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    Name the Wizardmon

      Smith woke to sunlight streaming into her eyes, and the smell of cool, open air, and of course the feel of it too. Rocky earth beneath her, rough stone at her back where she reclined up against sheer mountainside. And beyond, the wide vista of an island laid out like so many playthings.


      Smith decided then that she must be dreaming, and if she only closed her eyes, she'd wake. Or at least start dreaming of something less vivid.

      After several minutes of that not working, she decided she must have been drugged and kidnapped, except that made even less sense.

      Finally, she decided, clinically and distantly, that she'd clearly had a mental breakdown and this was some kind of delusion. The only answer that remotely fit, even if she'd never thought herself so fragile.

      A low rumble of earth vibrated beneath her. Well that was mildly concerning.
    • Gila Courage

        Gila just had
        /the/ GREATEST

        He'd been bumped back down to rookie, yeah?
        And that was 'cause he got beat up so bad--er, had such a terrible draw--right?
        So now he needed a way to get back in business, aye?

        What if...what if he put himself in danger--in mortal peril?

        Now it hadn't been working with other digimon.
        For some reason.

        So he needed a new plan.
        The BEST plan.
        A Master Plan.

        Now he wasn't patient or smart by any means, so he couldn't think too far ahead, or formulate some complicated scheme.

        But one day it just hit him: cliff--no, /bigger/, BETTER: mountain.

        Then an image formed in his brain, showing him climbing the great mountain at the island's core: against all odds, brawling every enemy along the way, fighting the cold, the lack of oxygen, the very ground crumbling beneath his feet...he was going to stand at the top, look down at the world miles below and...JUMP!
        Yes, jump!

        It was BRILLIANT.

        Once he had that in his head, he couldn't stop.
        He dropped everything (which wasn't hard since he had nothing) and rushed off for the mountain.

        ...It took a while.
        He didn't realize how close mountains could seem and still be so far away!

        But he had Courage and SHEER WILLPOWER and a /stubborness/ that shan't be put down!

        So one day he finally made it, the foot of the mountain, the base of the calamity that was going to release him from this dumb stumpy child body and back into his proper adult self!

        It was
        a really
        big mountain.

        And that's what brought him to scaling this mountain, huffing and puffing, his muscles aching and quaking as he continued with nary a pause.

        But...eventually he realized that he needed a break, or else he was going to tumble away on accident before he could fall off purpose!

        The reptile hauled himself over to where the steep side jutted out into a sort of platform, enough for him to lie down and rest, looking back on how far he'd come, gazing up at how much further he had to go.

        Someone else was there. was a human?
        All the way up here?
        What a twist!
        He didn't know humans could fly!

        Flopping himself down, panting heavily, the lizard had to take a moment to catch his breath, in the meantime offering up a weary wave towards the stranger.
        Eventually he managed to wheeze, "Sorry, bud, can't fight now; too busy not dying."
      • Smith Kassower Knowledge
        Name the Wizardmon

          A talking dinosaur. With a single tattered wing. And a gemstone at its brow. And it called her "bud".

          Yep. Uh-huh. Of course. Perfectly logically.

          She stood, and in doing so, something fell out of her lap. That definitely hadn't been there before she moved. Smith leaned back down to grab it—a retro silver gadget, kind of like an old PDA. Another mystery, and for a moment she debated which one interested her more: the device, or her surroundings, or the talking dinosaur.

          Yeah, definitely the talking dinosaur.

          "Why would we fight?" she asked, approaching the wheezing, furry beast. Her brow creased as she shamelessly scrutinized it.
        • Gila Courage

            The reptile stared curiously at the human as she stood, dropped something, picked it up.
            He thought perhaps he'd seen one of those things on one of the other humans, but he wasn't too sure.

            "Why?" he hum-huffed.
            It was an odd question...why WOULDN'T they fight?
            Wasn't that what life was all about?
            "Hm...because I said so!"

            He offered the human a grin, and it was at about that point he realized she was missing something.
            He turned his head one way, then another, peering around her legs.

            "Hey, where's your pal?" he asked at last.
            Every other human he'd seen had been with a digimon, not that he ever knew why--he just assumed they were so weak that they had hired extra help!
            Perhaps this one was stronger?

