?” remembering that some people wanted flour other than all-purpose instead. He remembers learning that from watching food network when learning how to bake for his younger brothers who he missed dearly.
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              Something still didn't sit right, but the girl was going along with him. Now he was doubting if he was still correct or was having a bout with paranoia. Then again, he doesn't understand why he should concern himself with someone's business. Even if he was right about neither human knowing each other, she then could worry about the trouble playing along could bring.

              He was stuck in his thoughts for too long and stayed in place. He was standing right in front of the shelf that Ambre intended to grab. He watched her attempt to get out of the chair, only to see her fail. He noticed how one of the legs seemed to have cooperated, but the other was at fault for her going back down in her chair. It confused Scribble. Does she really need that thing to move around? Maybe her clothes are hiding the injury, maybe that's why it's not obvious. But it looks intact. It still hasn't occurred to him that there could be a biological reason with how human bodies heal and are affected by trauma.

              The angel got too lost in his head again. This time he got out of it when the kudamon barked an order at him. Scribble glared and snapped back with, "I'll get for her because she can't get it, not because you ordered me to, you overgrown shrimp." Quickly, he retrieved what the girl was reaching for and placed it in her lap. With that out of the way, he grabbed what he came to grab and retreated into the next aisle.

              The digimon felt both that he had made an ass of himself and was on the right to stick up for himself. He felt that the sooner he got out of the store and onto his other errands, the sooner he could put this irritating exchange behind him. With being within earshot, that time wasn't going to be soon. He tried to not to pay much attention to it, but manage to hear their search for yarn. He knew where to get some, but he wanted it to remain quiet when he got there. Then he realized it's going to annoyingly bother him if he doesn't reveal its location. He was almost done with his shopping here, maybe he could beat them over there. "You're not going to find yarn hear," he told them. His voice was raised, but only to make sure he could be heard because he didn't want to round the corner. "For craft and art supplies, you have to go across the street."
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              Edgar the Kudamon

                Ah... so it seemed, perhaps, those two didn't completely get along. Not that she could particularly talk; she and Edgar weren't exactly two of a kind themselves, and his habits could be rather exhausting for her, but... the fact was, Ambre needed him. It just would've been nice if he was... well, less abrasive so much of the time. Very rarely to her, thankfully... just small favors, though.

                Admittedly, she'd not expected the wolf to go on his own, but... well, never mind. As long as he had some way to retrieve things, she supposed... certainly, there was no doubt that he could get around a lot better than her, at the very least. Not that that was saying much...

                "Snake. Get it right, overgrown..."

                "Shush!" the girl quickly reacted, reaching up to grasp the Kudamon's mouth enough that whatever he was about to say came out merely as incoherent mumbling. Never mind that he was glaring at her for it; rather that than deal with anyone else getting more upset, after this had already started out badly. "Th-thanks..." she muttered in embarrassment when the Lucemon set the flour on her lap; what kind exactly, well, was rather irrelevant to her at the moment. She didn't know enough about things here to be very choosy. "Oh... thank you!" she called out again to the Lucemon; in spite of anything else, at least he was helping... including with moving out of the way.

                "Shall we... go retrieve your partner, and anything else you might need, then? Oh... and I'm Ambre, by the way. This is Edgar, as I'm sure you heard..." she introduced herself, and the Kudamon in turn, casting the serpent a little frown as she finally released him from her careful grip.

                "I wish you'd stop doing that..." he muttered.
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                Darla the DORUmon

                  He let out a chuckle when he heard the kudamon retort against the other digimon. It reminded him of his relationship between him and his digimon, Dante. Afterwards he gave a sigh of relief, he thought earlier that two digimon were going to cause a scene between each other, but he was mistaken.Things had seemed a bit tense. Even insulting each other in their first meeting. Maybe an argument or scrap. He was relieved that the tension died down. He would have rather stayed away from an attention-grabbing scene and would have decided to leave with his digimon instead. Still, the girl was pretty cute, so he decided to stay and see where it would go.

                  “Thought he was gonna be an asshole about it,” Darius began.

                  He was grateful that the angel like digimon decided to help even with it’s grumpy attitude. Then, he ruffled his unkempt hair in thought. Even though he always tried to control his hair’s messiness, it just ended up the same way it was in the morning. It was a habit he wanted to get rid of but he couldn’t stop, especially when he was stressed or even slightly in thought about something.

