A Moments Rest

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    Misha the Liollmon

      Toy Town had been, well, interesting to say the least. Vash had met a man named Nevan and his glitched into retardation Gazimon. Both agreeing to stick together for a time in the digital world as they learned to survive this world.

      Deciding they needed money to buy food and other necessities they split up to find work. Their long-term goal to scout the stores and buy low and sell high to continue making a profit. Vash hadn't traded a day in his life so he'd be mainly relying on Nevan for that.

      A bag was slung over his shoulder and neck resting on his hip now. Inside food and bottled water, proof of their success today. Polite and friendly the pair had little trouble finding work. Anywhere from helping carry groceries to replacing broken bricks. Vash was sure he had never worked non-stop like this in his life. His legs were killing him and he just wanted to sit down and stretch them to help relieve the muscles.

      Thankfully Misha had noticed an inn sometime back. Vash had messaged their partner with its location the large sign as Misha had read it said Cotton's Inn. It was a nice bright pink and trimmed in black which seemed a rare color around here.

      a bright and cheerful voice announced as they entered. A digimon that could only be described as a sheep with missiles on her back greeted them. At this point, Vash was no longer surprised by the strange appearances of the digimon. He'd seen talking lego's after all.

      "Thank you,"
      he said smiling politely. He briefly pondered if he should go ahead a reserve two rooms. "Two rooms, please. We have a friend who's coming as well." He began signing the book as he spoke.

      "Delightful, you know we don't get many visitors to this town. It is bright and fun but most of the digimon who visit here end up just staying. Nothing like bright colors to brighten your day, right,"
      she asked smiling as she got out the keys.

      "You can pay in the morning. Feel free to request food or anything else. Clock out will be at noon and everything will be totaled up then,"
      she said smiling as she laid the keys up on the low counter.

      "Thanks, we'll be in the dining area for a bit,"
      Vash said taking the keys and the pair left the main hall. Sitting down at one of the four tables Vash let out a nice sigh. He began rubbing his legs even as he felt a nose nuzzling into his bag to pull out some food.

      "Probably should ask the kitchen to microwave some of it,"
      Vash said watching Misha open the package.

      "A lot of digimon can breathe fire,"
      Misha said in response. "So don't worry I made sure we got food we didn't need to heat up because neither Gazimon or myself can."

      Vash said shaking his head. Always a step ahead and for that he was grateful. He was simply enjoying being able to sit and relax for the moment. Opting to just drink water till he felt like eating again. After going too long hungry the desire to eat just kind of leaves.


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      Gazimon the Gazimon

        Clemens knew that his gazimon would be of no help whatsoever, but he hadn't anticipated his digimon partner being a liability. The first job that he had found was fishing in a nearby pond for fish that would be sold to other restraunts for the lunch rush. In that amount of time, he'd managed to catch one fish, and gazimon's nose, ears, and face, more times than he could count. He could have sworn that he wasn't that bad with a rod and bait but somehow this had been disastrous. He tried to block all that out in his mind, as his slightest suspicion that gazimon was getting in the way on purpose hurt his brain as much as removing the fish hooks had.

        When he'd given up on that, his contact holder was too disappointed to pay, so they ate the small trout themselves for lunch. Next came baby-sitting the little 'mons, their bodies consisting almost entirely of noses, eyes, ears, mouths, or other evolutionary necessary and completely unecessary appendages. He was surprised that this "school" of sorts wasn't run by an elecmon or leomon, as he'd always noticed in the VRMMORPG, which was odd. Regardless of all his new bruises and a new layer of tiredness under his eyes, he'd earned some bits. Their over-enthusiasm rivaled a Starbucks barrista, and being their playmate and companion for merely a few hours had been exhausting.

        He took those bits, bought an undersold disk and sold it, and then had more bits - that is, the digital world currency. Next he moved some boxes around for a grocer, helped a digimon he hadn't seen before move into a new apartment, and served as a sauce cook for the dinner rush when a digimon went home tired and ill. He didn't understand the recipes so he just pretended to add things and kept stirring the pots as they were. Somehow, they praised his good work.

        And now the light of the sky was dimming. The restraunt had given him a complementary bowl of ramen from the last of a pot before they started a new one, and some steamed bao buns to take home. With those in hand, he stood outside the restraunt, a little sweaty, a little tired, but still in tact. The light of some paper lamp decorations cast a pale glow on his hands as he found his larger digivice (his D-pad), and opened it up, scrolling through the different screens until he found the radar function. Using that, he navigated streets that grew less narrow as he traversed out of the center of the city and towards a blinking dot that he felt sure was his new traveling companion, Vash and his sentient, intelligent digimon, Misha. A message arrived, telling him the location that Vash had picked to rest the night.