            Man, and this the time where he had to go and climb a mountain!
          • Smith Kassower Knowledge
            Name the Wizardmon

              That was not a very satisfying answer, but Smith accepted it with a small shrug. She was pretty sure he could eviscerate her with one hand... claw... whatever and privately hoped he didn't change his mind on that "too busy dying to fight" bit.

              "Can't say I have any pals," she answered sedately even as the wheels of her brain turned. What, was she supposed to have some kind of dream/delusion guide? Maybe this weird little creature was supposed to be it? "Where's your pal?"

              Smith shoved the gadget into the back pocket of her jeans. A mystery for later.
            • Gila Courage

                "Psh, I don't need a..."--he paused to hack and take a few deep breaths--"...pal.
                I'm tough!"
                --Ford tuff.--
                "How do you think I got up here?

                Fluttering his one good wing in emphasis, he poked his nose down.
                He had made a good climb so far...but there was still some ways left.
                He hoped he could do it before night.
                Or he got too hungry.

                ...Should he try human meat?

                Realizing he was staring at the human now in a perhaps too threatening manner, the DORUmon shook his head, using two claws to pull up his lips into another "friendly" smile as he asked, "How'd you get up here?"
              • Smith Kassower Knowledge
                Name the Wizardmon

                  The strange dinosaur literally pulled his mouth into a smile, which was supremely creepy but... nice, she supposed? Or at least it would be so long as he kept his teeth to himself. What big teeth you have, Mr. Dinosaur.

                  "That," she declared, "is a very good question. I don't suppose you've seen any kidnappers, teleporters, or my sanity around here, have you?" Or any luck dragons, boogeymen, or candy cane forests?
                • Gila Courage

                    Kidnappers, teleporters, and her sanity--oh, my!
                    Apparently the human didn't even know how she got all the way up was that even possible?

                    It probably took him three hours to get to this height!

                    Humans really MUST be magic....

                    "Well, I saw a goatmon a while back," he said, voice starting to return to normal, if a bit scratchy.
                    He paused again, waiting for his chest to stop heaving.
                    "But that wasn't even on the mountain...," he continued, mumbling, "wouldn't let me cross a bridge, grmbl...."
                    But that memory was going on a tangent, so he threw it away and perked his ears towards the human.

                    "What's, uh, what's sanity look like?"
                    (Was it shiny?
                    "Maybe you dropped it."
                  • Smith Kassower Knowledge
                    Name the Wizardmon



                      A goat. Mon? Monster? Or just a verbal tic?

                      What the fuck.

                      She'd figured her subconscious was more creative than that, even in the midst of a mental break. But apparently not, if goatmon was the best she could come up with.

                      "I suspect I did,"
                      Smith agreed soberly. Dropped it and trampled on it, apparently. Kicked it right off the friggin' mountain.

                      "What are you? A dinosaur-mon?"
                    • Gila Courage

                        "DORUmon!" he corrected with something of a happy peep, swaying his tail and accidentally smacking it into some rocks, causing them to roll off down the mountain side.
                        He watched them go.
                      • Smith Kassower Knowledge
                        Name the Wizardmon

                          Smith's eyes tracked the falling rocks. Yep. She was going to die here. Either from falling off a mountain or getting mauled by a... Dorumon.

                          Alright, subconscious creativity at least slightly redeemed. She couldn't even figure out the etymology of "Dorumon".

                          "And..." She trailed off, a dozen different questions immediately leaping to mind. "Why are you climbing a mountain? This mountain, I mean."
                        • Gila Courage

                            The DORUmon didn't answer right away, instead pushing himself to his feet, testing the strength of his muscles.
                            His limbs were still shaking...he'll just have to rest a bit longer, maybe take the time to scan the slopes for future rest stops--hard to tell from below, though.

                            Plopping his rear down, he said simply, "I'm gonna jump off it!"
                          • Smith Kassower Knowledge
                            Name the Wizardmon

                              Smith opened her mouth to reply to that absurd statement.

                              Then closed it because how the hell was she even supposed to.

