Open 0/3 - A potential friend/foe !?!

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      It was a warm day as the sun fell upon the dark wings of devidramon as he went about wandering the forest aimlessly and with no place in mind. Yet as he looked to the horizon about an hours walk away stood file city the place many digimon called home. Having nothing better to do that and being lonely devidramon started to walk to file city changing his course (was east) to go north. However as the time past and devidramon came to the very far outskirts of file city. It became clear that devidramon's growing suspicion was correct he was being followed. He knew not who was there nor why he was followed or even how many where following him yet he knew someone(s) was.

      Irritated at the prospect of being pursued for who knows why should annoy anyone ominous is no exception. His voice harsh and rough as he spoke it normally is this stage of his digi-evolution. "Please I know not who follows me nor why yet I don't appreciate that kind of behavior so I ask whomever there to present themselves." Standing in place as he turned around crouched down while simultaneously pulling in his wings. Of which where previously left spread out as he trying to relax them a bit. Now looking semi akin to a gargoyle from his posture and sitting position ominous just sat in waiting. Letting out a bored sigh as he finished sitting down completely.

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      (Note: That my devidramon often goes berserk after him trying to control himself through a self-induced false happiness that akin to madness.)