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Episode Guide

Episode 0

Humans have begun arriving in the Digital World, either through Labyrinth Events or through the shut down of the VR MMORPG "Digital World", over a period of three months.

Episode 1: Genesis? On the Island of Adventure!

The Digimon of File Island have invited the humans to the annual Genesis Festival in Primary Village, where Digimon come together from across the island to celebrate new beginnings and the next generation of Digimon.

Plot Summary

The year is 2030, and just over a year ago, a breakthrough in virtual reality technology was made available to the general public in the form of a popular massively multiplayer online game called "Digital World". A headset utilized for the game uploads a person's consciousness to the game itself, with a virtual avatar near-identical to how they look in the real world for security purposes. People within the game can do effectively anything short of harming other players or anything superhuman. The game has become a popular pastime for many people.

Three months ago, a mysterious event dubbed the "Labyrinth Event" by mass media occurred in Yoyogi Park, part of Tokyo's Shibuya district. Though the park was quickly evacuated and closed to visitors, news media, eyewitnesses, and social media posters insist that parts of the park were "digitized"—sections of the ground became code or translucent polygons, and most notably of all, people report seeing unusual creatures. Some have chalked the event up to mass hysteria, but most agree that something unnatural occurred that day.

Two weeks later, the Digital World game had server maintenance meant to correct a problem with the game. People who forgot to log out before the maintenance began found that the world effectively collapsed in on itself and lost consciousness. When they woke, they found themselves stuck in a location called "File Island"—a part of a parallel reality, also dubbed "The Digital World" by its inhabitants, called "Digital Monsters" or more often "Digimon" for short. These humans also awoke with a Digivice, a D-Terminal, and a necklace called a Tag that may or may not contain one of nine Crests. Digimon are sometimes inexplicably drawn to these people, and many find out after the fact that their Digivice can be used a catalyst for evolution. Though those trapped in the Digital World are currently unaware of it, their physical bodies are still in reality and currently comatose.

Since this, more Labyrinth Events have been occurring around the world, with no particular rhyme or reason as to when and where they occur. While they were sparse at first, they seem to be increasing in frequency—and more importantly, humans that are present in the radius of one sometimes disappear without a trace, pulled wholesale into File Island without leaving an unconscious body behind when the event ends. They end up in the same situation as those who were trapped in the game, save their later arrival. Even Digimon that are sometimes present for Labyrinth Events ends up with a Tag and D-Terminal when they arrive back home.

At the top of Infinity Mountain on File Island lies a recently-constructed palace. A Hackmon with a Crest of Light, present during the first Labyrinth Event, believes that the Digital World is actually an illusory reality, and the "real world" is the one that humans came from. Now, she seeks to create a permanent bridge to cross into the real world, promising any human who comes to her aid a way home and salvation to any Digimon who help.

Common Knowledge


Humans in the Digital World and Digimon are aware of the existence of crests. However, their function remains a mystery.


Humans in the Digital World and Digimon are aware of the existence of Digivices. However, their functions are largely unknown and are only slowly being discovered through trial and error.


Humans in the Digital World and Digimon are aware of evolution. Only few Digimon and humans know that Digivices can catalyze evolution.

Real World

The Real World is thought to be a myth by most Digimon.


Digimon have been sighted in the Real World during Labyrinth Events, though these sightings have met mixed reactions—some people reacting with disbelief, some with fanatic belief, and others with general panic.