                              Then opened it again with one index finger raised and then inclined toward the Dorumon as she spoke, "That. Is a terrible idea." Not that it was any of her business what this dream/delusion construct did, and not that she had much of a moral compass to begin with... but encouraging a dinosaur to jump off a literal mountain would definitely be south of that compass. "Won't you kinda, y'know. Die?"
                            • Gila Courage

                                He shook his head vigorously as if to toss the very idea out of his mind.
                                He couldn't even think about such a thing--if he did, it just might happen, instead of what he wanted to occur!
                                Dying was NOT an option!

                                Using what little might he had leftover from the climb, he slapped his tail against the ground, lifting himself up onto two legs.
                                "I'll evolve long before I hit the ground!
                                I'll have two big wings, and I'll fly outta the way, just shorta the grass!
                                It'll be AMAZING!"

                                His eyes were practically shining like stars.
                                He could see it all now....
                                "Hey," he said, eyes snapping to the human.
                                "You should come up with me and watch!"
                                Performances were always better with an audience, weren't they?

                                Unable to hold himself up like that any longer, he collapsed with a resounding thud.
                                The platform shook.
                              • Smith Kassower Knowledge
                                Name the Wizardmon

                                  There were... quite a few things to dissect from that answer.

                                  1. Evolving? Sorry bucko, evolution did not work like that. Smith was no biologist, but she did know her science pretty well.
                                  2. Two big wings. That's all she had to say on that one.
                                  3. Watch???

                                  Yeah alright. Why the hell not. And Smith said as much, "Yeah alright." She tilted her head up to regard the rest of the mountain with lips pursed to the side. She did science, not hiking, but how hard could it be? "How far up are you going?"
                                • Gila Courage

                                    The DORUmon waggled his ears happily.
                                    All riiight, the human was going to go for it!

                                    "To the top!" he said, unable to strain the joy from his voice.

                                    He stood back up again, bouncing on his legs once more to test their readiness.
                                    Somehow he felt stronger--or perhaps simply more willing to take a risk--now that someone was raring to accompany him.
                                  • Smith Kassower Knowledge
                                    Name the Wizardmon

                                      Alright cool. Just gonna casually climb an entire mountain. At least it wasn't... that much higher? Maybe she should try a little harder to talk this weirdo out of his absurd plan but. A small voice in the back of her head just said nah.

                                      So whatever. Let's climb a frackin mountain.

                                      "I doubt I can make it to the top, but I'll accompany you until I throw in the towel." Or fall and break her neck and die. But this was a dream and/or delusion, so. That was fine.
                                    • Gila Courage

                                        "Yeah, let's climb!" he nearly shouted, hurrying over to the mountain's face where he began to do just that, checking over his shoulder after a few hauls to make sure that the human was keeping pace.
                                      • Smith Kassower Knowledge
                                        Name the Wizardmon

                                          Yep. Just casually climbing a literal mountain with a literal dinosaur. Dorumon. Whatever.

                                          Smith wasn't exactly the most athletic person in the world, by any stretch of the word, but she wedged the toe of her sneaker into a crevice in the rock wall and lifted herself up. It... was surprisingly easy. Well, not easy, but certainly doable. But that's the nature of dreams and delusions, she supposed.

                                          She hesitated, one hand gripping rock and the other seeking a new handhold. There. To the left. Like a subconscious realization bubbling to the surface, pointing out an avenue she hadn't consciously noticed. Thanks, subconscious.
                                        • Gila Courage

                                            He grinned.
                                            She seemed a bit hesitant about it all, but at least she was doing it, and that's what mattered!

                                            Hurriedly the reptile clambered up as fast as his lizard legs could carry him (not even trying to keep pebbles from falling into the human's face), stopping every so often to wait for the human.
                                            Even clinging to the sheer cliff, it at least allowed him a chance to rest and look down on the world, his heart beating hurriedly in excitement for what was to come.

                                            At last...soon he was going to evolve!
                                            He wasn't going to be stuck as a kid anymore!

                                            Unfortunately this was also making him a bit impatient.

                                            "Hurry up!" he called down to her in what he hoped was more encouragement than impatience.
                                            "You won't be able to watch if the sun sets!"

                                            Or maybe she would...?
                                            Humans could have night vision for all he knew.