Quickstart Guide

Quick Start

Read the rules!

Your first stop should be the rules! This documentation covers acceptable behavior, character application requirements, and in-character guidelines.

Skim the plot!

Second stop is the plot to get a quick overview of our universe.

Choose a class!

Each character has a class which determines their Digivice and their cool powers.

OPTIONAL Choose a subclass!

Characters can also have subclasses, which alters their cool powers in unique ways.

Choose a Digimon!

Or a Spirit, if your character is a Warrior. Shinka!!! does not ban or limit Digimon in any way, but we do handle levels differently than other sites might, so make sure you check out our Digimon Levels List.

Decide how your character wound up in the Digital World!

Did your character get trapped in the Digital World when the VRMMO shut down? Or did they get stuck in a Labyrinth Event?

Fill out your profile!

Character applications are short and largely freeform. Write as little or as much as you want, as long as you touch on a few key points detailed in the application guidelines! Certain character classes or subclasses have their own template, so make sure you grab the right one.

Submit your character!

Once you're done with your character, fill out the form in the Joining thread, and a staff member will check out your app shortly!

Change your user group!

After your character is approved, go ahead and sort your IC account into the appropriate user group. Make sure you set it as your display group, too!