                  “Glad he wasn’t though,” he continued.

                  A grocery store could be a sensory overload especially that for some reason, it was totally packed and full of customers. Maybe there was a huge sale today? He wanted to get out of the craziness as soon as could. At least he had some company to help scout out for the things he needed. Darius had hoped a little that he could gain the angel-like digimon’s trust and would stay with them since it seemed more familiar with the grocery store. It would have been easier to get some of his shopping over and done with. With the other digimon there, each item he needed would have been easy and simple to search for and buy. Guess he had to improvise instead.

                  “Nice meetin’ you guys,” he responded with a toothy grin after the girl introduced herself and her digimon to him.

                  “Name’s Darius,” he continued with a flash of a wink. The girl, Ambre suggested for them to go looking for his partner and it was perfect timing. Because they’ve been together for a while, he somehow could feel his partner digimon lurking nearby and decided to be a little mischievous. It was a good thing Dante had enhanced senses or his teasing wouldn't matter.

                  “And my mutt’s name is—“ he continued with a devilish smile.

                  “Dante,” his partner cut him off with a huff and slight growl, “I heard that,” as he nipped at his human partner’s side.

                  “Damn it,” Darius cursed with eyes narrowed and wincing at the same time.

                  “You deserved it,” Dante cackled and twisted into a proud cheshire grin, fangs exposed and murmured, “I’m no mutt” trailing off slowly. For some reason, he really wanted his partner to pay attention to him more than anyone else. Thus, even using some tough love.

                  “Okay, fine fine,” Darius exasperated with a surrendered look.

                  “Oh man, my bad,” he apologized, turning to the girl and then, to her digimon. He felt slightly bad that maybe he got too caught up in bickering with his partner. He actually didn’t expect Ambre to be the one taking the initiative so it threw him off a little.

                  “Yeah, I need some chocolate chips,” he continued with a hum as his eyes trailed, looking at the overwhelming amount of signage hanging in the store. Then, his mouth twisted into a frown. He felt a little lost in the grocery store so he quietly said, “You sure you wanna come looking with me? ” with his face turned to the side and cheeks flushed pink.

                  “Don’t mind Dante,” he added as he regained his composure and whispered to the girl’s side, “He can be quite possessive, so doesn’t like me talking to other people other than him,” explaining Dante’s crude attitude.
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                  He heard that the kudamon had an insult lined up for him, but never got to hear it due to the girl forcibly shutting his mouth. Not like that mattered, not like he was going to get anymore riled up or annoyed than how he was right now. At least, he did catch the human girl thanking him. It wasn't a big deal, but at least it showed she wasn't sore about the ordeal they went through and had some decency. If only her digimon did the same.

                  Neither human or digimon seemed to have acknowledge his note of where to find yarn. That was fine with him anyways. He had enough social interaction for one day and why should it matter to him that they spend needless time searching for it. For now, he was able to go back to his scavenger hunt for groceries. Why couldn't they just keep things where they were, he mentally whined as he went through the recently remodeled store.

                  The search was slowing him down from what should have been a fifteen minute chore, into something that has expanded close to a half hour. He went and search through the dry goods first, because that would consist of most of his diet. That and he wanted to buy meat last, to see if he could afford himself a proper meal for tonight. Maybe that could help pull him out of his funk.
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                  Edgar the Kudamon

                    "Y-yeah... I still wish this store had a little more space, though..." Ambre muttered, glancing around a little at the somewhat close shelves on either side. Back home, at least, she could navigate without too much of an issue... it still seemed that that wasn't going to be the case as much here. When the boy introduced himself, though, Edgar, hardly missing things, exhaled a slight huff, while the girl herself gave a little nod in greeting, a rather slight pink tint on her cheeks.

                    "Hm? Oh, no, it's fine; I admit, I don't get along great with this one, but I still need him all the same," the girl assured, offering a small smile and a little brush across the cheek to the Kudamon around her shoulders, who could only really respond with letting himself relax a little more. "Ah... that, as well, I can relate to..." she offered with an embarrassed little grin on the point of a digimon partner being possessive. But then, for her, she imagined, it was a bit... different, all in all, when she needed him for so much.