        "I'm surprised we can even afford accomidations. You digimon are generous with your minimum wages. Sociopathic capitalism must not exist in the digimon world, eigh? Being a utopia fantasy world, I suppose that makes sense.", he said out loud, looking down at gazimon, who had a finger up his nose, all the way up to his first knuckle. It looked like it hurt. "Stick your finger up a little higher and you can touch your own brains.", he spat insultingly at the digimon. A few steps later, he regretted his harshness and in a meager attempt to apologize, said something neutral. "In our world, back in history, there was a race of people that would pull a dead person's brains out his nose.", he looked at gazimon to gague his interest, but the digimon didn't seem to be paying attention. Its finger was no longer up its nose, though.

        The air was a fraction chilly as he walked, so he took up a brisker pace. Gazimon followed, adjusting his own pace seamlessly. Clemens took a breath, preparing for a monologue or some other speech of companionship. But as he looked down, he saw no intelligent signs of life in the critter, just an animated body with about as much intelligence as a paper bag. He expelled his breath in a long sigh, and said nothing instead. And of course, neither did gazimon.

        He rounded a corner and spotted a bright glowing sign advertising the inn's name and that it had vacancies. He gave a curt nod to himself and hurried to scuffle out of an agumon's way. Except that it was black. His mouth fell open. The blackaugumon looked at him.

        "Hmm?", he said, his jaw remaining slightly parted in a quizical expression.

        "You're, you're...", Clemens fumbled for words. It was an augumon, like the one on the back cover of the VRMMORPG package! The fabled black augumon that could digivolve to black wargreymon, one of the rarest and most overpowered digimon according to the infamous player xXxBetterThanU1997xXx's Complete Guide To The UniVerZ! Black augumon, the digimon that ...

        "You're stinky.", the digimon said aloud and was now passing Clemens. He didn't give a second thought to Clemen's presence.

        "Black augumonnnnnnnn!!!!", he half moaned, half exclaimed. Suddenly, he found his feet beneath him. He must have fallen to his knees.

        The digimon looked behind him for a moment. "You seem to have fallen, stinky human.", he remarked, unimpressed.

        "I-I-I", he fumbled for words, his brain working a thousand miles an hour after an exhausting, disorienting day and coming up with no coherent thoughts, much less words.

        "Silly human.", the digimon said, but there was no cheerful tone like the orange, normal augumon that came in the VRMMORPG's animated bonus sequences as the player progressed through the storyline.

        "Please be my digimon partner!!!!!", Clemens spat out, and he folded his hands, as if to pray.

        Black augumon blinked. Gazimon blinked. Clemens stared. Sheepmon, the inn's front-desk worker, saw them and stared from out the open front doors. A guest digimon on the second floor stared out the window. The world was quit and spinny for a few seconds.

        "No.", the digimon said briskly, and continued walking.

        "Pleeeeeeassseeee!", he begged the best he could.

        "Nope. Bye falling, stinky human.", he called, as he continued his leisurely pace. He rounded a corner, and then was gone.

        Clemens stared. Gazimon stared. Sheepmon stared.

        After a few moments, Clemens rose. He said nothing as he approached the front desk, and when he got to it, he folded his hands on the desk surface and said quietly. "I have a friend who is staying here, V-", he started to say.

        Perhaps too embarrased by Clemens' behavior, the Sheepmon said nothing, simply flicked its ... hoof... , to display a key it was already holding with a little tag, 202. Sheepishly, Clemens took it, and dragged himself towards the stairs. 202. Upstairs. Where anyone could have seen what just happened. He flushed in morbid embarrasment. He found 202 easily enough and rapped on the door with his knuckles. No answer. He unlocked the door and found it empty. He stared for a moment, and then assumed that this was their shared room and that Vash was simply in one of the inn's common areas. He could search for him. Reflexively, Clemens stared to remove his things only to realize that his movements were empty. He had nothing but his small bag of food from the restraunt. He left the room then, headed downstairs, and then remembered his D-pad. He popped it out and followed the radar, past the wary eye of the Sheepmon, past some talking otamamon, through a corridor, and into a dining area. He stood in the doorway, moving aside for some passing digimon, and then spotted Vash. He approached the table and sat down, placing his bag of food on the table.

        "Hi...", he was unsure of what to say. He slouched in the chair, brushed the hair back from his eyes for it to all fall back again nearly the same way it was before. Still feeling awkward and embarrased, he hoped that Vash hadn't witnessed what happened. For lack of words, he opened his bag and placed his steamed bao buns at the center, with the brown paper bag as the food's 'plate'. Gazimon sat on the floor beside him, his legs sprawled outwards a bit awkwardly, and busied himself staring at various things, from his paws, to Misha, to the table legs; it wasn't personal.

