Digimon have six stages of life, each incrementally more powerful than the previous stage. The majority of Digimon naturally reach Adult before regenerating, while reaching Perfect and Ultimate levels is rarer.

Standard Levels

Tier I   Baby I
Tier II  Baby II    
Tier III Child            Twin Child
                          Twin Adult          Child (Advantage)
Tier IV  Adult
                          Twin Perfect        Adult (Advantage)      Armor I 
Tier V   Perfect
                          Twin Ultimate       Perfect (Advantage)    Armor II
Tier VI  Ultimate
                          Twin S. Ultimate    Ultimate (Advantage)
Tier VII Super Ultimate

Humans in the Digital World

Most humans are of normal durability and strength, lying somewhere between Baby II and Child in terms of ability. Warriors in normal human form are slightly stronger than other classes and can hold their own against Child Digimon. Warriors also have a faster recovery rate—an injury that would put another class out for months might only incapacitate a Warrior for a couple weeks. Additionally, Arbitrators can use DigiSoul to strengthen themselves, and the effects scale based on emotional state, potential danger, desperation, and experience using DigiSoul.

Standard Evolution

All types of Digimon naturally progress through their first four stages of evolution—Baby I, Baby II, Child, and Adult—by aging. However, by bonding with a human partner and using a Digivice as a catalyst, Digimon can evolve more rapidly than would normally be possible. Partner Digimon typically default to either their Child or Adult forms, and which form they default to is often (but not always) a reflection of their mental and emotional maturity. Younger, more inexperienced Digimon typically default to their Child forms while older, more mature Digimon tend to default to Adult. Some Digimon default to either of their Baby forms, and may do so voluntarily while in the human world.

Super Evolution

A Digimon evolving to Perfect is called "Super Evolution". For Digimon with human partners, Super Evolution is catalyzed by a Crest held by their human partner. Before evolving, the human's Crest must be activated by exemplifying the trait that their Crest represents*. Failure to do so while attempting to evolve to Perfect level will result in Dark Evolution, explained below.

Ultimate Evolution

A Digimon evolving to Ultimate is called "Ultimate Evolution". Similar to Perfect evolution, this requires an active Crest to use without it becoming a Dark Evolution. In the case of Classes with Digimon partners, Ultimate evolution in particular requires the partner Digimon's Crest to be active.

Super Ultimate Evolution

Super Ultimate Evolution takes on a variety of forms that are all dependent on the character's class, and can only change if the character's class is changed. See the section below for more information about the various types of Super Ultimate evolution.


When a Digimon evolves to a form they haven't acclimated to, exhausts themselves while evolved, or is defeated while evolved, they will degenerate back to a lower evolution stage, usually Child or a Baby form, though Digimon that default to Adult may also revert back to that stage.

Special Evolution

Armor Evolution

For the Chosen class, Digimon can Armor Evolve to the Armor level through the use of a Digimental that corresponds with their Crest. Each Crest has a different theme for the Armor evolution, and Armor evolutions can be radically different from a Digimon's main line and typically have as much as to do with the Crest's theme as the Digimon's main evolution line. Armor I forms can be selected from any Adult or Perfect Digimon, and Armor II forms can be selected from any Perfect or Ultimate Digimon. Armor forms always have their partner's Crest somewhere on their bodies.

Spirit Evolution

For the Warrior class, Spirit evolution allows Digidestined to take on the form and capabilities of past Digimon via the data left behind by their previous incarnations. Spirits are mysterious imprints of Digital life that remain after the passing of a particularly powerful or influential Digimon. Formally, two types of spirits exist – human spirits, which tend to be bipedal and humanoid in appearance, and beast spirits, which tend to be more animalistic in appearance and behavior. The levels that these spirits manifest in are interchangeable – human and beast spirits can either be Adult or Perfect level, but the other will always fill the slot that the first leaves open.

Dark Evolution

Dark Evolution is triggered by forcing evolution, evolving to Perfect or beyond without using a Crest, using a Dark Digivice, or having a hacked Digimon. Dark Evolution normally results in a Digimon that is mindless and berserk, attacking everything in sight -- including their own partner. Dark Evolution forms are typically dark counterparts of a Digimon's normal form or something similarly thematically fitting, and are often, but not always, Virus attribute. Dark Evolution can be controlled by Digimon partnered to a human with a Dark Digivice. Dark Evolution must be listed in a Digimon's profile.

Warp Evolution

Warp Evolution is when a Digimon evolves out of order, allowing a Digimon to skip one or more stages to evolve to a higher evolution. Note that Digimon that simply don't have a certain evolution level are not considered to Warp Evolve. Warp Evolution is exclusively available as a shop purchase.

Jogress Evolution

Jogress Evolution is when two Digimon merge into a single Digimon with a separate identity from their two constituents. Jogressed Digimon must be at the same evolution level and the resulting form is one level higher than the individual constituents (e.g. two Child Digimon will Jogress into an Adult Digimon). Jogress Digimon can also evolve to higher evolution levels while combined. Two Digimon that get along poorly or even antagonistically may fuse into an unstable form through Dark Jogress, and a Jogress can partition unexpectedly if the two fused Digimon have goals or desires that are at odds with each other. Normally, Jogress Evolution requires two different players to add the Jogress form to their application before using it, but doesn't require anything else. Twin Digimon have the option of Jogressing together instead of evolving separately, though Jogress forms can be purchased separately.

Xros Up

Xros Up is the process of adding data from a Digimon stored in a Xros Loader to a partner Digimon. This is only available to Hunters with a Xros Loader. While their Digimon evolve normally, they only release their full power by combining with a single Digimon through DigiXros, tacking on the collected Digimon's traits to their Digimon to unleash their full power.

Slide Evolution

Slide Evolution is the process of changing from one evolution to another at the same level (ex. Greymon Slide Evolving to Geo Greymon). Digimon with Slide Evolutions can also evolve to either of their two evolutions normally. Slide Evolution isn't available normally and must be purchased from the shop.

Mode Change

In canon, certain Digimon can change from one Mode to another. On Shinka, these can either be treated as higher evolutions or Slide Evolutions on an out of character level, but can still be role played as Mode Changes instead of full evolutions. How Mode Changes should be used is up to the player. For example, someone with a Digimon whose Ultimate form is Duftmon can use Duftmon Leopard Mode as either a Super Ultimate evolution or a Slide Evolution.

Super Ultimate Evolution

Super Ultimate

The final forms of solo Digimon or Digimon whose human partners have either a D-1 or iC Digivice. These evolutions require their partners to have active Crests. Super Ultimate evolutions can be selected from any Ultimate level Digimon.

Matrix Evolution

Tamers' Super Ultimate forms are obtained through Matrix Evolution, wherein a human and Digimon merge together into a single entity. Digimon used for Matrix Evolution are typically humanoid and should be Ultimate level Digimon.

Burst Evolution

Burst Evolution utilizes a Saver's DigiSoul to empower their Digimon to a state on par with Super Ultimate. The resulting "Burst Mode" is a modification of the Digimon's Ultimate form, with minor physical differences, altered coloration, and a DigiSoul aura surrounding them.