Digital World (Actual)

Digital World

The Digital World is a mysterious place—alternate dimension? reality? universe? the debate is ongoing—that seems to be a hybrid of the real world and... something that isn't the real world. Nature forms a strange juxtaposition with the incongruous bits of technology that litter the landscape, such as outlets in the trunks of trees, telephone poles in the middle of nowhere, and phone boxes with no reception.

Origin Stories

Though most Digimon aren't given to religion or superstitions, a small faction of Digimon have dedicated their lives to discovering the origin of the Digital World. Both scholars and zealots research tirelessly at Ice Sanctuary in the Arctic Region, believing it to hold the answers to their world's secrets in its countless tomes and murals. Many old legends tell of the World to Come, a world parallel to the Digital World. Scholars hypothesize that the Digital World was born out of this World to Come, while a growing movement posits that the World to Come is a paradise that they should strive toward.

Humans in the Digital World

Humans in the Digital World retain all of their biological needs and functions. They still need to eat, and sleep, and breathe.