All That Once Shined

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      Now that the end of the first week of the month was approaching, August was in full swing. A lot had happened already. Lorelei had found her crest of Light, she'd met tons of new friends, she'd seen a good portion of File Island from the near top of Mount Infinity, and she'd probably almost died at least once. She and Hackmon were growing closer, even if he didn't want to admit it, and as much as she missed her dad back home, she was really getting used to being in the Digital World. All in all, things weren't going so terribly. Sure, there was still more for them to figure out. According to Hackmon, there was still much more work to be done, and more and more questions were popping up without many answers to follow. So like usual, they didn't stay in one place for very long. Instead, they kept moving. Well, sorta.

      "Hackmon, sttooooooopppppp!" Lorelei groaned, her feet firmly planted in the soil, her digivice held out for him to see.

      "No, Lorelei, we must keep moving. Every time we stop to investigate a blip on the digivice, it's always some new human that you find terribly interesting and must get to know and befriend, which turns into at least one full day of our travel time wasted."

      "Well...what's the hurry, anyway? As far as we know, nothin' that's happened is time-sensitive. We've got all the time in the world! 'sides, allies are important, aren't they? The more friends I make, the better off we are, in the long run! You never know when we'll need help fightin' some bug! Or somethin'! And they're not far away! See, look?" The girl hurried over and shoved the digivice in front of Hackmons face. His blue eyes narrowed and if he'd been a fantastical dragon, fire and smoke would have expelled from his nose. The digimon looked up at Lorelei's ever-grinning face and, knowing she wouldn't give up, finally glued his eyes to the digivice screen. Sure enough, there was a blinking dot that indicated another digidestined human was nearby. The dot was not moving, and Lorelei was right, it was close.

      "Whoever they are, they seem to be near Infinity Falls. The digimon that reside in Infinity are usually friendly. They should be fine. We've no need to concern ourselves with this human."

      "Wait, falls? Waterfalls? Ohh Hackmon, please! I really wanna see it! That sounds so pretty, I've gotta take a picture. Pleaasseee!"

      Hackmons left eye twitched and his body tense, then he took a deep breath, exhaled it slowly, and deviated from his original path, taking a slight left and heading in a different direction. "I really should realize by now that once you've set your mind to pestering me about something, you won't stop until I allow it. But please, Lorelei, let's not make a day of this?"

      Giving Hackmon a gleeful thumbs up, she hurried to his side and began humming a song.

      He had been right, Infinity Falls wasn't far. They arrived in maybe forty-five minutes or less. As they'd gotten closer it'd been easier and easier to hear the sound of the falls crashing into the water beneath and the sound was comforting and relaxing - even Hackmon began to look less tense as they approached it. Various non-partnered digimon seemed to be roaming the area, paying no mind to Lorelei and Hackmon being there. Lore couldn't imagine why Hackmon wouldn't have wanted to stop by this place on their way toward the Tropical Jungle, but then, relaxing had never been Hackmon's strong suit.

      The Falls were beautiful. Being surrounded by trees gave them a sort of private oasis feel, and the spray of water created little rainbows here and there when the clouds moved away from the sun. Lorelei stood at the tree-line, looking on to the area with her mouth dropped open and her eyes practically sparkling. It was a truly stunning sight. "Wow, Hackmon! This is gorgeous! We've been around Mount Panorama twice since I got here and you never brought me here."

      "That's because it was always out of the way. It was never my intention to site-see. We've got more important things to do."

      "Pfft!" Lorelei laughed, walking over to the lake and looking in at the deep blue water, her reflection staring back at her as clearly as if she were looking in a mirror. Blue and Red Otamamon peaked their heads out from under the water and splashed Lorelei playfully, then swam off to meet a couple of Bukamon near the center of the lake. The group continued playing as Lorelei watched, giggling to herself.

      "There, you've seen it, can we go now?" Hackmon said as he walked up behind her, clearly not amused by the playful water digimon. Lorelei pulled out her digivice and glanced at it. They were only a few feet from the dot indicating another human was nearby, but she didn't see anyone at first. That is, until she looked toward the opposite side tree-line, where a pair of feet were sticking out from behind a rock. Her eyes widened and she hurried over in a bit of a panic. On the other side of the rock a boy had propped himself up and had fallen asleep, it seemed. Lorelei looked around and didn't spot a digimon that seemed to be his partner, but any of the wandering ones could have been, she guessed.

