A Sense of Familiarity [River]

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    The last time he'd been around here, Varius recalled, he'd needed a bundle of blankets, needed to be around one of the little fires his family set up during resting periods, or in a small shelter. The last time he'd been here had been some years ago, he'd still had his family around him, he'd been... what? A Moonmon still? Hardly a creature suited to the cold, to be certain, and still fairly young yet.

    And now, in stark contrast, he couldn't see his breath near as much, where before it had looked like a practically solid mist. Now, whether by virtue of his fur or his natural affinity with ice, the surrounding cold felt like nothing more than a minor chill, and he could trudge through the snow just fine on his own, relatively tiring though it was even for his strong legs. Where he was to head to, honestly, even he wasn't actually certain... not that that was any remote surprise given his wandering lifestyle nowadays, not often seeking out anything in particular now he'd little hope of tracking down his nomadic family again.

    Speaking of which... no, never mind. That wasn't them -- couldn't possibly be them, not at those numbers -- but it was... interesting all the same. A caravan of some sort; traders, perhaps, judging by all the miscellaneous curiosities loaded up on sleds and things designed for simple transport across the snow? He wasn't really certain... but... now that he'd found it, could he just back down? Perhaps they had some sort of info on what he was ultimately looking for... or, otherwise, anything really of interest. Allowing himself a light, calming breath, the Lekismon lowered himself a little before using those strong legs of his to just jump, covering much better distances than he would by walking, and with less energy, to boot. Judging by the seeming slow coming and going of a few others, he doubted it would be any trouble for him to show up, and yet... there was also a human. Well, at least one human; anything beyond that, he couldn't completely tell.

    Now was perhaps not a great time for it, yet... he couldn't help but be curious anyway...

    "Are you two... not cold?" the rabbit-like digimon curiously asked after easily landing nearby the duo he'd spotted, only allowing himself one little breath for the sake of the minor exhaustion setting in so far. "At least... I've heard by now that humans get cold pretty easily..." he offered, awkwardly scratching at the back of his head. Of course, what he'd heard was not necessarily... well, never mind. Humans were still relatively new things to all of them.

    "Um... I'm Varius. I was just headed over there if you... wanted to go together...?" he suggested, still somewhat awkwardly. Hardly could he say he was good at interacting with others, digimon or human. "Seems like they've got plenty of stuff to see... lots more than the little caravan sorta group I used to live with."
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    Raphaela the D'Arcmon

      River Addams was cold. This Digital World place was weird and almost upsetting - a few days ago he had been at home in LA, his guitar slung over his shoulder as he went to take a train, and then he was in a labyrinth and then he was… here. The saving grace was the literal angel that saved him from the Witchmon that had been in the tunnel, but now he was cold. He hadn’t been expecting to appear in the Digital World, whatever that was, let alone in an arctic section like this. How did people around here survive?

      The angel, who introduced herself as Raphaela and was now following him because of some reason or another that he wasn’t going to stress over at the moment, but at least she was helping him out a bit. The cold didn’t seem to bother her, and when he asked her about it she explained that it was likely due to the fact that she had grown up here since she was young. He guessed that meant that it was an acquired taste or something, but it was one that he didn’t care to acquire.

      The sooner they got somewhere warm the better, at least as far as River was concerned. Even winters back in Massachusetts weren’t this cold; if they it was like home then the chance was that he wouldn’t mind it. So, when Rae suggested they find him warmer clothes, and that she knew precisely where to find them at he jumped at the chance… but then he found out that he had to walk through the tundra to get there. Bummer, right?

      ”How much longer?” The human asked, rubbing his arms, even though they were covered by his flannel. It still wasn’t enough. ”Not very. That group of caravans you see in the distance is our destination,” she stated, her tone matter of fact, and River nodded. ”Good. Because I don’t know exactly how much more of this sheer cold that I can take.” She chuckled, and shook her head. ”You will eventually get used to it. Eventually.” Eventually wouldn’t be soon enough, and neither of them noticed the approach of the oncoming digimon.

      And though River was initially surprised by the tone of voice that seemed to come out of nowhere, he didn’t jump, he just sighed. ”God, yes, I’m cold! I need to get out of here a s a p.” He enunciated each letter carefully as if he was trying to make a point. Rae stopped, and turned to the Lekismon, smiling and nodding in greeting. ”My name is Raphaela, and this one calls himself River. It is nice to meet you, Varius.” And then she thought for a moment.

      ”It would be lovely if we could accompany you. It appears that our destination is the same.”
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      Ah... well, that was a very definite 'yes', then. To the human's response, the rabbit gave a somewhat embarrassed little nod, glancing momentarily back over to the caravan, that probably had some sort of furs or blankets or... whatever, really, before turning his eyes back to the duo. Though, if the human was cold, then why was he... well, never mind. It wasn't as though he understood enough about humans to have a ready answer to that anyway.

      "Yeah... I guess so," Varius replied to Raphaela's suggestion with a little nod, his eyes turning almost automatically back to the caravan. Certainly, they had some things here and there, but anything for warmth... hm. If it was his family, that sort of thing would usually be around the middle, where anyone could quickly enough get to it... for what times they even needed such things. Back when he was young, perhaps, but... ah, never mind, now his thoughts were just wandering a little.

      "Well... for now, I guess, it might be good to start with that one," he suggested, giving a little nod in the direction of the caravan's setup right around the middle, about as active as any of the others for the few miscellaneous wanderers around here for the moment. "I... can't promise they'll have anything like clothing, but they'll probably have some blankets, or at least something warm. Then... probably around the front for any food stash or anything like that... the back could just be whatever, like trinkets or such stuff that they must be selling around here..." he thoughtfully mused, his eyes wandering the caravan for what he could possibly make out, but mostly going by what he recalled of his own family.

      "Erm... at least, that's what I think..." the rabbit offered, scratching a little at the back of his head in embarrassment realizing he was just going on about his own assumptions. "They should know some good routes around the place as well, so... shall we go, then?" he suggested, somewhat grudgingly moving to trudge through the snow; rather that than continue to jump along at a pace the other two might not be able to follow.