How do characters meet or receive their Digimon partners?

Digimon partners are a mercurial concept. Sometimes human and Digimon are serendipitously connected because they're both at the right place at the right time (often when a human first enters the Digital World). Other times, Digimon receive a premonition of their partner and where to meet them. Or a Digimon partner could simply be a random Digimon that a human meets and forges a connection with! The human-Digimon patnership is largely freeform, so you're welcome to make up your own reason or method, as long as it makes sense within the scope of the universe.

Can I start without a Digimon partner?

Yes, though unpartnered humans will be more vulnerable in the Digital World than those who do.

Can my character change classes/Digivices?

A character’s class or subclass can change with sufficient justification and a storyline thread. For example:
  • If a Tactician’s card deck is destroyed, their Digivice may transform into an alternate model to make up for the loss.
  • If a character’s Digimon partner is permanently destroyed, their Digivice may transform into a D-Tector that absorbs the Digimon’s impression as a spirit, or it could transform into a Xros Loader to allow the user to gain new allies and partners.

How do I obtain more Hyper Colosseum Cards?

Beyond the initial seven cards Tacticians start out with, characters can purchase individual cards from the IC Shop. Each card costs 200 bits.

Can my partner Digimon stay in a higher level permanently?

Partner Digimon can permanently maintain their Child and Adult forms, while solo crested Digimon can permanently maintain Child, Adult, Ultimate, and Perfect.

How well known are the disappearances in the Real World (i.e. people disappearing during Labyrinth Events)?

The media is sensationalizing the Labyrinth Events, but a lot of people write off the coverage as hysterics or hoaxes. The media is also largely focusing on the rumors of "monsters" over human disappearances.

How durable are humans in the Real World?

Most classes are of normal durability—they lie somewhere between Baby II and Child in terms of strength. Warriors in normal human form are slightly stronger than other classes and can hold their own against Child Digimon. Arbitrators can use DigiSoul to strengthen themselves, and the effects scale based on the form their Digimon partner is currently in, to be roughly half a tier lower than the partner (i.e. an Arbitrator whose partner is in Child form will be between Baby II and Child when using DigiSoul, while one whose partner is in Adult form will be between Child and Adult.)

Can Xros Digimon like Cutemon be used as standard partners?


Can Appmon be used as partners?

Yes, though they aren't referred to as Appmon in-character. Each Appmon "grade" corresponds with the relevant Digimon level, e.g. Standard grade would be Child level.

Do my evolution lines need to be canon?

No, your evolution line does not have to follow canon or Wikimon. You can use any Digimon, as long as the evolution line as a whole is at least vaguely thematic.

How do Hunters acquire more Digimon data for Xros Up?

Hunters can come into play with Digimon data already acquired, as long as it's briefly mentioned in their backstory. Additional Digimon data can be earned in character, however you want! Solo threads are welcome, you can switch off control of an NPC enemy with a writing partner, or you can ask a staff member to play an NPC for you.

Where do Hunters list their Xros Up Digimon in their app?

Xros Up Digimon can be listed and detailed anywhere, though we recommend to do so under the freewrite section of the Digimon tab or as a new subsection.

Can Child level Digimon use Xros Up?

Yes. Child Digimon who do so will be roughly between Child and Adult in terms of strength.

Can my Digimon partner be from somewhere other than File Island?

Not at the moment, though Digimon may have vague memories of their former lives from regions other than File Island. After Episode 1, additional locations will be opened up to explore.

Does my human character have to be in a specific country or city to wind up in the Digital World?

No, the Digital World VRMMO alpha was available internationally, and Labyrinth Events are happening all over the world.

Is there any way for my human character to have known their Digimon partner before coming to the Digital World, such as through as video game or V-Pet?

Not at the moment.