      Gently reaching down, she touched the boys shoulder and shook him gently, careful not to hurt him, and attempting not to startled him too much. "Uhm, hi there. Sorry to wake you, I just wanted to make sure you were okay." Lorelei said quietly as she squatted down to meet his eyes.
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        For the past few days, he had been on a lonely journey to head back to the place where everything started in the Digital World for him. It was near Primary Village where he met his fallen digimon partner as a young child, Dorumon. He had felt like he had rescued a stray puppy but could actually speak and had a crude personality. The lone Dorumon was abandoned by his friends and wasn’t too keen in letting him in. Eventually, things changed and they had formed a close bond. Although he was told that he might be able to find his regenerated digimon, he was also told that the digimon might not be able to retain all it’s old memories or even remember anything at all. Admittedly, he was scared of that chance it’ll not remember anything and everything they went through together was a waste.

        He did not want to stay in the rut of those depressing thoughts that filled his mind. He needed to travel into less inhabited places to escape from seeing things that made him quite envious lately. When he would see other humans and their digimon partner, he would clench his fists hard and grit his teeth at the sight. Darius was sure that he appeared unapproachable to others passing by him. It was sad really, he was told before that he smiled too much and hardly anyone saw him get pissed off at something. But that was a lie, it was a facade. With him being in the student council and popular as well, he needed to keep a clean slate and not get in trouble. Those rare times that he did get pissed off, his friends told him that he was a scary motherfucker.

        The other day, he was told by a dubious looking shopkeeper about the tranquil location where not many humans ventured as the place was tucked away from civilization. It was dubbed as ‘Infinity Falls’ by the local digimon. It was perfect for him, though. He absolutely loved being in the water or even just near it, especially the fact that he was a stereotypical Cali boy who loved surfing. It sometimes got his adrenaline rushing and at other times, helped him forget all those responsibilities and stressful things in his life. Sometimes he wished that he could stay at the beach and not come home, but he had younger brothers to watch over. His step-mother was on the younger side and not always home. He had a lingering gut feeling that she was cheating on his dad and he did not expect to actually be right. Darius wanted to tell his pops about that, but he wasn’t the best son either. His step-mother and him had cut a deal for him to be quiet about it. The temptation was too great. Hesitantly, he had agreed.

        It was late afternoon, so he didn’t want to get there when it became a dark sky. He picked up his pick and strolled into the small pathway leading into the waterfall described to him earlier. It was a hidden pathway leading straight into the hidden escape, he was searching for. As the pathway became more visible to him, the ground became muddy and he could feel his boots sink into the dirt below. The surroundings were covered with moss and lichen that filled the air with its musky aroma. The fresh air caressed his perspiring skin, giving him the relief he needed much. Lush grass covered the area and smooth boulders were scattered in different places marking the pathway leading to the waterfall. With the gradual increase of smooth rocks that came into view, he carefully walked on them. After all, he wasn’t too keen on getting his footwear too muddy. It was quite a long hike, but he was sure that the energy he used up would be worth it.

        Soon, he could hear the waterfall’s roaring noise from a distance and he knew he was getting close to his destination. The small pathway led into a pristine area that the edges were filled with ancient trees, almost as if they were the protectors of Infinity Falls. The water bed reflected bright underneath the reddening sunlight. Boulders of variety sizes surrounded the water and looked like they were artificially put there to mark the location. At first it resembled a flat lake, but it stretched into a safe distance away from the waterfall. It looked perfect. His eyes widened at the sight and he was in awe. It was clear water flowing over rocky boulders into water vapors that plunged downwards. He moved his fingers into a portrait shape and wished he had his cell phone or digital camera to capture the perfect image of a rare majestic waterfall.