        "Nice inn," he said, trying to break the silence without expending much energy that he already didn't have left.

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        Misha the Liollmon

          Vash luckily hadn't seen what had happened though he had seen a few digimon chuckling at something as they came in and sat down. He didn't care to listen to them as he closed his eyes for a moment. Only to open them again seeing his traveling companion come in. He looked like hell too. Vash raised a brow at his lackluster hi but decided it would be better not to ask.

          "Looks like you picked the rough jobs,"
          Misha said having already started eating. A stick of meat not unlike jerky standing between his paws.

          "All the more reason for a good nights rest in a bed,"
          Vash said reaching down into his own bag and bringing out some food to share as well. A few more sticks of that jerky and a couple cans of something. Vash already forgot what Misha had said they were when they picked them up. As long as it was edible he didn't much care.

          He took one of the sticks for himself deciding it was best to leave the guy alone and let him try and relax after a rough day. Vash's legs may hurt but it looked like he had been through the spin cycle. Not to mention the talkativeness from when they first met was gone completely.

          "Well we are better off than when we started this morning,"
          Misha said trying to lighten the mood. "Got money, food and a roof overhead."
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          Gazimon the Gazimon

            At Vash's commiseration, Clemens took one of his large hands to his face, dragging his skin upwards until his hand brushed his hair out of one eye and then let go, the hair flopping back into place, a useless gesture except for the tension that it released. He tried not to remember the fishing incident; it was rather traumatic.

            "Not so much difficult as it was hot in there. Demi meramon, candlemon, and caronamon were the su chef and line workers and they didn't want to turn on the air conditioning. From what I gathered, that's why otamamon went home. ", he wiped away imaginary sweat just thinking about it. "Their restraunt specialty was spicy foods. Can you believe that? Talk about cliche. I jokingly mentioned barbeque and they got all interested.", he added. "I swear, just a few hours in there is enough to get dehydrated and heat exhaustion."

            He reached for the can of something reflexively, pushing down the pop-top and taking a swig. He nearly spat it out and ended up gagging into the elbow of one arm. "What the devil is this? Carrot juice soda?", he twirled the can around to see the label. It was digimoji, but it looked to be a carrot icon. "Whatever.", he grumbled and chugged the rest of the soda.

            He nudged his paperbag with steamed bao buns on top towards Vash an inch, then took one, popping it into his mouth.

            He took one of the jerky sticks next and took a bite, nearly gagged on that too. He wheezed and his eyes watered. "This is terrible", it was almost so terrible it was funny. He took a glance under the table where Misha seemed to be enjoying his. "Oh.", he added. It was digimon food. Digimons ate? Whatever.

            He dangled his hand with the meat-jerky towards gazimon's face, gently thumping the meat on his head in the process. Gazimon seemed surprised, snatched the stick, and shoved it in his mouth, not so much chewing as wolfing it down to shove it into his gullet as fast as possible. At this, Clemens' eyebrow show up much like Vash's had. He grabbed another stick and dangled it down, and this time gazimon snatched it out of his hand before he could near the digimon's face, and it too, disappeared quickly down the digimon's throat. Interested in these new reactions that were a far cry from the comatose retardation face that gazimon had worn since they got here, he tried a third stick. Again gazimon snatched it away and gobbled it up quickly.

            "Finally.", gazimon muttered. He used an ear like a longer arm, draping it over the table, curling around a stick, and bringing it back to arms length where his hand snatched it up. He plopped on the floor and slowly munched on the stick, seeming to visibly enjoy it, but this time chewing.

            Clemens' face was aghast. He looked at Gazimon. He looked at Misha. Then he looked at Vash.

            Nearby, a small party of digimon trotted, bounced, and floated by. A Minomon, which looked like a kunemon stuck in a pinecone, a mochimon the white ghost with black finger-stubs that evolves into tentomon in the VVRMORPG mini-cinematics, and moonmon which looked like a baby rattle with extra hair embeleshments and eyes. The three baby digimon settled in a table nearby. Almost instantaneously, a peckmon appeared, which looked like a chocobo in a purple track suit, and took their orders, which were surprisingly long. A few moments later, the peckmon re-appeared with their drinks, two glasses for each of the three. A few more minutes, which was surprisingly little time at all, the peckmon had three massive plates filled to the brim with food. One appeared to be a seafood gumbo, one a rice and meatballs dish, and one filled with steamed chunks of plants in a shiny sauce.

            A muchomon - a fat, striped, tropical bird - waddled in hurriedly, out of breath. He surveyed the dining area and spotted the three baby digimon. His unhappiness deepened and he hurried over to the table, where the three babies looked alarmed and torn between confrontation, food, and running away.

            Clemens tried to nudge Vash with his elbow, craning his neck to see what was happening.






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