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    Name the Wizardmon

      "Alright, alright," Smith called back up breathlessly.

      She dared a glance down, despite her better senses telling her NO DON'T LOOK DOWN, and. yep. gonna die. She was definitely going to die.

      Keep climbing. Alright, alright. Smith dragged herself further up the sheer wall, even as her heart climbed into her throat and made a little nest there—and then she was home free. Her right hand fell through unexpectedly open air and then scrabbled at the ledge, like when she went up stairs in the dark and expected there to be one more step except there wasn't. And then she was heaving herself up onto the edge, rolling onto her back to suck in a shuddering breath. "Alright," she echoed, a little triumphantly this time.

      Shit. How was she ever going to get back down.
    • Gila Courage

        It didn't take as long as he thought it might.

        Hell, this traveling with someone else wasn't half bad!
        ...Save the having to stop every so often, but humans probably walked a lot better than they climbed, what with those long legs they have.

        Eventually his nose was pulled up and the wall of rock disappeared before his eyes, leaving behind a sight that left his head spinning.
        After so much work spent on the slopes, witnessing open air on all sides of him was shocking, even if he couldn't immediately see the view.
        ...It was also a bit worrisome.

        Quickly the reptile pulled himself to the top, gravel crunching underfoot as he spun himself around to look down.

        There were clouds /below/ them!
        He felt his legs shaking, and not just from the effort of the climb.


        He could see all of File Island!

        While the human pulled herself up, he lingered on the edge, pointing towards a particular spot.
        "Look-look!" he chattered even as he stood gasping for breath once more.
        "There's the forest!
        D'you think that clearing's Primary Village?
        Oh, wooow!" he gasped, claws scrambling along the top, bringing him around for a better view at another angle.
        "That white smudge must be the icy place I woke up in!"

        He could see so many places he'd never been to!

        It was--it was...he sat down, tail sweeping pebbles off the mountaintop.

      • Smith Kassower Knowledge
        Name the Wizardmon

          Smith made herself sit up at the Dorumon's exclamations, turning to look at... oh, yeah. That was pretty sweet.

          The view from where she woke had been pretty nice, but it had nothing on this. A vista entirely unbroken, laid out like one of those photos of places she would never get to see in real life. Except here she was. (Although arguably this wasn't real life either.)

          But beside that, Smith learned three things from the view: this was an island, it was a very environmentally diverse island (???), and it had at least one major city. Skyscrapers and the silvery smudge of more squat buildings spread out from the base of the mountain, carving a swathe out of the surrounding forest.

          Smith began to suspect this might not be a dream or a delusion, but she had no idea what the alternative was.

          "What were you doing sleeping in the middle of the arctic?" she asked dryly, glancing over at the dinosaur.
        • Gila Courage

            The DORUmon blinked, as though he were waking from a daydream.

            "Oh, I woke up there after...."
            He squinted, ears pulled back, trying to remember.
            Despite the effects it was still having him, it seemed like it had been so long ago.

            He tried to retrace his steps aloud:
            "I was walking somewhere else.
            Then everything got all weird.
            Like I fell into a cave, but it wasn't...normal.
            Anyways; I totally beat up this one dude, and then I had to take a nap, and then I was in a cave of ice!"

            He slapped his tail against the mountaintop.
            Yeah, that sounded about right.
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