        He took off his muddy boots and lightly dipped his exposed feet into the sunbathe water. One step inside, he was almost knee deep, but it was soothing to his body in the muggy weather. He was slightly glad that there weren’t many digimon nearby at the moment, he some time to himself. Darius’s mouth curved upwards at the prospect of diving into the relaxing water bed. It felt like the water was calling to him and he responded to the call in return. He took off his sweat filled maroon colored shirt and tossed it to a nearby tree. Darius glanced at his body and frowned. There were various scars that lined through his chest and a few going downwards on his arms. He looked like a complete wreck.

        He dove inside as he began to fill it’s watery embrace and allowing him to escape the pull of gravity. Darius never felt this free for a long time and the feeling of an escape from reality.
        After doing a few laps and diving deep inside, he decided it was time to relax his tired body after a long travel and swimming in the refreshing water. He was slightly cold but for some reason, he didn’t care. He strolled toward the huge tree that was near his maroon colored shirt and plopped his body against the sturdy tree. Slowly, his eyes were gradually fighting off slumber, but had lost leading into a quiet slumber. He was much too tired to keep himself awake.

        Suddenly, he was awoken by someone touching his shoulder and his first instinct kicked in an instant. Almost as if he were a robot, his eyes were hard and face expressionless. Ever since his digimon died, he lost most of his digi-soul power, but he wasn’t afraid to use it when needed. He knew he was paranoid, but for valid reasons. He had no digimon partner to help him out either. He had been almost killed once before and by feral digimon who most likely attacked him because he was a weak human. If he didn’t meet the Leomon who rescued him, he was sure he would have died twice over. He had to admit, he felt like he was a target of digimon attacks. His right hand glowed a bright azure color and summoned a small blade. Darius pulled his body sideways and used his right arm intended to attack whoever touched him.

        “Oh shit damnit damnit,” he cursed. He went bugged eyes and retracted his body seeing what he was about to do to the girl. He would have committed murder if he went through with the attack and he didn’t want to be a murderer especially to a hot girl. She had slim curves and pretty azure eyes that stood out in the glimmer of the sunlight. In any other situation, he would be considering getting to know her better for that reason. But realizing the current situation, all he was thinking that he was the unluckiest guy ever and how not to be killed by her and her digimon.

        “I’m so sorry for that really I am,” he stammered, unsummoning his blade and waving his arms in the air apologetically. If he were wearing his shirt, he wouldn’t have felt this self conscious and possibly looked scary with the multiple scars on his body. He glanced at the digimon near to her and swore that her partner would kill him but he hoped not. He wasn’t too sure, but it seemed to him that the wilderness became quiet. It could just be his nervousness and guilty thoughts, but the supposed quietness made him feel scared.
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          Well, neither of them had expected that. Even Hackmon, who was tirelessly cautious and careful, had been caught off guard by it. The boy had suddenly shot up out of his sleep, had produced some sort of weapon, and had aimed it right at Lorelei's chest. His sudden movement frightened her and caused her to fall backward on her butt and palms in the grass and she held her breath, her eyes large, staring at the blade made up of something she hadn't seen before.

          Hackmon had moved quickly to her side, but not quickly enough. When the blade came close he froze in place, afraid to move and cause him to strike a finishing blow. For a few seconds they were all frozen, Lorelei terrified and Hackmon baring his teeth. But the boy seemed to quickly realize that he'd made a mistake. He cursed and backed away, seeming to be as surprised by all of it as Lorelei and Hackmon had been, and apologized before withdrawing his blade. Lorelei scooted away on her hands, breathing deeply in an effort to calm herself down. Silence ensued and every digimon in the area seemed to be staring at them. From the ones in the water to the ones in the trees, they all were silent, waiting, watching, to see what would happen next. Hackmon turned and looked at Lorelei, her eyes still wide. She was trembling a little.

          As soon as he saw Lorelei's face, he turned back and the boy made eye contact with him. Hackmon pounced on the boy, tackling him to the ground and pinning him there, the digimon's teeth bared in the boys face. "Hackmon!" Lorelei stammered, crawling over to him. "Please, get off of him!"

          "He attacked you!" Hackmon snapped, growling, never moving, never peeling his eyes away from Darius. "He pointed a weapon at you!"