                    "If you can... help me get through here, at the least, I could help find everything you need? I've only been in here a few times, but... you could say being stuck in a wheelchair makes me have to memorize places quicker than most," she offered with a slight grin, content at least that she had what she needed in the meanwhile. And besides that... she had to make herself at least a little useful somehow, rather than being the one everyone had to help out thanks to her injury. "I suppose, while I'm at it, I may as well at least pick something up for dinner on the way, instead of just the baking I'll be doing..." she thoughtfully mused.
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                    Darla the DORUmon

                      His mouth slightly curved upwards and his eyes displayed a youthful glow at the girl’s adorable reactions. Her confidence sure did need some help. The light tint on her cheeks and bashful demeanor, she seemed to present were pretty cute. Girlfriend material? Give or take a few more years and she’ll be a hot babe. She looked a little young, thirteen or fourth maybe. Probably think about that later, though. Truthfully, he never did talk to most of the quiet classmates, he had since his social circle consisted more of the extroverted well-known students.

                      There were a few attractive shy girls he was interested in but felt hesitant because he would feel bad if they became a target for bullying. He trended lightly, especially that bullying was becoming a problem at school and he had some nasty girls who might take offense with him dating an unknown person. Yeah, he was a coward and he definitely knew it. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t give a shit what other people thought and did whatever he liked. He could’ve been in a nice relationship with a nice girl instead of dating a manipulative bitch. She was a nasty piece, indeed.

                      He sighed and nodded in agreement with Amber not having enough space in the store. They needed some space for her to move through the aisles in the grocery store. It was a little bit overcrowded even for him. He felt slightly claustrophobic. He was sure there was a mega sale here. Earlier, he saw a heavy reduction in some of the snack items. There was a cacophony of sounds that littered his ears. He heard someone crying loudly and probably two digimon or humans arguing loudly. There were others bumping and pushing against each other, almost like wild animals. But then again, some of them actually looked like animals. It was a reminiscent of the dreaded Black Friday.

                      “Yeah, sounds good. It’s my first time here so that’s a big help. I need to get semi-sweet chocolate chips and sugar,” he replied with a toothy grin. He usually didn’t like asking for help but he was unfortunately lost in the sea of grocery items. Honestly, it was slightly intimidating, but he wouldn’t tell her that. His pride wouldn’t allow it.

                      “That’s some useful skill, especially coming to the digital world,” he chirped up.

                      “He likes you, you know,” Dante added. His face twisted into a cheshire grin and chuckled, “He wants to get some,” with a sing-song tone of voice.

                      Darius gave his partner a deadpanned look and narrowed his eyes and paused, “Shut up mutt” with frustration crinkled on his face and said a short sorry to the girl. He did think the girl’s attractive, but Dante was being an asshole for opening his mouth like that. Why couldn’t he be matched up with a digimon with a more pleasant attitude? He just hoped there was a day when his partner wouldn’t insult anyone at least for one day. Darius ignored his partner’s sarcastic eye roll in response to him cutting Dante off.

                      “Know any good places for take out?” he asked the girl and grateful the topic switched over to another subject instead. “I want some good Mexican food,” he added with a hopeful look in his eye.

                      As much as disliked attracting attention, he inwardly took a breath to calm his nerves and move forward. He gave an assertive presence and began to speak out his influx of ‘excuse me’ and ‘thank you, ma’am/sirs’ until it became a flow he got used to. He did get some glares, but most of them were shut down by a plastered youthful smile. He thought his jaw was going to hurt by the next day or so, but it was worth it. “Let me know when to stop, alright?” he said gently.
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                      What the angel got for tonight was what would amount, and maybe even taste like, a steak dinner with potatoes. The vegetable,which taste like a fine piece of beef, was a little on the pricey side but he convinced himself that he was eating like this tonight and the bits lost isn't going to hurt later. Scribble was all ready imagining how he's going to season it and how it's going to taste.

                      Currently the thoughts about his encounter earlier or humans were pushed out of his mind. Having something positive to look forward to is helping out his current mood. It might last until tonight, but it sure beats feeling miserable and irritable about everything.

                      Scribble headed to the check out line. There's a line in front of him, so it'll be a few minutes. His plan was to head to the art and crafts store across the street, to grab some paints he was running low on. Just because he doesn't feel like creating art, doesn't mean he can escape from his responsibilities forever. He always had managed to fight off these moods, even if they are slow and painful at first. There's nothing indicating that this will be any different.