          "He didn't mean it! I startled him is all, come on, let him up. Please, I'm okay!" Even with Lorelei begging, Hackmon remained for another thirty seconds or so, staring down at the boy, his blue eyes becoming pale and icy.

          "If you even think to move toward her again, you will personally find out what happens to humans who are destroyed in the digital world. And I assure you, your kind are not reborn in primary village." Hackmon looked like a wolf, sizing up his prey, with his teeth bared and ready to snap at it's neck. But Lorelei reached up and touched his back, and finally the armor covered digimon pulled away, backing off of Darius and stepping away, though remaining closer to Lorelei than he usually did when she asked him to do something he didn't want to do.

          "I'm so sorry," she said then, taking a breath and replacing her expression of worry with her usual smile. A few beads of sweat had appeared on her forehead, created by the high-pressure situation, and she swiped them away with her sleeve. Even though she knew Hackmon would not approve, she reached out and offered the boy a hand, to help him up. "Really, it's my fault for surprisin' you. I should know better."

          "Lorelei," Hackmon hissed. "Do not apologize for being attacked." The girl only smiled more, feeling better and more calm, though her heart was still racing.

          "My name is Lorelei, and this is Hackmon. We were close by and I saw you on the d-terminal, so we came over and when I saw you layin' there I wanted to make sure you were okay." Now that the intensity of the situation had lightened, the digimon surrounding the area went back to their previous games, playing in the water or swinging in the trees. Hackmon scoffed at this. They seemed to deem the danger of the situation over, but he was not so sure. Despite Lorelei's introduction, he said nothing in reply. He only kept his eyes on the boy. If Darius made any motion too fast or looked even the least bit ready to draw his weapon again, Hackmon would have his head.

          "Anyway, it looks like you were just sleepin'," she only now noticed that the boy was shirtless, and her face reddened a bit. She sat back on her knees and crossed her hands in her lap, feeling a little more self-conscious now, probably because her adrenaline was still pumping. "So I'm also sorry for wakin' you up. We should go, I don't wanna bother you anymore than we already have."

          Hackmon seemed to like that idea. He stood up and Lorelei followed suit, taking a moment to brush the grass and dirt off of her skirt and stockings.
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            “Damn,” Darius cursed to himself. His eyes crinkled in frustration and the muscles in his face tightened at the auburn haired girl’s trembling reaction. After those long few days without human contact, the first human he met most likely thought he was an evil monster and would decide to run very far away from him. But the most troubling reaction, it was the hackmon’s reaction. It could attack him at any moment, especially with those nasty sharp claws. The growling made it much worse. His pulse quickened and out of survival instinct, his good hand twitched as if ready to either retaliate or defend himself.

            That was probably why the draconic digimon suddenly pounced at him. He could barely hear the girl’s protests over her digimon who attacked him. The attack caught him at a low angle causing him to lose his breath and body paralyzed. By sheer will, he gritted his teeth hard that prevented him from gasping out from the impact. Darius was not willing to display the sting of pain he felt inwardly. He was relieved that it was nothing like how the BladeKuwagamon’s vicious attack caused him to slam into a hard object. That day, he thought he was going to die. It was by pure luck and will that he didn’t.

            It was understandable that he was attacked since he was the one who threatened it’s partner in the first place. Still, he hated the feeling of the lost of breath and helplessness for that unwanted moment. Maybe he could summon some excess energy to dodge and counter but he decided that might not be the best course of action. A wave of pain washed over him. He felt like his body was aching all over. The healer had already emphasized him not to overexert himself since he was still in the process of healing his cuts and bruises that were unsightly purple welts covering his upper body. The ribs that were broken had been healing up nicely but he wasn’t sure that was the case now. He was lucky that the deep scar above his right eye wasn’t lower or else he would’ve been blinded. If she found out, he would in a world of trouble for sure.

            He could hear the girl and her digimon arguing about him being pinned down on the ground. Darius couldn’t help but think that the girl was much too nice for her own good. She was the one who was almost attacked but she was apparently defending him instead. If that were him in that situation, he would do the opposite and retaliate against whomever dared to hurt him. He choked out a laugh observing them arguing with each other but he wasn’t sure why. His emotions felt like they were being twisted around in circles. Was it because it hurt reminiscing of his fallen digimon and how they used to banter almost all the time? Or was it because of how hilarious it was being easily pinned down by a child digimon?

            When the Hackmon seemed to attempt to threaten him about trying to attack the girl again and about him not being reborn if killed, he should have felt intimidated by the threat but he became expressionless instead. “I know, do it then,” he replied, steadily looking at the digimon right in the eyes without a single flinch. Maybe he deserved it. All those guilty feelings would be washed away if he disappeared. He couldn’t even protect his loved ones. Then, he almost attacked a girl without batting an eye. Darius felt awful and he hated that. Still, he had a gut feeling that the girl wouldn’t let her digimon kill him since she appeared to be good-hearted people. Maybe that was a good thing in the long run. Because inwardly, he was afraid of dying, but he definitely did not want to display that weakness in the open.

            Like he expected, the digimon backed away from him and did not attack him further. He still felt his adrenaline pumping but his heart rate gradually slowed down a little bit and his muscles loosened. He really wanted to hide his wounds but his shirt was closer to the girl and if he went toward his shirt, he might as well be dead and gone. It made him insecure and exposed so wanted to hide them. As long as he wasn’t attacked by the digimon, the stinging pain would subside so he cautiously made sure his movements weren’t toward the girl.

            His eyes widened in bafflement listening to her apologizing to him and he actually agreed with her digimon. Shouldn’t she be mad at him for attacking her instead? She offered him her hand and he gladly accepted it but with some caution. “No way, I shouldn’t attack anyone like that out of nowhere,” he countered with an exasperated sigh and ruffling his hair. He had to admit, though. She looked cute apologizing to him, which made his heart flutter for a moment. He wasn’t the best at analyzing like his dad, it was clearly apparent that she seemed like she would rather be somewhere else with the way she hid her nervousness.

            “Name’s Darius,” he replied with a tight smile, not reaching all the way to his eyes. The stinging from the dark bruises was slightly distracting from his usual toothy smile. “Uh, thanks for your concern, Lore,” he continued with uncertainty. He wasn’t used to such a chipper and bright attitude in what he felt, a long time ago. The last few days were slightly disheartening to put it lightly. Still, he had to admit that she somehow lifted his spirits by a bit. Unsurprisingly, her digimon seemed to detest him instead. After all, he almost attacked it’s human partner so he wasn’t too mad about that.

            “Okay…” he said, trailing off in his reply. Wait, did she say that she should go? His mind was in a daze and it seemed his brain was a whirl of stupidity. His shoulders drooped and mouth curved into a frown. He longed for company but wasn’t brave enough to take the initiative. He assumed that he would be better off in solitude. Maybe he was afraid of hurting and losing others he became close to?

            “Wait!” he called out to Lorelei. His pulse raced in desperation for her company—for someone to hear him out for once and not run away. Darius doubted she would but he couldn’t put out a flicker of hope that she would stay. An influx of anguish emotions coursed throughout his body in waves that crashed wildly all around. It almost felt like he was struggling to hold back a heavy weight, but it was a losing battle on his side. “Just hear me out please! I know it’s no excuse, but lemme explain myself, please,” he stammered out loud as he held back tears that escape onto the corners of his eyes. He was fine a little while ago but when she was about to leave, he lost composure. He hated begging like this. It made him feel like a loser.
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              All of this was a little puzzling, for various reasons. First and foremost, this boy, Darius, had attacked her. It'd been sudden, and Lorelei felt she should have known better. Maybe that sounded like some sort of twisted, self-victim-blaming mess, but in nursing practice she'd learned that startling an unsuspecting person could cause injury to both parties. Lore had to admit, everything seemed different here in the digiworld, and for one reason or another she found herself too-often assuming that any and everyone was friendly. Hackmon constantly warned her that that was not the case, but it was just in Lorelei's nature to assume the best of everyone. But no matter how good a person is, they all have weaknesses, and bad memories, and fears. Startling a person that you're not familiar with, that isn't expecting it, is like begging to see the worst side of them.

              Next was his reaction to Hackmon's threat. He'd outright welcomed Hackmon to take his best shot. Why? Of course, that was a complicated question. Any number of reasons could cause a person to welcome death. What had happened to this boy since arriving in the digital world that made him desire such permanent relief?

              This dark bruises and slashes all over his body might have been somewhat telling of that. He looked like he'd taken a beating, and not too long ago. Lorelei had tried her best to avoid staring at them, so she'd only really glanced at them briefly, but there were many of them, and they were very large. And a general purpleness around his mid-section suggested that he'd at least bruised his ribs, if not broken one or multiple of them. That was even more telling. Hackmon was a large, heavy digimon, even to be a rookie. All of his weight on top of the boy must have been painful, but he hadn't shown it on his face, only in his eyes. And the pain in his eyes didn't look purely physical. There was more, but Lorelei was never sure of herself when it came to reading people. She didn't want to project or assume, but something was definitely going on with this guy.

              Then, there was the sword. He'd created some sort of sword, just out of thin air. And once he'd realized he didn't need it anymore, it seemed to just...disappear? It was her first time seeing someone use something like that and even though it was was also intriguing. She wanted to know how he'd done it, but she also didn't want to bother him any further.

              He'd apologized again for the mistake, and told her his name. Darius. A nice name. She liked it - maybe because one of her favorite musical artists was Darius Rucker, but that was another story, for another time - and smiled when he gave it to her and thanked her for her concern. Hackmon was huffing and puffing at every word out of the guys mouth, but Lorelei tried to ignore him. He was only worried, she knew, but the whole thing had been an accident, and she could tell that there was no further reason to worry.

              Still, the whole episode had been pretty highly charged and the last thing Lorelei wanted to do was overstay her welcome, especially if the boy wanted to be alone. She'd finished brushing herself off and Hackmon had already begun to walk away. She waved her fingers at the boy lightly, still offering up a gentle smile. "Okay, well...see you around." When she spoke, her voice was soft and quiet, more so than usual. Maybe because she hadn't quite caught her breath yet.

              "This is why I try so hard not to appease your wanderings, Lorelei," Hackmon began, already prepared to lecture her on how her spontaneous decisions and lack of focus was always getting them into trouble and it always ended up with her somehow putting herself in the way of danger.

              "Hackmon, did you see him, though? He looked so beaten up..." she whispered, interrupting him as the two walked away from the boy, hopefully far enough away that Darius wouldn't have heard her say it. It was then that Darius called to her, asking her to wait. Hackmon didn't stop, but Lorelei did. She turned and glanced back at him, and her eyes widened when he spoke again, asking her to hear him out, and a glimmer of tears touched his eyes.

              "The last thing we need to do is entangled ourselves in this dangerous boy's complicated life," Hackmon warned, turning back to look at Lorelei, who was still glancing over at Darius. "We have problems of our own."

              Lorelei turned and stared at Hackmon for a moment, her blue eyes meeting his, and he rolled his eyes. He knew that, now, there was no pulling Lorelei away from the boy who had just attacked her moments before. "He just wants to talk, Hackmon, that's all. It'll be okay." She didn't wait for Hackmon to reply, simply turned and walked back toward Darius.

              "Why do you even waste your energy on arguing with her, Hackmon?" The digimon asked himself, and followed her. Once he was in range but not too close, Hackmon stopped and sat down in the grass, his back rigid, his eyes alert. He wasn't staring at Darius anymore, but there was no doubt that if the boy or anyone else made a move, he would see it.

              Lorelei walked much closer than Hackmon, stopping only a foot or so away from Darius and sitting back down in the grass. She pulled her backpack off and sat it beside her, along with her digivice and d-terminal, and gave him her full attention. "I don't really feel like you need to explain yourself," she said, still smiling, and now much calmer than she was before, and no longer nervous. "But if it would make ya feel better, I'll sure listen. In return, though, you gotta let me look at your wounds and make sure Hackmon didn't hurt anything. I'm in nursing school, so I know what I'm doin', promise."

              From behind them, Lorelei heard a low growl and knew Hackmon didn't agree with her touching Darius in any way, or getting close enough to do so. She gave another smile, this one more apologetic. "Oh, and don't worry 'bout Hackmon. I'd say no sudden movements, but long you don't pull out that sword thing again, he'll be just fine over there. It's nice and sunny, maybe he'll even take a little nap. Right, Hackmon?" She said, twisting around a little to look at him and giggle.

              The digimon turned his head away from her. "Hmph," he responded simply, then laid in the grass and rested his head on top of his paws.

              "See? All's well. So, shoot." Lorelei said when she turned back to Darius, folding her hands in her lap politely so she could focus on and listen to him.
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                What was he expecting from a total stranger? Why would she want to listen to someone’s plea especially he was the one to attack her in the first place? She would most likely be uncomfortable in sitting next to him anyway. And her digimon? Probably growling at him the whole time, which would annoy him to no end especially that the feisty digimon tackled him on the ground. He frowned feeling the sting coming from his rib cage that caused him to wince and grit his teeth from the sharp pain. It sucked that it seemed that he would need to return to the healer when she insisted that he wouldn’t reopen any of his wounds. He shuddered inwardly imagine her baffled reaction with him returning after only a few days.

                He knew this wasn’t like him but for some reason, he felt like he didn’t have any purpose in being in the digital world anymore. Darius just wanted to go back to the real world already. He glumly looked at her almost disappearing figure walking farther and farther away. He was about to turn around to head to some other secluded spot where he could just drown away in his thoughts. He began to hear footsteps coming closer and he widened his eyes in surprise seeing the girl and her digimon walking back toward him. Why did she come back? Earlier, he banked on her staying partially that she seemed like a kind individual who would listen to her just for the sake of listening and helping someone out. He was relieved that he was right for once but he wasn’t prepared on where to go from there.

                “Thank you,” Darius replied, his voice slightly trembling. He wasn’t sure exactly but he felt even more anxious and nervous when he saw her bright smile that almost seem to shine in the sunlight. It was a little bit unnerving. He was sure she would display some nervousness in her demeanor. She either had outstanding confidence or great at masking her nervousness. Anyway, at least she came back despite what he almost did to her earlier. He was grateful that she offered to look at his injuries for him. Some of his deep injuries to his stomach seemed to not be healing up nicely as the others. It was something that bothered him for a while, but he put it off, getting those injuries check up on for some reason or another.

                “I promise, I won’t,” Darius said with a small grin. He gradually began to regain his composure and stuck out his pinky finger as a sign of his promise. As he sat on the lush grass, he glanced at the hackmon. He was relieved that the digimon went to the side to let him and the girl have their time to talk. He was sure the digimon was still on full alert mode and very protective of her even though the digimon might not want to himself it himself.

                “Uh…so my digimon died recently,” he confessed, giving a deep breath. Darius wasn’t sure how to start out the conversation so he blurted out what the first thought that came to his mind. His muscles tensed remembering that last day with his fallen digimon. Those jarring blows his digimon endured, one after another continuously. It made him sick knowing that he couldn’t do anything to help him. Only after the fact, that he mustered up the courage to fight against those bastards.

                “That sounds bad, huh? Didn’t come out good either,” he continued. He gave a lackluster laugh at the remark. “It just happened too fast. A horde of bladekuwagamons came out of nowhere and ambushed us. Maybe if we weren’t arguing, we would’ve realized they were nearby. It’s my fault, started the argument,” he trailed off, slightly unsure of what really happened now. His memories were foggy and were slightly blurry. It just happened too fast all in one day. He never felt his adrenaline pumping so hard until that day. Before he knew it, he was fighting the bladekuwagamon and then he fainted somewhere in the Freezeland.

                Suddenly, he felt a jolt of pain searing through his body. His body clenched up and heart race increased. He wasn’t sure it came from his chest or on his stomach. It felt like needles continuously stinging his insides and it hurt like hell. Was something infected or ruptured somehow. His palms became sweaty and his body temperature heat increased. Or does he have a fever or something? Or was it everything all into one? The pain slightly subsided but that momentary thing spooked him. He hoped it was nothing serious. “Please help me. It hurts. What's wrong with me?” he asked timidly as he took deep breaths to calm his body.